30 of the Greatest Action Comedy Films Ever Made – Video

30 of the Greatest Action Comedy Films Ever Made – Video

Get ready to embark on a hilarious, action-packed journey with WatchMojo’s Top 30 Best Action Comedies of All Time! This video showcases some of the funniest and most memorable action comedy movies ever made, guaranteed to have you laughing and on the edge of your seat. From classics like “Hot Fuzz” to modern hits like “Tropic Thunder” and “Kung Fu Hustle,” this countdown has it all!

Whether you’re a fan of buddy cop films like the “Rush Hour” franchise or enjoy the quirky humor of films like “Drunken Master” and “Big Trouble in Little China,” there’s something for everyone on this list. Eddie Murphy’s iconic role in the “Beverly Hills Cop” franchise and the irreverent humor of “Deadpool” also make appearances, showcasing the diverse range of action comedies out there.

With dynamic duos like Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in the “Rush Hour” films and the beloved partnership of Mel Gibson and Danny Glover in the “Lethal Weapon” franchise, the chemistry between actors is a highlight of these films. And let’s not forget the groundbreaking success of the “Austin Powers” series, which revolutionized the spy comedy genre.

So grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the comedic genius and heart-pounding action of these top action comedies that have stood the test of time. Whether you’re a fan of explosive car chases, epic fight scenes, or gut-busting laughs, there’s something on this list for everyone. Let us know in the comments if your favorite film made the cut, and get ready for a wild ride through the best action comedies of all time!

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Yeah very funny Lieutenant doctor’s 2 days pay get out of here welcome to watch Mojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the funniest and most memorable action comedy movies ever do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth number 30 Shazam the popular character of Shazam has been

Around since the 1940s first appearing in comic book form and was long overdue for a more modern feature film what happened to me why am what did you do to me what did you do to my voice you have been transformed home to your full potential Billy Batson the 2019 film

Recounts the iconic story of Billy Batson a 14-year-old boy who can transform into the adult superhero Shazam simply by saying Shazam throughout the film he learns how to use his powers and enlists family members to battle evil alongside him and we see equal amounts of Epic and heartwarming moments along the way this

Film has spawned one direct sequel so far and we are excited to see where shazam’s Powers could take take him next but we can only hope it’ll be as action-packed quotable and hilarious as the first installment number 29 Johnny English there are few actors who can do physical comedy as well as Rowan

Atkinson and we see him in one of his best roles to date in this 2003 flick I remember every agent would carry a pen that looked just like this completely innocent to the untrained eye but click it twice in the first film in the Johnny English Trilogy English finds himself as

The lone agent tasked with saving the British crown jewels accompanied by his sidekick buff some incredible luck and just a touch of skill he’s able to save the day while keeping us in stitches the entire time my bottom will be king of England before you are wrong

Again perhaps you’d care to look behind you it’s kind of like Mr Bean meets James Bond which is of course a perfect role for the star to nail with absolutely hilarious results number number 28 The Man from Uncle based on the popular 1960s television series the film takes place during that same time

Period with some seriously Charming star power and a high stakes plot leading the charge it will be located in a computer dis and whoever has that disc will’ll simply be the most powerful nation in the world Henry caval plays Napoleon solo the American partner of Russian Ilia kuryakin polar opposite spy

Teammates whose characters hail from the original show in the film solo and kakin are unwillingly paired up to stop a criminal organization from obtaining nuclear weapons during the Cold War throughout the film the main characters learn to work together and at the end decide to continue doing so under the code name

Uncle oh and you have a new code name code name yes rather a good one Uncle the movie Perfectly pays homage to the original series while leaving us hopeful for further adaptations to come number 27 Kindergarten Cop how could we complete an action comedy list without featuring an offering from Iconic action

Superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger quiet in one of Arnold’s first foray into comedy he plays Detective John Kimble who poses as a substitute teacher in order to get close to one of the students mothers whom he needs to testify against nefarious dealer Cullen crisp he then surprises himself and the kids by finding his

Footing and enjoying his new role and the film takes hilarious twists and turns while dealing with the dramatic criminal backstory is well we’re going to play a wonderful game called who is my daddy and what does he do it’s a great balance between action and comedy and a classic for parents teachers and

