Full Episodes of Operation Lone Star: The Artemis Series – 97 Books |  – Video

Full Episodes of Operation Lone Star: The Artemis Series – 97 Books | – Video

In the video titled “Operation Lone Star; 97 Books; Artemis | 60 Minutes Full Episodes,” viewers are taken on a journey through three different stories. The first story focuses on the ongoing crisis at the Texas border, where the governor of Texas is taking matters into his own hands with Operation Lone Star, deploying resources to deter illegal crossings and challenging the federal government’s response. The second story revolves around the controversial banning of 97 books in a school district in Beaufort, South Carolina, sparking a debate on parental rights and censorship. Lastly, the video delves into NASA’s Artemis program, aiming to send astronauts back to the moon and eventually Mars, but facing challenges with cost, timelines, and competing with private companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin.

The video provides insights into the complexities of border security, educational censorship, and ambitious space exploration goals. Through interviews with key figures and experts, viewers are presented with a nuanced understanding of these pressing issues. The stories showcased in this video offer a comprehensive look at the current state of affairs in these critical areas, highlighting the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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The governor of Texas is marshalling his own State’s resources to take control of what he calls a failed Federal response to the crisis at the border he’s been criticized for playing politics with immigration but he’s doubling down on Razer wire soldiers and tough new laws what gives you the authority to tell the

US border patrol what to do this land we’re on right now was used used by the federal government to further illegal activity and I wanted to put a stop to it there were more than 3,000 book bands in public schools last year 1,000 more than the year before we went to one

Conservative southern town to hear how they’re turning the page parents have the right to determine what their children are taught and what they’re allowed to read but what we’re having a problem with is parents that want to determine what other parents rights are for their children to read what they

Want Elon Musk and Jeff basos two of the richest men in the world are in a race to help NASA put astronauts back on the moon and then on to Mars and lift off of emis one it’s not science fiction but it’s also not easy and that’s our story tonight

I’m Leslie stall I’m Bill Whitaker I’m Anderson Cooper I’m Sharon alansy I’m John wortheim I’m Cecilia Vega I’m Scott pelly those stories and more tonight on 60 Minutes this past week both President Biden and former president Trump visited the southern Border in Texas there’s no denying immigration has become one of

The most important and contentious issues in the presidential campaign and there’s no better example of that than the high stakes fight between the state of Texas and the federal government three years ago Texas governor Greg Abbott launched operation Lone Star deploying thousands of police and soldiers and miles of barriers to deter

Record numbers of illegal Crossings the Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that immigration is the job of the federal government but rarely has as a state so aggressively challenged that Authority in January Governor Abbott ordered his State National Guard to block the federal government’s border patrol from Shelby Park a Dusty stretch of Border

Along the Rio Grand in Eagle Pass Texas to understand why you need to see what happened there in December we were on the banks of the river Before Dawn with soldiers from the Texas National Guard we heard the cries of people before we could see their faces it

Wasn’t until we moved closer that we realized how many people had just crossed from Mexico the soldiers told them it was dangerous to cross here help us They begged some of the women cried we have children we heard groans and found this young man twisting in The Wire he kept Going stay calm they told each other as families pushed their children [Applause] through nearly everyone we saw made it across and into the United States thousands of people a day crossed here in late December a record for this section of the Texas border there were so many people the US

Border patrol had to transform Shelby Park into an open air Holding Center weeks later once the surge died down Governor Abbott ordered his Texas National Guard to block the federal government’s border patrol from entering the park without permission Governor Abbott argued the federal government had failed to fulfill its obligation to the

States and in that some heard echoes of Texas’s history of rebellion and threats of secession I can’t believe Governor I’m going to ask you this question but I’m I’m going to ask you do you believe that Texas has the right to seced is that what we’re talking about here those

Are false narratives what Texas and the United States have the right to do and that’s to enforce the law you heard the argument against what you’re doing out here each state can’t control its own border policy you’re looking at a completely chaotic system that’s the job of the federal government we’re not

