15 Taboos and Strange Facts in the Philippines that Will Leave You in Disbelief! – Video

15 Taboos and Strange Facts in the Philippines that Will Leave You in Disbelief! – Video

15 Taboos In PHILIPPINES And Strange Facts You Won’t Believe Exist !
Prohibiting citizens from gossiping, banning divorce, or even more perplexingly, prohibiting women from wearing jeans, the Philippine government is turning their country into a place with some of the most absurd regulations in the world. In this video, we will explore together 15 prohibitions and peculiarities in the Philippines that you might find hard to believe are real.

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15 prohibitions and peculiarities only existing in the Philippines prohibiting citizens from gossiping Banning divorce or even more perplexingly prohibiting women from wearing jeans the Philippine government is turning their country into a place with some of the most absurd regulations in the world in this video we will explore together 15 prohibitions

And peculiarities in the Philipines that you might find hard to believe are real number number 15 gossip prohibition casual chitchat is a normal part of social interaction but in the Philippines you must be extremely cautious because even gossiping alone can lead to Serious consequences as bizarre as it sounds this is entirely

True engaging in gossip with someone in the Philippines can result in penalties under a local law recently implemented to hold people accountable for their words firsttime gossip offenders face a potential fine of 200 pisos and three hours of street cleaning while repeat offenders may have to pay up to $20 and

Serve 8 hours of community service the law doesn’t clearly Define what qualifies as gossip but ories have cited rumors about family relationships or someone’s financial situation as examples of punishable offenses interestingly this law is not new it has been enforced in the mono District on the outskirts of manala since 2017 many

Residents here have been fined 500 pezzos and spent in entire afternoon picking up trash just for gossiping after that no one wants to be caught gossiping a second time there’s nobody wants to be labeled as a gossip Monger this law was introduced during the summer time believed to be conducive to

Spreading rumors when people often Gather in the shade and talk about everything from someone’s marital infidelity to financial troubles while congregating and speaking ill of others is not admirable the outright prohibition of Gossip by the the entire population is a humorous aspect unique to this country number 14 prohibition of

Comparing people to animals sometimes I jokingly say that cute children look like baby pandas but ever since I heard about this ban in the Philippines I’ve become uneasy about the comparisons I made before even if they are just jokes or teasing remarks comparing Filipino citizens to any animal is strictly prohibited because if

You compare them to animals they may perceive it as an insult and a lack of respect especially if you liken them to monkeys or pigs many Filipinos follow Islam and comparing them to pigs can be particularly dangerous in Islam pigs are considered unclean animals and even their meat is not consumed therefore if

You say someone is like a pig they will immediately feel insulted and consider it an accusation of being unclean they might even attack you right away so if you ever visit this country refrain from making comments comparing anyone to animals a seemingly innocent joke could turn into a serious

Issue snake massage for many people just the side of a snake is terrifying however a zoo in the Philippines is attracting attention with the unusual idea of turning these giant reptiles into massage therapists when feeling stressed or tired many people opt for a mass massage to relax but would you dare

To experience relaxation by having a giant snake known for constricting and squeezing its prey to death Ser you if you’re brave enough you can visit the zoo in seu city Philippines to experience this spine chilling form of relaxation you might even have up to four massage therapists attending to you

Each one measuring around 5 m long and weighing 250 kg this peculiar business idea not only Sparks curiosity but has also proven to be successful the manager of the CBU City Zoo stated initially most tourists felt frightened but afterwards those who dared to try it claim to really

Enjoy no firm handshakes in the Philippines when you meet a business partner or someone of the same age it’s acceptable to shake hands but you should avoid gripping too tightly a firm handshake may be perceived as unfriendly even aggressive or impolite a too tight handshake can make others feel

Uncomfortable or imposed upon everyone has their personal space and a firm handshake can invade their personal space an inappropriate firm handshake can diminish professionalism or courtesy instead when shaking hands it’s advisable to do so gently and naturally avoiding forceful or discomforting gestures respect and sensitivity to others emotions and personal space or

Crucial in creating a positive and comfortable communication environment keep in mind that Filipinos are highly sensitive and there are many nuances in communicating with them that I need to inform you about number 11 prohibition of superstitions in communication once again I want to emphasize the need to be

Careful with the words you utter in diverse country like the Philippines particular attention is paid to the form of a dress Philipino forms of address focus on factors such as hierarchy Hometown gender or social class divisions each social class has its own form of address therefore you should not

Casually address a local resident avoid saying things that could hurt others even if they are meant as jokes this is considered a Superstition in communication in the Philippines when someone asks you or suggests something if you don’t want to do it you can simply say no or politely

