Pugs Wrapped Up: A Full Episode of Critter Fixers – Documentary

Pugs Wrapped Up: A Full Episode of Critter Fixers – Documentary

Pugs in the Blanket (Full Episode) | Critter Fixers

Pugs in the Blanket (Full Episode) | Critter Fixers is an episode filled with heartwarming and heart-wrenching moments as Dr. Hodges and Dr. Ferguson, the Critter Fixers, attend to the health and well-being of various animals brought into their clinic. From diagnosing turkeys with parasites, to examining a pregnant pug, and rescuing an abused puppy, the veterinary duo showcases their expertise and compassion for all creatures, big and small.

As they work through each case, viewers are given a glimpse into the daily challenges and triumphs faced by veterinarians in caring for animals. The episode highlights the importance of timely medical intervention and the dedication required to ensure the health and happiness of pets.

Through their interactions with pet owners, like the dedicated turkey caretaker and the concerned pug owner, Dr. Hodges and Dr. Ferguson emphasize the value of responsible pet ownership and the deep bond between animals and their human companions. Pugs in the Blanket is a touching episode that reminds viewers of the unconditional love and care that animals provide, and the importance of reciprocating that love through proper healthcare and attention.

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Video Transcript

We going to get a do sample we’re going to send them in to the lab we have to analyze that and try to find out what’s wrong and that do and you the king of poop huh you think so one thing that does happen you know as being a

Veterinarian your sense of smell becomes more enhanced right so you can walk in the door you can walk anywhere around you like need to check those cages yep cuz you know somebody has gone somewhere we become The Connoisseur of manure that’s who we are

You a got to put on the ledge man yes ofur I don’t know if that’s a good title to have went to school a long time for that right she’s very cuur something’s running a foul with two temperamental turkeys this morning hey hey what’s

Going on how are you I’m good hey who we got here that’s Ralph Ralph and this is Penny Ralph and Penny hey Ralph how are you so they have had really loose stools recently hey what’s going on cool ah you a n huh Ralph and Penny

They’re my babies I love them so how do you like raising turkeys I love it they’re so cool too they’re like dogs this would be your biting dog yeah he’s the guard dog he’s the guard dog she is so sweet she’s gorgeous gorgeous just because they’re a turkey it doesn’t

Mean that they’re any less important than a dog or a cat they all have personalities and emotions and they’re just a great great pet just think about that is a face looking at you I don’t know about that what do they usually eat they’ve been eating the all game Feed pellets

They’ve been eating pretty good they have he’s nice and mused up that looks good hey so how many told total turkeys do you have uh 10 10 counting these two all right we got some fresh poop in behind you dck some fresh poop mhm it’s a nice s oh sorry no

You’re fine get some in the clean I’ll be right back di definitely can be quite serious in a turkey Aven species they got to stay hydrated if they don’t get hydrated the organs start to shut down and it can be a really really bad thing the raing penny their color looks good

Their chest sounds fine but they has some pretty yellow discolored diarhea so I’m pretty concerned right now we are running feal and examining to see exactly if we have any parasites or if there’s something else going on all right we got some answers okay we got

Whipworms and we also have coxidia oh no yeah coxidia can go through the whole flock so that is what is going on I’m glad you brought him in yeah I’m glad I brought them in too whw worm is a type of worm that hooks up in the intestine

And it just sucks blood until the animal becomes anemic gets dehydrated and die coxidia on the other hand is a type of protoo but it also is very Insidious and equally can kill these F so we got to get this fixed and fixed fast all right dog you want Mr Ralph or Penny

Ralph all right we’ll go ahead and give these guys their first dose of this city of medicine yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum he acts like it tastes it yeah he didn’t Peck you I need to give these guys on some antiprotozoal medicines as well as some

Deworming I’m also going to send enough home for the whole flock cuz there is a good chance that if Raph and Penny have Cox cidia and whipworms the whole flock has Cox CID and wh worm that tastes good huh you want to take my you can’t take the whole

Sering can you let mying go thank you so you think they’ll be okay I think they should be fine okay good now that we found out the C she can take care of the flock at home I’m feel pretty good about their prognosis well thank you so much

