Building bridges instead of fostering conflict: Xi Jinping

Building bridges instead of fostering conflict: Xi Jinping

In a recent speech in Beijing, Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasized the importance of non-intervention, cooperation, and peaceful coexistence in international relations. Amid growing tensions between China and the West, Xi proposed a shift away from US-led leadership, advocating for building bridges rather than confrontation.

Xi’s remarks come at a time when Western countries have been increasingly critical of China’s economic practices and territorial disputes in the South China Sea. By highlighting the importance of non-interference and opposing the imposition of one’s will on others, Xi aimed to reassure the international community of China’s commitment to peace.

This speech is seen as a strategic move to position Beijing as a diplomatic leader of the Global South and to address concerns over China’s relations with Russia. As China seeks to navigate complex geopolitical dynamics, Xi’s emphasis on cooperation and peaceful coexistence suggests a desire to de-escalate tensions and promote a more inclusive approach to global governance.

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