Imposing a Texas border policy Texas very simply is enforcing the laws that are the policy of of the United States Congress what gives you the authority to tell the US border patrol what to do for one as governor of the sen of Texas I have uh the authority to control Ingress

And egress uh to any land in the state of Texas uh for another this land we’re on right now was used by the federal government to further illegal activity and I wanted to put a stop to it we went behind the guarded Gates of Shelby Park in January shortly after

Governor Abbott had taken control so this is called an anti- clim barriers Texas Department of Public Safety Lieutenant Christopher olivarez showed us where State national Guardsmen were installing fresh Razer wire barriers along the river help me understand at the heart of this why Texas has a problem with the Border Patrol coming in

To process migrants in this park the issue is trying to prevent another influx because when border patrol is here setting up a processing center it’s going to attract it’s going to encourage more migrants to cross the river River because they know where to go it’s one of many spots along the Texas border

Where coils of sharp wire have been going up ever since Governor Abbott launched operation lonar in 2021 since then thousands of migrants have been arrested and detained on trespassing charges hey stop state troopers have cracked down on human smuggling rings and the state has spent more than $150

Million sending migrants on buses to cities like New York Y in Chicago turning the trouble at the border into a political and financial headache for Democratic Mayors once the side of ball games and flea markets Shelby Park is now Governor Abbott’s model of what the Texas border can be where we are right

Now there used to be 3,000 or 4,000 people crossing illegally a day for the past 3 days there’s an average of just three people crossing the border illegally you don’t just plan a flag just to plan a flag it’s got to be strategic and it’s got to make sense

Raul Ortiz served as chief of the US border patrol under President Biden and deputy chief under President Trump he retired last year when agencies are making a decision based upon politics or whether they’re going to get media coverage hey we’re going to put all our Personnel in this two- Mile Stretch what

About the other 200 miles in our interview Ortiz criticized Governor Abbott for not cooperating with the border patrol and playing politics with immigration but he also expressed frustration with President Biden I’ve never had one conversation with the president or the vice president for that matter and so I was the chief of the

Board Patrol I commanded 21,000 people that’s a problem I just saw 50 people today who had just crossed the border illegally so something’s not working we need to make sure that Central America South America Mexico that those regions understand that if you pay a Smuggler and you cross in between the ports of

Entry and you do not have a legitimate claim to some sort of Asylum benefit you’re going to be sent back do you believe that the White House has sent mixed messages to migrants yeah most definitely we spoke with Ortiz in an area just four miles south of Shelby

Park the ground was littered with wet clothes that migrants had changed out of and left behind after crossing the river does all of this tell you that people are still crossing this river right here oh yeah the guides or the Smugglers will bring the migrants over this is all very

Calculated by the cartels that control these areas on the Mexican side about 7 miles north of Shelby Park We Came Upon This group of migrants who had just crossed the Rio Grand and were being picked up by the border patrol this mother and her two sons took

Buses from El Salvador she told us the soldiers on the US side of the Border weren’t much of a deterrent she feared the cartels in Mexico more sometimes they kidnap you and expect payment she said the reality is people are still going to find a way to

Get in no matter how much Manpower you have out here no matter how much wire you put up disagree completely yeah cuz in Texas anyway uh we’re going to be baring every area where people are crossing uh until we get every area to have like this area is right now Texas

Is going to barricade every area what do you mean every area where the cartel is used as a Crossing we intend to be barricading border is going to look like a war zone it is a war zone over the past 3 years the Biden Administration has carried out 4 million expulsions and

Deportations more than the Trump Administration but it has also allowed a record 3 million people to remain in the country for years while their immigration cases are heard and the Border Patrol estimat Ates another 1.6 million people have entered the country illegally without getting caught this past week former president Trump visited

Shelby Park with Governor Abbott on the same day President Biden was also at the Texas border in Brownsville instead of playing politics of the issue why don’t we just get together and get it done President Biden says that if Republicans were serious about securing the Border they would not have rejected a

Bipartisan immigration deal in the Senate last month after former president Trump opposed it that deal would have increased funding for the border patrol and required the president to expel all migrants Crossing illegally during surges like the one at Shelby Park in December the latest battle between Texas and Washington concerns a new law

