15 Unusual and Terrifying Phenomena Exclusive to South Africa! – Video

15 Unusual and Terrifying Phenomena Exclusive to South Africa! – Video

15 Strange And Frightening Things That Only Exist In South Africa!
Imagine waking up in a country where the locals speak 11 different languages, with 3 capitals and wild animals freely roaming the streets. Sounds crazy, right? But if you visit South Africa, you’ll definitely experience the unbelievable things I just mentioned.
Join me on this journey until the end of the video, and I’ll show you the strange and frightening things that South Africa is hiding.

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15 strange and frightening things that only exist in South Africa imagine waking up in a country where the locals speak 11 different languages with three capitals and wild animals freely roaming the streets sounds crazy right but if you visit South Africa you’ll definitely experience the unbelievable things I just

Mentioned join me on this journey until the end of the video and I’ll show you the strange and frightening things that South Africa is hiding number 15 flat breasts setting aside issues of traffic and geography let’s now delve into some peculiar cultural aspects of South Africa I don’t know about you but

In South Africa having flat women’s breasts is considered ideal to this day a prevalent practice in South Africa is flattening breasts according to this tradition the development of girls breasts is hindered using tools like iron or heated Stones a stick or a hammer heated on hot coals pressed onto their chest tests this

Extremely painful practice is mostly carried out by mothers on girls aged 11 to 15 regardless of the potential physical and psychological consequences including scars on the chest or conditions like cysts deformed breasts and inverted nipples that may prevent breastfeeding the reason behind persisting with this practice is the

Belief that having flat breasts helps girls maintain a childlike appearance for a longer time having breasts is seen as undesirable as it is believed to attract unwanted attention from men leading to violation harassment and unplanned pregnancies as girls in turn believe that what their mothers do is

Right for their own benefit so they choose to remain silent and endure silence however equals concealment and encouragement for such actions to continue and thus this tradition persists without an end point despite the agonizing nature of subjecting their daughters to such practices mothers persevere wanting their daughters to

Prolong their time in education rather than have others look at them and notice signs indicating they are ready for marriage currently this breast flattening practice is strongly condemned as one of the forms of violence against women which is often concealed and kept secret between mothers and daughters even in wealthier

Families they might opt for a gentler approach using a flexible plastic belt to tightly cinch their daughter’s chests preventing breast development and hiding their growth from the eyes of men number 14 celebrating Christmas in summer in different regions people have various elaborate or simple ways to celebrate Christmas while in countries like

England and France the image of a luxurious festive Christmas party is familiar to us a simple and cozy Christmas in African countries considered to have the world’s poorest economies can bring many interesting experiences in South Africa Christmas Day often starts early with the sounds of gospel groups traversing many streets and

Villages famous Christmas hymns wake people up to attend church prayers before returning home to prepare for family gatherings with roast turkey grilled beef or pork golden rice with raisins vegetables and Plum Pudding or crackers Christmas in South Africa takes place in summer without snow but with vibrant flowers everywhere instead of a

Christmas tree people use palm trees as in the coastal West Africa country of Liberia the most important part of the Christmas prayer in Africa is the exchange of affection usually in the form of a gift to express reverence to God around 8:00 to 9: in the morning people participate in the Christmas Day

Celebration anyone attending the prayer service brings a gift and places it near the holy communion table no one attends this ceremony without bringing a gift Christmas is an occasion for people to express love share affection not only with loved ones but also as an opportunity to share with those who are

Struggling and disadvantaged in life so don’t hesitate to lend a helping hand to those around you because when you give love you receive a lot of joy in return number 13 Diamond Kingdom if you want to get rich quickly the best piece of land for you to do that is in South

Africa South Africa is renowned for its abundant mineral resources currently holding the record for the Discover of the world’s largest raw diamond the cullinan found in 1905 in the mining town of cullinan in 2021 the country experienced a diamond mining frenzy thousands of people in South Africa flocked to the

Area near the village of qualy about 300 km southeast of Johannesburg hoping to unearth diamonds to change their lives from dawn many people including both men and women used shovels and hose to dig even using their hands to excavate at many of them found numerous unidentified stones and piled them into small

Heaps not only diamonds but this country also has various other rare mineral resources the Republic of South Africa extracts nearly half of the world’s annual gold production totaling 1,150 tons of this 645 tons are used for jewelry4 tons in the electronics Industry 107 tons in various engineering

Sectors 200 10 tons for coins and gifts and the remaining 189 tons are used for investment and storage in various financial markets South Africa also produces 23% of the world’s annual Uranium output a key raw material in the nuclear industry two other strategic raw materials are Chrome and manganese with the Republic

Of South Africa leading with 36% of the total Chrome production and 33% of the world’s annual manganese production these are essential components that enhance the strength of steel with its vast mineral resources South Africa is undoubtedly one of the wealthiest countries on the African continent number 12 Wildlife Paradise

