The Best Breakfast Street Food in New York: What Makes It Stand Out? – Video

The Best Breakfast Street Food in New York: What Makes It Stand Out? – Video

In this video, we’ll join Jon Barr and Ben from The Bing Buzz as they take us on a tour of some of New York City’s best cheap street food breakfast spots in Manhattan. From Mama Jo’s Breakfast Cart, serving up authentic Greek breakfast items, to Gray’s Papaya and Petey’s Cafe, we get a taste of the diverse breakfast offerings in the city.

Starting off with Mama Jo’s, we meet the woman behind the cart and get to sample some of her famous Greek pastries and hearty breakfast items. Mama Jo’s passion for cooking and hospitality shines through as she shares her love for authentic Greek cuisine with her customers, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere at her cart.

The tour continues with a stop at Gray’s Papaya, known for its classic New York breakfast specials, and then Petey’s Cafe, where we get to try some of the best breakfast sandwiches in Manhattan. Throughout the video, Jon and Ben share their thoughts and experiences as they sample each breakfast offering, providing insight into why these spots are considered some of the best in the city.

From the delicious food to the welcoming atmosphere, this video offers a firsthand look at why these street food breakfast spots have become local favorites and a must-visit for tourists looking to start their day with an authentic New York City breakfast experience. So, forget the overpriced brunch and join Jon and Ben as they explore the best of New York’s affordable and delicious street food breakfast options.

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Video Transcript

Forget that overpriced brunch today we’re showing you New York’s best breakfast street food at price points around $5 this is a Manhattan tour you won’t soon forget we’ve got Ben one half of the Bing buuz joining us and we’re starting at an iconic New York City breakfast cart what does this mean to

You comfort especially after my night shift before this is like what I want to wake up to after I sleep in the office wake up in the morning this is the first place I go to and we’re starting with Mama Joe who is an absolute Legend in

New York well I used to have restaurants before I sold the restaurants and I started here like maybe 40 years ago I love cooking you know you some people love coffing some people love you know tennis some people love shopping I love cooking you know cook cook is like an

Art you have to know and you have to like otherwise don’t do it you will not be successful what would you say is the best seller they like my spanakopita if you go to a Greek store let say Queens you go to a cafe well you going to buy

The spanac for $10 I sell my span for $6 this is for me this is from scratch if I don’t make it how I’m going to sell it if I buy it spanic P so it’s a puff pastry with spinach and feta very famous Greek breakfast let’s try

It spinach and the feta just compliment each other perfectly here this is like blowing my mind how’ they make the spinach taste so good yeah so creamy so hearty Mama Joe is basically the the Greek Mom or Grandma you didn’t know you had because she’s stuffing us with all

This amazing food I’m Asian so she can’t be my grandma but she is treating me like her grandson I feel like this is a diner menu first of all a huge menu huge that’s crazy how all these food just stuff inside this little cart I know po

P puff pastry with feta and eggs let’s try it so warm and Hearty I feel like we just went over her house I don’t know how this is possible that we having authentic Greek pastries right here in Midtown Manhattan this is the the ultimate New York City breakfast outside

And the price is too a lot of items are $5 or less coffee is cheap sign me up olive bread for Tris you know she’s right the secret ingredient is a lot of Greek olive oil you’ve ever been to Greece they sell it everywhere for good reason I shot a

Video Once in a story there was a little Greek Cafe that’s now closed that serve this kind of food but I would never expect to find this next to Grand Central crazy I mean if you are a tourist you want to start your trip to New York and you’re in Midtown start it

Here she will welcome you with open arms and probably chat with you for 20 minutes New York is a pled but I don’t deal with New York as only I have people from all over the world that come in news people in Greece they e this and in

Germany and in England in France and they came here for that you become a tourist attraction in a way yeah very much so yeah yeah and they find me here I’m not in a tourist place but they find me yes I watch your YouTube videos oh

Thank you so much watch you’re the man he’s the man he’s the man who are you she’s Mama Joe a little chicken noodle soup you know how they call chicken soup Jewish penicillin Mama Joe’s version Greek penicillin it’s so good it’s like you ever go on a camping trip as a kid

And the best thing you remember is a chicken noodle soup just tastes like that it straight warms my soul I think this is the first smile I cracked all day yeah just some strong words and it’s a it’s the morning you don’t normally think of chicken noodle soup for the