Kids alike number 26 Central Intelligence there’s no better Modern comedy pairing than the juxtaposition of Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson working side by side and look at you you’ve lost like 200 lb see you gained it back in muscle oh my God you look great no you look great there’s statures humor and

And acting chops complement one another perfectly and who doesn’t love a good high school origin story jumping off from their High School backstory this Duo’s lives totally change in adulthood with former High School Loser Bob transforming into a CIA agent in need of Calvin’s help I need your super sweet

Accounting skills to help me figure out the last piece of this puzzle which is a transaction number from the winning bid that’ll tell us where the deal is going down they help each other face their long-held insecurities while Bob shows that he may be the true Master of Disguise along with the many

Entertaining action-packed sequences comes a plethora of funny and touching moments number 25 midnight run Charles groden and Robert dairo are a golden comedic duo in this revered flick and make it nonstop fun to watch you don’t look like an FBI agent to me yeah but you don’t look like a Duke

To me dairo plays Bounty Hunter Jack Walsh while groden plays an embezzler known as The Duke after Walsh captures the Duke they are stuck together as they make their way across the United States and find themselves ens snared in loads of entertaining scenarios along the way stealing 15 million from Jimmy Sano sounds

Foolish I don’t think I get caught now that’s living of denial as they Dodge both the mob and the FBI they form an unlikely Bond when they realize they have more in common than they thought this film even spawned various adaptations leaving behind a truly impressive Legacy number 24 spy

Following bridesmaids in 2011 Melissa McCarthy and director Paul feig were hot Commodities oh God he went into a building okay well well done that’s it time to call it a Daya in 2013 they took their talents into the action comedy genre creating the solid if somewhat predictable the

Heat stop it cover me and go right well then say that the process was eventually refined and in 2015 the team released the far better and more star studded spy can’t be right oh my Go most of the praise centered around fe’s writing and directing not to mention the uproarious performances for McCarthy Rose Burn and a surprisingly hilarious and scene stealing Jason STM I’ve watch the couple that raised me explode in a van I watch the woman I love get tossed from a plane and hit by

Another plane midair spy was a huge hit scoring $235 million at the box office and Landing McCarthy her first Golden Globe nomination number 23 Kung Fu Hustle Steven Chow’s 2004 flick is a love letter to the martial arts and black comedy films that came before it

It tells the story of the axe gang a group of vicious gangsters in Shanghai who wreak havoc in the slum named pigy alley both the gang and the residents of the alley are skilled in different types of fighting and battles ensue throughout the film that are both hilarious and riveting it’s incredibly engaging

Martial arts comedy style paired with complex characters a unique perspective on heroes and villains and the backdrop of the back streets of Shanghai makes for a seriously fun film to watch number 22 The Blues Brothers films inspired by SNL sketches have been hit or Miss over

The years but this iconic movie was a huge hit with Dan akroy and John Belushi at the helm it’s a guaranteed good time are you the police no ma’am we’re musicians The Blues Brothers tells the story of siblings Juliet and Elwood who set out to save their orphanage by

Recruiting their old bandmates while fleeing from the law there’s hilarity to be sure and the musical numbers are Beyond entertaining and star studded but the action side is something that is not praised enough in this Classic the car chases are Legend legendary that final performance is Unforgettable and we

Think you should sit down and rewatch this Mission from God sometime soon knock number 21 the Naked Gun franchise who doesn’t love Leslie neelen he brings his signature dead pan humor to this satirical film series which is a continuation of the police squad TV series and we are heartbroken that we

Won’t see him in any future sequels do any understand how a man can hurt inside Frank they’re not here for you Weird Al Yankovic is on the plane he plays Detective Frank dreon an agent of chaos who finds himself at the center of plots that could destroy the world but he

Somehow always manages to save the day it’s impossible not to laugh throughout these films as there are references and parodies throughout that almost every audience member can recognize while giving us some action sequences that are memorable to say the least I got something big coming up on outside

Something really big I could use someone like you in my gang you got a dent Plan full coverage number 20 Last Action Hero when it was released in 1993 Last Action Hero did not receive a kind response critics hated it and it bombed at the box

