20 Terrifying Paranormal Documentary Series – Video

20 Terrifying Paranormal Documentary Series – Video

If you’re a fan of all things paranormal and spooky, then you’re in for a treat with our list of the Top 20 Scariest Paranormal Documentary Series! From haunted locations to ghostly encounters, these reality shows will send shivers down your spine and keep you on the edge of your seat.

Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, these documentary series are sure to entertain and maybe even make you a little paranoid. Shows like “A Haunting”, “Paranormal Lockdown”, and “MonsterQuest” take you on a journey into the unknown, where spirits and monsters lurk in the shadows.

And if you’re looking for more chills and thrills, be sure to check out our other paranormal videos, like the Top 20 Most Paranormal Places in the World and Top 10 Paranormal Moments Caught on Security Footage. Who knows, you might just discover a new favorite show to binge-watch in the dark.

So, grab your popcorn, turn off the lights, and get ready to dive into the world of the supernatural with these spine-tingling documentary series. Don’t forget to share your own spooky experiences in the comments below and let us know which show haunts you the most. Happy ghost hunting!

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Oh hang on did you see something welcome to watch Mojo and today we’re looking at the freakiest and most entertaining reality shows with the supernatural as the main focus they believe that this could be the little girl Spirit from the island of the Dolls see that’s what they think programs mostly concerned with

Real crimes like Unsolved Mysteries are excluded number 20 Ghost Mine I know I heard Joe and I’m pretty sure that once I put it in the computer and amplify it we’re going to hear it did you know that minds are haunting well that’s the thesis of Ghost Mine a

Sci-Fi show that ran for two seasons throughout 2013 the gist is simple a team of miners goes about their business while two paranormal investigators observe the mine for spooky activity the team also investigates areas linked to the mine including a bed and breakfast that once functioned as a hospital ghost

Mine is a unique addition to the Jarre and by setting its sights on one specific location the show Builds an engrossing mythology plus who can deny those beautiful Oregon locations sound like a growl the hell number 19 haunted and I’m like were you just here a few minutes

Ago and she said no that she wasn’t home nobody was home it was just me it was only a matter of time before Netflix started their own paranormal show the result was haunted a series in which people share their personal experiences with the supernatural stories involve a

Woman hanging in a young boy closet the ghosts of children in a well and even a demon of war in Afghanistan it’s like a collection of short stories each episode bringing a unique story with their own spooky scenarios you don’t have to believe every story heck maybe you won’t

Believe any of them but each taale is entertaining in its own right providing viewers with a healthy dose of creepy campfire Tales every hair on my neck stood up every fiber of my body it was frozen with fear I was petrified number 18 my ghost story my friend Philip went

Inside to get some food that we were going to cook and I saw a silhouette of a figure walk back and forth in the room this program shares much in common with haunted albeit with a few unique caveats like haunted each episode of my ghost story sees an individual recounting

Their experience with the Paranormal but that’s where the similarities end the tales in my ghost story are often linked to famous haunted locations and each episode comes equipped with its own little history lesson regarding the place and its lore the show also contains Visual Evidence captured by the Storyteller usually a homemade video

That backs up their outlandish claims my ghost story is for anyone who loves well a good Ghost Story another night a crucifix was illuminated on my kitchen cabinet I was in shock number 17 the haunting of I got an overwhelming feeling of um it’s the best way I can describe it is

Like a depression beginning in 2012 The Haunting of served as a spin-off of Celebrity Ghost Stories which appears later in this video it shares a very similar premise to its parent program celebrities tell tantalizing stories of their paranormal experiences often with the talent of an audiobook narrator but

This show takes the concept and the stories one step further The Haunting of brings the celebrities back to the locations in question while there they attempt to find answers or maybe even closure regarding their paranormal experiences it’s a fun Twist on the concept adding an extra Dimension to the

Already spooky stories when I open that door are you prepared for whatever we may encounter yes I am you are okay absolutely well then let’s go she’s beginning to frighten me number 16 psychic kids Children of the Paranormal it’s exhausting when people are coming at you from a skeptical perspective

Especially as a young child who’s trying to process an unusual usual experience this show contains exactly what it says in the title psychic kids these children supposedly Harbor Supernatural Powers whether it be Clairvoyance the ability to speak with the dead or any number of out of this world abilities the original

Show ran between 2008 and 2010 with a number of professional adults speaking with the children and helping them control and harness their supernatural abilities a reboot aired in 2019 in which some children returned as adults and helped a new generation of psychic kids the concept is original and the

Kids often make for entertaining subjects like how can someone with Clairvoyance not be entertaining like between those two trees it feels like there’s something over there number 15 fear okay facing the number two turn right and walk around to the front end of the cylinder over released during

