24 Unusual Things Found Only in the Netherlands! – Video

24 Unusual Things Found Only in the Netherlands! – Video

24 Strange Things That Only Exist in the Netherlands!
Dutch prisons have to close because there are no prisoners, the country of windmills and tulips, the national anthem with the longest history in the world,… The Netherlands has countless interesting things waiting for you to explore.
Join me on a zero-cost tour to the Netherlands to discover the peculiarities of this country!

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24 strange things that only exist in the Netherlands Dutch prisons have to close because there are no prisoners the country of windmills and tulips the National Anthem with the longest history in the world the Netherlands is countless interesting things waiting for you to explore join me on a zeroc cost tour to

The Netherlands to discover the peculiarities of this country number 24 the smallest front facade house in Europe if you have the opportunity to travel to Amsterdam you will see beautiful historic buildings lining the canals and streets appearing particularly narrow and tall at the front these houses tend to be wider and

Longer towards the back in this city there is also the smallest front facade house in the world located at number 7even het single it is only 3.5 ft wide and the entire back of the house is just slightly wider than the front door many houses in Amsterdam have

Smaller windows on on the upper floors creating an optical illusion that makes the house look taller if you look closely you’ll also notice houses along the canal with hooks on their rooftops these hooks are installed to lift large and bulky objects to the upper floors as residents need to

Maneuver them up narrow Steep and winding staircases number 23 the Dutch capital built on wooden poles due to the dense clay layer in the soil all buildings in the city of Amsterdam are constructed on wooden piles anchored into a layer of sand over 35 ft deep typically a house rests on

About 10 wooden piles but larger buildings can have thousands did you know that the Royal Palace sits on 13,650 wooden piles and Amsterdam Central Station is supported by over 9,000 wooden piles if you find these facts about the Netherlands interesting leave a like and comment to let me know number

22 the oldest national anthem in the world wilhelmer fan noui commonly known as will helmus is the national anthem of the Netherlands will helmus dates back to 1572 making it the oldest national anthem still in used today most Dutch people take pride in their Heritage and will sing the

National anthem whenever the music starts the official lyrics of will helmus are written in archaic Dutch another interesting fact is that if if you look at the first letter of each stanza it spells out the name Willam van nasso the first king in the Royal line of orange

Nasso number 21 Dutch people love coffee about 40% of the Dutch population drinks an average of 3 to four cups of coffee per day coffee shops are extremely popular in cities as places to meet and relax after work or during lunch approximately 1/3 of all coffee shops in the Netherlands are located

Located in Amsterdam making it the coffee capital of the country according to recent statistics from the international coffee organization the Netherlands ranks fifth in the list of the top 20 coffee consuming countries worldwide on average each person consumes 2.4 cups of coffee per day equivalent to 150 L of coffee

Per year Dutch people enjoy coffee in the morning during breaks in the afternoon and after dinner they love it so much that they often refer to it as Baki truce meaning just a cup but providing Comfort number 20 the Netherlands was the first country to legalize same-sex marriage an

Interesting fact about the Netherlands is that it was the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage in 2001 this might not be surprising given that the country has been a Pioneer in Innovations and laws that lead the way for Humanity the first same-sex marriages

Were conducted on April 1st 20 01 and many same-sex couples legalized their relationships to bond with each other legally the law in the Netherlands requires one of the partners to be a Dutch citizen or have a residence in the Netherlands the legal marriage age in the Netherlands is 18 or under 18 with

Parental consent since the recognition of same-sex marriage in the Netherlands in 2001 many other countries have followed suit this reflects legal respect and protection for the lgbtq community number 19 the only country in the world with no stray animals an amazing fact is that there are no stray cats or dogs roaming

The streets of the Netherlands as recently confirmed by the Dutch government the reason cited is that all pets are well taken care of within families Additionally the Dutch government has timely policies to prevent harm to animals enforcing strict laws against animal abuse this country truly sets an example

Worth learning from don’t you think if you find this interesting give our video a like and let’s move on to the next fascinating fact number 18 the tallest people in the world are Dutch for those looking for a partner with impressive height I highly recommend getting a ticket to the