Decline such as saying I’m busy right in Filipino communication you can also convey messages through Body Language they use body language gestures to express emotions instead of words for example when they agree with your opinion their eyebrows May Furrow each person’s body language may vary don’t be surprised when each person expresses

Themselves differently show respect and a willingness to learn to avoid unnecessary trouble in this country eating taboos I know Filipino Cuisine is quite tempting but remember what I said before indulging in the dishes here first in the Philippines if you invite someone to eat it is expected

That you will cover the meal cost sharing the bill or expecting the person invited to pay is considered a taboo Filipinos share a significant cultural resemblance with Latin and Spanish cultures hence they tend to snack a bit before sitting down for a meal in Filipino dining culture they prefer to

Eat each dish separately rather than sharing many dishes is as is common in Chinese culture before visiting the Philippines be aware that there is no small talk during meals among philippinos just eat naturally and finish what’s on your plate don’t be surprised if Filipino women here eat

More than you do I appreciate the openness of these women it makes the date much more interesting than constantly worrying about the other person’s gaze number nine super car destruction pay attention to the screen I’ll show you something images that will undoubtedly be quite heartbreaking these pictures were taken in the Philippines

And as you can see millions of dollars are being ruthlessly destroyed in 2021 the country’s Customs Bureau destroyed a total of 21 cars among the victims were a McLaren 620 Bentley Flying Spur and Porsche 911 other notable cars included mercedesbenz silk Lotus Elise hindai Genesis Cube and Toyota Solara for 14

Mitsubishi Jeeps were also destroyed in this round these cars were imported into the Philippines by various recipients and were confiscated at different times from 2018 to 2020 they were destroyed by order of the president looking at the images of heaps of money being smashed many questions arise Regarding why these

Cars were not auctioned with the proceeds used for Meaningful activities however the government of this country doesn’t seem to care they believe destruction is the best way number eight prohibition of pointing at others no matter how angry you are you must be very careful with your fingers when living in the Philippines

Because pointing your finger at someone can get you into a lot of trouble pointing fingers at others is obviously impolite and makes people uncomfortable in essence it is extremely disrespectful Behavior so you should never do it if you want to call someone confidently use their name or approach their them to

Talk don’t point or make inappropriate gesture as I mentioned people in this country are very sensitive in communication and they have a high sense of digity so any improper behavior from you could easily anger them and you can guess what will happen next it’s not just hot-tempered Men actually Filipino

Women are the ones you should avoid Crossing number seven prohibition of divorce if you want the most enduring marriage possible come to immigrate to the Philippines to achieve that because in the Philippines getting a divorce is a challenge that no one can overcome marriage of constitution stays marriage

Is a social institution that is inviable the foundation of the family and shall be protected by the state the strongest opposition to divorce in the Philippines comes from the Catholic Church according to official survey data 80% of Filipinos are Catholics it can be affirmed that religion plays a major role in the

Battle for the right to divorce in the Philippines the Catholic church in the Philippines prohibits divorce so the law in this archipelago also has a provision against it divorce is the most difficult thing for people in this country it is known that most Believers want to get

Married in the church and before that they have to register their marriage with a local government to legally Escape an unhappy marriage and be able to marry in the church again they must be approved by the church and accepted by the government moreover the divorce process in the Philippines not only

Takes many years but is also very expensive the time to complete a divorce can sometimes be up to 5 to 10 years when brought to court to settle the marriage contract procedures for dividing property each person may have to spend around 25,000 pesos so as I said come to the Philippines for a

Marriage that cannot be end it number six prohibition on having children before for marriage while it’s considered quite normal around the world for a single woman to raise a child in the Philippines this is illegal and goes against societal Norms notion of women being unmarried and childless is Taboo

In Filipino Society older Generations emphasize the duty of the younger ones to continue the family lineage the cultural expectation for women in the Philippines is not only to become mothers but also to be wives before becoming mothers this belief poses many challenges and difficulties in life especially for women over 30 continuous

Struggles for women’s rights are ongoing to create new opportunities for those who live outside societal standards however all these efforts become meaningless as the laws in the Philippines truly do not care about the happiness of individ women are required to marry before being allowed to have children as I mentioned earlier divorce

Is nearly impossible number five oil bath one of the most terrifying forms of torture during the medieval period was boiling people in oil just hearing about it makes many cringe however in the Philippines you can indeed be boiled in a large cauldron but don’t worry you’ll come out unharmed at first glance many