Office he’s okay l w both cops dead but time has been quite kind to Last Action Hero with many believing it was a little too postmodern for its time especially with Arnold Schwarzenegger and hard’s John McAn at the helm he’s fantastic this his best performance ever but that

Was you you were in that movie the movie is a hilarious spoof of action cliches and it upends the genre in various unique and entertaining ways let’s say this is a movie how many times have you heard someone say stay in a car and the guy doesn’t what

Happens he saves the day or gets killed good point I’ll Stand the it’s especially hilarious seeing Schwarz and Egger making fun of himself his storied career and and the genre that made him famous if you get to Los Angeles call my office we can get your shopping center

Opening look I don’t really like you right you brought me nothing but pain Last Action Hero was ahead of its time and it now sits proudly among the greatest action comedies number 19 Charlie’s Angels good morning Angels good morning Charlie no one was really clamoring for a Charlie’s Angels movie especially 20

Years after the conclusion of the television series but that didn’t stop Sony from doing it and we’re glad they did the movie contains a brilliant and simply unbeatable cast in Drew Barrymore Cameron Diaz and Lucy Lou and it makes the right creative decision in ditching the series dramatic elements in favor of

More tongue-and-cheek comedy do you like fast Sces I like Fast everything the Three Angels work exceptionally well together and the supporting roles are all brilliantly cast the movie doesn’t slouch on the action sequences either I’m sorry could you hold on a second sure you bet I like him so much to the surprise of absolutely everyone this movie reinvigorated The

Charlie Angels brand for a new generation number 18 True Lies you press the button for the top floor please thank you following Terminator 2 James Cameron wrote and directed True Lies starring a-listers Arnold Schwarzenegger and jam Lee Cur do it try [Applause] again the film follows the two actors

Playing a married couple in which Helen discovers that Harry isn’t a boring computer salesman as she thought but actually a counterterrorism officer have you ever killed anyone yeah but they were all bad at the time of release this was the most expensive film ever made and with camera

At the helm you better believe that we see all that money on the screen in its high octane adrenaline fueled action scenes the set pieces are enormous the action is exciting the laughs are hysterical and the performances are all topnotch you’re fired number 17 the other guys the other

Guys is the fourth collaboration between will frell and writer director Adam McKay following Anor man Talladega Knights and Step Brothers City’s dying for a hero is it yeah we’re about 9 million socially conscious and unified citizens all just stepping up and doing their part by this point their process

Was razor sharp and well oiled resulting in the hilarious and surprisingly clever the other guys the chemistry between frell and Mark Wahlberg is outstanding and frell does well playing against hype as the straight laced and Mild mannered dweeb someone’s been playing Grand Theft order hey oh I did that I did that the

Movie is also Rife with some great action set pieces and a particular sequence involving Samuel L Jackson and Dwayne Johnson has to be one of the funniest things we’ve ever seen in an action comedy aim for the bushes the other guys isn’t original by any means

But it’s so well-made that no one really cares number 16 the Bad Boys franchise bad boys bad Bo what going to teamed up with funny man Martin Lawrence the fresh princess Will Smith plays one of two wise cracking detectives who hunt down various criminals in this franchise so

I’m playing cop now while the first two films received mixed reviews they became highly popular thanks to multiple gut-busting scenes featuring hilarious banter between the partners so what you wearing give me the phone give me the phone they also had over-the-top yet mesmerizing action sequences that only

Director Michael Bay could bring to the big screen which added some welcome heart stopping moments in between the goofy dialogue in characters though ba didn’t direct the third film which came out 13 years after Bad Boys 2 directors Adel and Bilal along with Smith Lawrence and crew were able to

Successfully capture the fun and action of the previous flicks to surprisingly positive reviews daddy Joker you are popup number 15 Tropic Thunder we can thank Ben Stiller for Tropic Thunder as he wrote produced directed and starred in the satirical comedy about a group of actors who are thrust into real Danger