Governor Abbott signed authorizing Texas’s more than 2700 law enforcement agencies to arrest migrants for illegally crossing the border Texas judges could then order migrants to return to Mexico or serve time bypassing the federal immigration system entirely critics of the law say it is so broadly written it fails to Define when

Authorities can stop someone tell me more about we asked Lieutenant olivaris of the Texas Department of Public Safety or DPS about the concern that immigrants and people of color could be subjected to racial profiling I can say that our Troopers are not going to be stopping cars and checking for immigration status

They’re not but this law is not just written for DPS right it’s it’s a Texas law the reality is this is going to be carried out far from the border absolutely so couldn’t you get caught up in it your Latino couldn’t I get caught up in it that’s not the case they have

To develop problem calls in order to stop a car um you can’t just go interview every single person in that car ask them for immigration status but of course yeah there could be some issues where maybe some other agency outside of a border area uh could take

That into account it’s nervous it’s prob because there’s a lot of agencies here in Texas that operate right but I would think that every chief at a police agency would have to implement some type of policy and procedure to actually enforce this new law this past week a federal judge temporarily stopped the

New law from taking effect while it’s being challenged in court the Department of Justice and the American civil liberties Union are suing Texas arguing the law interferes with the federal government’s authority over immigration but Governor abot argues Texas is being invaded and has the right to defend itself that idea has resonated with

Militias and groups opposed to Illegal immigration some joined a convoy last month and descended on the Eagle Pass area everyone I think agrees that the immigration system right now is completely broken and there’s a lot of blame to go around but do you really truly believe that invasion is the right

Word to be using here invasion is the word that’s used in the United States Constitution Invasion or imminent danger I I use them both and we are in imminent danger because of what the drug cartels do every single day uh because of the known and unknown terrorist who cross

Every single day so the convoys in militia have heard the language and they’ve started to come to the point that migrants have had to be relocated from some locations for their own safety are you not concerned about violence happening because of language like the word Invasion there’s no language that

Would spur violence but I’ll be clear about this we don’t want violence of any type how does this end oh it ends very simply and that’s with a president of the United States who will actually fulfill his oath of office and enforce the laws of the United States of America

And that means denying illegal entry into our country do you want to be Trump’s running mate no what if he asks you listen I love being governor of Texas I can best Aid him in my role by being a great governor of Texas so far far the governor has committed more than

11 billion to operation loone star over the last 3 years the percentage of people entering Texas illegally has dropped while rising in other border states Abbott’s critics say that has more to do with other factors like crackdowns on migration in parts of Mexico there are still more than a

Million illegal border crossings in Texas every year there are also at least a dozen lawsuits being fought between Texas and the federal government over immigration issues all that infighting worries former border patrol Chief Raul Ortiz the national Guardsmen uh even to some degree the bit trents have become Pawns in this political game

Between the two sides who’s winning the cartels the criminal organizations that’s who’s winning in all of this they’re sitting back reaping all the benefits while they watch the state of Texas in Washington DC go at it patrolling the border with a Texas state trooper it’s just such a crisis right

Now and we feel so overwhelmed at 60 minutes overtime.com with election season upon us the forces of politics are pulling us apart and among the sharpest battles recently is a campaign to ban certain books from public schools there were more than 3,000 book b in schools last year a

Thousand more than the year before that rise is inspired in part by moms for Liberty a florida-based conservative group that says it is fighting for the survival of America you might expect a sympathetic ear in Buford South Carolina the County votes Republican and is home to many veterans who did fight for

America but when two people demanded the Banning of 97 books Buford found itself in a battle over the true meaning of Liberty bufor has a history in literature and learning it’s the hometown of the late novelist Pat Conroy Prince of ties and in 1862 it opened

Among the first schools in the South for former slaves today bufor county has 21,000 students and Dick guy is vice chair of the school board it is probably the most diverse District in the United States because we have tremendous wealth in Hilton Head and other gated communities here and we have tremendous