Netherlands in the 18th century the average height of Dutch soldiers was only 165 cm shorter than the European average of 150 years their height increased by more than 20 cm currently the tallest people in the world are found in the Netherlands with an average height of 1838 CM scientific studies attribute the

Exceptional height of the Dutch to Natural Selection along with favorable environmental conditions the Dutch lead happy optimistic lives and prioritize Health this contributes to their overall good physical condition moreover the habit of consuming a lot of of milk is a factor that helps improve the height of the

Dutch additionally a study shows that the Netherlands has the best healthc care service in the EU number 17 the Netherlands owns the most bicycles in the world if any of you love cycling let me know in the comments did you know that the Netherlands is the country with the highest number of

Bicycles in the world no traffic jams no search for parking and no suffering from carbon emissions these are the reasons behind this interesting fact for the Dutch cycling is a very normal part of daily life just like walking even the prime minister of the Netherlands Cycles to work interestingly with a population of

17 million people there are 23 million bicycles in the Netherlands with over 36% of the population using bicycles as their primary mode of transportation on average the distance that a Dutch person Travels by bike each year is equivalent to traveling by train a aouch person may own one to three

Bicycles for different purposes such as commuting going to school or traveling don’t be surprised to see that bicycles in the Netherlands are given priority when traveling on the road with dedicated Lanes it would be a fantastic experience for tourists to explore various places on bicycles just like the

Locals number 16 many prisons had to close due to a lack of prisoners it sounds strange but it’s true that prisons in the Netherlands had to close due to a lack of prisoners in 2013 the Netherlands closed 19 prisons because they didn’t have enough crime to justify imprisonment the cells remained empty

Until September 2016 when Amsterdam had to import 240 prisoners from Norway to justify the maintenance of the prisons the low crime rate in the Netherlands is attributed to the country’s focus on helping prisoners reintegrate into society and the use of electron IC monitoring systems with ankle bracelets allowing prisoners to join the

Workforce a study published in 2008 showed that the ankle bracelet monitoring system reduced the recidivism rate by half compared to traditional monitoring measures instead of languishing behind prison bars Dutch prisoners have the opportunity to contribute to the country through Labor with a population of 17 million the number of prisoners in the

Netherlands is only 11,600 this rate is equivalent to 69 prison per 100,000 people in comparison the United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world with 716 prisoners per 100,000 people what do you think about this strange but interesting phenomenon in the Netherlands do you have any ideas about why this country

Has fewer prisoners leave a comment to let us Know number 15 the no roads Village in the Netherlands for those who were fascinated by fairy tales and enchant Ed lands in their childhood a visit to the Village of geith thorn is a must place with a Serene Beauty resembling scenes from Disney fairy tales Gorn is a small historic village

Located in the province of over Jessel Netherlands with a system of pictures canals and hundreds of wooden bridges geith horn is also known as the Venice of the north however the major difference between geith horn in Venice Italy is that this Village has no roads the thatched roof houses are built

Along winding canals and connected by over 170 wooden bridges dethorn has no cars the primary mode of transportation is boats all visitors must leave their cars outside the village and rent boats locally referred to as whisper boats because they make no noise approximately 2,600 residents live in houses surrounded by vibrant flowers

In the yards the atmosphere is so tranquil that the loudest sound you might hear is the call of various bird species if you dream of living in such an idilic Village let me know in the comments number 14 ban on gasoline and diesel vehicles just hearing about this

Fact you can already understand how well the Netherlands is protecting the environment right the Dutch government has decided to ban the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles from 2025 onward in conjunction with this electrical solar powered vehicles will receive tax exemptions significantly reducing their cost this is seen as a

Demand stimulating policy that many other countries around the world could learn from number 13 a country below sea level the Netherlands is the lowest country in Europe with 26% of its land below sea level and 60% of the population living below sea level up to 5 m deep the

Highest point is volberg at only 322 m above sea level the lowest point is in zuid plus Boulder lying 7 M below sea level Amsterdam’s shiel airport the most visited airport is situated 3 M below sea level fortunately the Netherlands is not prone to natural disasters like tsunamis so

