A Decade of Tariq St. Growing Up On Screen – Video

A Decade of Tariq St. Growing Up On Screen – Video

Growing Up On Screen as Tariq St. for 10 Years

Over the span of 10 years, Tariq St. has been a familiar face on screen as both Michael and Tariq in the hit franchise. In a recent YouTube video, Tariq reflects on his journey as an actor and the experience of growing up in front of the camera.

Initially signing on to the project because 50 Cent, his idol, was involved, Tariq didn’t fully comprehend the impact the show would have on his life. As the seasons progressed, he began to realize the magnitude of the show and his role within it. Seeing the transformation from a small project to a legendary phenomenon was both surreal and gratifying for Tariq.

As he watched the show evolve and grow, Tariq not only witnessed the success of the franchise but also his own growth as an actor. Being a part of something so iconic and being able to grow alongside it has been a unique and rewarding experience for Tariq.

Overall, Tariq expresses gratitude and excitement for the opportunity to be a part of such a legendary show and looks forward to what the future holds for his career.

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