Agadir: Morocco’s Renowned Beach Destination! 🇲🇦 – Video

Agadir: Morocco’s Renowned Beach Destination! 🇲🇦 – Video

Agadir, a famous resort city in Morocco, is the main focus of this video. The video showcases the wide beach, marina, and promenade of the city, providing insights into the overall vibe and atmosphere of the famous beach destination. The video also touches on cultural differences and etiquette for tourists, including swimming attire and alcohol availability. With comparisons to other international beach destinations, the video captures the experience of exploring Agadir and offers a glimpse into the diverse offerings for tourists in the area. This travel adventure is just one example of the exciting experiences you can have when visiting Morocco’s famous resort city.

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Video Transcript

A good morning everyone once again here from Morocco we’ve just arrived in agader which is the famous resort city of Morocco I think it’s the most famous Beach destination in Morocco so we came here from tazu pretty packed bus yeah we got the local bus and it was a 7 de per

Person I think the taxi would have cost like uh 300 or something which is like 3030 that’s a big difference difference so that’s why we decided to get the bus wasn’t too bad though no it was like 30 minutes as well so not that bad we’ve

Had worst uh buses in Rio yeah in Brazil we’re used to pack buses so already the moment you get off the bus you can see like big hotels here since it’s a big Resort City there’s a casino over there and there’s also a nightclub here so very different vibe to Tazo yeah Tazo

Where we were in the last video is just like a sleepy thing fishing Surf town on the coast so it’s going to be very Different and this area here is the cor Nish a nice big walking area loads of cafes and restaurants on the side seems to be mainly a public beach but they do have some private areas I guess that this belongs to the cafe over there man that is one wide Beach yeah it

Is it’s a lot different to the beach in taguk as well yeah the beach in tagua nowhere near this wide this one’s massive so at the end of the beach back there there’s a marina too that’s supposed to be really nice and you can

Also see a fort on the top of that hill so that’s where The Old City the original city of agade would have been so we’re planning to go there also later on it is a weekend today so I guess there’s more locals around I don’t see locals around this part Here So I don’t think we’re going to be doing any swimming here it is pretty ice cold the water we’ve been going in but with a weet suit when we’ve been surfing not really that many people swimming around here only a few so we just saw the weirdest thing ever some

Guy was swimming in his uh swim trunks I think he’s a European tall white guy and then he he comes out and then he just gets completely butt naked like completely naked in in front of local women too like local Muslim women the probably the craziest thing I’ve ever

Seen and uh it was just to switch out from his trunks and put uh swimming shots on but obviously you can’t do that here I mean we’ve seen it a few times in Europe on other public beaches but even then it’s kind of weird even then right

On a public beach yeah we’ve seen that in Portugal and like the the Portuguese people the locals they also find it weird but I think it’s maybe it’s a German thing uh somebody told me that ger for Germans that’s just normal yeah basically when they get out of the water

It seems they want to remove the swimwear and kind of change what they’re wearing for the beach yeah I think they have two types of swimw but I don’t know it’s not normal for everybody yeah so luckily the the local women were actually just kind of laughing I think

They were still in shock though they were like what the hell but depending on the people that were around I think they’ got a bit of a different reaction yeah I can’t I can’t actually believe that the the guy did that just now but here in the tourist destinations it’s

Actually normal to wear a bikini from what we read before and from what we’ve been seeing yeah apparently the locals don’t wear bikinis but the foreigners can wear it’s just fine we saw many foreigners with in bikinis uh more in tazu but also here uh we see and it’s

Just fine not not a problem yeah so from our travels that just changes depending on what Muslim country you’re in um we’ve been to some I think like om man where there’s just no chance we even went to places in om man where I wasn’t

Allowed to wear a t-shirt I to like hide my elbows and my my knees but then you can go to other places like Malaysia and stuff where they have many beaches where it’s normal for women to where like bikinis so yeah it just depends you just

Got to read up before you go to the places to make sure you’re not being like disrespectful or anything that’s It yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah now we’re heading into the Marine area looks like a bit of a rich area I don’t know if these are Apartments pretty fancy looking buildings though it’s a pretty nice Marina though actually reminds us a lot of the marinas that we see in the

