10 Products That Got Companies Sued: The Worst Offenders – Video

10 Products That Got Companies Sued: The Worst Offenders – Video

What a misstep. In this video by WatchMojo, we’re diving into the top 10 worst products that got companies sued. From misleading claims on Kashi Cereal to faulty design on Lululemon Astropants, these products have landed their respective companies in hot water.

One of the most notable instances is the Volkswagen Dieselgate scandal, where the car giant was caught cheating on emissions tests, resulting in a costly lawsuit and tarnished reputation. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 also made headlines for its battery issues, leading to numerous lawsuits over property damage and personal injuries.

But perhaps one of the most infamous cases is Dow Corning breast implants, where thousands of women filed lawsuits against the company in the ’80s and ’90s due to health issues caused by their implants. The litigation lasted over a decade, with Dow Corning eventually paying out a hefty settlement to the affected individuals.

Whether it’s false advertising, faulty products, or health concerns, these companies have learned the hard way that cutting corners can come with serious consequences. Which of these lawsuits do you think was the most shocking? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to check out WatchMojo for more top 10 lists, reviews, and entertainment news.

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Video Transcript

I’m suing you hear me suing welcome to watch Mojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 worst products that got company sued look the best way for you to get your money is to give me more number 10 cashy cereal want a surprise the Kellogg’s brand has had its

Fair share of courtroom run-ins with food packaging wordage usually being the main reason for it that was certainly the case when Kelloggs was accused of misrepresenting its cashy cereal the box of mourning goodness that claimed to be quote all natural oh no no no no while the ingredients used in cashy cereal

Could be somewhat traced back to naturally occurring substances the amount of synthetic and unnaturally processed ingredients mixed in kind of made that irrelevant what’s in this in fact the contents of cashi cereal was described as being closer to that of prescription drugs and federally classified hazardous substances a class

Action lawsuit was filed and the Kellogg’s brand ended up paying out a huge settlement but it’s not over the cashy courtroom drama still goes on to to this day wronged deceived and betrayed number nine Vibram five finger yeah there shoes false Fitness related Footwear claims have reared their head

Numerous times before New Balance and Sketchers both landed themselves in hot water with claims that their shoes help build muscle and make the wearer lose weight a similar incident left Footwear brand viam having to pay out a huge sement after consumers took issue with their claim that their form fitting

FiveFinger shoes helped strengthen muscles and prevent injury although Vim still denies any wrongdoing with its toet toning wearables the brand ultimately ended up settling the class action suit to the tune of around $4 million and removed any claims that the Footwear offered greater fitness and health benefits over regular shoes

There’re so not finger toes I mean these are finger toes number eight Taco Bell’s beef yeah yeah beef H yeah yeah yeah beef H yeah while a Taco Bell sex party more recently made news headlines we wanted to highlight something else on their menu of controversies back back in

2011 a customer filed a lawsuit alleging that the beef used in the fast food chains tacos shouldn’t actually be referred to as beef at least not by USDA standards because it contained more oats meat fillers and seasoning than actual beef oh that beef bowl is Wrecking me my

Stomach feels like that time I had explosive diarrhea Taco Bell went on the defensive rather entertainingly so claiming the 35% beef claim was incorrect if anyone should know about our seasoned ground beef it’s me it’s me I believe in the quality of our season ultimately the lawsuit was dismissed but

The series of events that unfolded was a Greatest Hits list of PR dos and don’ts I mean who knows if this is even real meat number seven classmates.com classmates who am I to deserve such a great honor we’ve all had those emails right Joe blogs from your old science

Class is trying to get in touch with you well classmates.com was a big Peddler of such claims back in the early 2000s and it promised to open up a world of rekindling possibilities if you only subscribe to their gold men membership the problem was even after a lot of

People went gold they were still nowhere near meeting science class Joe they also found the website’s aut renewal policy a little contentious after one disgruntled user simply had enough they filed a lawsuit against the Friendship site in 2008 and got them to settle to a $9.5 million payout $3 for every subscriber