No problem so we got in control we’re going to get you labels on this and you’ll be good to okay thank you all right Dr Hodes he’s just so awesome that and I’m so thankful brought him in today because it could be really bad if I didn’t treat

Them you ready to go home huh you see all them serges up there nah got to get two today I got one up there you got some work to do Chi what’s going on baby today I brought in chuji my female pug because she’s pregnant I just like to have Dr Hodges give her a look over when she’s getting close to her due date and make sure that there’s nothing in there that I don’t

Know hey hey how are you what’s up girl how you been good all right I kind had to come in so I know I ain’t seen in a little while but that’s all good she’s just snorer than she usually SN extra weight I guess okay well let’s go check her out

Give me one second let’s go shoot the X-ray cha the Pug is in for a pregnancy exam today she’s right at the end of her due date yeah bab everything we do a x-ray just to see what position these pups are in I can also see exactly how big these

Pups are it also helps me count the number of pups how’s it looking dog wooo we got some big puppies follow the heads one head two heads three heads foreheads these are some larger puppies for a mom the size I’m a little worried to be honest all right I’ll bring Mom in

I see four pug puppies which are pretty big compared to chuji size so it really concerns me if these puppets can’t fit through the pelvic Canal then I got to do a C-section with Mom on anesthesia you have the puppies on anesthesia with the C-section this definitely involves

More risk so you got some pretty big babies Oh wow how many it was like four okay last time she delivered six I don’t want to do cerian unless unless we have to correct right okay but we might she had them last time she she’s had two letters she delivered three are you

Willing to like wait and see I think so I said let’s see if Mother Nature take care let’s see if you can have these babies normally and we’ll just take a pict of the babies when they come out yay puppy Chui will be a mom real soon those puppies look really really healthy

They’re big so Mom is on notice to keep a watch eye on it she just kind of a smaller dog we have to come in and do an emergency c section we’ll get it taken care of pupp dog hopefully next time I see you you going to be a mama thank you

So much see thank you thank you all right I pu it up these puppies are a little bigger than the last ones I’m probably going to be a little more nervous than I usually in when she’s having them but she’s not had problems in the past so we’re hoping no problems

This time but I don’t know every pregnancy is different every dog is different okay I’m not going to hold you right now sweetheart you’re too Heavy your M hey hey how you doing sh all right doing good how are you today good how you all right good what you got well we had uh two middle schools students found this puppy behind Baron middle yeah the puppy’s been obviously abused oh man okay let’s get on the table let’s

Take a look here okay I’m the sheriff of Peach County I’ve been in this business a long time and it’s just shocking sometimes how cruel people can be to little animals like this puppy that hadn’t done anything to anybody oh man oh Lord Lu she been and

Burn and and shot a few times too yeah what if I don’t look good just a baby boy it’s horrible you know you get these it just kind of upset you there make you want to say some words that you don’t need I don’t need to say oh yeah

Right now some cruel people tell us a loving dog look at it t look at look at her I’m definitely thankful that the sheriff department brought this dog in so that we can get his dog some relief and get his dog some treatment because if they had not brought her in she would

Not survive need to get started here okay I’m going to start with x-rays and I want to start with some blood work and we’re going to start with a St sample we know we got to address these Burns that we have here but my main concern now is

That I that’s crazy it’s no telling these people do this darnest thing and I wish you knew who it was well cuz I think you got somewhere to put them yes sir but let’s get started cuz this baby it doesn’t look very well so let’s Che

X-rays yes let’s see in my 20 plus years of being a veterinarian have I had animals that have been abused yes have I had animals that that have been shot yes but the multitude and just the quantity just so magnified I’ve never seen this

Before hey I know I know I know I take you home with me what blows my mind is this dog acts like it’s nothing going on you know it’s still has a good demeanor it’s wagging his tail it’s licking and it’s hard for me to fom how this animal

Can be in such good spirits after being traumatized like it has there we go good girl oh shoot this dog has been shot six times with a pellet gun oh my gosh oh it just missed her tracha didn’t it y you think there’s one behind her eyeball

Yeah it looks like it’s sitting right there y we want be to get it out probably behind that socket oh so when you remove this eye you don’t think you can get it I don’t know depending on how far it is in there okay just what this dog has is

