3 Best Foods to Prevent Hair Loss – Video

3 Best Foods to Prevent Hair Loss – Video

sources like dark leafy greens or liver rather than synthetic folic acid, as the latter can inhibit the conversion of folate into its active form. Ultimately, a well-rounded diet that includes histidine-rich foods, along with the necessary co-factors, can play a significant role in maintaining healthy hair and preventing hair loss. By understanding the importance of histidine and incorporating the top foods discussed in this video, you can support your hair health and potentially reverse any deficiencies that may be contributing to hair loss. Watch the full video for more in-depth information on the link between histidine and hair loss, as well as practical tips on optimizing your diet for healthier, more vibrant hair.

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Worried about hair loss? Watch this video to discover the top foods to eat for healthy, vibrant hair.


0:00 Introduction: Best Foods for hair loss
0:41 Deficiencies found in people with hair loss
0:52 Relationship between histidine and hair loss
1:07 Why you may be deficient in histidine
2:25 Co-factors of histidine
4:48 Top Foods to prevent hair loss

In this video, we’re going to talk about the importance of histidine in helping to prevent hair loss and what foods you should incorporate into your diet to support healthy hair.

A study has shown that over 90 percent of people suffering from alopecia are deficient in an amino acid called histidine. This essential amino acid is a precursor to histamine, which plays a vital role in immune reactions, allergies, and inflammation.

Deficiencies in histidine can lead to anemia, while excessive intake can cause premature ejaculation. However, the right amount of histidine in your diet can promote healthy hair growth by helping to produce keratin and regulating copper and zinc levels.

Certain medications and alcohol consumption may lower histidine levels in the body, while inadequate stomach acid can hinder its absorption from food sources. To counter this issue, betaine hydrochloride can be taken as an acidifier.

But to fully utilize histidine, specific co-factors must be present, such as vitamin B6, proper copper and zinc ratios, and folate.

The top three foods that can help combat hair loss are:
1. Organ meats, including liver, due to the histidine and other essential nutrients they contain.
2. Animal proteins, such as beef and chicken, are rich in histidine and other amino acids necessary for hair regeneration.
3. Shellfish, particularly shrimp, scallops, and crabs, provide high levels of zinc and copper that can help maintain proper ratios in the body.

It’s important to note that having enough folate in your diet is essential for hair development. It’s best to obtain folate from natural sources, as taking supplements such as folic acid may inhibit the conversion of histidine into its active form.

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Thanks for watching! Promote strong, healthy hair by incorporating these foods into your diet. I’ll see you in the next video!

Video Transcript

Today we’re going to talk about exactly what foods you should be eating to help regrow your hair and this is not about taking another supplement this is talking about your Foods there’s something I stumbled on recently that’s actually very interesting I’m want to share with you is from this uh paper

That I I read that had something in it that just jumped out at me that I’ve never heard before and then I did a deep dive into this one single amino acid and I found some amazing things okay so I want to share that with you today so I

Think most people know that hair is made out of protein and you would think if you just eatting a protein you know your hair would come back but that doesn’t always work in this published uh paper it went through various deficiencies that were found on certain percentage

People with hair loss and then I get to this one amino acid that was deficient in over 90% of people with alipa and this amino acid is called hist and no I would not recommend going out and just getting it and taking it because I think it’s really important to

Understand why you might be deficient if at all it’s not an abundant amino acid but histadine is a precursor to histamine okay which is involved in immune reactions allergies inflammation healing things like that if you’re deficient in histadine you could be uh anemic because the need for that amino

Acid to build red blood cells it’s great for your skin if you have eczema or any type of dermatitis if you take too much of it you can get premature ejaculation so that’s one interesting function it’s going to be directly involved in making the Keratin protein of your hair to make your hair

Strong and more hydrated as well as regulating the copper and zinc okay that the hair needs as well and if someone is also taking medications or drinking alcohol uh that amino acid can be a lot lower if a person doesn’t have the right stomach acids they’re not going to be able to

Break down and extract that amino acids from the food that they’re eating you’re going to have indigestion gas bloating any of those the solution is to start taking something called Bane hydrochloride which is an acidifier now here’s the interesting part about this whole discussion in order for you to use

Histadine there are certain co-factors B6 which is pretty easy to get uh the right copper and zinc ratios which is not as easy to get and folate folate is normally in dark leafy green vegetables but if you’re carnivore like and you don’t eat vegetables where are you

Getting your folate well just so happens that the most fate is in liver but let’s say that you’re not on Carnivore and you’re just eating regular foods but you don’t consume a lot of dark leafy green vegetables that could be another reason why you’re deficient also if you’re

Taking a supplement with folic acid which is not the natural source of this vitamin B9 that can potentially even inhibit this conversion into the active form because you’re going to use up a lot of the enzyme that is needed to make this conversion and as a side note there

Is a chemo drug called methyl trexate and the way this drug works is simply by blocking folly you see folate increases the synthesis or the reproduction of your cells and if you block that using this antifolate drug you can stop the the growth of something the problem is you

Don’t want to completely stop the growth of all yourselves the healthy ones too because you have a lot of side effects so they have to give you a certain folate to counter some of the side effects if you’re deficient in folate your um damage to your DNA goes way up

In fact fact it could be comparable to radiation damage to your DNA so this is why folet is so important in protecting the DNA in the mitochondria and also to help prevent against cancer as well because cancer is damaged uh mitochondria so it’s important to have this folate work okay

Or have a sufficient amount so you can have this histadine work so then you can counter any potential hair loss let’s say for example you go on a prolonged fast and you start losing your hair it probably means that you’re not ready for it or it’s not good for your body

Because when you keto adapt and you actually start burning fat you should feel wonderful and if it doesn’t um I wouldn’t push it because some bodies don’t do well on prolong fasting so let’s get right to the foods the three foods number one is organ Meats specifically liver or if you don’t like

It I would take it in a supplement here’s the thing about liver potentially you can consume too much liver but if you’re consuming like maybe 2 oz or 3 o you’re not going to have a problem but if you’re consuming a lot every single day that could be a problem and just as

An interesting side note some people have this idea that if I consume organ Meats like liver I’m going to be getting a lot of saturated fat actually no um organ meats are very low in fats number two you want to do more animal protein beef you can do fish and stuff

Like that but you want to make sure you have enough of that raw material number three shellfish for your zinc and copper ratios but shellfish also has selenium and has all the trace minerals I’m talking about shrimp scallops crab Lobster so as I went through this video

You might have had certain light bulbs go off on why you potentially could be deficient in some of the factors now if you have not seen this video on folate you should probably watch this one next because if you have this problem then you need to know about that and I put

That video up right here check it out

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