MTV’s Heyday fear was a fascinating and endlessly entertaining show the concept was inspired by Richard mat’s hell house and its 1973 movie ad adaptation in which a group of experts stays inside a haunted house and investigates its paranormal properties just like the story fear sees a group of strangers

Staying inside a haunted location for two nights if they make it to the end without tapping out they receive a cash prize the show was a huge ratings hit but it was too expensive for MTV to produce and they canceled it after just two seasons it’s a shame because fear

Was an outstanding piece of Television equal parts entertaining and horrifying okay purple will continue alone up to the third floor of Compton Hall red will wait there in the basement as the safety number 14 Fact or Faked Paranormal Files I saw my dog entangled with this thing

And my dog was screaming for her life most paranormal shows take the Paranormal at face value that is they don’t often question the validity of the stories well that’s where sci-fi’s Fact or Faked comes in in this one a small team of experts watches a piece of paranor normal footage and attempts to

Debunk it each expert has their own field of expertise including photography stunt work and Technology allowing for all the potential bases to be covered furthermore team leader Ben Hansen used to work for the FBI and he brings his professional investigative techniques to the table it’s basically a real life X

Files mixing skepticism with belief and providing a ton of entertainment in the process we’ve got very compelling video we have a credible Witness plus we’ve got an actual physical tangible location we can do a lot of experiments with number 13 monster quest the first time I

Saw this animal it was right here and I was totally shocked no this isn’t a video game from the 80s monster quest was a show that aired on the History Channel in which a group of people attempted to find Cryptids and supernatural creatures Bigfoot is here

Of course as is the Thunderbird and the chupacabra among others as you can imagine they never catch these monsters on camera that would have been worldwide news but as its title suggests the fun lies in the quest not the destination the stories of these monsters are a

Blast as are the spooky hunts to find them the show also goes all across the world providing a good dose of variety and Adventure what’s not to love rare opportunity to explore an area previously off limits to Bigfoot researchers number 12 Celebrity Ghost Stories handprints on walls I could

Hear Whispering or talking and we now get to the AFF forementioned Celebrity Ghost Stories for its own entry as mentioned before this is an anthology show in which bigname celebrities like Marilyn Manson Daniel Stern and Michael Imperioli tell their stories of the supernatural the stories in question are

Often chilling and as many of these celebrities are professional actors they make their tales as dramatic and engrossing as possible there’s nothing quite like climbing under a blanket and listening to gifted storytellers weave incredible tales and Celebrity Ghost Stories delivers that in droves it’s 30 years ago and it’s still very

Very real to my wife and I number 11 scariest places on Earth rayf Cemetery a haunted abyss of tortured Spirits you can probably guess what this show is about you’re right the scariest places on Earth the show explores some of the most notorious haunted locations in the world complete with firsthand interviews

History lessons and of course an investigation but what this show has that others don’t is star power the series has its roots in paranormal Cinema as it’s hosted by Linda Blair and narrated by Zelda Rubenstein of poltergeist Fame they bring a welcome degree of fan service to the program and

The locations that the show explores are often fascinating not to mention downright horrifying these are indeed the scariest places on Earth 20 miles from the Scottish board order far enough in to not be a soft touch big castle strong Castle people left chilling in theone number 10 Haunted Collector oh

Dude what is that in the oversaturated market that is ghost hunting Haunted Collector takes an original approach to the genre like most ghost shows Haunted Collector follows a demonologist John safas and his family as they investigate supposed haunted locations however safas takes it one step further by attempting

To find and remove the location’s trigger object the item that a spirit has attached itself to and which in turn results in the haunting oh my God yeah Jason the water’s running in here yep the show is essentially a real life Ghostbusters sure it’s a little odd

Seeing zapis talking to a lamp or another inanimate object but at least it puts a fresh Twist on the tired ghost hunting formula do I think it’s paranormal I wouldn’t jump to that conclusion number nine paranormal lockdown hear that paranormal lockdown is hosted by two Veterans of the Paranormal field

Ghost Adventures Nick gr and paranormal States Katrina Weidman despite their somewhat awkward chemistry their experience makes for an informed and professional dynamic as they tend to take a more thoughtful approach to their evidence rather than freaking out at the slightest provocation are you attacking people instead of one single night the

Two spend 72 hours confined to a location and their lengthy confinement often results in numerous pieces of evidence however slight or dramatic and often in broad daylight paranormal lockdown is a raw realistic and less flashy approach to ghost hunting television number eight Paranormal State she’s had a spirit teller to cut herself

Something in the bathroom While most ghost shows follow professional paranormal investigators Paranormal State centers around a University Club called the Pennsylvania State University paranormal research Society since outlines of the episodes were made in advance and the producers created story arcs for the students naysayers may feel as if it’s overproduced or even outright