Probably the most malicious actor that I’ve seen this dog has been shot with a p gun which had to be at close range one of them actually went through the eye and it’s large behind the eye and we’re going to have to remove that eye I don’t

Know who did this but whoever did it I don’t even know if I have words for it it’s it’s horrible at this point that’s all I can say si people in the world right on in there sh I probably can say this is probably the most malicious

Act this this dog been shot like six times you can see those pellets everywhere one of them went through his eye and that’s why the eye looks like that so we’re going to have to remove that one eye and then these wounds here we’ll have to address those but my main

Concern now is one is making sure we got M on board for pain that we’re comfortable next thing is we want to get a cathine we want to get on fluids and I want to make sure this baby is eating and we can get the nutritional support

Up before we give anesthesia and do surgery whoever did that is sick individual hopefully yall can get some resolve but like I said our job here to take care of this baby and that’s what we’re going to do if possible if you’re able to remove any of those we could use

Them for evidence okay definitely I know there’s one on the ear I’m sure we can remove we’ll check a couple of these other but we can we’ll do that once we do surgery yes sir okay we appreciate all right thanks sir we’re good we can okay yes sir and looking at those

Injuries this puppy was abused multiple times our role is to go out and find the individual that did this to get Justice for what they have put on to this poor little puppy that didn’t deserve this and hopefully Dr Ferguson can get her fixed up to where she’s adoptable okay

So we’re going to pull this Blood Run the CBC get a Catherine we need to put some medicated ointment on these burns bage them up and make sure this baby get some food today so we can be in good shape I want to do surgery in the

Morning cool beans I’ll get her set up all right what about hey what Charlotte for her name she needs a name Charlotte it’s a sweet name have you ever met a mean Charlotte was it Charlotte a pig in some story too Charlotte was his father’s

Name oh that’s the same one I’m old them getting them all confused Jordan Charlotte it is Charlotte it is thank you all right you like the way my de smell is it it smell good cuz you sure keep going for it despite the condition that this dog is in with those burns the

Eye looking like it is being emaciated lethargic it’s still in good spirits when that happens it’s almost like the dog is telling me help me I have the will I have the spirit to survive so it makes you want to do everything you can

To try to get this baby over to hump and hopefully we can find a home for it a she looks so sad all right where J she’s holding the Dog hey baby Dutchy yeah duches F lethargic 3 days not need as much as usual okay hey hey how are you hello is she okay no not really she not even moving I am here because my 5 month old fet is really sick hey dit well we

Really laid out yeah good boy it’s very concerning especially for my 4-year-old she has been absolutely beside herself for the last 2 days over her baby not feeling good and she been having diarrhea yes ma’am we got a pretty sick fairy here huh be right back okay yes good checks

Absolutely I’m always concerned when I got a really young Fair who just really not moving a whole lot not real active has some diarrhea my goodness she dehydrated mhm really bad di may not seem like a big thing but if you think about an animal this small losing this

Much water visious poop it can get dehydrated and die really quick there you go good job know you’re doing good good job what I want to do is analyze D’s blood and the X-ray see if we got some problems with our serum chemistry if we anemic or if anything else is

Going on come on dear I think I found your answer uh-oh have you seen like the breathing a little harder she’s been breathing fast fast and yeah that’s cuz looking at the CBC we definitely got an infection and then looking at this definitely tell me that poor baby got some

Pneumonia and we got pretty bad case okay I’m going hydrate her and then get her some antibiotics and see how we do but that’s what’s going on okay so fixable we’re going to do everything we can to fix it okay D you going to make me cry I know

We’re going to do everything we can you always worried when you have a sick fa but looking at the chest on the X-ray I’m I’m really worried about this I’m not sure if this F is going to survive I might need to keep this baby okay give us some

Love so what’s the average survival rate with this bad I’ll be honest I would probably almost be like 50/50 it’s probably better we put her in a humidifier get it hydrated and we’re going to start some antibiotic see if we can make her feel better I’m absolutely hoping she can

Pull through yeah because that would be devastating to my kids and my family if she didn’t make it I promise you I’ll do everything I can she means a lot to us so absolutely hoping for the Best how’s a happy girl all right hey how you doing I’m good how are you I am fantastic how are you hi it’s nice to meet you VJ nice to meet you nice to meet chuji the Pug is back with exciting news all right let

