15 Surprising Taboos in Russia That Shocked the World! – Video

15 Surprising Taboos in Russia That Shocked the World! – Video

15 Taboos in RUSSIA and Weird Things That Shocked the Whole World!
Taxing men’s beards, taking entire cities off work to have sex or banning people from using lace underwear is what the Russian government is doing to its citizens.
These are facts that Russians have never revealed to the world, and we are here to tell you about the prohibitions and strange things that only exist in Russia that make the whole world shocked. surprised. Let’s see how people live in this vast country!

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Bans and strange things that only exist in Russia surpris the whole world taxing men’s beers taking entire cities off work to have sex or Banning people from using lace underwear is what the Russian government is doing to its citizen these are facts that Russians have never

Revealed to the world we are here to tell you about the prohibitions and strange things that only exist in Russia that make the whole world shocked surprised let’s see how people live in this vast country number 15 ban lace underwear this is a strange law in Russia all production and

Import of mesh lace underwear from abroad into Russia is illegal Russian medical experts believe that mesh lace underwear has a negative effect on the weo sexual health all mesh lace underwear models have disappeared from store shelves since July 1st 2014 when this law officially take clothing Manu manufacturing companies felt extremely

Uncomfortable with this stupid ban while many young women were angry with the ban and plan to stockpile underwear in advance the fury was not only reported in Russia tazik police arrested women protesting against the ban in Al Marti the entire territory of bolaris and Kazakhstan is affected by this law if

You want to go to Russia it’s best to leave your favorite mesh underwear at home if you don’t want to get in trouble when entering the country at the airport I know it’s seriously violates human rights but in Russia they don’t care much about it number four TI alcoholism Russians

Are famous for their love of drinking every year in this country about 43,000 Russians die from poisoning from drinking fake wine when talking about Russia we often think of the image of a drinking country we think of Ivan daer V or Misha huddled together and drinking

Vodka like water we think think of young men wearing Adidas suits listening to hard bass wearing ushanka hats and dancing with vodka bottles in their hands that’s right those are all funny and humorous images that foreigners often see in Russia however behind that joyful laughter lies a huge tragedy of a

Nation devastated by alcohol for more than four centuries whose consequences to this day still pain Kremlin officials head a tragedy that has devastated generations of Russians and is causing Putin to work hard to cope according to Tas news agency Health Minister Marko emphasized that people’s alcohol addiction is a problem that

Needs to be solved people lack awareness about it teenagers even children are involved in this toxic thing alcoholic beverage establishments are everywhere and always crowded the conflict between Russia and Ukraine also caused traditional Russian vodka product to be restricted from export causing supply to the domestic Market Market to increase

This is also one of the reasons why Russian people consume more alcohol according to representatives of the Russian Ministry of Health more than 100 people lose their lives every day after poisoning themselves by drinking alcoholic Beverages number 13 short lifespan we just said that Russians are having a population problem due to the very low birth rate of couples but that is only half of the problem that the remaining part that gives the Russian government a headache is that the life expectancy of

The Russian people is very short the percentage of Russian men who die before the age of 55 is 25% the life expectancy of Russian men is much lower than in developed countries meanwhile the death rate for American men before age 55 is starting in 1999 a group of researchers interviewed

151,000 Russians when they returned to interview 10 years later 8,000 of them had died the researchers calculated Baseline mortality risk based on participants reported vodka consumption while they controlled for factors such as age smoking and oh the main reason is alcohol which we mentioned before seems that if Putin continues to let people

Freely drink alcohol Putin will soon see the country fade away man Western Foods we all know the extreme tense relationship between Russia and the European union today so it’s no surprise that the Russian government bans everything from the west from being sold on Supermarket shelves this creates a series of harmful effects

And impacts not only on agriculture and trade but also on other aspects of the economy and Society farmers and food businesses can face falling product values reduced sales and even the possibility of bankruptcy if they rely too heavily on export markets if Food Supplies decrease due to a ban

