An Ideal Weekend in San Diego – Activities, Attractions, and Eateries for You and Your Pup! – Video

An Ideal Weekend in San Diego – Activities, Attractions, and Eateries for You and Your Pup! – Video

San Diego, California is a picture-perfect destination for a weekend getaway, especially if you have a furry friend by your side. In this video, we explore all the top dog-friendly sights and delicious eats that San Diego has to offer. From playing on the dog beach at Fiesta Island, to enjoying a California Burrito at Roberto’s, to strolling around Seaport Village and Balboa Park, this video showcases the best of San Diego for both you and your four-legged companion.

One highlight is Lazy Dog, a restaurant that not only welcomes pets but also has a dedicated doggy menu. Watching your pup enjoy a meal alongside you is truly a unique experience. After a visit to Old Town, a historic area that celebrates the birthplace of California, and a hike along the stunning Sunset Cliffs, the video wraps up with a visit to Pacific Beach Fish Shop for some mouth-watering Baja-style fish tacos.

San Diego’s pet-friendly atmosphere and stunning natural beauty make it a must-visit destination for all dog lovers. Whether you’re a local looking for new spots to explore or a visitor seeking a fun and pet-friendly weekend, this video is sure to inspire you to plan your own perfect weekend in San Diego. So grab your furry friend, pack your bags, and get ready to experience all that this beautiful city has to offer.

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Video Transcript

After wrapping up our adventures in Baja  California with this puppy by our side,   it’s about time we give our dog, Napa, a weekend  totally dedicated to her. Welcome to San Diego,   a city that’s more obsessed with your four-legged  friend than that one aunt on Facebook. Here,  

Dogs can run free on the beach, order from their  own menus, even watch baseball games with us. Man,   if we aren’t careful, they may just run for  mayor. So, in this video, we’re embarking   on the ultimate pet-friendly weekend in San  Diego, a weekend where Napa will have a ton  

Of fun while we also get to see the must-seen  spots in San Diego and eat some good fish tacos   and burritos while doing it. So buckle up, or  should we say leash up, welcome to San Diego. San Diego is very dog-friendly, and they’re  actually one of the first places in the  

Country to have a public off-leash dog beach.  That’s right. So, that’s very useful, you know,   if you have a friendly dog that always wants  to meet other people, and they’re good next to   people and dogs, this is the place. Exactly. There  is one place that’s very popular called Dog Beach,  

Fitting name, and then there’s another one  called Fiesta Island that a lot of people   recommended to us, and it’s huge. There’s  so much space here for dogs to run around,   the water is extremely calm, which  is good because it’s Napa’s first  

Time seeing the ocean. That’s right.  And, I think she’s going to like it. Napa loved playing in the water, although the  tide was pretty low whenever we were there.   We’d definitely be interested in checking  out the Dog Beach in Ocean Beach sometime,  

Or one of the other two dog beaches  located in San Diego. After some   sniffing, testing out how the saltwater  tastes, and meeting some new friends,   we figured it was time to grab lunch.  And of course, we’re in San Diego;  

We need to try some burritos. I’m from Mexico,  but I’m from the center-south part of Mexico. So, we’re not used to burritos; it’s something  that you can get more into the Border. She   wants to get in the shot so bad. Over here  in San Diego, you can have good burritos.  

I know everyone thinks they have their best  burrito and the best restaurant for burritos,   but I think the most consistent is  this chain that is called Roberto,   and happens to have a location. They have multiple  locations, but this one, it has a drive-thru,  

Which is good for us because we have Napa over  here in the car, and it’s, and this one is only   one mile away from Fiesta Park. So we’re over  here; we’re hungry. So what do you say if we go  

For one burrito? Thank you. Hi there, yes, we’re  going to do two California Burritos. Anything   else? You want something else? No, I think  that’s it. No, I think we’re good. Thank you. It feels like we’re in a car wash.  Maybe we are. No, it smells good,  

Right? Smells good. The California Burrito,  this, oh my God, these flour tortillas look so   good. So there’s like french fries, carne asada,  cheese. There’s no like avocado or anything. I   think we were supposed to add that extra, but  still, freaking delicious. A few days later,  

We did end up ordering the burrito again on Uber  Eats and adding beans, lettuce, and avocado,   turned it into truly the burrito of our dreams. So  for that reason, it still gets a five out of five.