Visitors can explore the country with peace of mind due to its low elevation the Netherlands has an extensive network of canals leading to the next interesting fact I want to share with you number 12 Amsterdam more canals than Venice and more bridges than Paris the capital of the Netherlands

Amsterdam boasts numerous canals and an extensive number of bridges when in Amsterdam you can’t walk for more than 5 minutes without crossing a bridge or catching a glimpse of a canal in fact Amsterdam has 165 canals and 1,281 bridges with up to 80 Bridges just around the canal

Belt starting as a fishing Village Amsterdam evolved into a town and later a city and its intricate network of canals was developed to facilitate transportation and trade both within the city and with the outside world this canal maze truly divides Amsterdam into 90 small Islands the city’s extensive canal and Bridge system

Creates spectacular Scenic views at various locations the canals in the city Also Serve another purpose as the foundation for houseboats lining the canals and the river amstell these houseboats are built on a concrete float and feature all the amenities of a regular house including bathrooms kitchens and bedrooms Amsterdam has over 2500

Houseboats with many of them available for rent on Airbnb there’s even a houseboat dedicated to cats called the catbat serving as a refuge for straight cats in the city if you find this fact interesting give us a like and now let’s move on to the next fascinating thing about the Netherlands

Number 11 windmills icons of the Netherlands the Netherlands is also known by the picturesque name the land of windmills windmills have long been a symbol and source of Pride for this nation in a country with a topography lower than sea level like the Netherlands windmills act as a deity

Assisting the people in combating the wrath of tidal forces historical records indicate that the first windmills were invented by Muslims for grinding grain and draining water subsequently the Dutch improved and adapted them for irrigation and flood control besides being essential companions to the local population Dutch windmills have become iconic tourist

Attractions in the country among them the most famous ones are in The Windmill Village of xans Shan in Kinder presently there are a 1,100 types of windmills across the country and even those more than 300 years old are still preserved today number 10 tulips not the national flower of the

Netherlands despite being famous for tulips and considered the national flower the true homeland of the Tulip is not the Netherlands tulips were first discovered in Nepal the Netherlands is renowned as the land of tulips because it is the world’s largest producer and exporter of tulips since tulips were introduced to

Europe around the 16th century they have become a symbol of the Netherlands extensively cultivated across the country the Netherlands has around 3,000 different tulip varieties with over 10,000 cultivated and cared for tulips come in various colors including red yellow white pink orange purple green black and various mixed Shades however

The most common and famous colors of tulips in the Netherlands are red yellow and white Every Spring the cucol flower festival one of the largest in Europe opens its doors to welcome visitors from around the world to admire nearly 4.5 million tulips of 100 different varieties creating an impressive

Tapestry if you’ve had the chance to participate in this Tulip Festival in the Netherlands share your experiences with us in the comments number nine orange carrots originated from the Netherlands perhaps everyone knows that carrots are orange but very few are aware that orange carrots originated from the Netherlands wild carrots initially had a

White or pale yellow color but they transitioned to the purple and yellow Hues when humans first started cultivating this root vegetable almost 5,000 years ago in the region of the Persian Plateau the origin of orange carrots can be traced back to William the orange one of the key leaders in the Dutch Revolt

Which began in 1,566 after gaining control of orange William the orange continued to lead the Dutch people in their quest for independence from Spain leading to the establishment of the Dutch Republic simultaneously with this revolution another Revolution was taking place the carrot Revolution During the period of Dutch Independence a variety of carrots

Was developed by Farmers cultivating carrots in the Netherlands that contained a plant pigment called beta carotene this pigment gives the orange color to the carrot roots and people began mass production to honor their hero William the orange this leads us to the orange colored carrot that we are familiar with today

Number eight the Netherlands has 75,000 charging stations for electric cars drivers of electric cars in the Netherlands can charge their vehicles at almost any Street Corner thanks to a network of 75,000 charging stations representing nearly a third of all charging stations across the European Union this is a result of the