Prices could increase and could lead to scarcity of some products consumers may have to pay higher prices for food product which could increase pressure on family spending and create a negative impact on their living standards the harmful effects of these bans and mutual sanctions may be obvious to Russia

However their government is still determined to pursue the war with Ukraine and in the end the people who suffer the most are still their people number 11 dirty cars are prohibited if you drive a car in Russia you must pay close attention to the appearance of the

Car because the police here have the right to stop and find the driver if the car is too dirty but what is dirty a Russian newspaper once conducted a survey and 46% of readers agreed that this is when the numbers on the license plate cannot be read but everything is

Not like the surveys the Russian police work on impulse and his as long as they don’t like it you can be detained for questioning how do you know what crime you will be charged with maybe they will just invite you to the office and let you go home immediately or maybe you

Will be detained because you are considered a suspect in some cases or you could be fined for dirtying the public environment you need to know that Russian police are also often drunk and sometimes they go out to check just for fun after drinking number two day of conception

Have you ever known a place that allows all people to take time off work just to stay at home and participate in a birth contest this is crazy but it actually exists in ulianov Russia where they hold a fertility contest here people have a separate Day called the day of

Conception on this day people will rest at home to maintain the race this is a unique initiative of Mr SEI Mor roof governor of ulanov Province Vladimir Putin’s hometown Mr Mor roov hopes to improve the situation of the Region’s significantly decreasing population according to the province’s birth promotion policy an EU yanov resident

Who gives birth on Russia’s Independence Day June 12 will be rewarded with a car refrigerator car cash and many other prizes since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 Russia’s population has decreased significantly because of falling birth rates low life expectancy and high mortality rates due to

Alcoholism AIDS and suicide although the largest country in the world Russia currently has only 141.5 million people and is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world according to experts estimates Russia’s population will decrease to 100 million by 2050 Putin has called the population crisis the most painful problem in the

Country Putin also announced a number of policies to encourage an increase in the birth rate such as providing Financial subsidies to couples who have two or more children Russian women giving birth to their second or third child will receive $10,000 to pay for education and Home Improvement however Russian people

Still have very low birth rates compared to other countries causing this country to face many terrible social Problems number nson taxing the beard I know many people are upset because they have to pay many taxes every year to maintain Society but you should be optimistic because at least you don’t have to pay a stupid tax like in Russia which is the beard tax you’re right the Russian government forces men

To pay taxes to grow their beard this strange sounding regulation was enacted by King Henry VI of England in 1535 the fee would increase in relation to the social status of the person wearing the beard therefore a nobleman with a beard will certainly be taxed more King Henry VI of course was

Exempted from paying the fine even though he also wore a long bit s Peter the Great of Russia who carried out westernization reforms that helped Russia enter the ranks of European powers also studied and issued attacks on bearded people in 1698 Peter had a tendency to pro- westerns believe that

The popularity of Russian style beards represents the stagnant conservative nature of the country gentlemen who own beards must pay a significant fee and are required to carry a special barge to prove that they have purchased the right to maintain a beard it is really a very ridiculous and stupid text that violates

Human rights and was abolished hundreds of years ago but Russia still wants to maintain it probably for a little money from this number atrio homosexual propaganda While most Progressive countries respect and even recognize marriage for same-sex couples in Russia LGBT people are having a bad life as they are oppressed by the

Government since 2013 Russia has introduced a ban Banning propaganda about homosexuality not stopping there in 2022 Putin continued to issue a new decree targeting gay people the new law signed by Vladimir Putin will ban LGBT propaganda on social networks mass media movies and advertising in the country

Under the new law the expression and mention of LGBT relationships and Lifestyles is now banned for all Russian citizens the new law also prohibits the sale of items including imported goods that contain LGBT propaganda Russia has been considered socially conservative regarding homosexuality with recent polls showing that the majority of

