15 Banned and Unusual Items Unique to Iran – Video

15 Banned and Unusual Items Unique to Iran – Video

15 Prohibitions and Strange Things That Only Exist in Iran !
As a country deeply rooted in religion, Iran has established numerous long-standing and unusual rules. Prohibitions on dog ownership, restrictions on social media use, prohibition of using the thumb, and many other illogical laws are enforced in this nation.
Let’s explore 15 prohibitions and peculiarities that only exist in Iran to see what is truly happening in this country.

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15 prohibitions and strange things that only exist in Iran as a country deeply rooted in religion Iran has established numerous long-standing and unusual rules prohibitions on dog ownership restrictions on social media use prohibition of using the thumb and many other illogical laws are enforced in this nation let’s explore 15

Prohibitions and peculiarities that only exist in Iran to see what is truly happening in this country number 15 prohibition of pointing the shoe so at others pay attention to your shoes when in Iran as you might face unwarranted aggression simply because of the shoes you are wearing it does have a

Reason not entirely unwarranted but you will certainly be surprised if you are unaware of this cultural nor in Islamic culture the shoo is considered impure symbolizing something dirty and associated with evil spirits therefore pointing the shoe so go at another person is considered disrespectful and Taboo in this region when visiting

Islamic countries especially Iran is important to avoid sitting cross-legged while talking to locals when in the presence of Muslims it is advisable to sit with both feet flat on the ground to avoid unnecessary conflicts this should not be taken lightly as the Islamic community in Iran can be easily provoked

And they may be willing to attack or even harm foreigners if they feel provoked or offended another concern learning aspect is that many locals in Iran possess firearms and the use of firearms is almost unrestricted as long as they have a valid reason the Iranian government often defends its citizens

Against perceived foreign aggression including that foreigners have violated their rules and the locals are only punishing them justly number 14 prohibition of dancing in public places if you’ve just arrived from Brazil and learned some interesting dance moves it’s not advisable to Showcase them in public in Iran in this

Country dancing in the streets can lead to severe consequences expressive and provocative dance moves are officially prohibited by the Iranian drug control headquarters as they believe it is associated with the use of stimulants Additionally the religious police in Iran knew that these regulations and public behaviors are in place to protect

Islamic values and principles in some cases Street dancing is considered inappropriate in alignment with religious Val in mild cases the police or authorities May issue warnings or remers to those participating in Street dancing especially if they are not causing significant disruption or disturbance however almost every case

Will not be overlooked easily the police May arrest you take a blood sample to test for the use of stimulants and if positive you may face corporal punishment or even imprisonment number 13 prohibition of mentioning the Persian Gulf a phrase you absolutely should not mention while standing on

Iranian soil is the term Persian Gulf the Persian Gulf formerly known as the Persian Gulf holds great geographical and historical significance for Iran throughout history the Persian Gulf has been the foundation of the ancient civilization and culture of the Persian people one of the world’s largest ancient civilizations the term Persian

Gulf is the true traditional name used by Iran and is considered a symbol of the country’s history and culture the use of this term reflects Iran’s desire to maintain National Honor and assert sovereignty over the territories surrounding the gulf the use of Persian Gulf or Arabian Gulf has become a

Prolonged political cultural and historical issue between Iran and some Arab countries Iran and some Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia have opposing views on what to call this body of War Iran often uses the term pers iian Gulf to refer to it while some Arab countries would call it the Arabian Gulf

In the political context the use of these terms reflects the controversy and contradictions regarding territory history and international relations between the countries Iran is particularly staunch in this matter they have repeatedly threatened to shoot down us warships in the Gulf warned Google Maps about naming the gulf on their Maps

Meanwhile people in Iran and any Foreigner visiting Iran will face disaster if they mention the name Arabian Gulf immediately these individuals will be detained with charges against the Iranian government number 12 prois of alcohol if you enjoy having alcoholic beverages with your meals iron is not the place