Algarve in Portugal some places around Morocco actually remind me a bit of Portugal you got the palm trees over there they also have like the olives and uh orange trees things like that quite similar they also have like the orangey rocks here yeah mhm and the the

Constructions are kind of similar to the Not Too Tall be a good place to have a fishing rod here like millions of fish here they also have the gigantic seagull here like you get in the algra they’re like seagulls on steroids they seem to be the exact same type

And you have surfing in the algar too so yeah it’s just very similar but also completely different in many ways Too So just like many International beach destinations you get all different kinds of food options here some beach areas we might actually go for Indian food we’ve been eating Moroccan food every single day and it’s also easier to find alcohol around here there’s some places in Morocco that don’t have any alcohol at

All I think in tazu is only a few places that would sell alcohol so as I mentioned in the previous video uh first I thought that we were going to stay here instead of uh instead of tazu but uh one of the things that I didn’t like

About this place was that the hotels all the reviews were always complaining about the noise from the bars and the discos the nightclubs yeah now we can see why because there are so many but and nightclubs around here yeah that’s a nightclub there but if you want a party

I think this is a good place to come yeah it seems like it yeah I think many people from the UK come here to party and get drunk some other places that you can visit looks pretty cool won’t be making it there on this trip Paradise Valley so the restaurant is Bollywood Pakistani

Indian restaurant so it’s right on the beach front the walkway so as always we’ll go with the papadums we love that at the Indian places 30 I might get two samosas too meat samosas 55 and we always get a nan too plain Nan is 15 and

Then I might go for my favorite the chicken Tika Masala 125 what are you thinking of uh chana masala chana masala yeah my favorite and that is 85 so delicious yeah I love this yeah the spreads are are all great and I didn’t realize the samosas were going to

Be so massive look at the size of that they’re usually small AR they yeah so the feast has arrived there’s my chicken tasala it also comes with rice in that price big dish of rice and then yeah you got the Nan breads hereo just a nice amount of spice that’s always difficult

When we order Indians cuz sometimes you say mild and then it comes with like no spice at all or sometimes you can say mild and it’s still super spicy yeah it’s hard to get the the right M amount of spiciness that way you can handle mhm

But this is pretty good isn’t it there’s a little kick there perfect yeah just a good amount for Us So we’ve come to the Medina now of aade it’s pretty cool that in the middle they have the game going on Morocco are playing in the afcon the African football cup big screen in the Medina everybody’s excited for the game yeah they’re all watching so already at the entrance it looks incredible

Here it was 40 dams per person to come here we got a local taxi here they do the meter I think it was only like 23 to get here so not much at all it’s been pretty quiet in agad so far I mean we have seen tourists but not that many

Really I thought we’d see a lot more this place seems pretty empty barely anybody here so the original Medina was was destroyed in 1960 by a big earthquake that they had here it actually destroyed the majority of agader I think a third of the population died around 15,000 people so

Really really bad earthquake and some of you might know that Morocco just had another bad earthquake recently it seems like they have a hard time with earthquakes around here Big Amphitheater yeah uh they’re like having something here maybe at night I don’t know some kind of event yeah it looks like they have speakers microphones even big cameras Oh yeah some sort of show here going on yeah literally everywhere you look in this place looks amazing so this was built in

1992 so it’s not an old one but obviously they’ve made it look like a an ancient Medina in a way it actually looks nicer than a lot of the medas that you can visit the real medas cuz everything’s Kind of Perfect the designs even got the Medina cats like in in

Mares cows already took 100 photos yeah everything’s so Beautiful For Yeah so Sunday is probably not the best day to come cuz there’s loads of restaurants here but they seem to be closed it looks like the rooms were really beautiful where the restaurants are not sure if it’s like that on Saturday too have to read about it so I ended up