See hey oh look at that they’re so cute look at that face look at that face look at that face yawning Chi had her puppies and Dr hajes wanted to see them when they were 7even to 10 days old just to give them a check make sure everything was okay and

They’re adorable you going ywn again a lot of these dogs if you scratch them on the neck they will hard to do anyway there we go the delivery itself came out find the puppies are good and she’s good there’s really not a whole lot that’s more cuter than four baby pugs one thing

You do yeah I’ll put my thing in mhm when you examine we old pups first you want to make sure there’s a good good sucer reflex meaning they able to suckle with Mom and get all the milk up you always want check for Audi or any you

Know what I mean yeah umbilical C right umbilical cord so you just want to make sure the umbilical cord is good and that one is fine you also want to look at the eyes you want to listen to the heart and you just want to kind of make sure this

Pupp is in good overall health oh man he so cute hey all healthy you got some amazing pups well thank you all is well that ends well we had a little scare with Chi worried about those four big pups coming out and if mom was going to

Be able to have them but we got four beautiful puppies so they worked out real well thank y’all problem you have a good day all right Dr H just checked him out as of right now everything looks good he gave us the all clear now is the

Fun part where you get to watch the puppies grow and raise them have those good times and good memories take lots of pictures here we go she doesn’t know which way to go now she’s like I don’t know what I’m supposed to do Mom look at the big girl I know I hate

The spot Charlotte the puppy is enjoying some TLC before surgery I HTE this spot I’m rubbing that ear o that’s the best thing Miss Charlotte it’s okay girl we’re going to get you fixed up here baby this surgery kind of has two phases one is we’re going in to remove the eye

But two we’re part of the investigation you know I need to remove if I can some pellets there so the sheriff will have some evidence to use in this case because it is an ongoing case and they’re trying to find out who did this

Abuse I know we do have one that we can retrieve for evidence they really just need one you tell it went in right here you see it there there you go now most time they get shot by different objects we don’t remove them nope a lot of times you can

Cause more damage trying to remove them especially if they aren’t in an area that’s causing any issues and this they’re not it just cause damage going in but other than that they’re okay I got you all right got the P from behind the ear so let’s get ready and let’s go

Ahead and get this eye removed CH all right see what we got here I’m going around in circum of the eye and trying to to cut the muscles the muscles that make the eye turn to get behind them so I can get to the vessel in the

Nerve in the back it’s going to be a little more difficult than this one because the eye is actually ruptured I would think so we need to remove this eye cuz basic is a eye that has a hole in it and it’s not viable and it’s causing a lot of discomfort and it’s

Causing a lot of pain so removing it would definitely lead to a better quality life all right I got the whole eyeball out here oh there you go don’t look more like I do it told doing it’s closing the eyelid itself see I’m using this black suture so that look like eyelashes

That’s your version of falsies yep they legit look like eyelashes good yep just finished surgery on Charlotte we were able to remove the eye everything went well we also able to retrieve U one of the pellets that we have so they’ll use that for evidence and hopefully they can find the culprit

But everything went well my fingers crossed that this baby be doing better and we can find that forever ever home so hopefully everything works out for the best here yes it’s okay I know it Paul which one of these you think is shiny oh definitely his head kind of lopsided Patrick I know

Bless his heart today I brought Patrick dumble duck in because we noticed Patrick limping I’m feeling very thankful that we found someone that can treat a duck it’s not something every vent does hello hi how you all doing good hello Patrick what just a present yeah so what’s been going on with

Patrick here he’s been lame yes okay how long um about a week okay tell me about the environment where do we live Patrick lives on the farm all and they free free roam fre all right it’s definitely bumo foot no question about it and see it’s in both of you this one

Has it as well bu foot start is from the environment itself so the terrain or where they walk there may be sticks there may be rocks there something that breaks the Integrity of the skin area here and allows that bacteria to invade and then they get a bacterial infection

M sometime these thing can become so severe that they actually affect the localized bone and you’ll start losing bone to the point that they have to have toe imputations and things like that yeah so the first thing I want to do is I want to take some X-rays and I want to

See if there’s any bone involvement that changes the game a little bit as far as what we do in the treatment is going on okay all that okay with you you good with that okay bom foot can definitely be something serious it can be lifethreatening the duck can’t survive

