Kyle MacLachlan and Mark Frost Discuss the ‘Wonderful and Strange’ World of Twin Peaks – Video

Kyle MacLachlan and Mark Frost Discuss the ‘Wonderful and Strange’ World of Twin Peaks – Video

Entering the town of Twin Peaks feels like stepping into a different world. Located 5 miles south of the Canadian border and 12 miles west of the state line, the town is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. As you approach it, the lodge is so close to the waterfall, and the falls are truly spectacular. The beauty and uniqueness of the town are unexpected, and it’s no wonder that people often seek out inexpensive hotels or motels to stay in while exploring the area.

David Lynch, the creator of Twin Peaks, has a distinct style that is evident throughout the town. With a focus on wood and indigenous artwork, the Great Northern Hotel feels authentic and welcoming. The visual sense that Lynch brings to his work is undeniable, and it has an impact on the entire experience of visiting the town.

The town itself is a character in the story of Twin Peaks, and its mysterious woods and unique landmarks add a sense of magic and danger to the setting. The majestic Douglas Firs that populate the area are both beautiful and foreboding, with some characters seeing them as a symbol of good, while others view them with suspicion.

The show’s co-creator, Mark Frost, notes that the town itself is a principal character in the story. Visiting the sheriff’s station and other iconic locations from the show, like the Double R Diner, is like stepping into the world of the show. It’s evident that the creators found the town’s intact setting to be astonishing, and it had a significant impact on the story they wanted to tell.

The return of Twin Peaks after 25 years brought the opportunity to revisit the town and its characters. Fans of the show played a significant role in making the return happen, and the surreal and mysterious elements of the show were further explored in this new chapter. Revisiting the town and filming The Return brought back a sense of nostalgia and brought the story full circle for the actors and creators.

Twin Peaks is a place unlike any other, and its impact on the creators, actors, and fans is undeniable. The town itself is a character with a unique and captivating presence, and visiting it feels like stepping into a world created by David Lynch himself.

Video “Star Kyle MacLachlan and Co-Creator Mark Frost on ‘Twin Peaks’ ‘Both Wonderful and Strange’ Lodging” was uploaded on 01/09/2024 by Variety Youtube channel.