Sustainable transportation system goal to encourage people to shift from gasoline powered vehicles electric char charging points are densely installed to serve citizens driving electric cars most of these charging points are accessible with a simple swipe card in towns every electric car user has a charging Point within a radius of 200 M

From their home while rural electric car owners have their own charging points with 75% utilizing solar energy number seven the world’s largest flower exporter the Netherlands is dubbed the flower shop of the world because it produces 80% of the world’s flower bulbs and the flower industry accounts for over 5% of the country’s

GDP the nation occupies nearly 90% of the total tulip fields worldwide with around 11,000 hectares producing 4.3 billion tulip bulbs each year flowers are also one of the major attractions for tourists in the Netherlands with thousands flocking to admire the beautiful Fields every year Harlem is

One of the best places to to view flowers with numerous stunning flower fields and flower parades number six home births are still common in the Netherlands the Netherlands is one of the few Western countries where home births are chosen 20% of births in the Netherlands are

Carried out at home while in the United States the UK France and Germany this number is only around 2% so why is home birth still valued in the Netherlands part of it is because the Dutch health insurance fully covered as home births but not always for Hospital births unless medically

Necessary here you will also encounter and interact more with midwives unless you have specific issues with pregnancy such as diabetes which would require visits to doctors you also don’t make reservations in advance at the hospital when you’re about to give birth because it depends on the hospital’s conditions on that

Particular day what are your thoughts on this feel free to share your opinion in the comments number five the Dutch invented the world’s first stock market surprisingly the world’s first stock market was invented by Dutch lawmakers and entrepreneurs in 1,62 the Dutch East India Company was the first company to officially list

Itself on the stock exchange in 1,611 the world’s first stock exchange was inaugurated by the V SE in Amsterdam number four the Dutch consume the most licorice do any of you like eating licorice if you enjoy this treat let me know in the comments if you’re a licorice Enthusiast

You’d feel right at home in the Netherlands the country consumes approximately 32 million kilg of licorice each year that’s over 2 kg per person making it the highest per capita licorice consumption in the world licorice is a staple in Dutch supermarkets and candy stores due to its received anti-inflammatory properties

And other health benefits many people also use it to treat various ailments however excessive consumption of licorice can be harmful to the liver and cardiovascular system potentially leading to high blood pressure number three portrait paintings in the bathroom it might sound peculiar but the Dutch often hang portrait paintings of

Their loved ones in the bathroom additionally to not forget significant dates they hang calendars in the bathroom marking all important events throughout the year Dutch people refer to this as the birthday calendar this calendar serves as a reminder for users in the restroom to remember the birthdays of their loved ones and

Friends an interesting aspect is that this calendar doesn’t need to be replaced every year because it doesn’t include the days of the week and the year it only indicates the dates birthdays never change so the Dutch can use it from year to year so why do the Dutch Place calendars in

The bathroom according to the locals the toilet is a room everyone needs to use daily and spends a considerable amount of time in while solving the boredom they can also look at the calendar in front of them and remember the birthdays of people in their lives this is a way to

Remind them of unique and useful commemorative dates as forgetting the birthdays of loved ones is considered Taboo in the land of windmills number two King’s Day Festival in the Netherlands as one of the most popular national holidays in the Netherlands King’s Day marks the birthday of King Willam Alexander the festival was first

Organized in 1885 to celebrate the birthday of Princess Wilhelmina later known as Queen’s Day when she ascended to the throne since 2013 when Queen wih helina abdicated and passed the throne to her son William Alexander the festival was renamed after the king regardless of the ruler’s gender the Dutch celebrate by

Wearing orange clothing in the grand parade and selling everything from old toys and Records to books in large Street Markets additionally they host celebratory parties throughout the day number one birthplace of JY this fascinating fact about the Netherlands dates back to the 16th century when the Dutch invented Jin and introduced it to

The English Jin was initially used to treat indigestion and G stones juniper berries were added to the Gin mixture for their perceived health benefits so there you have it 24 curious and interesting facts about the Netherlands from being the country with the most bicycles to having the world’s

Tallest people the Netherlands is full of surprises thank you for watching our video don’t forget to like share and subscribe to stay updated on our latest content See you in the next video

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