30 Movies You Should Watch with Others – Video

30 Movies You Should Watch with Others – Video

Do you love watching horror movies but find yourself feeling a little too afraid when you’re all alone? Well, WatchMojo has got you covered with their latest video: “Top 30 Movies You Shouldn’t Watch Alone.” These films are so disturbing that you might need someone by your side to keep you safe.

From classics like “The Exorcist” to modern hits like “Hereditary” and “The Conjuring,” this countdown includes all the movies that will have you hiding under your blanket in fear. With the potential for spoilers ahead, be prepared for a thrilling ride through the scariest films in cinema history.

Featuring movies like “The Grudge,” “Funny Games,” and “The Babadook,” this list is sure to send shivers up your spine and leave you questioning every creak and shadow in your house. So grab a friend, turn off the lights, and get ready for a night of spine-tingling horror that you won’t soon forget.

And if you’re a horror enthusiast looking for more frightening recommendations, be sure to check out WatchMojo’s other horror-centric videos for even more terrifying thrills. Whether you’re a fan of jump scares, eerie atmospheres, or bone-chilling plots, there’s something for every horror lover on WatchMojo’s channel.

So don’t brave these terrifying films alone – grab a friend, hold on tight, and get ready for a movie night that will leave you sleeping with the lights on. Just remember: some movies are best experienced with a buddy by your side to keep you safe from the horrors on screen.

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Video Transcript

If he talks to me I think he’ll leave you do you want him to leave you yes welcome to watch Mojo and today we’re looking at films that are so disturbing that you might need someone along to keep you safe you don’t want to hurt anyone but I do beware some spoilers

Might be ahead number 30 talk to me ever get the feeling that you’re not alone even when you are well talk to me will make that feeling stick in the worst ways here friends gathered at a party use an embalmed hand to communicate with the Dead the catch is that breaking the

Allotted time will let the spirits loose 83 seconds just get it off I’ll split you enough I’ll split you when the main character does just that it’s time for her and her friends to suffer the combination of talk to me’s layered characters and use of practical effects make it dangerously realistic the longer

The film goes the more you’ll feel as if this could happen to you it’s it’s an efficiently made horror Thriller that will send Shivers up your spine if you’re by yourself I am ending this you don’t take him he’s our number 29 The Descent going on a thrill-seeking trip with friends is

Always fun except of course when you find yourself surrounded by humanoid creatures who want to eat you where where are we it hasn’t got a name it’s a new system I wanted us all to discover it no one’s ever been down here before The Descent follows a group of women

Trapped in a cave system as their numbers dwindle one by one it’s a scary take on the idea of an adventure gone wrong the monsters aren’t the only thing that’ll make you queasy the confined environment and near constant Darkness gives off a sense of claustrophobia junah noise she’s making she’ll bring every

One of those things down on her head as long as it’s not on mine to make it more uncomfortable the character’s internal drama escalates into a lack of trust and betrayal The Descent is a frightening reminder that fear of the unknown is very real you never know what lurks in

The dark number 28 The Sixth Sense while not technically a horror film The Sixth Sense will have you feeling paranoid when psychologist Malcolm Crow meets a a troubled child named Cole he starts to realize there are things beyond the human realm they don’t know they’re dead how often do you see

Them all the time Cole’s ability to perceive ghosts isn’t glamorized instead we learn just how terrifying it would be to see the dead walk among the living Malcolm’s own ambiguous situation Sparks interest and it’s clear C that something isn’t quite right the six sense thrives on the uneasiness of its viewers as

Nothing is what it seems I see people they don’t know they’re dead in the end the classic ight Shyamalan twist will have you questioning everything around you number 27 The Silence of the Lambs just the name Hannibal Lector is enough to scare people up the Silence of

The Lambs is where the character truly left heart’s thump and that’s despite the fact that Lecter is hardly in the film do you think if you save poor Catherine you could make them stop don’t you you think if Catherine lives you won’t wake up in the

Dark ever again the story is about FBI trainee Clarice starling’s pursuit of a depraved individual known as Buffalo Bill the dark path the heroin takes to find the villain isn’t Pleasant to watch the movie shows just how fish a person can be as the likes of Lecter and Bill

Represent the worst in Humanity thanks to Stellar Direction and a chilling soundtrack viewers will feel like they just might be the next Target the film lives up to its reputation by keeping tension at its peak I do wish we could chat longer but I’m having an old friend for

Dinner bye number 26 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre sometimes lowbudget Horrors work better than mainstream features this is particularly true if a film is marketed as a true story with its documentary style Direction The Texas Chainsaw Massacre looks and feels eily real that’s Weir wonder if that means something it’s

The mar aoro he’s going to get you it follows a group of friends hunted by a family of fles eating fiends while slasher tropes have become commonplace the film holds up well the over-the-top violence on display is deeply unsettling yet you just can’t tear yourself away from it