Russians are against accepting homosexuality and have expressed support for segregation laws discrimination against homosexuals many reports and international organizations have expressed concern about the human rights situation for gay people in Russia however it is very difficult to intervene and protect their rights when the Russian government seems determined

To eliminate LGBT people from the country number six tat joins the Navy we’ve have heard a lot about dogs in the police force or military but you probably have never heard of cat then I’ll take you to the Russian warships where they give the cats military ranks

For for hundreds of years cats have been raised on ships and are official members of the Russian Navy crew some cats also receive Awards medals or erect Memorial Stell in general cats have long been considered an important part of Russian warships cats even appear on Russia’s extremely modern nuclear submarines

However no one is clear as to why cats and no other animals were chosen to join the squad of Russian Navy sailors many superstitious people believe that cats also known as sea cats bring luck to the whole ship the most famous Seacat in the Russian Navy to date is botsman

Currently serving on the nuclear powered Cruiser kirov according to comments the cat botsman carries out the Commander’s orders impeccably not to mention he constantly trains his abilities through Advanced Training sessions may sound like cats do a lot of important work but they rarely do one such thing as getting rid of Mice number six risk your life to bathe on the glacier on January 19 every year Russians often organize a unique and extremely dangerous Festival which is to immerse themselves in cold ice holes thousands of people dive into the cold water with the belief that their souls will be cleansed and they will

Have good health throughout the year meanwhile many people come to this custom with the simple desire to surpass themselves in Moscow and surrounding areas alone every year more than 200 100,000 people participate in diving into cold ice holes even in Siberia the coldest place in the world with

Temperatures that can drop to minus 40 to 50 deck there are many people participating in this traditional activity the Russian custom of ice bathing is said to have originated in association with the annual Epiphany holiday in Orthodoxy commemorating the day Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River however more and more tourists and

Non-followers of the rush North Orthodox Church are also participating in this unique custom in the past Russians often tried to immerse themselves in water on the night of January 18th to early morning of January 19th also known as Epiphany night nowadays the time to perform an ice bath is no longer paid

Much attention in fact the act of immersing yourself in cold water in the middle of winter is a Russian folk tradition not a ritual in the Orthodox Church as many people mistakenly believe according to the the experience of many Russians when participating in ice baths to avoid sudden hypothermia and

Frostbite you should only gradually remove each layer of clothing to help your body adapt to the outdoor temperature then you can apply a layer of ointment over your body or take a spoonful of fish oil to retain heat in addition you should warm up thoroughly to warm up your body before entering the

Water and wear shoes or sandals to avoid slipping on the ice even though we are carefully reminded every year many unfortunate incidents still occur because it is too cold many people experience sudden cerebral visor constriction people with bronchial cardiovascular and blood pressure diseases are also susceptible to losing

Their lives because of this Reckless action however as we often hear Russians are very Reckless and they don’t care much about their Health idolize Putin Vladimir Putin has always received High approval ratings and love from the people throughout his years in power and he is even considered the embodiment of Russia presidential elections in Russia often see the participation of President Vladimir Putin and he often wins with significant support however social and international

Dialogue often criticizes the electoral process in Russia raising many questions about the transparency and fairness of Elections Putin’s political opponents often face complication and restrictions during the election campaign in addition the media in Russia is strictly controlled especially in the context of important events such as presidential

Elections so of course Putin always wins for Russian youth instead of rock and pop stars or super soccer players and sports stars they choose Vladimir Putin as their number one Idol in Russia there are many Vladimir Putin fan clubs these clubs are expanding their reach across Europe the club’s members are on average

Average 16 into 18 years old it is estimated that there are currently about 1500 members of the Vladimir Putin Club they always wear t-shirts or shirts with pictures of President Vladimir Putin or even organized topics praising Mr Putin’s personality people and way of running the country on the internet but

These groups are run by people working for Putin and this is seen as a way to promote Putin’s image countering the worldwide condemnation of Russia’s wartime behavior during that time re number four bigger than a planet with a surface area of up to 17 million square kilm Russia covers in half Fe

