The Showdown of the Creatures: A Struggle for Survival (Full Episode) | Animal Fight Night – Documentary

The Showdown of the Creatures: A Struggle for Survival (Full Episode) | Animal Fight Night – Documentary

Battle of the Beasts: The Fight to Survive (Full Episode) | Animal Fight Night

Battle of the Beasts: The Fight to Survive takes viewers on a thrilling journey into the wild tropics where animals clash in savage battles of survival. The full episode showcases the intense fights for food, territory, and mates among some of the most ruthless creatures in the animal kingdom. From tigers in the Indian jungle to rhinos on an African game reserve, and even penguins in South America, no species is safe from the brutal reality of nature.

The episode delves into the world of big cats, showcasing the incredible strength and agility of tigers as they fight for dominance and territory. The powerful jaws and razor-sharp claws of these apex predators are put to the test as they face off in a deadly battle of wills.

But tigers are not the only supersized fighters in the tropics. The episode also highlights the intimidating presence of rhinos, with their massive horns and powerful charges, as they defend their territory against younger challengers.

Even seemingly harmless creatures like penguins and octopuses are not immune to the brutal fights for survival in the animal kingdom. The episode reveals the surprising aggression and cunning strategies these animals employ to secure their place in the competitive world of the wild.

Battle of the Beasts: The Fight to Survive is a gripping and eye-opening look at the harsh reality of nature, where only the strongest and smartest survive. Viewers are taken on a rollercoaster ride of excitement and suspense as they witness the epic battles that unfold in the unforgiving world of the tropics.

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Video Transcript

The tropics home to millions of species of animals who clash in Savage battles of survival but what happens when the tropics most ruthless turn on each Other animals fight tooth and Claw against their own kind to win food territory and right to the bloodline in the wild jungles great oceans and savanas of the tropics there are no rules this is Animal Fight Night an Indian jungle home to the deadly tiger one of the world’s biggest

Cats at 450 lb he strikes with 10 times the force of a heavyweight boxer he can leap over 30 ft and when it comes to protecting their Turf Tiger on tiger clashes bring Savage battles on an African game reserve this Amorous male has one thing on his mind but adult tigers are solitary

Living in areas up to 60 square miles his Hunt For Love Has earned him the anger of a ferocious female a tiger can deal an estimated 1,000lb blow powerful muscles in their front legs and broad shoulders deliver a force stronger than it takes to hit a base ball at 90

Mph The Tigress Fights Back fiercely but she could be a future mate so the lover holds back allowing The Tigress to land a painful claw swipe to the Paw the male cuts his losses and limps away But the battle isn’t over yet the Raging Skirmish draws another Amorous male into this Tiger’s living room a clash is inevitable the lover and the young Bruiser will now duke it out over the perfect patch and partner they’re matched pound for pound which means risking way more than a

Scratched paw if he wants to win the girl he’ll have to risk his life Tiger’s specialize in Ambush and their paws are specially designed to help they can retract their claws into into a protective glove of skin helping to silence their steps when the tiger wants to attack the tendons that attach

The claws to the Bone extend unleashing 4in long Sabers a single swipe can take the face off a Human a 10t Leap on his back the Bruiser looks vulnerable but in this position all his claws aim at the lover the lover can’t get in close enough he Jabs with his 4in claws and Deals a bloody blow but the tigers are tiring heavy bones and dense muscle mass they’re built for short bursts of

Aggression the young Bruiser is blooded and looks beat the lover thinks he’s nail it but the Bruiser still standing he’s got the advantage of Youth on his side what the Bruiser lacks an experience he makes up for with combat stamina overcoming Home Advantage A Sucker Punch turns the fight on its

Head he goes straight for the jugular his 3-in canines are the longest of any cat gaps between the canines and back teeth allow him to sink his teeth deep into prey nerve endings in his teeth are so sensitive that he can feel exactly where to bite to sever the spinal

Cord delivering up to 1,000 lb of pressure per square in unlike a human jaw tiger Jaws can only move up and down not side to side so no amount of twisting by the prey slackens the grip male tigers can kill one another but this time the Bruiser just teaches

An old cat a lesson the lover is bloodied but still alive the Bruiser takes his territory and his pick of the females for his rudeness the older tiger accepts his heavy punishment big cats aren’t the only supersized Fighters prowling the tropical back Country the same weight as 25 grown men the Rhino is the second largest land dwelling mammal on earth and it has a secret weapon its sense of smell its odor detection system is bigger than the rest of its brain put together a rhino can detect the age and