For you there won’t be any alcoholic drinks available for you here no matter how much money you have alcohol is prohibited in Islam It is believed that the Quran prohibits alcohol or because it is harmful to human health can lead to addiction and causes social disorder a general warning is issued against

Muslims attending prayers while intoxic Prophet Muhammad also stated that although alcohol has some medical benefits its negative effects outweigh the benefits finally intoxicant and gambling are called Abominations of Satan’s handiwork warning conscious individuals not to turn away from God and forget to pray and Muslims are commanded to OB aain according to

Prophet Muhammad sway any intoxicating substance no matter how little is harmful to humans and is therefore prohibited Muslims adhere to abstinence from alcohol at all costs today any acts of selling or using alcohol in Iran or strictly prohibited and those who intentionally violate this regulation will be punished with corporal

Punishment or Worse imprisonment and Torture number 11 prohib I hibition of using the like gesture in today’s culture raising the thumb is commonly understood to express liking or agreement however in the traditional culture of Iran it is considered offensive raising the thumb here is similar to raising the middle finger in front of someone Iranians May

Misunderstand it was a challenge and they may not hesitate to respond with a more aggressive gesture over time most Iranians have come to understand the meaning of raising the thumb despite political tensions Iranians are generally friendly and hospitable so if you accidentally raise your thumb most of them will likely feel uncomfortable

But Overlook it however in remote rural areas the action of raising the thumb high can be easily misunderstood mentioned before therefore it’s best not to use this gesture to compliment Iranians instead use a different gesture like clapping number 10 prohibition of premarital love making while premarital cohabitation is widely

Accepted in many cultures in Iran it is viewed as a grave offense and brings disgrace upon individuals in society in Islamic countries like Iran love making are a sensitive issue with a conservative perspective Muslim women committing adultery or engaging in premarital love making May face severe consequences even risking their lives

Islamic law does not tolerate such liberal Behavior even Muslims men though enjoying more privileges in marriage also face strict penalties for promiscuous Behavior generally regardless of gender Muslim adherence only find safety in marital relationships engaging in extramarital relationships can result in severe punishment Iranians whether male or female strictly adhere to marital

Relationships today any acts of selling or using alcohol in Iran are strictly prohibited and those who intentionally violate this regulation will be punished with with corporal punishment or Worse imprisonment and Torture number nine prohibition of pork pork is a common meat consumed in almost all cultures worldwide but in Iran don’t expect to find pork in their meals simply because they are Muslims the main reason pork is prohibited for Muslims is mentioned in the Holy Quran which declares certain foods as permissible

Hal and others as forbidden heram and pork is one of the Forbidden Foods however there is an exception mentioned in the Quran that permits the consumption of pork when one is hungry and there is no other food available this exception aligns with the dietary laws and kosher traditions of

Jewish people pork is not considered impure in a physical sense but he seen as ritually impure and not conducive to Good Health specific concerns about the health hazards of pork have been argued by scientists such as Hans Hinrich reeg who claimed that westerners can consuming pork are more prone to

Diseases than those who abstain from pork avoiding pork in Iran is not only following the command of the almighty but also a way for Iranians to differentiate themselves from the West they take pride in abstaining from pork considering it as a symbol of cleanliness and moral superiority compared to Europeans who consume It number eight prohibition of immodest clothing if you visit Iran in the summer the Heat will Scorch you until you’re dry but no matter how hot it is never dress provocatively when going out the clothing issue of Iranians in the summer becomes a Hot Topic with political undertones clerics in power advocate for

A humble modest Lifestyle the color black is considered the most elegant and modest makeup jewelry and even ties or necklaces are viewed as remnants of capitalism in the summer the moral police intensify surveillance on the streets to ensure people adhere to the rule rules most attention is directed towards women’s clothing already

Required to wear a black Chader covering their entire bodies concealing any Exposed Skin waist or ankles makeup nail polish or uncovered hair is strictly however many women still wear colorful clothing beneath their black Chader and use makeup despite these restrictions in recent years men have also faced increased scrutiny prohibited from