I don’t I don’t know what happened to the other there’s nobody out there now the Fear Factor remains High all the way through managing to scare audiences half a century since its release and if the sight of blood makes you queasy then good luck watching this one number 25

Terrifier 2 this slasher has people dropping like flies but what sets it apart is how creatively the clown manages to end lives each time to say that terrifier 2 will make you nauseous is an understatement it seems to be made entirely to have viewers Grimace and disgust which you’ll be doing more than

Once I’m nothing like her I’m not courageous I’m not brave I mean I literally had a panic attack today in school the film even reportedly had numerous cases of walkouts during screenings considering the highly graphic content in store it’s easy to see why to its credit terrifier 2 has a capable

Story and quality Thrills for genre enthusiasts but it’s probably best not to have a meal before you watch it I wouldn’t say that before you try it it’s pretty tasty no thanks number 24 misery it doesn’t matter if it’s ghosts or humans Stephen King villains will always be

Scary based on the 1987 novel this film features Kathy Bates star making performance in a role won her an Oscar Bates portrays Annie wils a maniacal fan who holds her favorite author Paul Sheldon against his will any for God shh darling trust me God’s sake with her Insanity knowing no bounds Annie

Terrorizes Paul to prevent his Escape often utilizing Paul’s point of view viewers can experience the same helplessness and Desperation he feels under Annie’s merciless watch and Annie’s erratic Behavior means that misery has a surprise waiting in every scene it’s a film that proves just how stifling it is to be somewhere you don’t

Want to be it’s weird even though I know she’s dead I still think about it once in a while number 23 Halloween Halloween helped take the slasher genre into the big leagues making viewers experience the horrifying Prospect of having a killer on their Trail hey isn’t that Devon GR

I don’t think so the many gor filled sequences amplify the film’s high level of suspense amping things up as we watch Lorie Strode do her best to survive it also helps that an imposing figure such as Michael Myers is the face behind the terror Halloween may have spawned a

Franchise but the first entry remains entirely original Tommy please Tommy hurry up Tommy please it doesn’t matter in which which year you’re watching Meyer’s path of Destruction has frightened Generations without fail number 22 saw it spawned several sequels but the first saw is still the most daunting that’s because

The jigsaw Killer’s identity remains shrouded in mystery without the behind the scenes lens that future installments offer the original feels as Sinister as ever set primarily in a dilapidated bathroom we follow two victims thrust together he doesn’t want us to cut through our chains he wants us to cut through our

Feet jigsaw crimes are told in a series of spine chilling flashbacks establishing his blood-filled legacy these traps depict the horror a person feels in their last moments and it’s not a pretty sight the arbitrary reasons behind the victim’s capture means that no one is safe by the end the film will

Have you thinking that jigsaw might be watching you too looks like our friend jigsaw like likes to book himself front row seats to his own sick little games number 21 alien among the most influential films of all time alien Blends sci-fi with horror set in the future a parasitic creature WS havoc on

A space crew the film takes its time building up to its chaotic climax setting viewers up with subtle scares along the way still there are a whole lot of bodies the antagonist leaves in its week with each demise played out in brutal fashion the titular character also has

One of the most nightmare inducing appearances in film history unlike most scary films alien empowers viewers with its strong protagonist with a little luck the network will pick me up this is Ripley last survivor of the Nostromo signing off but fans have to Brave through nearly 2 hours of

Xenomorph slayings before four Ripley Fights Back number 20 The Shining I’m not going to hurt you you didn’t let me finish my sentence there may be no horror greater than the one that originates in your own family Jack Torrance arrives at the Overlook Hotel with his wife and son to begin his job

As the hotel’s caretaker but soon strange happenings begin to take place within the halls of the inn and within Jack’s mind too originally welcoming the Solitude as a way to break his writer’s block Jack is slowly driven mad by the hotel’s curse and attempts to take the lives of his own family here’s

Johnny this classic Stanley kubric adaptation of Steven King’s Landmark is filled with moments that have become part of Pop Culture number 19 Green Room talk about a bad gig this a24 survival horror flick starts out as an easygoing movie about a punk band trying to land a

Show but quickly goes south when they’re booked to play at a skin Head bar when the band Witnesses a murder in the green room they suddenly must fight for for their lives against Psychopathic bar staff that are intent on concealing any evidence after several Escape attempts the band is quickly dwindling in members

And ammunition while facing an increasingly Grim fate watch it with terrifying and brutal fight scenes and villains that would make anyone shiver no one should be alone in the Green Room blood and blade later is better for time of death number 18 raw some horror films require group viewings to mediate the jump