Sex of another Rhino from Up to a mile away and when they don’t like what they smell it’s fight Time the old bull is picking up the scent of a young male this Challenger wants to boot him out and take over his Turf the old bull weighs up the risks the young Challenger is smaller than him but makes up for it with youthful agility without territory the old bull may never made

Again he hurdles at 30 m hour toward his enemy the same Force as a pickup truck the young Challenger braces for impact dropping his head to protect his neck from a skewering the old Bull’s armed with a 2T Long Horn weighing 6 lb it’s made of the protein

Keratin and because it contains no nerves it can’t feel pain only inflicted mounted on his 800 pound head the force behind a single uppercut can be fatal a crafty hook and he has him where he wants him one frust could Gore the young Challenger’s underbon where the skin is half as thick

As on his armed back but instead he tosses him more than a foot off the ground with neck muscles so strong he can sling the weight of a family car into the air a second leg lock drives the message home take on this old timer at your

Peril but the old bull lets him off the hook this time he’s taught the Young challeng a golden rule of Engagement pick on someone your own size next up a surprising contender in animal fight night this penguin might look cute and cuddly but when it comes to fighting

Over females there’s nothing cute about a bloody beat to the face this neotropical South American Peninsula is the goto vacation destination for the melanic penguin this devoted husband has spent all day Gathering food for his wife every September 200,000 Penguins flock here to fix up their nests and breed life here is

Good but this husband has come home to find his wife with another penguin he flips out his strategy is simple batter the home wrecker until he flees most birds have hollow bones in their wings to make them lighter for flight but Penguins don’t fly their flippers contain solid bone they use

Them like baseball bats to Club each other delivering up to eight blows a second thick blubber helps protect vital organs from the Puming State the love Rivals call to the female to let her decide the Victor she chooses the home wrecker the husband stands to lose the mother of his children he follows them home this fight isn’t over yet with the home wrecker hiding in the burrow the only way to get to him is with a beak attack Penguins usually use their beaks to gouge their

Burrows now they are gouging out eyes The husband escalates the fight he stands to lose more than his partner an injured penguin is a prime target for Hungry Birds of Prey he makes one last plea to the female but she’s got no time for losers Defeated and humiliated he’s left out in the Cold he’ll lick his wounds and move on in a colony of nearly a quar of a million there are plenty more fish in the Sea being a fish in the sea comes with its own set of problems in Shallow Waters this shark is used to taking his pick when it comes to lunch but an octopus shows who boss 6ot long arms and over 2,000 suckers lock the sharp down slowly strangling it to

Death but when octopuses fight each other arms don’t cut it they fight dirty and face being eaten by their own kind the baly Waters of Myanmar home to this armed assassin who’s hot in pursuit of another octopus he caught red-handed snooping in his food stash as the Assassin closes in the snooper takes

Off breaking out some of the animal Kingdom’s smartest secret weapons a squirt of ink creates a smoke screen he flees the scene when an octopus needs to move fast it uses its own inbuilt jet engine a siphon in the mantle sucks water in and spits it out at 27

Mph the same swimming speed as a barracuda propelling it head first through the water like a bullet but the Assassin still has him in his sights the snooper tries a different trick camouflage but hiding doesn’t cut it the Assassin prepares to strike with the most deadly weapon of all a venomous

Bite from a hidden Beak this angry octopus won’t give up if the snooper doesn’t step up or get away he could become lunch there’s one part of these invertebrates that isn’t soft and slippery each octopus has a mouth at the center of its body it’s like a parrot’s beak and every bit

Is sharp inside the beak is a tongue with a strip of teeth glands release paralyzing Venom the Assassin closes in the snooper fights back assassin turns capable the snooper becomes [Applause] Sushi high above the oceans in the mountainous rainfall forests of Kenya a Jackson’s chameleon makes light work of lunch this High Roller has food a canopy condo and all the girls he can get his claws On his neighbor is Green With Envy he wants the roller patch and the girls it’s time for a treetop joust in the tall rainforest trees the stakes are high the loser is for the long drop these are their not so secret weapons three bone horns with a keratin coating

Evolve solely for the purpose of dueling the Challenger sets his sights on the High Roller he can rotate each eye 180° in different directions without moving his head so one eye always remains trained on the enemy the High Roller hiss is a warning to stand down but the Challenger needs to risk it