While the country covers only 1% of Earth’s surface South Africa proudly boasts 10% of the world’s bird fish and plant species as well as 6% of reptile and mammal species Lions elephants and giraffes may not roam the streets of the city but nature and Wildlife are never

Too far away in South Africa from veret monkeys swinging across Tree Line Suburban streets to chakma baboons frolicking around Cape Point and seals visiting how Bay to find a light snack a variety of bird species taking to the skies at any given time Wildlife is all around the coastal region surrounding

The 2500 kmet coastline is teaming with life you’ll find great white sharks Penguins dolphins and More in South Africa oceans in hermanis in the Western Cape you can spot hundreds of whales from June to November Simon Town another coastal town in the Western Cape is home to Boulders Beach where you can swim

With African penguins number 11 unique wedding ceremonies weddings in South Africa are among the most bewildering events for tourists as they cannot comprehend why the people in this country have such peculiar rituals in Namibia before the wedding ceremony the HBA groom and some members of the groom’s family will kidnap the bride and

Dress her in a wedding outfit made of leather when the bride arrives at the groom’s new home his relatives instruct her about the responsibilities of being a wife and express family approval by smearing her with a mixture of fat and milk for the endel people weddings involve three steps and the final step

May take several years the first step is negotiating the a bride price with the bride’s family and this dowy is gradually paid in money and livestock the Second Step involves the bride staying separately for 2 weeks during which another woman teaches her how to be a good wife the third step is

The wedding ceremony which only takes place when the bride gives birth to her first child the common thread in these weddings is their complexity and uniqueness reflecting an interesting cultural aspect that South Africans continue to preserve number 10 unusual dishes South African cuisine is an excellent blend of Malaysian and Dutch culinary cultures

While common ingredients in South African dishes include meat they also have a unique dish used during festive occasions called briy ey or barbecue some famous dishes in South Africa include Bor War a traditional handmade sausage bu home dried meat bottia Malaysian style Curry M meal ma porridge and water bloy breedy lamb stew

Cooked with water lies exploring the culinary culture of South Africa visitors can find traditional food in any restaurant as they are widespread even with many establishments owned by non-native locals when in South Africa don’t forget to enjoy the delicious Seafood a notable point is that crayfish is both affordable and nutritious in this

Region number nine always misunderstood many tourist s to South Africa have misconceptions about the country thinking it doesn’t experience snow or winter however winter does occur in South Africa lasting from May to August before traveling to South Africa it’s important to monitor the weather additionally visitors should note that the weather conditions in

South Africa are opposite to those in the northern hemisphere the country’s vast area results in distinct climates with Cape Town being damp during winter Johannesburg having summer storm STS and the Karu region experiencing harsh winter days Wildlife does not roam freely as commonly believed you won’t witness Lions casually strolling down the

Streets or elephants freely roaming these animals are preserved in specific reserves to explore the country’s natural Wildlife visitors should visit nature reserves Across the Nation furthermore the perception of uncontrolled hunting of wild animals is inaccurate hunting is a survival method for communities in remote areas of South Africa focusing on small non-endangered

Animals moreover South Africa has strict policies for the conservation of wildlife Nationwide number eight dangerous traffic laws unlike Advanced countries South Africa has a rudimentary traffic control system however its traffic laws permit drivers to consume alcohol with a blood alcohol concentration not exceeding 0.5 milliliters more than twice the average limit in other

Countries additionally traffic signs and fines in South Africa are peculiar at intersections without traffic signal systems the traffic law is simple all vehicles must stop at the stop line and the vehicle that arrives first at the intersection has the right of way the speed limit within the city is

60 kmph 100 kmph outside urban areas and 120 km per hour on highways violating these limits and being caught could result in shockingly high fines despite its poverty and outdated infrastructure the road conditions in South Africa are generally good except in some remote areas like Northern kwazulu natal moreover South Africa has

A strong and well-developed Automobile Association that provides roadside assistance with a hotline European Automobile Association members can also use this service with their membership cards however this Association receives very few calls from drivers likely due to the excessively High service fees compared to the General market number seven 11 official

Languages it’s hard to believe that in the country we often associate with the black population there are many white colored and Asian people and what’s even more remarkable is that there are 11 official languages spoken in South Africa indeed South Africa has 11 Different official languages with

English being one of the main languages when traveling to South Africa you can comfortably use English in addition there are nine other official languages that exist and are used although not as widespread black urban residents usually use English or South African Dutch Africans besides their mother tongue a

Small group uses kisan language is one of the eight unofficial languages that are noteworthy the kisan language family is in danger as it is not officially recognized although some language groups within South Africa are trying to promote the use of the language to preserve its cultural divers diversity number six the world’s longest

Wine route not European countries like France England or Italy but South Africa is known as the land of wine in the cape winelands region you will discover the beautiful towns of frano stellos and pal this area is where many award-winning wineries produce various types of wines with excellent flavors year after

Year the wine country of South Africa is home to more than 500 wineries while exploring these endless Vineyards remember to taste pinotage the characteristic great variety of South Africa South Africa also boasts the world’s longest wine route Route 62 it stretches an impressive 850 kilm with countless fantastic wineries on both