With one leg but we need to take care of it I can definitely tell that this Baby’s in a lot of pain definitely need to help out here and get some relief rten let’s see what we got um we got a little separation right there that

We don’t have over here yes sir so I think it it is involving that bone I don’t like that that’s not good bring in just go that with them joh come on through okay we took an x-ray of both feet it does tell me that we have some

Involvement in the bone area there so normally we would amputate that area out of there to stop the progression can’t do it the reason is if you see the location if I go there I’m really taking the whole foot off yeah we have x-rays taking a Patrick and unfortunately we do

Have some bone involvement normally in this situation if it was in the area with the toes we can kind of remove one of those toes but it’s higher up which means if we did an aerg as far as our amputation we would have to remove the

Whole foot and of course we know that the duck just not going to be able to survive with that kind of one option is try to treat it symptomatically so what we’re going to do is I want to soak two or three times today let’s soften it up

A little bit they normally have a little core in there so we can get in there and kind of get that core out of there okay okay the core is no more than just that dead necrotic tissue that’s in the center and if we don’t remove that out

There’s a pretty good chance that this infection will come back or it’s not even gone because you have removed all of it what we’ll do is keep the baby here for a little while we do a little surge on those foot get them clean up a little bit and then get some medication

For you all right all right we Tak care of thank you very ma’am we’re going to have to take Patrick to surgery so at this point we want to give it a shot and see if it helps and we’ll kind of follow along this and see if we can get it

Healed up what we’re going to do is Soak our duck feet oh he’s feeling good though he’s happy in there all we’re just staring in him All right Patrick time to go to sleep man he chilling mhm just a matter of time buddy just a matter of time oh oh down go Fraser ready roll after soaking Patrick dumbleton to give me a good opportunity just so that we can really remove as

Much dead tissue as we can to give him the best opportunity for survival all right we just want to clean up a little bit of necrotic tissue here the leg don’t look too Good looking better now got that little core out of there that tissue that looks a lot healthier so just getting that out of there will help this process to heal some you got it DOC all right we going to move to the next foot here all right that looks good too what

You got man oh a little bummer foot meet your prove it the Dr the green vest I mean green cover off some of us have to work for a living you know I think you just been riding around in a truck with cover off that’s

It I’ll take on you later all right bro the good thing about these thing they got good blood supply don’t they they do so they bringing healing properties there all right so we’re going to cize this guy put a little bit of Carter on there all right so we use our electric

Cartery to actually electronically constrict these vessels with stop them from bleeding and we can bandage up and this baby will be able to heal hi hello hello how are you I’m good and yourself I am doing good oh yes ma’am all right so we got my man Patrick

We did some surgery we set a little dark necrotic area in the middle we got all that necrotic tissue taken out M it’s going to be a process of redressing for a period of time okay so we got some uh couple things going home with you the antibiotics something for pain I think

That’s it we going to bring your baby in all right thank you all right yes ma’am prognosis for Patrick at this point is guarded so we basically want to keep Patrick comfortable as well as on treat with antibiotics and hope that it clears this thing up but it’s really going to

Be time we’ll tell but we have a chance and that’s what we’re going to give Patrick here is Mr Patrick Hey sir oh look at him talking to you yes we’ve been very happy with everyone at Critter fixers they’ve never told us that they can’t do it they’ve given us all our

Options and I feel like they’ve been very fourth right all right Patrick you ready roll Patrick you going to be good for Mama no no no I’m the boss I tell them bumblefoot is a long-term recovery and we will be here for Patrick we are going to keep him healthy however we can

So he can have a long and healthy life at our farm with all of his friends come on let’s go home I know you’re hungry you are hungry all right Duchess Dr Hodges checks on Duchess the feret after a severe pneumonia diagnosis hey bu how active is it this

Morning we’re a lot brighter this morning look bit um our stool is much better like it’s not as mucousy okay Duchess defer has had a lengthy stay here at hotel Hodes I wasn’t so sure if Duchess was going to make it but finally duess seem to turn the corners we

Definitely a lot brighter we even sound a little bit better I ran one last complete blood count and Dutchess numbers are back to normal so I’m feeling really really good and ready to reunite dutches with her owner so it’s been a while hey b hey Mama man I tell you seeing your face