Earth’s surface bigger than Pluto 16.6 million square km Russia’s territory spans all Northern Asia and 40% of Europe covers 11 time zones and possesses a variety of environments and terrains Russia has the world’s largest mineral and energy Reserves considered one of the energy superpowers Russia also has the world’s largest Forest Area

And Russian Lakes contain approximately 25% of the world’s unfrozen fresh water with abundant mineral resources Russia has become a great power over the years but Russia is currently facing many problems and challenges such as development not commensurate with its position and potential while still maintaining its development and position

As a world superpower like the Soviet Union modern Russia despite being a great power and potential superpower is still a developing country high crime rates terrorism ethnic conflict population decline due to gender disparity and declining birth rates alcoholism among men corruption among leaders as well as the impact the

Financial crisis and sanctions embargos economic military and diplomatic isolation from NATO its allies in the European Union make Russia extremely unstable number three birth record it’s not like the whole world suddenly calls Russian people people from another planet obviously they have a very low birth rate but it’s absurd that they hold the

World record for child birth with a woman giving birth to 69 children after 27 pregnancies on the official page of Guinness World Records Valentina vasel is known as the most fertile woman in the world with a number of children so many that no one can surpass 69 children

After 27 pregnancies after being born two children could not keep their lives the remaining 67 children are healthy and developing normally in 1834 author baresi Alexander mentioned the notes of the nikolski monastery sent to the authorities in Moscow nikolski Monastery was responsible for recording information about births and Reporting

The situation as a way of monitoring the population accordingly in 1782 the mon hisory reported that Mr feder or 75-year-old farmer had a total of 87 children with two wives by the time records were recorded 82 children were still living healthfully however many people are skeptical about this event

Burden of Labor is the first thing that makes it difficult for them to believe that a woman spends most of her time just giving birth especially in the context of rural Russia centuries ago in addition ensuring material food and living conditions for children is not necessarily possible many scientists

Hypothesize that mothers in Russia have to give birth a total of 27 times of these 16 were twins seven were triplets and four were quadruplets between 1725 and 1765 however these cases are very rare in the world therefore the fact that Valentina experienced 16 twins is incredibly extraordinary making this

Story still a controversial mystery number two take an ambulance to avoid traffic jams ambulances but special type of vehicle are given priority in the spirit of society and Noble Humanity but in Russia people take advantage of them to do very unacceptable things here this type of vehicle has its interior

Upgraded to act as a taxi to serve VI guest to avoid trafficed jams these ambulances are said to have luxury inter are and use Sirens to give them priority to giveway helping renters mainly wealthy businessmen to get through traffic jams easier than a regular car police said that when they checked they

Found that the people in the car were not medical staff were wearing civilian clothes and refuse to provide personal information moscow’s boulevards and ring roads often face serious congestion partly because of underground parking and limited circulation in the city center it has promoted this taxi ambulance model the person who came up

With this business idea is quite smart but these people really have no social awareness or Humanity when doing such Things number one Russians are aggressive it’s effect that most countries in the world believe that Russia is an aggressive Nation looking at the past we can clearly see this personality of Russian people Russia is a country that has captured the most land in its entire history during the

Russian Empire and the Soviet Union the country’s territory reached 25 million square kilm Russian winter is likened to a sharp knife that has repeatedly helped the country win Wars when temperatures can drop to minus 70 deck we can mention the Northern war against Sweden’s 1700 to 1721 the Patriotic War of 1812

Against the French Empire led by Napoleon and against Germany led by Adolf Hitler obviously Russia knows how to survive in such harsh weather and Russians truly deserve to be called a warlike people in the full sense of the word looking at the current war with Ukraine Russian people almost all

Support the actions of Putin and the government aggression is in the blood of the Russian people okay if you want to know more about these regulations or want to share your opinion leave a comment below the video don’t forget to like And subscribe to continue receiving many other interesting contents from our Channel

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