Sides of the road Suburban areas like durbanville and Constantia are even closer to the city center and have many exceptional wineries once you drive through The Vineyards on both sides of of the road it will be an experience that I believe you will never forget number five two Nobel laurates

Living on the same street having one Nobel laurate in a country is already a remarkable achievement however in South Africa it is unbelievable that they have two Nobel laurates and the strange thing is that these two people live on the same street a tour through suo will

Always stop at vazi Street to explore some sign ific landmarks for South African democracy both Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu lived here at some point in their lives in 1984 Archbishop Desmond Tutu received the Nobel Peace Prize to recognize his efforts in non-violent struggle against the apartheid

Regime 9 years later in 1993 Nelson Mandela shared the Nobel Peace Prize with then president FW de clar as an award for their roles in bringing peace to the end of Apartheid Nelson Mandela then went on to become South Africa’s first democratically elected president in 1994 Mandela’s house on vilakazi street

Is now a museum number four the oldest mountain in the world you might know Mount Everest as the tallest mountain in the world but do you know which one is considered the oldest and still exists if not let’s head to South Africa as this country is home to such a Mountain

Table Mountain in Cape Town South Africa is believed to be one of the oldest mountains on Earth it is famous for its distinctive flat top resembling a large table hence the name Table Mountain Table Mountain was formed around 260 million years ago and is part of the cape fold belt mountain range a

Range that originated from ancient geological movements Table Mountain is not only a cultural and tourist icon in Cape Town but also a UNESCO recognized Global natural heritage with its pristine Beauty and diverse plant and animal life life Table Mountain is a popular destination for activities such as hiking trekking and nature

Exploration from the summit of Table Mountain Visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of Cape Town and table Bay number three the Cradle of humankind Africa is considered the cradle of human culture and South Africa in particular is often referred to as the Cradle of humanity some of the earliest evidence

Of human Evolution has been excavated at hominid fossil sites Northwest of Johannesburg in sturk fontin cave archaeologists have discovered human skeletons here some dating back over 2 million years these discoveries have given this region the tital Cradle of humankind recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site the natural fossil history and

Human history of South Africa date back hundreds of thousands if not millions of years the initial dinosaur fossils were discovered in Western Cape and up to 80% of mammal fossils found to date are located in kuu you can visit homonid fossil exhibition areas to learn more about the

Origins of our planet at The moring Visitor Center in sturk fontine cave number two three capitals most countries in the world have at least one capital of place considered the administrative center of the nation some countries however choose two cities as capitals and even more remarkably there

Is a country with three capitals and that country is South Africa currently the country has three capitals Petoria the administrative Capital Cap town the legislative capital and Blum fontine the judicial Capital this unique Arrangement distributes power among different regions ptor the administrative Capital serves as the primary government Hub

Housing the headquarters of many government agencies and foreign embassies it is also the largest Cultural Center in South Africa covering an area of 1,644 KM with a population of about 2.35 million the administrative Capital Petoria took its name from Andre pretorius a respected European descendant figure who ironically played

A pivotal role in the establishment of apartheid to address this historical context in 2005 the capital was officially renamed twine Cape Town the legislative capital is where the parliament of South Africa is located along with several other crucial government institutions it is also the second most popular city in South Africa Cape Town

Is renowned for its vibrant natural landscapes beautiful harbors and a large sea port along the Atlantic Ocean the city is also home to the historic Table Mountain and the renowned Cape of Good Hope considered one of the wonders of the world on the other hand blond fontine the judicial Capital boasts the highest

Population density in the country this city city is rated as the most livable place in South Africa with a low crime rate and excellent living conditions Blom fontine is often referred to as the Fountain of Roses or the city of roses due to its unique architecture featuring vibrant rose

Gardens and numerous modern industrial facilities this separation of government functions helps Balance power and distribute responsibilities across the country creating one of the most complex and unique political systems globally number one a country inside a country you may have heard a lot about Vatican City in Monaco but perhaps few know that

South Africa also has another country within its borders the kingdom of lealo the kingdom of leoo is an independent nation entirely surrounded by the territory of South Africa especially within the drakensburg Mountains region this creates one of the most unique cases in the world regarding the geographical location of a country

Leo is often referred to as the landlocked Kingdom due to its lack of Coastline the kingdom of lyso has an area of about 30,000 square km and is the country with the highest average elevation globally with over 80% of its territory above 1,800 m above sea

Level this results in a cold and dry climate with long and icy Winters the kingdom of leero has a unique culture and history preserving many traditions and customs of the soo people their main ethnic group L’s economy is primarily based on agriculture and natural resources especially minerals and water if given

The chance try visiting this Kingdom in the sky to experience the wonderful things it has to offer from the oldest mountains in the world to mysterious stories about supernatural forces South Africa is a land of continuous uniqueness and wonders we have seen the diversity in Landscapes cultures and histories all

Telling an exceptionally remarkable story

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