12 Taboos in Palestine: Shocking Things That Surprised the Entire World! – Video

12 Taboos in Palestine: Shocking Things That Surprised the Entire World! – Video

12 Taboos in Palestine and Weird Things That Shocked the Whole World!
Can you believe it? I just found a place where you can be fined for touching ants, forbidden to shake hands with women, and even more unbelievably, just being there means you’re not allowed to use your left hand.
You might think I’m making things up, but don’t rush to conclusions. Join me on a journey to Palestine in the next few minutes, and you’ll surely be astonished by the 12 prohibitions and strange things unique to this place.

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12 prohibitions and strange things that only exist in Palestine can you believe it I just found a place where you can be fined for touching ants or bidden to shake hands with women and even more unbelievably just being there means you’re not allowed to use your left hand

You might think I’m making things up but don’t rush to conclusions join me on a journey to Palestine in the next few minutes and you’ll surely be astonished by the 12 prohibitions and strange things unique to this place prohibition of shaking hands with women if you go to Palestine remember one

Thing stay away from women as much as possible and absolutely refrain from shaking hands or touching their bodies men including Muslim men are not allowed to shake hands with unfamiliar women that means if they are not family touching is strictly prohibited similarly Muslim women are not allowed

To shake hands with unfamiliar men when communicating with Muslim women just smile and Nod don’t extend your hand out of habit maintaining distance between women and men is a mandatory practice in Islam you should know that in Islamic countries if women violate these prohibitions with men especially involving extramarital Affairs they face

Extremely harsh penalties the most notorious punishment is stoning women engaged in extramarital Affairs are taken to the Public Square where everyone pelts them with stones it’s difficult for them to survive and even if they escape death they will face social ostracization touching a local girl may not cause you significant

Trouble but she could become a victim of extremist and fanatical individuals number 11 the oldest city in the world I have visited statues over 2,000 years old pyramids nearly 4,000 years old and these places truly carry countless Mysteries however 2 4,000 years is nothing compared to a place in

Palestine a place known as the oldest city in the world with an age believed to be around 10,000 years it’s hard to believe but the city named Jericho referred to as a rehub by the Palestinians has truly existed for 10,000 years it is a fertile area with Lush Greenery covering the ground

Vibrant flowers and fresh leaves abound unique piece of information provided by the governor the oxygen levels here are 7% higher than the world average this contributes to the uniqueness and Superior Quality of the plant life in Jericho the land is abundant attracting people from all walks of life to buy

Land and build Garden Villas here you are free to follow any religion or indulge in any personal choice whether you want to abstain or partake in alcohol it’s those inclined towards spiritual Pursuits are welcome and those who enjoy festivities and revry are also accepted surprisingly there is no social trouble

Just look at the houses of the Palestinians they’re open with no high walls or barred Windows various types of cars are comfortably parked overnight in Open Spaces or along the side of the Road it truly is a fascinating and livable City number t no to alcohol if you are invited to a Palestinian home for a meal and plan to bring a bottle of wine as a gift for the family be prepared for a hostile reaction when you bring it they might throw the bottle

Away and angrily ask you to leave why because you don’t understand them according to the teachings of Allah followers of Islam are not allowed to use stimulants like alcohol because they make people lose their reason and can lead to regrettable sins Muslim Believers highly respect and follow the teachings of their Almighty and

Therefore some Islamic Count’s governments have issued orders prohibiting the consumption of alcoholic beverages devout Muslims never drink beer or wine throughout their lives if you are invited to a Muslim family it’s best not to give them wine or beer in Palestinian weddings you won’t find a drop of

Alcohol the most delicious beverage you can find might be carbonated soft drinks and if not then stick to plain water number nine fruition of pork consumption when in Palestine you’ll have a variety of interesting food options to choose from but there will be absolutely no dishes made with pork I

Can confidently tell you that 90 of Palestinians have never tasted the flavor of pork until they’re passing once again the reason stems from Islam a passage in the qurin prohibits the consumption of through deep analysis there are two main reasons why Muslim Believers believe that eating pork is harmful to their health and

