20 TV Character Deaths that Had a Devastating Impact on the Show – Video

20 TV Character Deaths that Had a Devastating Impact on the Show – Video

Character deaths in television shows can often have a significant impact on the viewers and the overall quality of the show. In this video, WatchMojo counts down the top 20 TV character deaths that hurt the show. From Bobby Singer in “Supernatural” to Lexa in “The 100,” these deaths left fans reeling and questioning the future of their beloved series.

Some deaths, like Chef in “South Park,” were the result of behind-the-scenes drama that spilled over into the show. Others, like Marissa Cooper in “The OC,” came out of nowhere and left viewers shocked and disappointed. And then there are deaths like Brian Griffin in “Family Guy,” where the character was brought back, diminishing the impact of the death.

These character deaths not only had negative effects on the shows’ quality and reputation but also caused fans to question whether they wanted to continue watching. Whether it was the unexpected demise of a fan-favorite character or a poorly handled storyline, these deaths left a lasting impact on the shows and their viewers.

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