12 Shocking Taboos and Weird Things in Switzerland That Surprised the Entire World! – Video

12 Shocking Taboos and Weird Things in Switzerland That Surprised the Entire World! – Video

12 Taboos in Switzerland and Weird Things That Shocked the Whole World!
We always know Switzerland as a very free country with hospitable people, but there are many unreasonable bans and strange things that don’t exist anywhere else in the world. gender.
Right now, we’re going to look at what’s happening in Switzerland and what are the reasons behind the regulations and those oddities.

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12 bands in Switzerland and weird things that surprise the whole world not being allowed to climb mountains naked having to pay pet taxes or Banning toilet flushing after 1: p.m. are strange regulations being applied in an extremely famous country in Europe Switzerland we always know Switzerland as a very free country with hospitable

People but there are many unreasonable bands and strange things that don’t exist anywhere else in the world right now we’re going to look at what’s happening in Switzerland and what are the reasons behind find the regulations and those Oddities number 12 it’s forbidden to flush toilet after 10 p.m. we agree that

Banning noise on Sundays is a reasonable but Banning toilet flushing after 10: p.m. is truly crazy and goes against human Freedom if you are someone who wakes up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom this country is not for you in Switzerland flushing toilets

After 1: p.m. is considered illegal due to noise pollution therefore for people often refrain from going to the toilet or wait until dawn before flushing the toilet if they want to continue living in this country once again I have to say it’s extremely silly and absurd this

Band may not reflect the actual needs of the people there may be special situations when people need to use the restroom in the evening and cannot wait until early morning in this Modern Age of advanced technology limiting bathroom use at night may become outdated instead of making these ridiculous regulations

Why doesn’t the Swiss government require citizens to build houses with better soundproofing although limiting toilet flushes at night may have reasons for noise or disturbing neighbors or does more harm than good it creates unreasonableness and inconvenience for residents and especially tourists adjusting regulations to reflect actual needs and respect people’s personal

Rights can be a reasonable naked while climbing mountains is prohibited residents of a Swiss can have voted in favor of a ban on nude mountain climbing in the Alps after dozens of Germans began showing off their bodies in their beautiful mountains most residents of the small Canton of app penzel in AO in

Switzerland have agreed to a 176 us day fine for anyone who violates this prohibition the state government introduced the ban after people complained about tourists wearing only shoes and socks when climbing they are very upset with the appearance of these tourists the state government said yesterday the neighboring state of app

Penzel outer roads a similar law is planed to ban this disgraceful practice however German websit support nude climbing and describe it as an exceptional experience of nature freedom and health they say this activity has existed in the elps since ancient times and appeared in Germany since the 18th

Century the two sides are still arguing fiercely about this regulation but for now no one is allowed to climb mountains naked in Switzerland at least until the major majority of Swiss people are open to this action number taste it bidden to throw trash on Sunday unbelievably in

Switzerland if you put waste in public bins on Sunday you will be fined and detained for a few days the regulation not to throw trash into public trash cans on Sunday helps people be more aware of General hygiene because this is a public holiday there will be no one to

Clean up the trash or help you sort the trash if all people put their trash in public trash bins on Sunday then on Monday everyone will have to endure the rancid smell people who are new to this country or tourists often do not know this regulation therefore they are the

Ones who get fined the most on Sundays Swiss people are quite friendly but if you still deliberately dump trash on the weekend they will not hesitate to denounce and severely criticize you for your awareness no noise on Sunday perhaps Sunday is a meaningful day for the Swiss

So they’ve issued many bans on this day they want Sunday to be a completely quiet day of rest all noisy activities on Sundays and holidays are absolutely restricted and can only be carried out at a minimum level according to the laws of this country no one is allowed to use

A lawn mower drills or use a hammer or even drive a heavy truck on the road these days in addition the Swiss also value quiet very much so it is no wonder that this country has lawyers specializing in field of noise therefore people are encouraged to keep noise down

Between 8:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. the next morning to avoid complaints or fines this law is currently quite controversial restaurants bars Cinemas and other entertainment establishments may have difficulty attracting customers on Sundays this can affect their revenue and profits if International visitors are unfamiliar with this regulation they