Let’s go and make the greatest war movie ever yeah yeah the movie features some amazing performances including Tom Cruz’s unrecognizable Les grosan and Robert Downey Jr’s Oscar hungry actor Kirk Lazarus a role that ironically earned him an Academy Award nomination which is no small feat for a comedy film

While many of its jokes would not work today considering the climate in which we live we can still appreciate the well-directed and exciting action scenes the movie’s jungle locations are also beautiful to look at making Tropic Thunder both a visual and comedic treat are you going

To let me go or no we hold you forom much more money now number 14 Pineapple Express you have the easiest job on Earth you do smoke weed all day true you didn’t think of that you wouldn’t expect to see awesome action scenes in a stoner

Comedy but in this flick it is the norm so it’s s let me in let me in let me in I just saw some crazy man let me in please for love of God let me in it’s D let me in man let me in Dale yes Dale that’s why I said it’s

Dale dale let me in oh all right man come on up featuring Seth Rogan and James Franco in a Golden Globe nominated role Pineapple Express follows two Stoners as they go on the run from a drug dealer who wishes to take them out you okay man look I’ll get you

Another bong all right it’s my C Franco’s performance is hilarious and helped jump start his comedy career in film The Action is Relentless and we know we said this already but it’s much better than you think there’s also a sweet friendship and a good message underneath all the blood and smoke red

Where’d you come from man where’d he come from save us saved us directed by David Gordon green but produced by Jud Apatow and shaa Robertson it’s another film that’s developed a cult following and for good reason number 13 the nice guys Mr March we’re going to play a game

I think you the wrong house it’s called shut up unless you’re me Russell Crow and Ryan Gosling weren’t exactly the hottest names in comedy but you wouldn’t know it watching the nice guys not to be confused with the other guys Maran Marijuana pot Place streaks fit they smoking it oh yeah I can’t

Smell it but I got hit in the head a while back I lost my sense of smell written and directed by Shane black of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Fame the nice guys is a visually gorgeous and stimulating throwback to the drug fueled cop movies of the 70s full of bright colors ugly

Outfits funny haird and retro cars you lose your gun you take a header off the balcony and now you’re going to tell me it’s like a a hallow time on on a detective Ploy right it was very slippery up there okay I was I was in the pool it’s a fast-paced richly told

Story full of laughs and Great Character moments and Gosling and Crow work extraordinarily well together you’re not a murderer she just said she killed three people I know but I’m saying deep down hey look once’s a mistake by the time you get to three don’t pain her

With that brush cuz it’s easy to live in your world right where everyone sits in an era of bombastic superhero movies aimed at families the nice guys was a refreshing Ode to the mature adult oriented action comedies of old number 12 Scott Pilgrim versus the world after sticking to lowbudget English films with

Simon Peg director Edgar Wright broke into the mainstream or at least tried to with the $85 million Scott Pilgrim versus the world you don’t remember me do we met at the party the other day were you the Pac-Man guy no not even that was some total ass I was the other

Guy Scott Pilgrim was adapted from Brian Leo’s graphic novel of the same name and it has to be one of the most Bonafide comic book movies ever made we’re fighting over Ramona didn’t you get my email explaining the situation I skimmed it mm- you will pay for your

Insolence it is proudly boisterous and it often honors its roots with comic book themed visuals and sound effects like all right films Scott Pilgrim was critically acclaimed for its visuals editing and kooky humor unfortunately it bombed at the box office making just $48 million what was her name she was Nat

When I knew her but she stopped liking that name then she stopped liking me your hair is cute I like it long but it’d be cute as short wouldn’t it what what why are you wearing that hat I thought we could go for a walk luckily

It has since become a bit of a cult classic especially within the comic book fandom number 11 the Austin Powers franchise Mike Myers is at his over-the-top best as both the hero and the villain and even some other characters in this modern classic film series that spoofs the 60s era spy genre

I have one simple request and that is to have sharks with freaking laser beans attached to their heads Austin Powers is a British agent who also fancies himself a smooth smooth talking Ladies Man and is tasked with taking on Dr Evil and thwarting his quest to take over the

World although it’s said in the 1990s Powers is a broad Bond parody that gives the films an undeniably nostalgic aesthetic Vibe the physical comedy catchphrases and even the music are the shagadelic cherries on top of these modernized throwback flicks not only were they insanely popular when respectively