Definitely we brighten up this is our initial white blood count we were 62,000 I mean off the chart so it shows me how much the infection but we come down within the normal range cool dut is definitely was a tough case I mean her white blood CS were off the chart but

After probably about 4 or 5 days in the hospital she finally started eating and staying hydrated you know I’m cautiously optimistic we’ll go home with some antibiotics but hopefully she goes home and do as well I can tell she loves you oh yeah we going to kind of see how we

Do I got some anog for you you know keep it warm and let’s keep doing some TLC she’s at a go of it hey Mommy all right thank you so much no problem you’re very well she looks way better yes ma’am she looks a lot better

To me we’re very blessed that we were able to be here and get her treated and taken care of you ready to go home she’s hopefully going to be better and she’ll just have a happy life at home with the kids and all the other animals Hi hey Charlotte oh look what I got who gave you a Baby you okay it’s okay my bunny Oreo he’s feisty he likes to play all the time it’s not your average pet like a dog or a cat and I love him hello hey how are you good good what we got Oreo Oreo what’s going on with Oreo today um

He hasn’t been using the restroom no stool about eating um he ate like two days ago okay got you all right we’re going to look him over here you always concerned when rabbits don’t eat because rabbits really need to to continually eat or they’ll get issu with the

Digestive tract so yeah I’m definitely concerned at this point you have more than one rabbit or one just one this the only baby M okay what I want to do I want to start with the X-ray and then we’ll kind of go from there okay all right buddy let’s see what’s inside what

I want to do is I want to take a look and see if there is any stool in the digestive track in the back and from there we’ll decide what came first is the fact that we can’t defecate or the fact that we just not eating very well

And we need to find the cuse of that good job Dre that’s a nice it’s pretty picture good job you it looks great food man a lot of gas look like I see in Jester when he’s eating see even right there you got some little F balls I just want to make sure

There wasn’t like a foreign body in there something blocking him from going to the bathroom but I I don’t I don’t see what that is good job Oreo so you want to try to get some blood yeah nothing hops out at me on the X-ray being a veterinarian

Sometimes is like being a detective I Ruled up any blockages with Oreo good job so now we need to move on to the next step and run blood to try to figure out is there anything going on internally as far as organ function are concerned hey buddy what’s wrong you

Just taking a few days to chill just want to come hang out with me yeah I saw your ear go up then that mean yes one ear yes two ears no one ear I got you cool man you can come by anytime you want to you don’t

Have to act like you’re sick next time just to come and see me all right even though I think there’s a mental connection between Oreo and I I think I still better take a look at this blood work just to be sure see what’s

Going on all right so what we did we did some blood work and we’re checking for the organ function mhm we look at the alt here the high normal is 104 and the high is 612 we’re getting into liver failure the cause can be different thing

It could be something that it got into toxic okay but the plan is we need to hospitalize the baby the weekend cuz I want to give fluids to make sure we stay hydrated and try to hopefully we can flush that liver some in the kidney and get these values hold back the normal

And have us feeling better along with being on antibiotics we still don’t know what’s causing this Livery issue but whether this thing resolves really depends on how much damage has already been done to the liver we know what values we have but they could continue

To go down this could just be the start of whatever is causing this issue but the only thing far as prognosis concerned we’ll know more in the next 24 to 48 hours keep our finger crossed and say a prayer okay all right oh thank you it’s going to be all right okay I’m

Definitely worried but I’m confident that God to get them through it and Dr Ferguson will make sure that he’s okay my buddy I don’t want to think about worst case scenario I love him Charlotte are you ready today the big day we get to release Charlotte to the

Dog that was abused and the dog that was shot she’s going to a foster home until they can find a forever ever home so I’m real happy that we’re doing good today is a a fantastic day all right it’s starting to look a little better yeah

Slowly y it’s going to take time but the burns are healing up eye a that we remov is looking good as well so just got to make it to the Finish Line baby these are the ones that just touch your heart look how sweet she is yes yes sweet she

Isely Charlotte doesn’t want to go either look at I feel like it’s the hug Charlotte everyone loves around here no one really wants to see Charlotte leave but they know it’s in her best entry just go home to the Foster where she can get that one-on-one attention