All to improve his breeding Rights game on the aim of the game is to topple your opponent from the branch the winner keeps the territory the first tactic Lance each other with their custombuilt weapons natural selection has given the High Roller longer horns a breakage is intensely painful and leaves the owner

Unarmed he tries to pierce the four layers of skin on his opponent’s head these guys have a head for Heights it’s like wrestling on an iron girder on top of a 20 story highrise their pins are like feet act as clamps a leg grab forces the Challenger off the

Branch their tails are as long as their bodies and act as safety harnesses the High Roller channels all the power in his neck muscles into a powerful head flick game over the fall is physical and hierarchical if he wants to breed he’ll have to duel with someone else

Because here the High Roller is still top of the tree Australia is the place our next Contender calls home meet the kangaroo animal fight nights very own mixed martial artists who go head-to-head for total Ultimate Fighting 25 ft in a single lead Brak neck speeds of over 35 mph as fast as a wol solid muscle makes up 80% of its body mass making the male kangaroo Built For Fighting it’s easy to see why a group of kangaroos is called a mob and when they

Clash they become Nature’s ultimate kickboxing Champions this monster has been in charge for 2 years years twice as long as usual he’s still armed and dangerous within the mob ranks are strict the only way to the top is to fight your way up now this Deputy is tired of playing

Second fiddle but he has to be sure he can win the mobster has exclusive rights to the females with those kinds of privileges at stake fights often get ugly and deadly the mobster must crush this Rebellion the deputy takes some shots but comes back they interlock claws to hold each other off that was just the start it’s time to pull out the big guns a kangaroo’s spine runs all the way to the end of its tail over 3 ft long it has up to 25 vertebra support supported

By ligaments their tails can support their entire body weight balancing on their tails their legs go into trigger mode their large muscles contract and release a massive burst of energy delivering a mega kick their kicks are so loud they can be heard nearly 500 ft away the force pushed through double claws on

Their fused second and third toes could disembowel so kangaroos have evolved extra thick skin on their stomachs the kicking’s not cutting it the mobster tries something new the neck grab claws nearly 2 in long are sharp enough to puncture eyes so they throw their heads back for protection exposing their necks to being

Ripped open a powerful floor slam and the deputy knows he’s fighting a losing battle he waves the white flag with a grunt satisfied the mobster leaves him to wallow in his defeat and returns to his mob to remind them whose boss 1700 M Northwest in the steamy mangrove swamps of

Indonesia lurks the world’s second largest lizard the water Monitor armed with 54 serrated teeth there’s no creature this extreme carnivore won’t eat it’s even been known to dig up and devour human corpses monitors are solitary creatures who really don’t get along but breeding time brings them to the same watering hole and such Close Quarters Means

War this male monitor is top do dog he gets the best of everything the most food and his choice of females this Challenger is willing to risk injury and even death for a slice of the action monitors fight prey on four legs monitor on monitor upright is preferred

It’s a full-on Sumo grapple there their legs are so strong they can outrun an Olympic sprinter now they harness that power trying to slam each other into the riverbed strong clawed feet mean they can hang from a tree by a single toe round one to Top Dog but it’s not over

Yet their tails are 1 and 1/2 times the length of their bodies and pack full of muscle the Challenger uses his as a third leg anchoring him to the riverbed but it’s not enough Smackdown round three and the Challenger knows he’s lost the top dog retains his title for another day you don’t need all the moves to win in animal fight night sometimes a single strike is enough to take the title in the Vietnamese jungle this 4-year-old Burmese python is out for

Lunch and he’s just spotted his favorite bite a nice juicy rat the hungry Diner constricts his 16 ft long body around it pythons can go months without eating but when they do they really pig out they can eat their own body weight in one sitting that’s like a grown man

Eating a 200 lb cheeseburger once he’s gulped down his fast food he’ll slope off to a Sunny Spot and spend several days digesting it but not so fast a rat thief’s Fort tongue sniffs him out the tongue two prongs pick up scent from different directions giving him stereo Smell and he wants a piece of the pie an opportunist it’s easier to steal than catch something himself the diner quickly stashes away his rat if the thief wants the rat he’ll have to think big he goes for the diner with 350 bones in his spine 10

Times that of a human he Loops his body around the diner he contracts his muscles to tighten the coil and squeezes so tight his victim can’t breathe each time the victim breathes out the python tightens the coil death by Suffocation the python can feel its victim’s heartbeat stop once it does