Released but they are also to this day number 10 kingsman the Secret Service exit would you like a lift home who are you spy comedies are as old as time itself that’s not chees Max getsmart was enormously popular in the mid-60s thanks to the James Bond boom and it received a film adaptation

In 2008 starring Steve Carell and an Hathaway but perhaps the Great greatest spy comedy of our time is 2014’s kingsman the Secret Service are we going to stand around here all day or are we going to fight the movie was an enormous hit grossing over $400 million at the

Worldwide box office thanks to its stylish visuals unrelenting sense of fun and the unbelievably packed cast and this is our standard issue pistol it’s quite unique as you’ll see it also fires a shotgun cartridge for use in messy close- range situations how do they feel yeah good the church Massacre going

Viral also helped Kingsman was just like a James Bond film only far funnier and way more violent our rated spy comedies are a risky Venture especially at $90 million but Kingsman proved there still is an audience for this type of movie number nine 48 Hours hey my name is

Reggie Hammond while appearing as the breakout star of Saturday Night Live during one of its lowest periods this movie helped launch Eddie Murphy’s career in mainstream Hollywood and it deserves a spot on this list for that if nothing else you know what I am I’m your worst nightmare man Murphy and Nick Noti

Play a criminal and a cop who join forces to NAB a cop killer you want G get me out of here the movie is regarded as the first entry in the buddy cop genre and its influence is still being seen in the genre today I’m serious I’m

Not in no mood and I’m just going to you up out here it’s going to be embarrassing to you and the police force their performances are what make the movie great with Murphy’s Golden Globe nominated role as convict Reggie Hammond being a true highlight it is an undeniable influential classic forget

This man we ain’t Brothers we ain’t partners and we ain’t friends if Gans gets away with my money you’re going to be sorry you ever met me I’m already sorry number eight Deadpool despite the superhero boom of the 2010s Deadpool was a major risk for 20th Century Fox it was

A hard R which alienated a large segment of the superhero fandom this form looks [Applause] good barely anyone knew who Deadpool was and those who had her heard of him were still reeling from his horrid portrayal in X-Men Origins Wolverine cuz as of now you only have one course of action damn straight find Star at horror films but an aggressive marketing campaign and the

Always charismatic Ryan Reynolds ensured its success creating what is arguably the finest and funniest superhero movie ever made you going to do a superhero Landing wait for it w superhero Landing yeah that’s really hard on your knees totally practical they all do it Reynold’s performance was widely acclaimed as was

The movie’s subversive writing and profane humor I prefer not to hit the woman so please play I mean that’s why I brought her oh no finish your Tweet it ended up grossing an astounding $782 million making it the highest grossing R-rated comedy at the time number seven Big Trouble in Little

China wait a minute pal this is the Hot Fuzz of cheesy kung fu movies proudly embracing the genre while intelligently spoofing and subverting its Tropes this blending of humor and action delighted critics many of whom praised the movie’s writing Kurt Russell’s performance and the direction of Hollywood Legend John Carpenter go off and rule the universe from Beyond the Grave indeed more checking to a psych award whichever comes first huh however

It also received its fair share of critiques and bombed at the box office resulting in John Carpenter feeling discouraged with the major Studio Industry luckily the movie received a strong following through home video and repeated television airings and it’s now considered a cult classic 3 years later Russell would star in the far more financially successful action comedy Tango and cash number six Hot Fuzz do I have any choice in this no the second

Film in Edgar writes acclaimed three flavors Cornetto Trilogy Hot Fuzz follows Simon Peg and Nick Frost as cops who discover that their small town is not what it seems I’m not talking about that I’m talking about the others what others the others the NWA have murdered

Both a spoof and a loving homage to cheesy 80s action films this flick features all the action cliches you love including a developing Bromance between the partners and ridiculously over-the-top explosions in gunfire scenes N N I thought you was a g the fact that this all occurs in small town England is

Just icing on the already hilarious cake and proved that wri was a director to watch out for yeah the way we see it it’s all for the greater good the greater good well sters may be but the law is the law and they’ll have to go also it’s just laugh out loud funny