Hello hello hello we got a baby for you hi my baby hi my name is Reagan I actually got to know Charlotte because two young kids found the dog and they called me at my grooming shop because I tend to take dogs and don’t tell my husband Lieutenant Stewart is representing

Sheriff D there’s is an ongoing investigation we definitely want to find this person responsible and make sure they’re prosecuted we got some evidence so this is one of the pellets that we took out so hopefully that helps with the investigation we’re here for you all thank you okay you ready to get over

This medicine yeah let’s do it I know you got a tough job but we here for you too okay all right there’s still a lot of work that has to be done there’s going to be multiple bandaging flying ointment taking medication that’s going to have to be done over the next few

Weeks maybe even the next few months before she’s back to 100% but I feel very good about it because the young lady who’s doing the fostering is Reagan who has a good history of Rehabilitation and she knows how to take care of these babies than so much yeah no problem

That’s what we here for this is this is so yeah I know it thank I know it and Y hearts are in the same place Dr Ferguson words cannot even right now begin to tell you how Grateful okay you guys are great appr thank you thank you thank have a good one all right okay he’s made Charlotte star she’s a star now she’s going to be the queen here so he’s done well by her and she needed that she deserves that he sweet there we

Go hey what’s up Shelly chuji the pugs owner is back with a token of appreciation I got this new Lego set that has a vet in it tada that’s a one of a kind right there with a moho check it out I brought him he’s yours I’ll be

Back anybody seen Dr Ferguson what you got you know when kids sometimes you get some childhood toys and they’re quite nostalgic what you got give me a drum roll pow is that that a I’m about to say I don’t remember this my set that’s cuz

You didn’t get the cool set oh so this is the Dr hod version yeah look with my with the needle and everything the hair is too centered that’s perfect that is cool man so your look been really easy all we had to do is get some sandpaper and rub

It you don’t have to rub it in man hey you know what they say your day is coming my day is coming you right the doc step away from their practice to help grow their other business farming this is the first time you’all been to auction my first cattle

Auction oh really yeah I’m kind of excited manj you ever been in auction I have not my first one always been confused I see him on T they going yep you say you in I’m a little nervous with your y I’m going to be honest with you oh we going

To put it on layway I don’t know if they lay I don’t think they he going to look at us say nope We’re at an auction so hopefully we can pick up some cows today probably ought to go ahead and get y y’s auction number if y’all want to go right here credit F got their own Farm now B sare Ranch we up to like 40 cows at the ranch now it’s

Probably about 3 and2 million farmers in the United States but only about 50,000 African-American farmers in in the state of Georgia here is you know less than 3,000 we are trying to inspire and hopefully increase the number of black Farmers I do want to remind everybody we

Will be using buyer numbers we’ll be uh getting started here in just a moment the show is about to begin man we ready I’m a little nervous anytime you Au don’t spending your money I ain’t nervous now I’m a lot nervous um all right the auction’s underway get

Down 10 12 down 12 down 12,000 now 14 yeah 14,000 on now 14 15 16 17 18 hit down 20 hit down $2,000 it started 10 and quickly jumped to $20,000 I’m like oh are you sure we at the right auction cuz they were way out of our league so I’m thinking that we’re probably not going to get any want to pay 30,000 for this go to college boy

These ones coming up are going to be the ones you really got to decide if yall want to go in on them or not cuz they’re still early and these numbers aren’t going to hold the whole time eventually they’re going to come down they jump out

And then the money just kind of go down the first cow is like 30 grand I’m looking at Sea Sean’s our farm mans he’s been up tons of these and he like don’t worry fellas it’s going to calm down I was worried though I’m ready to go yeah but I’m like you

Know that’s what I like I want [Applause] going to our good friends from the Critter fixers you guys officially bought your first animal that was a good deal I’m happy that though we won so like super excited like okay we in a I feel good yeah I felt good should 530 shoulder 53 shoulder

5 when you start winning you like want that one too it cost money to raise your hand that’s it I’m taking this card that’s it look at that c that’s what we want we got the one folks we certainly appreciate you coming out settle up with the clerks

There in just a second it was amazing experience an eye on you man oh my bad already trying to take my Bo I’ll see you next year for sure we purchas the cow today they’ll be delivered in a few days and our farm ring continues besides being the working

