15 Taboos and Strange Facts in Kazakhstan that Will Leave You Shocked! – Video

15 Taboos and Strange Facts in Kazakhstan that Will Leave You Shocked! – Video

15 Taboos In Kazakhstan And Strange Facts You Won’t Believe Exist !
A land where every time you close your eyes, you sleep for up to 6 consecutive days, a place so insane that a simple handshake with a woman could cost you your life – it sounds truly unbelievable, but on this planet, there exists a country like that.
And here is a video about 15 prohibitions and bizarre things that only exist in the country of Kazakhstan. Stay with me for the next few minutes; I will show you that the crazy things I just mentioned are entirely true.

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15 prohibitions and bizarre things only existing in Kazakhstan a land where every time you close your eyes you sleep for up to six consecutive days a place so insane that a simple handshake with a woman could cost you your life it sounds truly unbelievable but on this planet there

Exists a country like that and here is a video about 15 prohibitions and bizarre things that only exist in the country of Kazakhstan stay with me for the next few minutes I will show you that the crazy things I just mentioned are are entirely true number 15 sleep Valley up until now

I still can’t believe there is a place like this in the world the village of kalaki in Kazakhstan where people experience prolonged sleep for up to 6 days for the past 4 years 1/4 of the population in the village of Kaki located more than 400 km from the

Russian border has been falling into a strange sleep resembling a deep coma with no warning symptoms since since then the area has been referred to as the Sleep Valley local women report that after waking up from this peculiar deep sleep lasting from 12 hours to 6 days their husbands suddenly demand intimacy right

Then and there and this sudden craving lasts for at least a month moreover they use extremely vulgar language many even plead with doctors to let them walk and only want to wear Hospital diapers children experience hallucinations and claim to see monsters or large eyes on their mother’s foreheads some medical reports claim

That the health of those affected by the sleep disorder is not adversely impacted upon waking up however this is completely untrue currently in the village with only 381 remaining residents they face frightening conditions such as severe headaches memory loss and cancer a few hundred meters away from

The village of Kaki lies the small town of cnos where uranium oril was once produced for the Soviet Union’s nuclear weapon weapons program it is believed that the leakage of radioactive radon gas from the former uranium mines in cnor is the cause of the mysterious sleep disorder but this is still

Uncertain if you dare visit Kazakhstan to experience this exceptionally long sleep phenomenon number 14 radiation pollution it may sound quite unbelievable but the beautiful grasslands of Kazakhstan are indeed heavily contaminated ated with radiation and its origin can be traced back to the actions of the Russians recently Unearthed classified

Reports from the Cold War era have shed light on the devastating consequences of nuclear testing by the Soviet Union in the 1950s a nuclear explosion in Kazakhstan led to over 600 hospitalizations and more than 100,000 people affected in August 1956 the aftermath of a Soviet nuclear weapons test in semipalatinsk Kazakhstan submerged the

Industrial city of kagor within a 175 km radius semipalatinsk now known as semi was a primary site for Soviet nuclear weapons testing scientists discovered radiation cination and widespread radiation sickness across the northern kazak steps bordering Russia explorers later traced The Fallout from undisclosed nuclear tests committing a terrible crime where many

Unknowingly consumed radioactive vegetables fruits and meats for years this may explain why the wealthy in Kazakhstan often prefer imported food number 13 handshaking with women is prohibited if you want to avoid being attacked or even losing your life due to a handshake in Kazakhstan pay close

Attention to what I am about to say in Kazakhstan men are only allowed to shake hands with other men even if you are not formally introduced to everyone a simple handshake can replace an official introduction traditional handshakes are considered a question about health work ET however handshakes are only accepted

Between two men for women if you intentionally extend your hand to touch theirs it will be viewed as inappropriate with the intention of assaulting the girls immediately those around you will attack you regardless of your attempts to explain it’s important to note that this is a predominantly Muslim country

And in such cases people often resort to extreme actions number 12 Eagle hunting setting aside the issues of radiation let’s explore something truly fascinating in the kazak step Eagle hunting Kazakhstan is renowned as the homeland of Eagles and the tradition of hunting with eagles has been prevalent

In the vast plains for a long time Mongolian people have been using Eagles to hunt on the expansive steps since ancient times the tradition of hunting with eagles has been passed down from generation to generation and the training of eagles for hunting has deeply ingrained itself in the hearts of many