Poverty uh half of our students are getting free and reduced lunches because their parents are qualified as being in poverty guy is a retired army colonel a republican who focused on improving math and reading until 2022 what was the very first notion that you had a storm coming we got

A email from a citizen saying that these 97 books that we’ve heard about online that should be banned in the school how many of those books do you have in your school so we checked we had virtually all those books in the school they’re mostly young adult novels with minority gay

Lesbian or transgender characters some depict sex and violence most were in high school libraries four were in classroom curricula reasonable people disagree about books and that’s why bufor already gave the last word to parents Karen Garris is a high school librarian after 27 years in the Navy so

The procedure would be that it’s a conversation between myself and the parent and if they don’t like the book they have every right to say that their child can’t check that book out and how often does a parent do that I have never had a parent come and complain never to

Me personally about a book no GIS also pointed to this opt out form do not allow my child to check out any school library materials without my approval parents have the right to determine what their children are taught and what they’re allowed to read no doubt about it um but what we’re having

A problem with is parents that want to determine what other parents rights are for their children to read what they want please be seated the board wanted to follow established procedures but a few activists agitated by conspiracy theories threatened Librarians and board members calling them groomers extreme right-wing hate speech meant to Brand

Opponents as molesters grooming children for sex we’ve had a parent come in and tell a librarian that you are violating a state statute by providing pornography to a minor I’m going to the sheriff I’m going to have you arrested and storm out now that’s not just happened once that’s happened multiple

Times at multiple schools I even got an email saying okay the sheriff has said no the ciss said no I’m going to the FBI school superintendent Frank Rodriguez feared violence so he pulled the books from someone outside looking in it’s almost obvious that most of the books hadn’t been read prior to being

Challenged that some other source was used to gather these things together so when that happened I was like okay I knew we were in for a rough road that road began here a book review website called book looks founded two years ago by a Florida nurse she declined an

Interview but told us her book reviews are written by volunteers using book looks own standards and this is where buford’s experience becomes a national story across the country book bands are being demanded based on book looks amateur volunteer reviews often in the hands of moms for Liberty if someone is demonstrably

Harming our children we are going to come together to fight to protect them moms for Liberty held a National Convention last summer which attracted major Republican presidential candidates it had been only 2 and a half years since moms was founded as a reaction against covid mandates it’s Founders include two Florida women with

Schoolboard experience Tiffany Justice and Tina deskovich the truth of the matter is that Tina and I are disrupting the balance of power in American Education our moms over a 100,000 members across the United States of America are disrupting the balance of power in public education for too long

Unions have had an undue influence in the decision-making process happening in our local schools and we see where that has gotten us uh A A system that protects itself and often times leaves the needs of students behind and that has to change moms conservative anti- teers unions moms for

Liberty is part of the push back against the diversity and inclusion movement mom supports new Florida laws that limit lessons on race and forbid lessons on sexual orientation and gender identity through High School we love teachers my children have had the best teachers I’ve had the greatest teachers that have

Influenced and impacted me but there are rogue teachers in America’s classrooms right now Rogue teachers Rogue teachers parents send their children to school to be educated not indoctrinated into ideology what ideology are they being indoctrinated into let’s just say children in America cannot read they often dodged questions

With talking points you’re being evasive 21% ofic students are you’re being evasive what ideology are the children being indoctrinated into what is your fear I think parents fears are are realized they’re looking at these books where sexual discussions are happening with their children at younger and younger ages Tiffany Justice read from

Sexually explicit books written for older teens but found in a few lower schools most people wouldn’t want them in a lower school but in a tactic of outrage politics moms for Liberty takes a kernel of Truth and concludes these examples are not rare mistakes but a plot to sexualize

Children your critics say that you have an anti-gay ideology nothing could false that is false nothing could be further from the truth we have gay members I think it’s an effort to really try to marginalize us as an organization because parents are coming together across racial lines across religious

Lines across all all these different ways that we see Americans being divided so often I want to thank you but voters have not come together for moms for Liberty last year moms endorsed 166 Schoolboard candidates two thirs were defeated according to the nonpartisan Brookings institution moms also faces questions