Morning but I think we will start thinking about it yeah maybe I’m getting old I always go for ice coffee but this this really hits a spot I really can’t believe the food is this good I mean I read it was this good but I had to taste

Of her my you know I have people they call me Mama Joe for a reason you know if somebody comes here and he said give me a cup of coffee small one for five sugars you think I’m going to give him five sugar I would not give him five

Sugar I’m going to give him one sugar and you know and people they see that said Mama Jo’s not going to give it five sugars and then they come say how’s your coffee said different but I like it I said you know why because I keep you

Want Chen anyone who’s ever been to Greece understands the obsession and addiction to frappe iced coffee cappuccinos I drank this twice a day in Greece and this is tough to find in New York you ever tried this no I’m freaking excited all you’re going to join the

Club only $3 this is definitely my top pick here for a drink holy moly this is actually really good what have I been drinking in my whole life I know makes you question your decisions homemade baklava taste test first time having baklava outdoor in a rain yes me too

No extra sugar needed just that honey it actually tastes sweeter than the usual Bako soup in a good way honey sweeter and healthier you’re right there’s definitely a healthy element to this a healthy cheap New York breakfast that’s dessert too we’re just transcending so many different levels here I got one

Last question how do you keep such a positive attitude all the time because like I say before to you you have to like what you do people that go to do any kind of job and they do it for money and they do it because they have to

Survive but you can survive doing what you like I came here I was a fer I was making four quotes I was making shows all over the country the for business stop everything stop I close the factory I say what’s my next best them food and

That’s how you know if you can turn what you like to business then you always have a good attitude that’s my nature too you have to do you know that’s my nature Al so yeah I’ve been making videos for a long time in New York I think my experience with Mama Joe’s

Maybe one of the most memorable you hands down hands down she gave this little street corner so much life Ben one of the cheapest breakfasts in New York is at a famous hot dog spot graze papaya what do you think about this I I’m pretty excited for it and I know

They serve bacon egg and cheese very curious to see how many strips of bacon they’re going to give you okay let’s see so Graves papaya was opened in 1973 and there used to be more of these this is the last one standing okay you eat this every day good you you eat this

Every day yeah wow every day the morning can I get one bacon egg and cheese with coffee one sausage egg and cheese and one hot dog egg and cheese with coffee look at that 5 minutes $3 for mine $3.95 for yours wow for three people I spent a

Little over 10 bucks so Ben what did you get for 3.95 3.95 small coffee made to your liking and a whole breakfast sandwich with a hot dog inside this place is known for its hot dogs so I had to get one it’s interesting actually you don’t normally think of hot dogs for

Your breakfast at least most people but grav papaya this is the king of hot dogs in New York and we did a whole video reviewing their hot dog in the past if you want to know how that is but I guess you can give people a clue based on this

Breakfast sandwich what surprised me is that the hot dog is more pricey than the bacon usually should be the other way around you know what you’re on to something here I guess it’s a premium being grazed papaya exactly so I got the bacon egg and cheese on this roll which

I don’t know what type of bread it is three bucks with a coffee this sounds like a like a bodega special straight out of 2005 I don’t know sounds pretty cheap to me I became a fan when they first had the recession special recession special two hot dogs and a

Drink and now they got this so they win me back so yeah the the recession in the morning and people know about this they have been busy the entire time we’re here all right let’s give let’s give us a whirl let’s try this you know what for three bucks four

Strips of bacon in here not the best sandwich I’ve had in my entire life but like think of the value proposition here really really good you’re just on the run to the office I mean that’s cheap yeah and my sandwich is actually pretty darn good creamy cheese and egg and the

Hot dog is a hot dog but you can’t go wrong with a hot dog so you think it’s worth it to pay the extra 95 cents to get the hot dog on a good day I would on a good day with tax’s not included if you really want to be stingy with the

Math it’s like how much is the hot dog in itself it’s 250 yeah so right here you get a whole sandwich with eggs and cheese and a coffee for $3.95 pretty worth it to me and he gets to go to his historic spot like gry papaya yeah literally the brightest spot here in

Upper West Side yeah you’re right it’s gloomy as hell we’re tired and you have this tropical themed hot dog place and the best thing is that it’s few blocks from Central Park few blocks from Riverside Park and right here you have the cheapest spot in uper West Side

You’re right one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the city known for as Ben said their recession special I’ve heard people say cats’s Delhi has one of the best hot dogs in New York so we could say a spot like grav papaya has one of the best cheap breakfast deals in