May have difficulty finding services or entertainment on Sundays this could affect the tourism industry and the revenue from service establishments however the majority always wins in Switzerland so these rules are still maintained and gradually become the culture of this country number eight be nonn naming children Switzerland has banned certain

Baby names according to the Swiss civil code it is illegal for parents to name their children certain names that may harm the child or offend third parties for example Brands like ch Mercedes and others along these lines are illegal naming rules can also reflect a country’s cultural values protecting

Cultural identity through naming can be a way to maintain and preserve Traditional Values strict naming regulations are also established to ensure that children’s names do not negatively impact their lives as adults this may include avoiding names that could lead to teasing or annoyance Additionally you not allowed to name

Your son the same as your daughter’s name or vice versa so if you’re planning to have children in Switzerland and want to name them something unique make sure that the name is not on this list of banned Names number c the world’s largest nuclear bombproof bunker if you’re afraid of the risk of nuclear war breaking out take your family to Switzerland because there is a high possibility that you will have a safe haven in this country through two world wars Switzerland has always remained

Loyal to its neutral policy after both nuclear superpowers the United States and the Soviet Union successfully tested the first atomic bombs in the 1950s with the assertion that neutrality is not a guarantee against the risk of nuclear war government the Swiss government began to focus on researching strategies

To establish a network of bunkers for the military and bomb shelters for its people the Swiss Parliament has passed a law the country’s construction projects must have nuclear bomb shelters therefore it is not America nor the Soviet Union but Switzerland a small country located next to the Majestic

European Alps that has the largest nuclear bombproof bunker system in the world it can be said that up to now Switzerland is the only country in the world that has a nuclear bombproof bunker system equipped for the entire domestic population although they may never now we must use them for their

Intended purpose articles 45 and 46 of the Swiss federal civil Protection Law stipulate every city must have a safe place to be able to move quickly from his place of residents and owners of apartment buildings need to build and renovate shelters for all people living in the apartment complex that is why

Most houses built in the 1960s in Switzerland are equipped with this special seller system every apartment in Switzerland when rented or sold comes with such basement is important to know that Switzerland is the only country in the world that has a tax on building and maintaining shelters to avoid nuclear

War in peacetime these sellers are used by people as small warehouses because according to custom almost every house in Switzerland has a seller to store food drinking water and Medicine fully guaranteed can maintain an isolated life in harsh weather conditions and for long periods of time when crisis occurs they

Will turn into special shelters many families even often live underground to prevent unforeseen incidents it’s a bit more expensive but it seems that this Swiss regulation is quite good for people number six people go abroad just to buy food well we just want to go to the nearest supermarket to save time the

Swiss find ways to go abroad just to buy daily food I know it’s hard to believe but the reason why the Swiss did it make sense you need to know that prices in Switzerland are very expensive Swiss salaries are of course very high but this Joy will evaporate quickly when you

See the prices of food items in the supermarket for example a kilogram of beef in Switzerland costs more than 50 US day product prices at stores are quite similar so the only way to save bu discounted products most stores in Switzerland offer 50 off expired items expenses such as rent and personal

Belongings are also very high in this country so even Swiss people with high incomes must save money to make enough to live many Swiss people living near Germany France and Italy often go to these countries to buy food because the prices are cheaper but the amount of

Food will be limited when brought across the border for example a person cannot carry more than 20 kg of fruit and vegetable a half a pound of meat 5 L of milk and three lighters of juice this is to ensure that they do not import goods for Resale it’s forbidden to take photos because the scene is too beautiful I was quite confused when I heard about this Ben because there are contradictions why does Switzerland ban tourists from taking photos of their country’s Majestic natural scenery to make it more famous in fact not all countries applies

This law but only one Village said to be the most beautiful Village in Europe has introduced such a ban this Village is called brair a small village located in the Swiss Alps near the famous resort of Moritz initially tourists were allowed to take photos but the photos shared

Widely on social networks were worried that they could make people feel Bor board and no longer want to visit therefore local authorities have banned tourists from taking photos this may sound like a joke but it actually became a law passed by the Village Council and the Bergen mayor violators will be fined

