Actors, Actress Who Died Today 4th April 2024 – Passed Away Today – Video

Actors, Actress Who Died Today 4th April 2024 – Passed Away Today – Video

We have sharing the latest news about today’s deaths. Actors and actresses who died today on 4th April 2024.

Passed Away Today
Hella Pick
Gaetano Pesce
Albert Heath
Adrian Schiller
Vera Tschechowa
Jerry Abbott
Veljko Bulajić
Christopher Durang

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Christopher durang he was an American playwright known for works of outrageous and often absurd comedy his work was especially popular in the 1980s though his career seemed to get a second win in the late 1990s Sister Mary Ignatius explains it all for you was durang’s Watershed play as it brought him to

National prominence when it won him the Obi Award for best playright 1980 his play Vania and Sonia and Masha and Spike won the Tony award for best play in 2013 his birth date is January 1949 durang performed as an actor for both stage and Screen he died from complications of aphasia at his

Pennsylvania home on 2nd of April 2024 at the age of 75 velco bagic he was a monegan film director and UNESCO Kinga Prize recipient he spent the majority of his life working in Croatia and is primarily known for directing World War II themed movies from the partisan film genre

According to the Croatian Public Broadcasting Company his films have reached an audience of over 500 million viewers worldwide bagic first produced two short films before making his debut feature film train without a timetable in 1969 he wrote and directed the legendary war film Battle of Netta starring Orson Wells and yil Briner he

Earned Best Director or best film awards at the siges film festival in Catalonia he was born on March 1928 he died on 2nd of April 2024 at the age of 96 died after a short illness Jerry abot he was an American country music songwriter and record

Producer he was the father of late heavy metal musicians Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Daryl both formerly of panta and damage plan his birth date is April 1942 he died on April 2nd 2024 at the age of 81 hell pic she was an austrian-born British journalist P studied at the

London School of economics she applied for a job at the United Nations but was not accepted in 1960 she became the UN correspondent of the Guardian newspaper where she was tutored by its chief us correspondent Alistair Cook she was honored with the CBE in 2000 for her

Work as a journalist and writer in Germany she became known for her appearance on the TV shows Internationals FR Chen and Press Club she has also written for the new Statesman she was born on April 1929 she died in London died on 4th of April

2024 at the age of 94 no cause of death was given Gano peshi he was an Italian architect and a design Pioneer of the 20th century peshi was born in Los fsia in 1939 and he grew up in Padua and Florence during his 50-year career peshi worked as an architect urban planner and

Industrial designer his Outlook is considered Broad and humanistic and his work is characterized by an inventive use of color and materials a certain connections between the individual and Society through ART architecture and designed to reappraise Mid 20th Century Modern Life peshi studied architecture at the University of Venice with such

Notable teachers as Carlos Scarpa and Ernesto Rogers his birth date is November 1939 he died on April 3rd 2024 died from a stroke at the age of 84 Albert Heath he was an American Jazz hard bop drummer the brother of tenor saxophonist Jimmy Heath and the double basist Percy Heath with Stanley Cowell

The heaths formed the heath Brothers jazz band in 1975 he first recorded in 1957 with John coltrin from 1958 he worked with among others J J Johnson West Montgomery art farmer and Benny goon’s Jazz Cedar Walton and others among his many workshop and classroom teaching assignments Heath was a regular

Instructor at the Stanford Jazz Workshop he is recorded extensively throughout his career his birth year is May 1935 he died from leukemia in New Mexico died on 3rd of April 2024 at the age of 88 Vera CA she was a German producer director screenwriter and actress of Russian descent she appeared in more

Than 50 films between 1957 and 1996 she was widely known as Elvis Presley’s companion particularly in connection with his oral poliomyelitis vaccine public booster advocacy and which they both undertook during Presley’s first year in Germany with the US Army 1959 in 1980 she founded a toss of Film Production together with her

Husband vidim glona from the beginning of the 1990s chova worked primarily as a director of documentaries she was born on July 1940 she died in Berlin on April 3rd 2024 at the age of 83 died after a short serious illness Adrien Schiller he was an English actor an actor with a career

Spanning over 30 years Schiller began his career appearing in an episode of prime suspect he was the face on the anti-drink driving piif moment of Doubt on British TV part of the dft’s think Road Safety campaign since 2007 in December 2008 the advert won best casting at the Taco Awards he was known

For Beauty and the Beast 2017 suffer Jette 2015 and bright star 20 9 his birth date is February 1964 he died on 3rd of April 2024 at the age of 60 died suddenly and unexpectedly

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