Fake however regardless of your opinion on its authenticity and flare for the dramatic there’s no denying that there are numerous entertaining scares to be found just don’t take it too seriously and you may walk away a little unnerved what the hell was that what happened Ry something just moved right next to me

Number seven most haunted if you want us to leave then say get out maybe that was get out most haunted is undeniably one of the most popular and certainly one of the longest running paranormal shows on television it follows a team of investigators led by a vet Fielding as

They explore various haunted locations throughout Europe While most haunted has been the subject of various controversies and claims of fakery it’s nevertheless a very spooky show and its age alone can certainly attest to its popularity come see it don’t let me go in here the crew reactions may be on the

Melodramatic side and it seems to be more of a ratings Chaser than an authentic glimpse into the Paranormal but there is no denying that it still makes for entertaining and creepy television number six a haunting a haunting is unlike the other shows of its kind as it’s more documentary than investigative it tells

The stories of various people who were seemingly afflicted by paranormal phenomena and has dramatic reenactments play over commentary from Witnesses because the show is more cinematic than realistic the paranormal stories go down far easier and the show is more easily digestible as entertainment I walked into the room and the piano is playing

By itself the production is also far better than most shows that revolve around reenactments as the effects are generally believable and and it’s both well shot and well- acted despite possible reservations regarding the stories a haunting is nevertheless a terrifying glimpse into the unknown number five Destination Truth

Listen buddy I got two words for you haunted forest hello Destination Truth followed paranormal researcher Josh Gates as he traveled to various locations around the world to try and document crypto Zoological creatures while there have been countless shows regarding the possibility of Bigfoot or another monster of the week Destination Truth

Tackles the subject with humor and skepticism oh my God they’re everywhere the zebras is everywhere Gates and his team are hilarious and scathing often times disbelieving the outrageous stories that said they do find some downright chilling things even if they’re not mythological creatures and the show makes for an informative look

At various culture superstitions and let us tell you some of them believe in some creepy things look right there right there it’s totally there what is that number four The Dead Files he’s like get out of here I own this The Dead Files is a paranormal investigation show with a Twist a medium

Amy Allen and a retired homicide detective Steve dasavi team up to tackle the Paranormal at a given location Ry let me ask you a question I know a lot of people were buried on the property they lived on back in those days what about Amy traverses through the setting

While channeling and communicating with the ghosts while Steve interviews Witnesses and gathers historical evidence regarding the location well it’s true that Amy’s psychic channeling may take some getting used to and will undoubtedly turn a lot of people off The Dead Files is nevertheless one of the more credible and unsettling ghost shows

Concerning psychics is that an oxymoron maybe but it sure is fun I’m letting her jump me or enter my body so she can speak through me and I can feel her pain number three Paranormal Witness I made her especially for you thank you the concept here is incredibly generic

People tell their stories of unexplainable and possibly paranormal phenomena that’s about it while the concept is nothing new Paranormal Witness stands above the oversaturated crowd due to its production values and captivating stories these stories are not only frightening and unsettling they can also be highly emotional which makes

For a sensitive viewing experience not found in other paranormal programs all of a sudden I felt like a hand can’t grab my hair these are scary ghost stories told with a Keen directorial Eye and each segment feels like its own satisfying short film if you’re out of good scary movies to watch

Paranormal witness is certainly worth a gander number two Ghost Hunters did you hear that that sounded like a door opening that was weird no discussion of paranormal investigations is complete without a mention of Ghost Hunters it’s undoubtedly one of the most popular ghost shows and it provides over a

Decade’s worth of freaky entertainment and some of the most compelling evidence of Paranormal Activity ever captured on video Jacob is that you trying to communicate with us sure some people may criticize the show for its slow pace but that’s what makes it even more authentic and believable you need the slow

Episodes to further validate the Paranormal occurrences this and Ghost Hunters International are some of the most reputable ghost hunting shows and their realism makes the UN believable all the more Terrifying don’t want before we continue be sure to subscribe to our Channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos you have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them if you’re on your phone make sure you go into your settings and switch on

Notifications number one Ghost Adventures bro come here oh my God Ghost Adventures is arguably the best and easily the scariest paranormal show on television despite its rather eccentric hosts the series follows several easily excitable men as they investigate haunted locations with high-end scientific equipment like infrared and structured

Light sensor cameras and what results is some of the most incredible evidence ever captured on camera can you hear that while some may yearn for the old days when it was just three of them with video cameras Ghost Adventures is still a high entertaining show that features

Some of the most compelling proof of the Paranormal even the Skeptics have to admit that these guys have caught some truly incredible evidence did you hear that big thud what Supernatural documentary Show haunted you the most tell us in the comments below I looked to my left and I

Saw this white figure that seems to stop at the knees did you enjoy this video check out these other clips from watch Mojo and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos

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