After lunch, we decide to head closer to downtown.  So our next spot here in San Diego is an area   we’ve been before, called Embarcadero. It’s a  beautiful, beautiful area over here. I really like   downtown San Diego, and this is one of the most  beautiful places to be. And ironically, last time  

We were in San Diego, we didn’t really explore  this area as much as I had hoped. We thought it   was just like a little strip, like a little park  walk. Turns out there’s tons of museums here, um,  

And this place which is called Seaport Village.  That’s right. But I like how they construct it   to make it look like California style. And of  course, a lot of restaurants over here, yeah,   plus it’s dog-friendly. There’s some great views  at the beach, and probably if you’re staying at  

One of the big hotel chains, you’re going to  be around this area. That’s right, walkable,   it’s very walkable. But another thing we wanted  to point out that we really wish we could do   while we’re here is go to Petco Park. Petco Park  is the stadium for the Padres, that’s baseball,  

And it’s one of the best ones, in the way  that you can see the skyline. It’s in the   middle of the downtown, but most important, it’s  called Petco Park, so of course, it’s Petco,   and they allow you to have dogs. It’s the  only one. It’s so cool. I can just imagine  

Napa sitting there in the little dog area,  watching her first baseball game, right,   Napa? I think she’s more entertained by  the grass. She’s happy with whatever. Also, just to call out, a couple of the museums  you could visit here if you don’t have your dog,  

Or you can, you know, put the dog away somewhere,  is the Children’s Museum. I remember as a kid,   I was obsessed. The Maritime Museum, that is one  of the biggest ones. It is. And then also the USS  

Midway Museum, which we probably are going  to be able to see just across the way. Oh,   it’s nice. There’s apparently also a fish market  around here that you can visit. And of course,   being in San Diego, there’s probably like  very good seafood, but I think we’re cool  

Walking around the seaport village for now.  So let’s take a look around. She wants to   walk or rest or eat grass. This is a nice area  to walk around in, and we aren’t sure who like   watching these cactuses in this lawnmower, us or  Napa. There’s plenty of outdoor dining here too,  

Making this a great place to have a seaside  meal. But if you thought dining alfresco was   the peak of pet-friendly hospitality,  just wait till you see our next spot. Meet Lazy Dog, a place that’s taking the  term doggy bag to the next level. This one  

Is a restaurant that not only is friendly with  pets but also celebrates pets. I’ve never seen   a doggy menu at a restaurant, but Napa is in for  a treat. This is like one of the few times we’re  

Going to actually let her eat food at the table.  That’s right. She’s so excited, and she doesn’t   even know what’s coming. So the place is called  Lazy Dog, and what I think is really cool about  

This place is it’s not just like a place for  dogs and like they’re just marketing you to get   in because of that, they actually have really good  food. And you notice some really good tap options,   like beers on the menu. That’s right. Over  here is the menu, they have very good beers,  

But right now, it’s too early for that, so we’re  all about the water. We had a big day ahead of us,   and one of the things that famous for on the menu  that we wish we could have tried is the Bison  

Meatloaf, but we had too much coffee this morning,  and we’re actually not that hungry. That’s right.   So we order a couple of different things. We also  ordered a dish for Napa: hamburger, white rice,   veggies. Yeah, so we’re going to see how it  looks. She’s going to love it, doesn’t matter  

What. But yeah, good food for dogs, good food  for us. Guys, look what they just brought. It’s   the bowl for Napa. It smells freaking good. Yeah,  it has some hamburger and rice and some veggies,   and my intrusive thoughts are saying we should  just order this to save money and eat it,  

Even though it’s for the dog. Anyway,  let’s give it to her. Stay, stay. Free! The food here was excellent, and we think Napa  agrees, although she has that same grin when we   feed her her monthly heartwormer. But anyways,  our next stop is a place that I thought was  

Going to be more of like a park with swings and  slides, and it’s even better than I expected.   This place is ginormous. This is Balboa Park,  and it’s so beautiful right now. That is a day   off for everyone over here. They come over here,  enjoy the sun, and enjoy this beautiful park. The  

Best part? It’s dog-friendly, and there are,  I think, like 16 or 18 different museums you   can see here if you don’t have a pet. But even  if you do have one, there’s tons of grounds to   walk around, and Napa is having a great time  exploring some of the Spanish architecture.

Yeah, and one of the places that is over  here that is a must in San Diego is the zoo,   his world-famous zoo. But unfortunately, because  Napa is with us, we cannot go. I don’t think Napa   and lions would mix very well. She’s a little too  jumpy and will probably startle them. But anyway,  

We’re just going to explore around here.  We could probably spend several days and   still not see this entire park. What do  you say, Napa, should we go? How enough? After exploring Balboa Park, we  decided to head to another one   of San Diego’s must-see spots that just  so happens to be dog-friendly: Old Town.