Hoodwinked by their misleading claims cool no no it’s not Co cool no I said it’s not cool number six big tobacco the dangers of smoking are known worldwide now but in the ‘ 50s a lot of the general public went on the word of tobacco Brands themselves who very much

Downplayed the adverse effects of cigarettes so those are healthy cigarettes something like that the legendary big tobacco lawsuits which affected some of the largest tobacco Brands around including Philip Morris British American Tobacco and Imperial Brands was 25 years in the making and it saw the big Brands accused of lying to

The American public that’s very interesting I mean if cigarettes were dangerous it would be interesting if they AR just as prevailed and in 1998 the master settlement agreement was signed resulting in huge changes to how cigarettes were advertised had a massive payout of around $200 billion over the

Course of 25 years number five lululemons astrop pants everybody’s looking at my tights got myght pants got myght pants this gym go a gaff was plastered all over shop Windows social media and news channels everywhere back in 2013 and it saw consumers and shareholders upset with the fact that

Lululemon’s Astro pants were see-through what you’re wearing isn’t appropriate do you know what I mean yes people were bending twisting and reing their humility away because of a poor manufacturing error and Lululemon investors were not happy they filed a lawsuit claiming negligence and fraud of the brand led to costly recalls and huge

Loss of Revenue the brand has since revamped its designs in order to mitigate any Fallout from the astop pants debacle we can only assume they’ve done this so future investors will turn the other cheek okay okay that’s enough cracking jokes walk it off Lululemon number four Jets and Rogue hoverboards

Surprisingly this lawsuit doesn’t pertain to people falling off these things and injuring themselves it actually relates to the stand on people movers Catching Fire unexpectedly an incident which resulted in the death of two young girls in a house fire a wrongful death lawsuit was filed against Walmart and jets and electric bikes with

The hoverboard brand recalling over 50 ,000 models made between 2018 and 2019 the manufacturing issue saw some of the hoverboard burning melting and even catching on fire due to an issue with the onboard battery as of this video the case is still ongoing number three Volkswagen’s diesel gate cuz diesels

Bluff they go too far and I’m trying to get diesels out of my life what happens when you cheat on vehicle emission tests well just ask Volkswagen the controversy surrounding so-called dieselgate is legendary and I saw the Volkswagen brand accused of cheating on its diesel emission stand tests by employing

Software that reduce emissions when cars were being tested in turn giving false readings Volkswagen group manipulated engine software in our TDI diesel cars and we violated emission standards governing bodies were outraged customers were Furious and rival car brands sat back popcorn in hand to watch the reputation of the car Giants take a

Colossal hit it can be difficult to pinpoint just how much Volkswagen has paid out but with millions of vehicle recalls lawsuit settlements and related expenses it’s in the high billions and the costs keep on adding up to this day have you okay Volkswagen number two Samsung Galaxy Note

7 nice catch countless customers have sued Samsung over the past few years relating to issues surrounding their Note 7 smartphone an issue with the phone’s battery led many devices to overheat and catch on fire with one incident happening aboard a plane which subsequently resulted in the smart

Device being banned by the Department of Transportation I was actually just sitting at my desk at work and then it pretty much exploded many consumers sued over damage to personal property and others due to personal injury the many lawsuits Samsung got hit with hasn’t slowed the brand down although it has

Made us all a bit wary when our phone start to get toasty no no no everybody thrw your phones out the window before we continue be sure to subscribe to our Channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos you have the option to be notified for

Occasional videos or all of them if you’re on your phone make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications number one Dow Corning breast implants the 80s and ’90s saw thousands of unhappy customers of Dow Corning breast implants filing lawsuits against the company claiming that their

Implants had high rupture rates and various detrimental effects to their health these health issues included lupus rheumatoid arthritis cancer and neurological problems as well the litigation lasted for just over 10 years coming to an end in 1998 where the company agreed to pay out 3.2 billion in settlements to the roughly 170,000 women

Affected with the average payout being between $1,000 and $60,000 per person so which of these lawsuits did you think was the most baffling let us know in the comments below see in court did you enjoy this video check out these other clips from watch Mojo and be sure to

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