Wearing shorts necklaces or having unconventional hairstyles like ponytails or rooster spikes offenders are either taken to a barber shop for a forced haircut or escorted home to change clothes if they don’t comply immediately they may be arrested those arrested must sign a commitment to not repeat the offense in public before

Being released previously women violating dress and jewelry regulations were physically punished but this practice ceased in the mid 1990s Iran’s moral security plan is clearly politically motivated seen as a way for the government to demonstrate control and divert public attention from current issues number seven prohis of public

Displays of affection kissing hugging or holding hands can lead to arrest and Punishment in Iran while it might sound absurd it is entirely true Iran is a country with strict cultural and religious value where maintaining the privacy of affection and personal gestures is an integ part of Traditional

Values and religion According to Islamic law in Iran both men and women are prohibited from publicly displaying affection because the country views it as a corrupting influence from the West public displays of affection are strictly forbidden and individuals showing affection in an exaggerated manner May face penalties from the

Community or the government in 2019 a couple in Iran went viral on social media for getting arrested while posing the couple was detained by the police for violating both traditional and strict Islamic laws in Iran they had to go through legal proceedings for their the offense of this couple is very clear

And doesn’t require further explanation said Deputy police chief of Eric Mustafa noruzi it is not acceptable that this couple has shown no respect for the culture religion and values of the country it is truly unfortunate for couples in Iran that their romantic lives face so many OB obstacles due to

These irrational and extreme regulations number six prision of reading books about sorcery with limited knowledge many people in this Islamic country often turn turn to fortune tellers divination and Sorcerers to seek love spells talismans or protection some of these individuals have significant influence over hundreds of thousands of

Laborers in the country in Iran the moral police forces EST established with the primary goal of apprehending and Prosecuting those considered Sorcerers or involved in Supernatural activities which are seen as threats to social order and religion books about sorcery are therefore strictly prohibited anyone reading owning or trading in books about

Sorcery can be arrested and charged as a sorcerer unfortunately the moral police in Iran can make unlawful arrests without clear reasons if you are found with a book they cannot read they may immediately assume it is a book of sorcery and the first action would be to arrest

And put you in custody until you confess or are declared innocent number five prohibition of using the left hand I don’t know why they have such peculiar thoughts and beliefs but we have to follow them if we don’t want trouble in this country Iran the left hand for most of us is just

Like the right hand but in Islam especially the Muslim Community in Iran it is considered extremely dirty and proh prohibited in many activities during religious rituals and important events the use of left hand is forbidden whether it’s holding food performing ceremonies or shaking hands the left

Hand is not to be used when giving or receiving gifts both hands should be used with the left hand placed under the right hand avoid using the index finger to point instead use the thumb of the right hand and keep the other four fingers tightly clenched in the Palm

Iranians generally prefer using the right hand for religious and significant activities since the left hand is often associated with personal hygiene and considered unclean it is advisable not to use the left hand to shake hands or handle food when in Iran when receiving or passing items use both hands with the

Left hand under the right hand to respect Islamic culture in Iran number four persecution of the LGBT community in Iran you will rarely find or even imp possible to find any openly LGBT individuals because simply put they can barely survive in this country LGBT teach rights including those of lesbians

Gay men bisexuals and transgender individuals face legal challenges that non-lgbt individuals do not encounter same-sex relations between consenting adults are illegal and considered extremely abominable LGBT rights essentially do not exist since the Iranian Revolution any form of same-sex activity outside heterosexual marriage has been prohibited same-sex activities are punishable by imprisonment physical

Punishment or gay men have faced stricter enforcement actions under the law compared to lesbian individuals Iran’s persecution of the lgbtq community largely stems from Islamic beliefs in Islam same-sex relationships are often seen as violations of moral and traditional codes the Quran references the story of the people of

