Trailer for THE INHERITANCE (2024) – Video

Trailer for THE INHERITANCE (2024) – Video

The Inheritance Trailer (2024) follows the story of a wealthy father who calls his estranged children back home for a family reunion, only to drop a bombshell – he is going to die by midnight. As the family grapples with this shocking revelation, dark secrets and hidden agendas start to unravel, leading to a series of terrifying events. The father reveals that there is a price on his head, and something sinister is after him.

As the night progresses, the family must confront their demons and work together to survive the night. With a multi-billion dollar inheritance on the line, tensions rise as they battle against an unknown force that is determined to destroy them. The trailer is filled with suspense, mystery, and horror as the family fights for their lives and tries to uncover the truth behind the inheritance. Will they make it out alive, or will the darkness that lurks within the house consume them all?

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