About 5 and must delete all photos taken according to a statement by tourism Authority Bergen the announcement follows a study into the impact of technology on the Travel experience a survey of 1037 American adults by Windham Vacation found that nearly half of respondents said social media had negatively affected their travel to show

Its determination the burgun government also deleted all images of The Village on social networking sites and the official information page of Bergen however The Village’s tourism director Mark Andria baru also admitted that part of the reason for this ban was a marketing tactic to promote The Village’s image it directly stimulates

Human curiosity and desire to explore they believe that the number of visitors to Burgen will increase many times compared to previous Year number four it’s mandatory to pay taxes when raising dogs dogs are the most intelligent animals and are most closely associated with human life many countries around the world have introduced laws Banning eating dog meat or protecting dogs from violence and oppression however Switzerland is a country that is introduced a law that

Owners must pay taxes to be allowed to keep dogs in their homes each dog raised in this country needs to be registered with local authorities and the owner must pay an annual fee or tax to maintain the dog main purpose of this TX may be to ensure that dog owners are

Responsible for the care and control of their dogs as well as to support basic services such as public sanitation dog management Etc wildlife management and programs related to resident animals in addition to registration and payment of fees Switzerland also regularly implements control and monitoring measures regarding dog breeding to

Ensure that they are well cared for and do not cause a nuisance to the community must have a playmate for your pet it seems that the Swiss really hates being lonely because they even require pet owning families to create conditions for their pets to have friends to play

With this law was passed by the Swiss government in 2005 to ensure that social animals such as guinea pigs or goldfish Friends of the same spe species and are not kept in cages that are too small at first this law sounds quite unreasonable but in fact is quite Humane imbued with

Love for animals in Switzerland keeping a pet is not only about taking care of the physical animal but also includes the mental aspect it is worth noting that the regulation requires at least one companion for the pet in cases this is designed to ensure that pets are not

Alone but have support and Care during times when their owners canot be with them this regulation applies to all pets from dogs and cats to animals such as Birds rabbits or even other pets this demonstrates the special care for pets in Switzerland and reflects the importance of both the mental and

Emotional aspects of animals in this Society this regulation also helps create a positive and happy living environment for pets while promoting proper care and responsibility on the part of owners number two the world’s heaviest penalty for speeding Switzerland is the most expensive place to pay a speeding

Ticket the world record for fines is held by a Swiss driver who fined 79,000 Franks about 767,000 us in Switzerland after being caught by a speed camera at 290t but he was still lucky to only be fine as many people even go to jail for this crime specifically those who

Intentionally drive too fast and commit a violation twice the speed limit will face a sentence of 1 to 4 years in prison the law clearly stipulates the boundaries of imprisonment for speeding drivers in urban areas with a speed limit of 30 cam you will go to jail if

You drive a car or motorbike at a speed of 70 Ki in areas where vehicles are prohibited from driving more than 50 car the limit between a fine and going to jail is 100 a c on motorways with a speed limit of 80 cam the boundary will

Be 140 K mush on the highway with a speed limit of 120 K owners of super cars who dare to risk going over 200 chem will have to sit on the schedule previously Switzerland had issued huge fines of up to millions of dollars to players who disregarded the law the

Highest record fine in this country is for a driver with a fine of up to 1 million euro equivalent to 1.29 million USD car owners in Switzerland seem not to be very pleased with this law but the majority of people still support it and of course it cannot be amended

Number one prohibit the use of air conditioning air conditioners have become so familiar especially on hot days however in Switzerland you will not be able to use air conditioning the Swiss people believe that this will help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the environment while reducing the negative impact of

Technology on the greenhouse effect in environmental issues Switzerland is considered an ideal example families here do not use air conditioning in instead in hot weather they choose to use electric fans or hand fans the living environment and culture in each place can promote different choices about using technology to meet everyday

Needs by not using air conditioning Switzerland shows its commitment to protecting the global environment and climate but most importantly they have a cool climate and rarely have to use this device otherwise there would probably not be this ban on people but nonetheless this is still a correct and

Good regulation for the planet it deserves to be praised and applied more widely in places with cool weather thank you for accompanying us to explore the strange things in this country don’t hesitate to share interesting things you know about Switzerland in the comments section below please continue to follow

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