He relaxes the coil a full-grown Burmese could easily strangle an adult human to death the rat Thief has committed a crime now he must dispose of the evidence he can dislocate his own jaw and get his mouth around something five times bigger than his own head his backward-facing teeth act as

Ratchets driving his victim further down into his belly as the rat Thief swallows the diner he begins to redesign his own body to Aid digestion over the next few days his metabolism will increase Sevenfold his heart and intestine will expand by up to 150% leaving not a shred of

Evidence the tropical Mountain forests of Western India stomping ground of the traven cor tortoise it may not be fast but it’s nothing less than Furious this Trooper has been having an off-duty snooze to keep cool but something’s got him hot and bothered there’s been a Breakin and someone’s making himself right at home

He might only be 13 in long but this Invader wants to wage war he plans to run the trooper out of town Annex his land and take all his women the trooper needs to mobilize fast or he’ll be homeless and Loveless he storms Over but is met with a series of sharp nips too many bites will damage the trooper’s only mode of transportation leaving him unable to find food he takes cover under his hard hat rallies himself and hits back with his biggest weapon yet these are nature’s Mini miniature battering rams and given they live

Around 30 years they get a lot of practice it might look like these Warriors are in slow mod but they are operating at maximum tortoise Speed The Trooper reels his front legs back to inject as much force as possible into his body blows he tries to flip the Invader if he can

Capsize him he could be stuck on his back and starve to death but the Invader is no stranger to some heavy shelling he bites back even harder the trooper beats a hasty retreat he’ll have to set up cam somewhere else there’s more than one pint-sized prize fighter in the tropics the

Rainforests of Thailand playground of the quirkiest contender in the animal fight night Fray the styed Fly this little fella is newly hatched but before he Ventures out into the world there’s one last thing he needs to do he sucks in air to form bubbles the bubbles travel up through his head inflating his eye stalks the whole process takes only 15 minutes transformation complete he’s no longer just a

Fly he’s Superfly and it’s time for a fly Fight styed flies are a social Bunch the males and females hang out together every night and all the chicks go weak at the knees for a guy with a substantial stalk it’s a sign of virility the new kids been blessed by Nature his stalk is so long it’s the same length as his

Body he heads out to test drive his new stock but someone’s eyeballing him the styed fly has an excellent field of vision their eyes are like balls on stalks and covered in around 2,500 tiny lenses so they can see behind their heads and their Vision at the front overlaps by up to

70% perfect for spotting a peripheral threat this aggressive fly is also well endowed there’s only room for one big stalk in this town the new kid lifts his front legs to demonstrate the size of his stock he measures up he he’s won the right to challenge the big Shot they go stalk to stalk trying to butt each other off the branch if the new kid can OU the big shot he’ll have rights to all females who pass by budding star box isn’t working the new kid changes up he starts throwing punches each of their six feet has two

Pads that release a type of glue anchoring their back legs to the branch so they can rear up and Spar these fights can can last over a minute a fair stretch in a fly’s 8 we lifetime it all comes down to stamina this new kid has youth on his

Side the big shot can’t keep up he runs off his pride dented and his chances with the ladies ruined the new kid rubs his hands together with Glee a mobile city of 1 and a/2 million wilderbeast they live Bumper to Bumper the only other mammals to live

This densely are humans on the Move these Wanderers of the African wilderness get along fun but when they stop to breed friends become foes able to run at 40 mph and with lethally sharp horns when these Bulls go head-to-head in a bid to extend their bloodline only the toughest referees can

Break up the fight this mature male is guarding a patch of land filled with his female mates he marks his territory with scent glands but he’s got competition a cocky young Bachelor bull without a bachelor pad he wants to kick the older male out of town and inherit his females the young Bachelor

Strikes they fight on their knees each Beast has horns that curve up 90° dead L hooks nearly 3 ft long an uppercut to the jugular would cause fatal blood loss known as twist fighting they bow and turn their heads to protect their necks from a stabbing the young Bachelor beats the

Old Bull in size he uses his powerful neck muscles to lob him into the air the youngster tries a new tactic a half Nelson his horn is in a precarious position one jab could pierce the old Bull’s underbelly it’s too close to the vital organs the youngster shown how far he’s prepared to

Go the risks are too great The Old bull makes a run for it leaving his herum behind the triumphant young Bachelor has earned his right to the top spot A

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