Scares and terrifying scenery others like the French film raw gross you out so much that the experience of watching it must be shared when the young vegetarian Justine begins her first semester at veterinary school she’s forced to eat rabbit kidneys which jump starts an insatiable craving for human flesh the urge appears

To run in the family with Justine and her sister Alexia soon feasting on strength strangers fellow students and eventually each other the films start contrast between sexual curiosity arousal and straightup cannibalism make for quite the uncomfortable blend any takers number 17 it follows this film may have you rethinking your last one

Night stand when her date doesn’t go as planned the protagonist Jay is told she has inherited a curse via sexual intercourse and will be followed by an entity that only she can see until she’s able to pass on the curse not scary enough for you get while the entity can

Also shapeshift into Jay’s friends and Mak surprise attacks whenever it pleases it follows Broad in audiences with its unique premise and blew them away with tooth rattling scares grotesque deformed villains and a stunning score watch this one alone and your next date will never be the same

Number 16 A Nightmare on Elm Street please God this is God you’d truly have to be sick and twisted to try and watch this film all by yourself with sleep and dreaming at the core of this iconic slasher film scares there’s almost no other film that can make you feel as vulnerable and

Fearing for your safety after watching it as a Nightmare on Elm Street whether it’s in the bathtub in the class or from the comfort of your bedroom the vengeful Spirit known as Freddy Krueger is coming for you blade fingers and all while this film has spawned countless sequels it’s the original

Krueger that remains in the annals of slasher horror for its subconscious and Lasting effect on viewers sleeping just hasn’t been the same since number 15 it is that your favorite uh-huh I do based on the iconic 1986 Stephen King novel this Lively horror flick is

Without a doubt one of the best films of the modern era but also one of the scariest the horrifying attack on poor little Georgie in the opening scene truly sets the tone for two hours of Relentless clown jump scares and Bone chilling imagery and sound effects as our ragtag group of friends

Seek Justice for Bill’s little brother in The Cursed town of dairy Maine it becomes clear that they weren’t ready for the ancient Cosmic Shape Shifter that is Pennywise the Dancing Clown much like the losers Club you’ll want plenty of friends around to hold you close for

The duration of it welcome to the Los Club number 14 the babadook his name is Mr babadook and this is his book have you ever heard the story of the babuk well neither had this troubled single mother and upon reading the cursed book to her son she Unleashed its hellish torment on

Both their lives the son’s overactive imagination leads the mother to initially disbelieve the babadook exists however she believes its incessant stalking causes the family to experience increasing psychological trauma one cannot escape the babadook once a person becomes aware of his existence I said the bab the babok isn’t real Samuel it’s

Just something you’ve made up in your stupid little head I just didn’t want you to let it in the film gets its notoriety from the lack of conventional jump scares and the masterful employment of raw horror elements exactly the kind of movie you should watch in a big group

With the lights on and the basement door locked number 13 The Strangers there are a few things more terrifying than masked Intruders because they usually arrive with some type of sharp object and they always mean business in this horror flick Scott Speedman and Liv Tyler Star as two lovers on the road to a romantic getaway in Brian bertino’s film but things get

Ugly after a failed proposal oh and when strangers appear with masks on their heads creepy sounds cryptic messages and a trio of psychos ready to slice and dice the surprised couple are just a few of the elements that make this a terrifying watch just try watching it alone you’ll spend more time watching

The window number 12 VHS 2 found footage films are never something you should be venturing into all alone and this one is no different an anthology film built from several VHS tapes found in the first movie VHS 2 Chronicles the search for a missing college student told through five different and equally

Morbid vignettes while many films on this list hold back the scares and horror for a big ending this film is balls to the wall in its approach if extreme violence graphic Gore and some of the most terrifying aliens ever put to screen don’t phase you you might just

Be able to survive this one but please for your own sanity don’t go It Alone number 11 Drag Me to Hell this movie reminds us to always be mindful of the ones we do wrong Christine’s picture perfect life is disrupted by a desperate elderly lady who needs an extension on

Her home loan when Christine denies her in hopes of impressing her boss the old woman hexes her with a curse that will torment her mercilessly before damning her to an eternity in hell you shame spending the next 3 days of her life dealing with evil spirits and

Trying to ward off the curse for good she faces such terrifying demonic depictions in the mortal world we shutter to think what awaits are on the other side number 10 funny games it’s all fun and games until someone starts breaking eggs and kills the family dog in mikale

Hanukkah’s original 1997 film a wealthy Austrian family goes on vacation only to be interrupted by two enthusiastic guests and that’s when hits the fan The Intruders challenge the the horrified family to a game of life and death and it doesn’t go so well for Papa George Young Georgie and Mama Anna as

You might expect hani’s 2007 shot for shot American remake was equally dark and made people rethink their morning breakfast Mrs Thompson sent me she’s cooking in Chiran of eggs and asked if you could help her out of course how many does she need number nine Paranormal Activity this