About its third co-founder conservative education activist Bridget Z zagler she left moms for Liberty and now she’s being asked to resign from the Sarasota School Board last year she told police she had three-way sex with her husband and a woman her husband Christian zegler had been accused of rape in another

Incident investigators concluded that alleged attack was quote likely consensual but Christian Zigler was forced out as chair of the Florida Republican party and I we wanted to know about the messages on Mom’s X account which adopts the extremist smear with if they don’t like being called groomers

They should stop trying to groom our kids what are you trying to say well I’m going to say that if we’d have to see the exact tweet Tiffany manages our Twitter account so we read more exact tweets from their account this targets a life librarian you want to groom our

Children and we’re supposed to give you love again Justice and dusich went to their talking points I’m just asking what do you mean by that what what do you mean by groom parents want to to partner with their children’s schools but we do not co-parent with the

Government grooming does not seem like a word that you want to take on you know we did some polling and and we asked we really wanted to know where are the American people on this issue of uh parental rights and what’s happening in our schools dodging questions like

Those was not an option back in Buford South Carolina critics of the book band said they knew what groomer meant and they saw it as a threat to people of color and the lgbtq community don’t do that to these kids they have the internet they’re going to get to it

Anyways you’re what are you doing you’re wasting your time you’re only trying to make people feel bad about themselves and I am past the time where I’m going to allow anybody to make me feel bad about myself you’re going to go to the left and kind of around the curve and

You’ll be there ultimately Buford confronted fear and ignorance with Civility and knowledge the town asked volunteers to actually read the books in meetings that looked like book clubs over the course of a year 146 community volunteers Plus teachers and Librarians discussed deliberated and voted Ruth Naomi James

Volunteered to judge the books she works for the schools and has a 16-year-old student how many of the four books have you reviewed that you felt should not be in the school system none she’s not a mom for Liberty but still a liberty-minded mom I’m a combat veteran

Right there’s no way I went to Iraq thinking that when I moved back home I would have to do this to make sure that the freedom that we fight for in this country is taken out of the hands of students in appearance the final votes came this

Past December Five Books were judged too graphic in sex or violence but 92 returned to the schools take dick gu says this lesson reaches beyond the classroom diversity brings tolerance the more you understand what other people think and realize that what they say is important but who they are what their

Story what their background is the more you know that the more you see the power of diversity and then be kind and and and be understanding and don’t make judgments because you haven’t lived their story they they have in the city that’s lived a story of letters and learning one book that was

Banned and restored was the fixer a novel of anti-Semitism that won the Pulitzer Prize in its Pages the book’s hero expresses this opinion there are no wrong books what’s wrong is the fear of them a small robotic Lander built by a private company and carrying a scientific payload for NASA touched down

Near the South Pole of the Moon 11 days ago and promptly tipped over on its side even so it’s the first American spacecraft to land on the moon in more than 50 years NASA has a much more ambitious lunar program called Artemis which aims to send people back to the

Moon to establish an outpost at the South Pole and to push on from there to Mars we previewed Artemis here in 2021 but there are significant questions now about the program’s costs and its timetable in January NASA announced its new Target for aand landing late 2026 a

Year later than planned but as we discovered even that may be unrealistic and liftoff of emis one when Artemis one soared into space in November of 2022 it was the beginning of a nearly Flawless mission in its first test flight NASA’s new space launch system rocket sent an

Empty Orion crew capsule on a 1.4 million mile flyby of the Moon before a picture perfect return to Earth splash down the next flight Artemis 2 meant to carry four astronauts on a lunar flyby was supposed to launch this year and then a year later emis 3 would land the

First woman and first person of color on the moon it’s not working out quite that way I think it is safe to say uh without significant uh reductions in costs better cost controls better planning uh the sardus program on its current trajector is not sustainable George Scott is NASA’s acting Inspector General

Don’t be misled by the acting he’s been a top agency Watchdog for more than 5 years while NASA’s Engineers have their heads in the Stars it’s his job to bring them back to Earth particularly when it comes to costs right now we’re we’re estimating that per launch uh the emis