Morally first pigs are unclean animals and carry many harmful diseases for humans second it has a negative impact on one’s character due to the frequent exchange of mates as pigs are known to be promiscuous therefore Islamic restaurants often use beef as a main and popular dish pork is one of the most

Common foods globally with approximately 1 billion pigs slaughtered for consumption every year widely used in many culer cultures however for some religions like Judaism or Islam pork is considered forbid while Hindus refrain from consuming beef due to their reverence for cows Muslims avoid pork because it is deemed impure for the body

The Holy Quran the sacred scripture of Islam clearly lists certain prohibited foods and pork is among it so when you’re here don’t be surprised if you can’t find any dishes made with pork number eight prohibition of using the index finger if you have a habit of pointing with your index finger when

Talking about something or someone it’s best not to visit Palestine there is a real possibility that you might be assaulted or even lose that finger there in the Islamic belief system pointing with the index finger is considered a disrespectful gesture therefore it is a strongly condemned action instead use

Your right thumb and keep the other four fingers tightly clenched underneath an Australian tourist once visited Palestine pointed at an elderly man selling Goods immediately the man’s son grabbed a stick attacked and chased the Australian away they genuinely wanted to harm him there it was only later after

Researching his Lum more thoroughly that the tourist realized it was a forbidden so if you plan to go there remember to keep your index finger down until you return home number six dirty left hand you’ll encounter issues with both heads the index finger is not to be used and your

Left hand becomes practically useless in this country According to Islamic beliefs the left hand is considered impure therefore in certain religious rituals and important ceremonies people do not use their left hand for example when holding food religious items or shaking hands it is customary to use the right hand when giving or receiving

Gifts or even when receiving food if you have to use both hands the left hand must be placed beneath the right hand again when pointing only use the index finger of the right hand hand while the other four fingers should be tightly Muslims typically reserve the right hand for religious ceremonies and important

Activities in their lives in Islamic beliefs the left hand is associated with personal hygiene activities and is therefore considered less clean so when here refrain from using your left hand to handle objects and food when a Muslim offers a gift or transfers something to you use both hands to receive it with

The left hand position beneath the right hand addition Al absolutely avoid using the index finger to point in any direction object or especially at someone this is considered a serious offense to one’s dignity in Islamic culture remember to use your entire hand When indicating something to avoid unnecessary complications

While number six prohibition of ant killing it’s not surprising for us to deal with a few ants they are small and ubiquitous so inadvertently causing harm to them doesn’t seem too significant however in Palestine absolutely refrain from disturbing the ants as they are not ordinary aunts they are protected and

Highly respected by the Muslim population on bees and woodpeckers are species that are strictly protected here According to Islamic beliefs ants are respected creatures they are diligent organized and have high endurance of course people may unintentionally kill ants because they are truly tiny but don’t let others see it at the very

Least you will be held accountable if you deliberately kill ants or destroy an ant nest you may be taken to the mosque and punished with a cane for going against religious teachings not only ants but all other animals also have specific rules regarding their treatment even animals raised for food have

Standard procedures in place to ensure they depart peacefully without causing harm to humans after death it may seem like they’re taking things to the extreme but when you’re here you have to live according to their culture try not to complain too much as the consequences can be quite severe Earth’s Naval continuing our

Journey to The Peculiar regions of Palestine let’s explore a place known as the naval of the Earth the Dead Sea if the Himalayan mountain range is the roof of the world then the Dead Sea is the deepest oppression on all five continents this area stretches between Jordan and Israel Palestine the West

Bank territory of Palestine owns the majority of the Northwest length of the Dead Sea while the remaining portion to the southwest of this Coastline belongs to Israel however since the 1967 war Israel has claimed complete control over the entire length of this unique Naval of the world the Dead Sea truly lives up

To its name in a literal sense nestled amidst arid land lies an expansive incredibly salty body of water where no living organism can survive surprisingly you can’t drown in the Dead Sea even if you can’t swim you will effortlessly float on the water’s surface allowing you to leisurely lie

Back and gaze at the vast cloudless Sky despite its inhospitality for Life water of the Dead Sea is a highly valuable resource for the Cosmetics industry women come here not only to immerse themselves in the water but also to spread black salty mud all over their bodies anyone leaving will likely carry