Kazaks the three main participants in this activity are the hunter the Loyal Eagle and prey such as rabbits foxes and wolves people in the altim mountain range believe that Eagles can drive away negative thoughts from the human soul this is also the only tribe in the world that uses golden eagles for

Hunting Eagle hunting is a traditional profession of the kazak tribe they have been using Eagles as hunting companions since the 15th century the tradition of hunting with eagles among the kazaks has been passed down through many generations contributing to providing food and fur to withstand harsh Winters healthy

Horses and fierce Eagles were once considered indispensable allies of Warriors number 11 forbidden to take photos while sleeping if you come across homeless people or anyone sleeping in Kazakhstan Absol absolutely refrain from taking photos of them this taboo stems from the belief that photographing someone with closed eyes resembles capturing a dead person and it may bring bad luck illness or

Misfortune furthermore places like ancient houses historical landmarks or places with a long history are likely to have undergone historical events and these places themselves carry a sense of gloom and negative energy therefore it is advised to limit taking photos in ancient houses places with a long history or historical

Landmarks if these places are preserved historical sites with regulations against photography it is crucial to comply with the site’s rules number 10 bride kidnapping this is something that female visitors should be extremely cautious about when in Kazakhstan as being noticed might lead to an attack or even abduction men in Kazakhstan don’t abduct

Women for Human Trafficking or ransom they abduct them to take them as wives in this country there exists a tradition where before the wedding a man will ask his friends to kidnap the woman he has promised to marry and bring her home this cultural aspect is quite interesting but it is gradually becoming

Distorted many women are kidnapped and forced into marriage in a blatant manner but the authorities often turn a blind eye citing it as a tradition numerous reports indicate that kazak women are assaulted under the guise of this ritual and even female tourists are at risk unfortunately the security forces in

This country often side with the men and Overlook such behaviors number nine no cross-legged sitting there are plenty of comfortable sitting positions to choose from but when in Kazakhstan never opt for sitting cross-legged it may sound absurd and illogical but this sitting style is genuinely prohibited in this

Country locals feel angered if someone sits like that in front of them cross-legged sitting can be considered impolite or disrespectful especially in formal situations or when meeting older people individuals of higher status or during traditional ceremonies moreover if you cross your arms it is a clear sign that you are

Disdainful of the conversation to avoid being scolded or even attacked by locals you must refrain from sitting in this manner observe how the locals sit and follow their lead it’s a matter of cultural sensitivity number eight prohibition of women killing animals once again I must remind the

Ladies If you happen to visit Kazakhstan never harm any animals as it is strictly prohibited for a woman to do so in this country killing animals may be considered a traditional and common practice in agricultural cultures in Kazakhstan however only men usually perform tasks such as slaughtering

Chickens pigs or horses in fact animal Slaughter is often part of of the process of farming and providing food for the family and community in kazakhstan’s culture and tradition the role of women in farming and caring for the family can be respected and highly valued however killing animals is often

Restricted or prohibited based on gender beliefs they believe that if women kill animals it will bring great resentment the meat will not taste good and it will be somewhat tainted therefore Almost 100% of the time the act of slaughtering is considered the responsibility of men with very few women engaging in this

Activity number seven no shoes indoors another taboo I want to highlight before setting foot in Kazakhstan is to pay attention to the shoes you are wearing if unfortunately you accidentally wear shoes and enter a Local’s house quickly leave before encountering major trouble in Kazakhstan taking off your

Shoes before entering a house is seen as a sign of respect and reverence for the living space this also reflects your cleanliness and respect for the homeowner if you intentionally enter wearing shoes it implies that you think the homeowner is unclean their house is dirty and you do not respect them you

Know how making a Muslim think that you are disdainful and view them as dirty can lead to Serious consequences once again I want to emphasize the importance of being extremely careful in every action you take number six prohibition of throwing bread in the trash the destination for leftover food

Is of course the trash bin but in Kazakhstan you are not allowed to throw bread away in such a manner in Kazakhstan bread is a highly respected food item eaten with deep gratitude and a sense of spiritual reverence parents instill in their Descendants the lesson of never wasting

This essential food item discarding a piece of bread in the trash is seen as an insult to their culture and a contemptuous act towards their food so it’s best not to engage in such actions and try to finish every bit of the bread in Kazakhstan bread comes in various

Forms and is consumed in large quantities the oldest type of bread in Kazakhstan is borak a small leaven dough deep fried in oil and served at every Feast borac is eaten with meat soup and more on September 7th 2014 a culinary competition in Alti between seven mother-in-law and daughter-in-law teams