Campaign will cost $4.2 billion per launch per launch per launch that’s an incredible amount of money per launch a lot of that Hardware is just going to end up in the ocean never to be used again the Inspector General for NASA says that the costs for the emis program are simply

Unsustainable is he wrong we didn’t necessarily agree with their conclusions we we feel like we’ve taken an affordable path to do these missions Jim free is NASA’s associate administrator and directly in charge of emis we met him at historic Launchpad 39b from which both Apollo and emis Rockets have flown

We believe that the rocket we have is best matched for the mission and frankly the only one in the world that can take Crews to the Moon confirmation that the solid rocket boosters have separated but as George Scott said most components of that SLS rocket end up in the ocean

They’re not reusable and with the goal of building an outpost on the moon Artemis will need a lot of those $4.2 billion Rockets it’s going to take launch after launch after launch to get all that stuff up there yes so the number of launches is daunting um but

It’s it’s hard to get people to the Moon something when America sent Neil Armstrong and 11 more astronauts to the Moon a half century ago that’s beautiful they got to the lunar surface aboard Landers we leave as we came and God willing as we shall return owned and

Operated by NASA you’re taking a different approach this time than with Apollo what’s what’s the difference this time the difference is we’re buying it as a service um we’re paying someone to take our crews down and take them up it’s been an incredible year that someone is Elon Musk in 2021 NASA signed

A nearly $3 billion contract with his SpaceX to use its new starship Mega rocket as the lunar lander for the first Artemis astronauts it is by far the biggest flying object ever made SpaceX is preparing for its third Starship launch at top its enormous super heavy booster the first two

Launches both ended in roughly the same way as you can see the super heavy booster has just experienced a rapid unscheduled disassembly rapid unscheduled disassembly is SpaceX speak for our Starship rocket just blew up again and now you’ve seen some of the Perils of relying on SpaceX we’ve seen

Some of the challenges they’ve had on Starship We need them to launch several times uh to give us the confidence that we can put our cre CR on there but right now as we sit here today you have no way of getting the astronauts to the surface

Of the Moon because of these problems that SpaceX has faced because they haven’t they haven’t hit the technical Milestones spacex’s stated plan is to first put its Starship Lander into low earth orbit then launch 10 more Starship tankers to pump rocket fuel into the Lander in space make sci-fi

Real before sending it onward to meet astronauts in lunar orbit and this has never been done before there’s been small scale transfers in orbit but not of this magnitude it just sounds incredibly complicated it it is complicated there’s no doubt about that it’s you don’t you just Just Launch 10

Times kind of on a whim if it’s never been done before chances are it’s going to take longer than you think to do it and to do it successfully and improve that technology before we trust putting human on it uh there’s a long way to go NASA’s contract with SpaceX requires

The company to make an unmanned lunar Landing with Starship before trying one with astronauts on board but NASA still says the m mission can happen in 2 and a half years and that just seems like the time frame we’re talking about the end of 2026 seems ambitious to say the least

What we’re doing is ambitious and it’s a great goal to have to do that realistic I believe it is I I believe it is Jim Free’s optimism is based on spacex’s track record with its smaller Falcon rocket wow once it got the Falcon up and running it demonstrated it can launch a

Lot 96 times last year alone with both commercial and government payloads but so far Starship has yet to reach orbit even once does that con concern you that that’s going to keep pushing that timeline back further of course it absolutely concerns me because we need them to launch multiple times SpaceX

Ignored our multiple requests for an interview or comment but in an interview with the daily wire in January Elon Musk said this we’re hoping to have the first humans on the moon in less than five years my view of that is we have a contract with SpaceX that’s says they’re

Going to launch our crew in the end of 2026 why does it really matter when we get back to the Moon here’s why China has said it plans to send its tyon knuts to the Moon by the end of the decade and NASA administrator Bill Nelson has publicly expressed concern naturally I

Don’t want uh China to get to the Southpole first with humans and then say this is is ours stay out to ensure that the US will plant its flag first NASA signed a new $3 billion contract last year with blue origin the space company owned by billionaire Jeff