Whenever my family visited me, we went to Old  Sacramento, but over here, it looks like they   take it to the next level. Yeah, it’s really,  really nice, and I love that there’s like a huge   appreciation for Mexican culture as well as being  like the old west, because that’s how it was. Yes,  

I want to check the Mexican candies  later on; there’s some that I miss. And what we hadn’t realized until later is that  Old Town San Diego is not necessarily a replica   of what the old west was. This is considered the  birthplace of California, where the first Spanish  

Settlers marked their presence and began the  transformation of a vast territory into the state   we know today. This historic heart, established  in 1769, is where California’s first mission and   fort were founded, laying down the roots for  San Diego and the entire state’s development. As you wander through the  preserved buildings and museums,  

Each corner of Old Town gives a glimpse  into the lives of its early inhabitants,   from Native Americans to Spanish missionaries,  Mexican soldiers to American pioneers. With the   Spanish and Mexicans having so much  influence in this area over history,  

We weren’t surprised to run into what we saw  next on the map, a spot titled Plaza de Armas. Plaza de Armas is in the center of almost every  Mexican town. There’s a plaza, or zócalo, that is   the center of the entire city or town, and that  all the celebrations, whenever it’s something,  

The party of the town, it’s celebrated over there.  So we have a little bit, a little plaza de armas   over here in the center of this old town.  And hey, Napa is kind of already familiar   with how towns are structured in Mexico, because  in the past few episodes, we took you guys south  

Of the border to Baja California with her dog,  Tijuana, Ensenada, and Valle de Guadalupe. And   Valle de Guadalupe is such a great dog-friendly  destination, so check out that video after.  It’s so close to San Diego, so you might as  well get some good wine and food down there. Oh,  

Definitely. And I don’t know, it’s something  about these old west places that just make   you want some root beer. So, I got a root beer  float. This little shop over here, it has tons   of different root beers to choose from. This one  is like made of all-natural ingredients, so I gave  

It a try. It’s super good, and actually, they  gave me two ’cause it’s buy one, get one free,   but Martin doesn’t like root beer, so I’m about  to eat two root beer floats by myself. Sugar Rush!

In a city known for its beaches and outdoor  lifestyle, we knew we needed to get a hike   in. Sunset Cliffs, with its dramatic coastline  and inspiring vistas, offers one of San Diego’s   most beautiful and easiest hikes. Perched along  the western edge of Point Loma, this stretch  

Of sandstone cliffs has captivated both locals  and visitors with its breathtaking sunsets. The   cliffs, carved by the relentless force of the  Pacific Ocean, create a rugged landscape that   is both serene and wild. The walking path looks  almost maze-like, and you can really choose how  

Far. You want to go, this is what we came to San  Diego for. After walking around a bit, it was time   to head into our last spot. Guys, you know it’s a  must when you go to San Diego, if you can get into  

The chair, some seafood. Yes, some seafood, and  we found this amazing place where actually you can   choose your type of fish, that includes mahi-mahi,  yellowtail, lobster, shrimp, okay, twin telepathy.   Fish sword? Swordfish! Then you can choose  your marinade if you decide to do it grilled,  

Or you can do it fried like we did because we’re  really into the Baja style tacos right now,   ever since our trip to Baja, obviously. That’s  right, also you can choose if you want it in a  

Sandwich or in a taco like us, so you know we went  for the taco. A good thing that you can find over   here in San Diego, some of the best beers in the  entire United States, seriously, the craft brewing  

Scene here is incredible. So, Martin got this  really beautiful-looking hazy IPA. Oh my gosh,   and not only is this like a musty spot, no matter  if you have a dog or not, but it’s a pet-friendly  

Place. How lucky we are, you can eat on the patio  with your dog chilling, they bring out some treats   and some water too, which I thought was sweet.  So, let’s try these tacos, and we’re going to  

Enjoy. Really good. Oh yum, this is so good, and  this tortilla, I want to get your opinion, the   tortilla is freaking delicious. It’s delicious,  you can barely close the taco, but it’s so good,   all the ingredients, they mix up very good  together. That’s a wrap, that’s a freaking wrap.

Now, San Diego’s just got to be the most  dog-friendly city, probably it is. We met   a lot of furry puppies today, yes, Napa had  a blast, and we definitely want to do it all   again in the future. We got to come back here for  another trip around San Diego, totally. We have  

To come over here and then discover the places  that we couldn’t go. True, I really want to go   back to the San Diego Zoo, and luckily for us,  we do have a wedding coming up soon that we’re  

Going to be back here for, off camera. So, we  have a couple of other spots to visit. Lots   of fun was had by us and our dog. We left a video  over here to the side for you guys to watch next.  

So long, travel well, and make the world your  neighborhood. See you guys next time, bye-bye.

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