Resulted in 8 156 kg of borac being cooked setting a new Guinness World Record interestingly almost a ton of bread was consumed within half a day number five addiction to mayor’s milk kazakstan has now become quite developed and its people have acquired various modern means of transportation such as motorcycles and cars however

Horses remain an indispensable part of the daily life of the kazak people who were the first to domesticate horses It is believed that the kazak people were the first to domesticate horses around 6,000 years ago today in Kazakhstan onethird of the population owns livestock and horses continue to be

A crucial type of livestock for Kazakh Farmers if you are a guest of a kazak family you will likely be invited to dinner with dishes made from horse meat to combat the harsh winter with temperatures dropping to 40 day she kazak people consume a significant amount of horse meat for energy

A family of four would buy an entire horse for about 2,000 USD and horse meat is a traditional and relatively expensive dish for kazaks additionally you will be offered the most delicious May’s milk in the world most kazaks are raised on mayor’s milk a type of milk they claim to be

Addicted to for its unique taste a mayor can produce 5 L of milk per day keeping three to four horses at home provides enough milk for daily meals and the education of the children the milk is churned about 1,000 times left overnight and then boiled the final product is the delightful May’s

Milk May’s milk has components similar to mother’s milk making it suitable for newborns I’m quite curious about the taste of May’s milk if you’ve tried it please share your thoughts in the comments number four unusual houses when visiting Kazakhstan one incredibly interesting thing you shouldn’t Miss is spending a night inside their traditional

Houses yurs are the traditional dwellings of kazak Nomads it is a flexible wooden frame covered with various thicknesses of felt a well- constructed yur can cool in the summer warm in the winter and be disassembled or assembled in less than an hour the interior of a yur carries ceremonial significance with the right

Side usually reserved for males and the left for females while yots are less used for their original purpose today they remain a powerful symbol of the kazak spirit the image of the Shirak the domed roof part of the yur is present in the national emblem as a symbol of the

Common home for all people living in Kazakhstan representing hospitality goodwi and kinship towards everyone on the planet number three the largest landlocked country with an area of approximately 2,725 47 Square km Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world and the largest landlocked country part of its territory borders

The Caspian Sea which often confuses people into thinking it has a coastline in reality the Caspian Sea is a large inland body of water surrounded by Russia Iran Turkmenistan Kazakhstan and aeran the coastline of Kazakhstan along the Caspian Sea is about 1,100 km long but it usually lacks major SE SE ports

Some small ports and fishing villages along this Coastline play a crucial role in providing food and supporting smallscale trade moreover the Caspian Sea is a significant resource with various fish species and activities related to oil and gas extraction however due to its lack of connection to other major Seas Maritime Transportation activities here

Are often less developed compared to other coastal areas worldwide number two 27,000 ancient sites in as a country with a long history and a diverse cultural heritage Kazakhstan holds a strategic geographical position in the center of Asia it is a place that preserves numerous ancient relics and important cultural heritage sites with around

27,000 archaeological historical architectural and other cultural heritage sites spanning across the country Kazakhstan speaks volumes about its Rich history these sites include ancient cities museums archaeological zones religious sites and much more some notable sites in Kazakhstan include the ancient cities of otra and turkistan as well as various archaeological areas

Like the Redlands in alai or the remnants of San these sites are not only symbols of kazakhstan’s history and culture but also attractive destinations for tourists and researchers in archaeology from around the world number one experts on Horseback I eagerly anticipate a showdown between American Wild West Cowboys and kazak

Hunters on the step a competition showcasing the best equestrians and marksmen kazak people both men and women are skilled horse riders the youth engage in wrestling in games where Riders compete for sheep horseback riding events take place in grassy Fields during festivals young men play the game of

Boys chasing girls girls ride horses to predetermined places and young men men can Court the girls along the way however on the way back girls chase the boys and are allowed to whip them as a form of Revenge these entertaining events often conclude with love and marriage if you visit kazak Kazakhstan

You can experience horseback riding archery and enjoy the thrilling performances of the sabaz Expedition group I believe you will have an incredible time here by exploring these unique and peculiar aspects that exist only in Kazakhstan we have witnessed the diversity and richness of this country’s culture and Heritage continue to explore and learn

About the wonders of the world and never stop yearning to discover new and surprising things on our journey thank you for joining us on this adventure until our next exploration

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