Basos to build another lunar lander and Jim free is crystal clear that he sees it as an option if SpaceX Starships keep blowing up if we have a problem with one uh we we’ll have another one to rely on you know if we have a a dependency on a

Particular aspect in in SpaceX or blue origin and it doesn’t work out then we have another Lander that can take our cruise in this battle of the stargazing billionaires bezos’s blue origin has far fewer launches than musk SpaceX and has been far quieter about its Ambitions

Until now so what we’re looking to do is not only get to the moon and back but make it reliable and repeatable and low cost John cis’s title at Blue origin is senior vice president of lunar permanence and it says a lot about the company’s ambition the Landers at Blue

Origin is going to be building are reusable we’ll launch them to lunar orbit and we’ll leave them there and we’ll refuel them in orbit so that multiple astronauts can use the same vehicle back and forth our cameras were among the first to be allowed inside blue Origins huge

Complex in Florida just next to Kennedy Space Center this is where the future is being built that’s right this is the main Factory floor for the new Glenn rocket new Glenn is blue origin’s first heavy lift rocket its Maiden launch will be sometime this year so you can see

Over here we have three different second stages already in build here the First new Glenn is already out at Blue Origins launch complex it’s designed to carry all sorts of paper P loads including the lunar lander being built for NASA so this is the mark one Lander we call this

Our small Lander this is the small one yes it’s actually a mockup of their cargo Lander in blue Origins Florida Lobby we have John calores used to work at SpaceX and he came over to Blue to help speed things up is there a bit of a

Space race between you and SpaceX so the country needs competition we need options competition brings Innovation but you haven’t had anything close to the accomplishments that SpaceX has had at this point Have You SpaceX has done some amazing things and they’ve changed the narrative for access to space and

Blue origin is looking to do the same this Lander we’re expecting to land on the moon between 12 and 16 months from today 12 and 16 months from today yes and I understand I’m saying that publicly but that’s what our team is aiming towards but that’s for the that’s for the cargo

Lander what about humans for humans we’re working with NASA on the Artemis 5 Mission that’s planned for 2029 that’s not so different from Elon musk’s forecast of when SpaceX can land humans back on the moon even if it doesn’t match NASA’s like the Starship blue Origins Lander will require inspace

Refueling but caloris insists that it and their rocket will help NASA trim costs our new Glenn vehicle will be a reusable vehicle from its first mission that Lander for the astronauts is a reusable Lander so now you’re not just taking the equipment and throwing it away You’re reusing it for the next

Mission you do it again and again and again is that where the cost savings comes in exactly we are now building with NASA the infrastructure to ensure lunar permanency you have said that the emis program is the beginning not the end tell me what is the future you see I see

Us landing on Mars absolutely see us landing on Mars but we have to work through the moon to get to Mars these are magnificent goals you know going back to the moon going to Mars do we have the ability to do what we’re dreaming of doing you know this is n

Right this agency is destined to continue to do great things there’s no question about that what we’re telling the agency is just be more realistic there’s nothing wrong with being optimistic in fact it’s required right in this business optimism is required the question is though can you also be more

Realistic the last minute of 60 Minutes is sponsored by United Healthcare there for what matters now an update of a story Bill Whitaker reported six years ago in the year 79 Mount Vesuvius erupted Pompei and the seaside city of herculanum were buried at one Villa a library’s nearly 2,000 Scrolls turned into brittle

Carbonized lumps University of ky’s Brent seals has spent years trying to unlock the scroll Secrets the history of the unwrapping of the herculanum Scrolls is littered with failures everyone who had tried to open the Scrolls had left behind a hideous trail of fragmentary result Professor seals co-founded an international competition to read the

Scrolls now three students using Seal’s data and techniques have succeeded in deciphering one a philosophical work on Pleasure the vvus challenge winners will share a $700,000 prize I’m Cecilia Vega we’ll be back next week with another edition of 60 Minutes this week on CBS mornings happiness expert Arthur Brooks joins us

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