Farm we’re using to teach agriculture so this is the way we can help our whole Community we can help the kids we can help the black farmer we talk about farmers in general that’s right Mark this day down man this is going to be a very very very significant day PR fixes

We strike again that’s it hey Mr Oreo back at the clinic Dr Ferguson fetches Oreo the rabbit who’s proving to be one tough cookie how are you Mr Oreo Oreo came in we found out they had issue with the liver and we was a little bit worried about hopefully get

This thing turned around we’ve been treating on the last couple days with fluids for one to make sure we stay hydrated two is to make sure we help that liver and the kidney a little bit as well to kind of flush those toxin out so it seems as though that has helped

Because we’re doing tremendously better they see any poop this weekend yeah he’s pooping he definitely ate good weend good all right Mr Oreo you ready to go back to Mommy Oreo wasn’t eating very well it wasn’t drinking very well and wasn’t going to the bathroom and they

Doing all those things now enough for us to be discharged so I feel real good about it got somebody for you here miss your baby you missed the Oreo hey yeah you glad to see you too huh where you going huh oh that’s what you like to get we’re so happy to get

Your baby back to you we were a little bit worried the other day but we did good with we’ve been on medication here we’ve been on antibiotics and pain anti-inflammatory and we responded well and you can see how frisky we are there but we do have an antibiotic and a food

Supplement that we’re sending home with you D we all overhead and everything AR that’s your baby huh yeah we’re glad to get it baby back to you I know you was a little down the other day M but we got your baby back I feel real good to pick

Up Oreo today because I was really worried when he jumps on my shoulder like that it just means he’s okay and he started licking my forehead so I knew then that he was well and back to him normal self if you anything you holler okay all right have a great one you too

All right I’m glad that he’ll be okay I know he will cuz he got through this with Dr Ferguson’s help I feel amazing about that man how’s charotte doing man I’m glad you asked oh man oh Lord Lu she been burned and and shot a few times too

Having been shot and having all these Burns you would not believe how well she’s doing that’s so good to hear Charlotte is doing fantastic come on love getting ready to recheck uh Charlotte and Charlotte is a dog that been abused at one point so she’s been in a foster home the investigation is

Still ongoing and we’re hoping that they can find the culps been about a month now so we’re getting ready to see how those wounds are doing and then see how she’s doing overall Charlotte was here for you know extended period of time so the staff really got attached to her I

Got attached to her so it’s going to be very exciting just to see her again see how she’s doing and give her a little love heyy how you doing doing Charlotte hi girl how you doing how are you how you doing y’ man you good good all right

Look like we’ve been doing good very good very good man look at these wounds they have really really healed up you’ve been doing a fantastic job well thank you you guys did an awesome job they really healed up we just got a few scars and they’ll even get better over time

Yeah she is doing good let’s take a look up here hey charlot that looks good okay all right we had to remove one of the eyes but it hadn’t made any difference I only say she’s moving around she’s navigating she’s a happy puppy she’ll definitely have a normal

Life although she only has one eye she won’t even know that she’s missing it because she’s learned to adapt to that we definitely happy so I think at this point it’s really no need of any bandages or wraps or anything I think we going to give it all clear sign and do

You hear that and let you be a puppy puppy so you been helping take care of this baby I know you’ve been doing a great job too I thank you I thank you thank you you’re you’re welcome young man all right by Charlotte come on we

Got to give you a hug you we give you a big hug oh she loves hugs was like she like I’m going to get under that mask huh Charlotte is still Charlotte she still giving those kisses that she did so her personality hasn’t changed she still has trust in other

Humans and she has trust in other people which is a good lesson for us you know a lot of time we like to label things and we like to group things if this person is bad that whole group is bad but it’s not like that you have to judge each

Individual as an individual and that’s exactly what Charlotte did thank you for what you do and what you did and what you’re still doing and if you need us you need anything you know how to get us right I certainly do thank I certainly do all right I’m very relieved Charlotte

Is ready to be adopted out it has to inspire you to see somebody who’s been tortured and she’s alive hi she wags her tail she sees Dr Ferguson she’s wagging her tail charlot is just the absolute what you want to be in life there we go pretty girl there we go pretty Girl

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