Going for a coffee 20 Dam got some orange juice 18 Dam nice and quiet now it’s half timee so they put it on pause and we’ve been to some reconstructions like this before in Dubai and Abu Dhabi but this one is way way nicer way more Picturesque So we’re going to head up to the Fort now and you can actually get there by cable C that good french yeah Dani land so that’s cool cuz I always like getting on the cable carts VIP yeah so it’s 120 per person she said we could also get a private one for 800

Overall but it’s private anyway cuz nobody’s here I think the other one had some fancy stuff the cab was better they had like Wi-Fi inside the cabin and lounge access before lounge access I don’t know but we don’t want that also on the way back from the Medina we got a

Different taxi this time called Grand taxi and and it’s not meter it’s like a fixed price so this one was 70 so a lot more expensive than the smaller taxi that we got for the orange one so if you’re on a budget go for the the orange

Taxes the meter taxes yeah we were going to get the the P taxi which is the small one but there was not available at time there was not waiting yeah so we had to get the bigger one more Expensive So that was a really smooth ride to get here might actually be the smoothest cable carart that we’ve ever been on and definitely the best place to come for view of agader that was the beach we were on got the marina here and this is a fish

Import I think it’s the biggest fish Import in Morocco and this is the Caspa the for where you had the The Old City also reconstruction because of that earthquake unfortunately it destroyed this place too so the original one was from the 16th century so really old one of the first

Settlements around here here they have some images before the earthquake and after the earthqu you can see the difference all damaged oh yeah so that was before uhhuh yeah it’s completely destroyed in this one like collapsed everything you can see in the photo once again before

The earthquake it was like the minate of a mosque but I think everything got completely flattened inside so I was just reading on Google Maps about the reviews of this place and apparently the earthquake of last year 2023 affected the inside of this place and that’s why you cannot go inside

Anymore but before I think one year ago uh you could go inside so maybe in a few months it will be open again yeah I guess they’re repairing some things yeah would have been cool to see how is on the inside seems to be a nice walkway along the outside though at

Least it’s kind of worth coming up here just for the views anyway so even at the back of the Caspar you can still see some of the walls down there so I guess it would have been protected at the bottom too and I read that before this was

Built there was actually a Portuguese settlement here the Portuguese had settled here in the 1500s and they also had some sort of Fort here at the bottom so there was a time where both forts were here and then eventually the locals here conquered the Portuguese and they all Fled So in the reviews this is another one of the places that it says that the vendors are a nuisance and they keep bothering you but once again that just hasn’t been happening to us at all pretty much nobody spoke to us and we think that might be because of Carol

Yeah I think they think I’m Moroccan maybe and I’ve had a few people come talk come talk to me in Arabic and also even here at the cable car station the lady asked if I was Moroccan because uh I would get a better price but I I said

I’m not Moroccan but she said I look Moroccan so maybe they don’t bother me as much bother us as much because they think I’m Moro yeah they think you’re a local yeah yeah it’s really happened a lot like people at the hotels have thought was Moroccan when we were going

To hand over our passports and stuff so you do kind of look Moroccan though yeah you look similar to the locals yeah that’s Cool So we’re back in Tazo now we ended up coming back by taxi it was 150 and this is the beach in front of our place where we’re staying back there never actually seen it so low tide so far been here quite a few days never had

This much Beach area I think every time we had a drink and ate at these places this was just over in water yeah the tide is extra low but I think that means that it’s going to be extra high so we’re going to asleep with the the sound

Of the Waves even stronger that’s good yeah there seems to be way more people on the beach here too today maybe because it’s a Sunday Beach is not usually this busy overall I’m definitely glad that we decided to stay in Tazo though over aad

Oh yeah yeah we like the Tazo a lot more than a it’s mainly because the of the vibe very laidback and relaxing so it’s our type of place yeah it also seems a bit more authentic I guess the buildings I just like the layout Overall You so that’s going to be it for this video we actually have two more days here but we’re not really going to be doing any filming just going to do some work on the laptop and hopefully learn to surf a bit more hopefully the waves are good

For us to try surfing over the next 2 days and in the next video we’re going to be in eoir which is another very popular destination here in Morocco so if you like this video just drop a like as usual to support us subscribe to see more videos like this follow us on

Instagram and Facebook and we’ll see you next next One

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