A unique set of skincare products unlike any other in the world number four bride kidnapping if you’re strolling through the streets of Palestine and unexpectedly witness a scene where a girl is being seized by several men and taken away don’t panic and hastily call the police they are not

Kidnappers they’re just kidnapping the bride couples voluntarily bind themselves to each other and live happily ever after but in Palestine they do it in a peculiar way here the process of courtship is demonstrated by young men kidnapping the girl of their dreams whether she likes it or not with the

Help of family and friends the young man will attempt to abduct the girl and bring her to his home while she is held hostage in his home the groom’s family will persuade the girl’s family to convince her to marry him depending on the social standing of the young man

Bride’s family may intervene and force her to stay or attempt to help her Escape although it was banned in 1991 nearly onethird of Palestinian marriages are believed to have started in this way it may seem interesting and surprising to the girl but the crucial point is that she must agree beforehand otherwise

It’s no different from abduction and forced marriage number three oldest Olive Tree in the world Palestines become a place of historical significance with a treasure the ancient Olive Tree aged 3,7 100 years Mahmud rabah and his family had to leave their Homeland in 1948 due to the expulsion by Israeli restoration

Forces they moved to a location containing this Olive Tree when mmud was just 11 years old the area used to have many ancient olive trees urbanization processes led to the survival of only one tree thanks to the special care of the Mahmud family this olive tree has

Been preserved the tree’s trunk has a circumference of 7 .2 M belonging to the valuables Olive variety producing incredibly fragrant and high quality olive oil to protect the tree from environmental impacts mmud family built a small house in the area since the Olive Tree was already too old resulting

In an almost Hollow trunk Mahmud filled the hollow space with soil to maintain moisture for the experts from the United Nations and Professor sahil zidon from telive University have confirmed that this olive tree has existed for 3,700 years residents also believe that this Olive Tree might be connected to Mystical phenomena producing strange

Occurrences on Full Moon nights such as purple light or causing onlookers to faint if you have the opportunity to visit Palestine come and touch this living creature that has been around for 3,700 years number two for entering holy places on undoubtedly magnificent and Grandeur Islamic mosques are essential destinations in every traveler’s

Exploration Journey for the locals these mosques represent a connection to the Supreme Being and hold an extremely sacred position in their hearts therefore when visiting Islamic mosques it is crucial to respect and adhere to specific regulation to express respect for Islamic Traditions Islamic mosques of strict dress codes visitors must

Comply with these regulations otherwise they will not be allowed to enter The Masque the attire should be modest covering arms and legs and avoiding revealing or tight fitting clothing for men wearing t-shirts shorts or sandals is not permitted women are required to wear headscarves and if they have long

Hair it is advisable to tie it up securely under the head scarf a tire should be formal covering the body and extending to the wrists and ankles it is essential for everyone to remove their shoes before entering the mask so slipon shoes are preferable visitors are not allowed to engage in Intimate gestures

Such as holding hands or kissing while taking photos inside the mosque visitors should stay within the designated areas for mosque visits and avoid wandering in the surrounding areas parents should closely supervise children ensuring they adhere to the mosque’s strict rule smoking and bringing food into the mosque area are strictly prohibited no

One is allowed to touch the Coran or any sacred objects inside the prayer area these rules are to be strictly followed number wide discussing the holy city of Ella there are many things to be mindful of when visiting Palestine one of the most crucial is related to religious sensitivities Allah is the Standard

Arabic term to refer to the Supreme Almighty while in Europe the America’s East Asia and South Asia the term Allah is predominantly associated with Islam in Arabic speaking regions Christians and Jews also use the term to refer to God for followers of Islam the almighty Allah is the creator playing the most

Sacred and significant role in their spiritual lives Muslims strongly dislike it when others make comments about the religious and political regime they follow when exploring the Islamic land you can delve into their culture and religious philosophy but it’s crucial not to engage in discussions or make remarks about Allah this is considered

Highly disrespectful and you may face serious consequences for the local people additionally adherence of the Islamic faith do not permit anyone to pass judgment or criticize others because this is within the domain of Allah so we have journeyed through an interesting exploration to learn about the prohibitions and peculiarities

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