Found footage flick made audiences wet their pants and blame loved ones for spilling soda in the theater when Katie and Ma move into a San Diego pad a collection of odd events Inspire them to set up cameras what happens well Katie stares at her sleeping husband for 2 hours and later

Gets hurled out of the room to make matters worse the ghosts get all kinky and start biting poor Katie what happens next will shock you and it does involve blood number eight wreck it all started when Jennifer hurls all over her mother this realtime Barcelona shot horror hit

Theaters in 2007 and featured a most unusual night shift for a TV reporter and her cameraman as a sickness takes hold of the community another shocking truth is revealed and well it’s not a good one nobody wants to be snatched up and taken to hell at least it’s not on our bucket

List number seven The Conjuring you know that you probably picked the wrong to move into when your dog mysteriously dies during your first few days and Spirits begin to express a desire to um end you such was the case in The Conjuring where Patrick Wilson and Vera Fara Star

As real life ghost investigators attempting to stop a doll from committing bloody murder you know the drill exorcisms horrible screams slow insanity but James Juan’s film offered much more than the usual genre Shenanigans it made people paranoid and afraid of being slaughtered by a smiling yet torn up doll named

Annabelle number six The Grudge based on the 2002 Japanese film Jan this Sam Ry produced flick reminded everybody that a horrific death filled with Rage or sorrow does not signify the end with a nonlinear plot The Grudge Chronicles numerous stories of turbulent deaths and the cycle of horror that

Ensues Sarah Michelle G stars is an American exchange student who comes face to face with the seemingly Unfaithful Departed the concept of The Grudge is inherently shocking but the visuals are simply on another level watch this movie alone and you will regret it because you’ll accidentally claw up your own

Couch number five the ring seven days four words Samara and the television this remake of a 1998 Japanese film left an imprint on all who watched as the very premise highlighted the horror that comes from watching a mysterious video of Red Rum Naomi Watts stars as a protective mother who

Attempts to break the cycle of death by solving a murder case and thus saving everybody from Lonely VHS deaths no the ring was the first of several Japanese adaptations in modern times and responsible for inspiring lonely movie goers to call their best friends and Whispering 7 days into the phone thus

Ruining their Friday night plans who watches the ring alone don’t do that mojah holics just don’t number four the witch sometimes it’s the things you don’t see that can terrify you the most set in 1630s New England a young family is banished from a Puritan colony and now live on a farm

Near a secluded Forest tragedy strikes when their young baby disappears and the blame is placed on their daughter Thomasson with one suspicious death after another the family’s trust in one another is destroyed with Mother Catherine certain her daughter is engaged in witchcraft she place a curse on me they canp fire against me is a

Wit no I’ll not hear it while the scares themselves are fewer in number here the specific imagery and historical setting make for a uniquely unsettling watch one that is not recommended for solo viewing seriously who knew breastfeeding could be this messed up number three hereditary the horror genre has

Experienced an incredible Resurgence in the last few years and this next film is maybe the best example of why after the death of her mother Annie Graham begins to unravel increasingly disturbing secrets about her family and their connections to a demon named paymon this Supernatural force is unrelenting in its

Quest to find a host which comes at an enormous cost to Annie unlike the majority of horror films director Ary Aster doesn’t rely on jump scares or overthe toop Gore and instead crafts a slow building and deeply disturbing story that chills the audience more than these effects ever could I felt his

Presence in the room Annie this is real that being said it’s best to gather some family members around for this Thrill Ride SC what the hell number two The Blair Witch Project as one of the most successful indie films of all time and a defining film of the found footage genre

The player Witch Project was a national mystery upon release after immediately acknowledging The Disappearance of three students the filmmakers spun a dramatic tale of a Maryland witch and a brilliant internet marketing campaign LED audiences to believe that the film was a genuine documentary The frightening ending has since become iconic and made

Us believe that anything is possible when it comes to the supernatural I am so so sorry for everything that has happened before we continue be sure to subscribe to our Channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos you have the option to be notified for

Occasional videos or all of them if you’re on your phone make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications number one The Exorcist it’s the ultimate horror film that has it all accomplished director yes legendary actor yes absolutely terrifying imagery um does a spinning demon-possessed head qualify

DAV hey man with his historical backstory of religion and archaeology it wasn’t difficult to embrace the story of an aging priest out to defeat an old Supernatural enemy The Exorcist wasn’t just unbelievably scary it was also nominated for 10 Academy Awards thus proving the power of efficient film

Making it’s truly an event to watch The Exorcist especially with those who are easily scared did you do that uh which movie had you hiding under your blanket let us know in the comments game over did you enjoy this video check out these other clips from watch Mojo and be

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