People may feel terrified by this oil cauldron bathing ritual but it is an extremely popular tourist experience in the Philippines this oil cauldron bath known as kaah can only be found in the tropical tourist area Tio antique Province Philippines the CWA bathtubs are designed to resemble the oil

Cauldrons of ancient times with a fire underneath to gradually heat the water in the past these cauldrons were commonly used to processed sugar cane in nearby factories however as more advanced methods emerged they gradually fell out of use therefore Calo a way to revive these old cauldrons and turn them

Into a series of hot tubs when tourists see the these oil cauldron bathtubs for the first time they might feel frightened and hesitant as if they are about to be cooked however you can rest assured during this experience because the clwa tubs are very thick preventing the fire

From burning the skin moreover the water temperature in the tub is always maintained at a comfortable level templock similar to The Culinary traditions of many other countries alongside traditional dishes that make tourist mouths water just by looking at them the Philippines also has unique Specialties that challenge The Bravery

Of those who want to IND among them tamalo rightfully claims one of the top spots tamalo is a popular delicacy in the Philippines especially in the Palawan and oldan regions true to its name the main ingredient of this dish is tamalo a woodworm that lives in decayed

Wood or the submerged trunks of Mangrove tree tamilo is closely related to clams and oysters but a significant difference is that this species has no shell that’s why tamalo lives hidden inside decaying wood acting as a protective layer nurturing them as they float in the brackish water environment because the

Tree trunk is considered the shell of tloc as soon as it is detached from the trunk and exposed to the external air they die when a piece of wood is chopped off you can see Slender quite long tloc wriggling inside essentially the length of taloc will grow based on the length

Of the branch it is living in regarding the name tloc local people pass down a story that the name originates from two American soldiers during World War II allegedly these two soldiers stationed in the Philippines witnessed locals harvesting small white creatures from inside decayed wood finding it incredibly strange one of the soldiers

Couldn’t help but exclaim to His companion Tomy look the sound emitted was similar to tamalo Leading the locals to misunderstand that the creature inside the wood they were catching was called tloc and that’s how the name tamalo came to be to enjoy tamik most common ways to eat it raw similar to

Sevish Filipinos usually consume taloc on special occasions you can buy taloc from Street vendors they will serve this dish in small cups at a relatively cheap price number three smoking ban in public places if you’re holding a lit cigarette and strolling around the street in the Philippines congratulations you’re about

To be questioned by the police the reason is that since 2017 the country has completely banned smoking in public places cigarettes are not allowed to be sold within 100 met of schools playgrounds or anywhere with many children cities also have to design designated smoking areas far from the mentioned places and void elevators

Staircases gas stations Health Centers and places where where food is prepared the designated smoking areas cannot be larger than 10 square m exclusively for adults and must be at least 10 m away from entrances or emergency exits of buildings no smoking signs will be placed at all public locations A

Specialized anti-smoking Force led by the police has been established locally Filipino citizens are also encouraged to participate in this Force for advertising promotions of sponsorships related to cigarettes violations can result in fines up to 400,000 pesos a maximum sentence of 3 years in prison and the possible revocation of business

Licenses the immediate ban has reduced the Smoke on the streets in this country but many tourists are unaware that they could be questioned and fined by the police for violating this prohibition number two family comes first to filipino’s Value family relationships more than anything else when talking about Filipino Family Ties

It goes beyond the close-knit relationship between parents and children it also involves relationships with extended family members particularly placing elderly relatives in nursing homes is not common ethical standard in the Philippines most elderly individuals are taken care of by their grandchildren in a developing country like the Philippines living together

Helps families reduce many cost despite the inconveniences Filipinos prefer this close lifestyle due to traditions and the benefits it brings number one Tabo it might sound a bit peculiar but I have a surprise for you regarding bathrooms in the Philippines when entering a bathroom in the Philippines you will find a water

Dipper and a basin the local water Dippers are commonly called Tabo and locals use them to scoop water for cleaning themselves after using the toilet Filipinos prefer not to dry wipe with paper instead they want to clean themselves with water scooped from this Tabo immediately after they clean their

Hands so you don’t need to worry about this cultural practice there are also other tools for use during bathing and cleaning the bathroom floor it seems like the people here have a high awareness of cleanliness but the absence of toilet paper and bidas might make the process seem a bit complicated so we’ve

Explored the prohibitions and peculiarities in the Philippine from prohibiting gosip iing to trying tamalo the Philippines is truly a country full of surprises and cultural diversity I hope through this video you’ve gained an interesting insight into the unique cultural traits and laws of the Philippines thank you for watching our

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