Lot who destroyed by God’s Wrath because they engaged in homosexual acts same sex activities are forbidden in traditional Islamic jurist prudence and carry severe penalties with the most extreme being the death penalty following the Supreme order Iranians generally hold a hateful and ostracizing attitude towards LGBT individuals LGBT or individuals in Iran

Must either conceal their true gender identities for their ire lives or find ways to escape the country to live Openly number three prohibition of using social media once again we encounter the phrase Western cultural invasion in Iran along with the banon dog ownership popular global social media platforms such as Facebook WhatsApp YouTube and formerly Twitter are prohibited this measure aims to prevent the spread of anti-regime sentiments that Iran

Believes the US and the West are trying to promote it also aims to restrict the leakage of domestic political issues to the outside world speaking of the relationship between Iran and the US these two nations were close allies until tensions erupted after the 1979 Iranian Revolution there are various

Opinions about the reasons behind the deteriorating relations between these two country the main reason for the worsening relationship is the repeated human rights violations by Iranian islamism with the the peak being the Iran hostage crisis that took place from May 1979 to May 1980 approximately 52 people including

Us diplomats and citizens were taken hostage by Iran and held for 444 days this incident coupled with differing ideologies and Iran’s controversial nuclear program led to strained relation returning to the topic of countering Western culture Iranians still use social media despite the government’s restrictions they access blocked content through virtual private networks EPN

Interestingly even Iranian officials use vpns to access baned websites many individuals create Facebook accounts to connect with the outside world number two banon dog ownership are while the rest of the world considers dogs loyal and adorable companions assisting humans Iran prohibits all citizens from owning dogs the reason is that in ISL

Dogs are considered impure and keeping dogs is an uncommon practice in Iran however some families in the country especially in urban areas still keep them as pets and many people walk their dogs in public in the past Ran’s religious police actively opposed releasing dogs in public spaces and issued warnings about confiscating these

Animals if discovered things took a turn for the worst for dog lovers when in 2014 Iran officially banned citizens from keeping dogs the given reason was that that dogs could spread diseases to humans due to their impurity and more importantly dog ownership was seen as blindly imitating Western cult as soon

As the ban on dog ownership was announced dogs in Iran were immediately sent to Hell stray dogs and pet dogs alike any dog spotted by the police would be killed in 2015 a short film depicting several stray dogs being killed by the police in Iran circulated widely sparking condemnation protests

Involving cele ities and animal lovers the two-minute video showed dogs seemingly being injected with acid at the shiras industrial Zone 900 km south of Tran many outraged individuals protested in shat and other cities including kvin kaj west of tan as well as at the vice president mume epa’s

Office in Teran however the protesters efforts couldn’t bring Justice for the dogs and to this day dogs in Iran are hunted and killed daily number one bans on entering MOS it seems that the enticing and magnificent Islamic mosque would be the first places you’d visit when exploring Islamic

Countries like Iran for the local community these temples not just places to connect with the Supreme Being but also hold special sanctity in their souls when visiting Islamic mosques one must maintain respect and adhere to strict rule to show respect for Islam mosques establish Reg ation regarding clothing everyone must comply with dress

Code rules or they will be denied entry wear modest long sleeved clothing avoiding revealing or tight clothing men should avoid t-shirts and shorts opting for loose fitting trousers and refrain from wearing flip flops women must wear a head scarf if you have long hair tie it up or back to secure the headscarf

Better and protect your hair the clothing should be serious with loose long attire that covers wrists alternatively wear a long skirt that reaches the ankles everyone must remove their shoes before entering the mask making loafers the preferred Footwear stay within the allowed visiting area of the mosque refrain from wandering around

Children need close supervision should not run or jump inside the mosque and its surrounding areas and must follow the mosque strict regulations smoking and bringing food into the mosque area are prohibited do not touch the Quran or any items inside the prayer Hall this is a principle that must be strictly

Followed so we have gone through 15 prohibitions in Iran where local culture religion and laws have shaped a significant part of daily life thank you for taking the time to watch this video please like share and subscribe to support our Channel and don’t forget to follow for next new content

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