Allowing Locals to Cruise on Our Brand New Boat – Video

Allowing Locals to Cruise on Our Brand New Boat – Video

Life on a boat can be isolating, but sailing around the Philippines has been anything but lonely. It seems that every island we sail to, we meet the most delightfully inviting and intriguing people. And I don’t think we’ve ever felt more at home and a part of the community faster than we have here in Palawan.

It all started with our new friend Sid, who has shared so much with us, including his friends. This is how we met the incredible boat builder and sailor, Hir. So, Hir, Sid, and Cat have invited us into their world, but this week, we decided to show them a little of ours.

As we welcomed our Filipino friends aboard our catamaran, Curiosity, we prepared for a day of sailing and sharing stories. With 11 people on board, we were truly pushing the limits of our vessel, but the joy and laughter that filled the boat made it all worth it.

While we were busy hosting our guests, Sid, being the director he is, managed to capture some great moments to share with you. From the excitement of hoisting sails to the delight of cooking a Filipino lunch on board, it was a day filled with new experiences and connections.

As we shared bubbles to celebrate the beautiful day, we had the chance to introduce our families and share our thoughts on catamaran life. And for our new friends from Palawan, it was a day they won’t soon forget.

So, while life on a boat may have its challenges, the friendships and memories we create along the way make it all worthwhile. And as we continue to sail the seas in search of new adventures, we know that it is the people we meet and the connections we make that truly make life at sea unforgettable. Cheers to the journey ahead!

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