New York sometimes you go to an icon and you get something a little bit different could surprise you I hate rush hour I realize I never I never ever do this it’s it like not me pretty bad I never film as early is so rare we got Pet’s

Cafe so you’ve seen the old school this is the new school breakfast car of New York py is huge on social media quite a character how’s your day so far you must ask Prett I was my job a couple of days ago so now I’m just like

F up that’s awesome awes now you can do whatever the you want that’s true so my grandpa uh when he came over from Greece he uh purchased a hot dog C and he used to work with my uncles my dad they all used to do it and then my dad had

Purchased one cuz he saw obviously what was going on so he purchased one monkey see monkey do type of thing same thing with me monkey see monkey do so once my dad did the the push card he retired and after a couple years I came in and I

Started doing and then now we’re here and I I just want to Market a little different than everybody else one day my girlfriend’s like why don’t you just start recording this and show people what you’re doing I was never a social media person I would always consume I

Would never plant seeds in there so I like let’s just try it out and uh skyrocketed from there man you got a so you’re live right now you yeah I’m live right now so yeah every day I’m I’m live they just keep me company they’re like all my friends now it’s really cool

Stuff what’s your favorite thing about this job you get to interact with inter yeah interact with people when it comes to Coffee listen I have good coffee but I know nothing about it I’m not like a coffee condur I’m not a coffee nerd I just know regular coffee from diners and

From pushards my main thing is I love talking to everybody I love helping people I love seeing the smile on their face when I TR Char $175 for a small coffee cuz everywhere else it’s like too it’s just expensive bro I was thinking of your uh your was it your secret menu

Item the Cadillac Cadillac Cadillac I got you somebody told me try coffee and um hot chocolate and I thought that was weird I’m not a big fan of hot chocolate so I was like all right I’ll try it out and ended up making it and it was just

Delicious yeah so I made this I posted on social media I was like I don’t know what to name it and somebody says in jail they call it the Cadillac in jail or on the street and other people that go to Starbucks or they was telling me

It’s a mocha and I was like I like the street sound better I like the Cadillac better I’m going to keep it with the real people I had to order this Cadillac I don’t know about you but sometimes I’m in the mood for a hot chocolate but

Possibly a coffee at the same time so we’re going to we’re going to scratch that itch and you got the iced coffee which is his best S I like it regular all right regular iced coffee all right let’s try these Out ooh that is way better than I expected you know you got the coffee feel to it but chocy flavor so this is going to wake me up with the sugar and the caffeine and as he he said this is not a mocha which is what you would get

At Starbucks like I think that’s a mix of a cappuccino and chocolate no he doesn’t know any of those words yeah what you see is what you get from py he’s not pretending to know about lattes but what he does there he does so well

If I work in this area I would rather buy breakfast from a guy like that that chats you up every single time versus a depressed cashier and McDonald’s he actually cares about his customers and this video is about cheap breakfast this is like one of the cheapest iced coffees

In town right I think so for two $2 and change you get a decent Siz ice coffee he has a lot of the breakfast Staples over there but he said his favorite was the apple donut so I want I want to go with pey’s Choice here all let’s give us a

World the apple filling is a star here there’s not a ton of it but what filling they have sweet and tasty M you know what could make that better what this a Cadillac this is a good breakfast right here apple donut Cadillac you’re in business you’re in business pretty cheap

In New York learning about Peet and drinking this coffee makes me want to go straight to work right now he’s like the pep talk you need in the way to work give it to me Pete that’s what it’s all about in the city like having those local characters it makes living in New

York feel just a little bit more neighborhoody more local both Mama Joe and pety have Greek backgrounds okay hardworking Greek people like the backbone of the New York City street food scene they’re the ogs with a hot dog cart Billy’s hot dogs near Central Park I’m looking at you my favorite hot

Dog in New York owned by a Greek immigrant okay oh wow so when you talk food New York City you’re probably going to mention some Greek people and I think overall he’s just a really inspirational story he’s making it happen and he’s adding his own little social media twist

And I think in the future every small business has to kind of work in his Direction he’s been a business since September that’s what I find so interesting a lot of these businesses they’ll they’ll invite influencers in but he’s become the influencer himself he skipped that stuff yeah that’s pretty

Ingenious if you’re a fan of cheap breakfast and you need to try another New York icon the bagel and in this video we show you the best spots in the city to eat it watch this next

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