Number five Drunken Master Big Trouble in Little China owes its very existence to the 1978 Masterpiece Drunken Master this martial arts comedy starring Jackie Chan was enormously popular at the Hong Kong box office becoming the second highest grossing film of 1978 it gave rise to the comedic Kung fujara

Of which Big Trouble in Little China is a part and it helped popularize the drunken fist fighting Style it also launched a film series containing a sort of sequel s sort of reboot various spin-offs a prequel and a host of imitators that desperately tried to recapture its [Applause] magic unfortunately for them there is no recapturing the magic of Jackie Chan Number Four The Jump Street franchise people now up what’s up a remake of the television drama of the same name these movies like the previously mentioned Hot Fuzz serve as both a hilarious parody of and a tribute

To terrible 80s culture you look really old were you held back or something no you look super young were you held forward the films follow Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill as detectives who infiltrate various institutions in order to bust criminals the chemistry between the two actors is palpable and their

Witty interplay is always great for a laugh one particle of on itanium has a nuclear reaction with a flux capacitor carry the two changing its Atomic Isotoner into radioactive spider some Fantastic action scenes and cameos only add to the fun making these films a true blast to watch even if you’ve never seen

The original Show what happened I don’t know it just didn’t explode that’s weird when it comes to the buddy cop film genre these are really some of the best in recent years number three the rush hour franchise who knew the pairing of legendary martial artist Jackie Chan and Comedian Chris Tucker would work so well

You never told me you spoke Chinese I never told you I didn’t you assume I didn’t these buddy cop movies follow two perfectly opposite police officers as they thwart what else various criminals and get into Mischief along the way good gu you all it ain’t you all it’s y’all

The Flicks are notable for their intricate action sequences particularly those involving Jackie Chan who never used a stunt double and had our Jaws dropping because of it oh Tucker provide some welcome laughs and the two make an entertaining enjoyable Duo that no one would have expected to

Work what the hell you doing I just being polite well next time be polite to my nuts while the sequel’s critical reviews weren’t as positive as they were for the first flick both were box office smashes with Rush Hour 2 becoming one of 2001’s highest grossing movies but time

You show some respect around here number two the Lethal Weapon franchise diplomatic Community it’s just been revoked bringing us ever closer to the quintessential action comedy is this film series starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover as mismatched LAPD detectives Martin Rigs and Roger myto guess what what I don’t want to work with you hey don’t ain’t got no choice every action comedy fan knows these

Movies influence on the genre with the cops witty banter and exciting action scenes ramping up the tension with each new entry hey R your wity shoot the bastard shoot him shoot him the performances are excellent the dialogue is always on point and the friendship the two cops share provides a

Welcome heart to all the laughs and Carnage baby is having my baby my baby is having his baby your baby oh baby oh baby while critics gave varied reviews for each subsequent installment when it comes to the box office the first three were runaway Financial successes while the

Fourth was one of 1998’s highest grossing films why don’t you save your strength you’re going to need it who’s the chin before we continue be sure to subscribe to our Channel and ring the bell to to get notified about our latest videos you have the option to be

Notified for occasional videos or all of them if you’re on your phone make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications number one the Beverly Hills Cop franchise my name is Axel Foley clearly the action comedy genre works for Eddie Murphy as he has starred

In numerous films in this series as officer Axel Foley while 48 Hours got Murphy’s name out there these movies are what really shot him to Superstar as his performance was unanimously praised by fans and critics alike the first flick was even nominated for the best original screenplay Academy Award

Which is almost unheard of for comedic action films your ass is skating on thin ice as it is hey look we’re talking about a friend of mine here with Murphy’s star making turn and its memorable catchy theme song the Beverly Hills Cop movies are considered some of

The best of the genre guys that’s the last straw that was a last straw you guys are too nice not only were they insanely popular when respectively released but they are also to this day with a hotly anticipated fourth entry set to drop in summer 2024 before I go I

Just want you to to know something all right that the super cop story was working okay was working and you guys just messed it up okay was your favorite laugh out loud action film featured on this list let us know in the comments oh get it out I got to get that

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