Believe It or Not: People Actually Live in These Hanging Houses – Video

Believe It or Not: People Actually Live in These Hanging Houses – Video

“It’s Impossible to Believe, but People Live in These Hanging Houses” is a fascinating exploration of some of the most extreme living conditions around the world. From the picturesque town of Hallstatt in Austria to the ancient Cliff Dwellings of Bandiagara in Mali, this video showcases the incredible resilience and adaptability of humanity in the face of challenging environments.

From the hanging houses of the Valley of Shuan Way in China to the underground city of Coober Pedy in Australia, these unique homes defy gravity and blend seamlessly with their natural surroundings. The video showcases how traditional architectural techniques have been adapted to extreme conditions, ensuring stability and safety for the inhabitants.

The video also highlights the remote and isolated communities, such as Lirinonada in Peru and Tristan da Cunha in the South Atlantic Ocean. These communities have flourished despite their isolation, relying on traditional ways of life and a strong sense of community to thrive in some of the most remote places on Earth.

From the high-altitude town of Namche Bazaar in Nepal to the coldest inhabited place on Earth, Oymyakon in Russia, “It’s Impossible to Believe, but People Live in These Hanging Houses” offers a glimpse into the incredible resilience and adaptability of human beings in some of the most extreme environments on the planet. It’s a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of people living at the edge of habitability, showcasing the enduring spirit of humanity in the face of adversity.

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Video Transcript

Imagine living on the edge literally across the globe people have made homes in some of the most extreme locations imaginable showcasing Humanity’s resilience and Ingenuity three homes in Dana Point are in danger of falling into the ocean after a Cliffside gave way over the weekend from Cliffside dwellings to isolated Islands

This exploration reveals how diverse environments shape the unique ways of life and cultures of their inhabitants Number one setan deas bodegas Spain in the heart of Andalucia Spain lies sanil deas bodegas a town that defies conventional architecture and urban planning unlike any other town setenil has made the most of its natural surroundings by integrating its buildings directly into the overhanging Rocks this unique adaptation has

Resulted in a mesmerizing blend of natural and urban Landscapes where homes shops and cafes are tucked beneath massive rock formations creating a site to behold the town’s history dates back to the moish ERA with its name hinting at its past involvement in the wine trade however it’s the town’s

Geographical peculiarity that has drawn attention worldwide the Rocks not only proved shelter but also maintain a constant temperatury throughout the year offering a natural form of insulation against Spain’s scorching Summers and miled Winters walking through the narrow winding streets of sanil de las bodegas one can’t help but Marvel at the

Ingenuity of its inhabitants The Rock sheltered dwellings and businesses represent a deep connection with the environment a symbiosis of human creativity and Nature’s offerings the town serves as a Living Museum displaying a way of life life that has persisted for centuries yet continues to Fascinate and Inspire visitors from

Around the globe number two hallat Austria nestled between the Serene Haller Sea and the Towering dostein mountains hallstat is a gem of Austria’s saltz karut region this picturesque town is more than just a pretty face it’s a place where Nature’s Artistry meets human Heritage creating a cultural and natural mosaic that has captivated

Hearts for centuries hell stats significance extends Beyond its aesthetic appeal it is recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site a testament to its historical and cultural importance the town’s history is deeply intertwined with salt production a tradition that dates back over 7,000 years the hallat salt mines are

Considered to be among the oldest in the world highlighting the town’s role in early human civilization and trade networks the beauty of halot is undeniable with its pastel colored houses reflecting in the clear lake waters and the Alpine forests providing a backdrop of lush Greenery however it’s the town’s ability

To preserve its cultural heritage while welcoming the modern world that makes it truly remarkable visitors are drawn to its Charming streets historic buildings and the ancient salt mines but they stay for the sense of tranquility and timelessness that halat offers in a world that often feels rushed and

Disconnected hallat serves as a reminder of the beauty that arises when humans and nature coexist in harmony it’s a place where history is alive and the natural world is a constant source of inspiration and wonder number three Nam Bazar Nepal Nam Bazar nestled in the heart of the nepes

Himalayas is not just a town but a gateway to the Majestic Everest sitting at an altitude of approximately 3440 M it is a pivotal rest stop for trekers and Mountaineers on their journey toward the Earth’s highest peak the town’s unique geographical position and cultural richness make it a fascinating

Study of high altitude living where Modern amenities coexist with traditional Sherpa culture the bizaar or Market remains a central aspect of Nam originally a trading post for Nepali and Tibetan Traders exchanging salt meat and textiles today it caters to the needs of Mountaineers offering everything from gear to local handicrafts amidst cafes

And bakeries that provide a taste of local and international quisine the weekly Market still draws people from surrounding Villages showcasing facing the Vibrant Community Spirit and the blend of cultures in this region culturally Nam Bazar is a hub of Sherpa life where traditional customs and practices are preserved the sherpa

Tenzing Norgay Museum and the Everest photo gallery offer insights into the mountaineering history and the significant contributions of the sherpa people religious sites such as monasteries and stupas Dot the landscape providing a spiritual Dimension to the breathtaking natural beauty number four Citadel of arbil Iraq The Citadel of

Bbil with its commanding view over the Kurdish capital of Iraq is a testament to the layers of human history that have accumulated over Millennia this ancient Fortress City recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site has been continuously inhabited for at least 6,000 years making it one of the world’s oldest Urban centers

Its significance lies not only in its age but in the layers of culture religion and power that it represents built on a tell a man-made Hill created by generations of human occupation the citadel’s Strategic position has seen it serve as a fortress a royal residence and a center of Commerce throughout its long

History The Unique fabric of the city is evident in its architecture from the ottoman era houses with their distinctive wooden features to the ancient Pathways that weave through the heart of the settlement the citadel’s main gateway leads to a complex Urban landscape including the mola aanii mosque the

Kurdish textile Museum and a Labyrinth of Alleyways that hint at the city’s vibrant past despite modern challenges efforts are underway to preserve the citadel’s Heritage restoring buildings and revitalizing the area as a living Muse Museum that continues to be inhabited and visited number five Amalfi Coast Italy the amaly coast a stretch of

Coastline on the southern edge of Italy’s santine peninsula in the ca region is a place where Beauty history and culture intertwine to create a mesmerizing landscape recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site this area is celebrated for its extraordinary beauty and its iconic medieval Cliffside Mediterranean architecture the coast is

A kaleidoscope of craggy Cliffs Lush forests vibrant Villages and turquoise Waters making it a paradise for travelers artists and historians alike towns like Positano Amalfi and rello are Jewels along this Coast each with its own unique charm and history Positano with its pastel colored houses cascading down to the Sea offers breathtaking

Views and a bustling beachfront a malfi the heart of the coast showcases a splendid Cathedral and a rich history of Maritime trade rello perched high above the sea is known for its Lush Gardens and classical music concerts these towns along with the winding roads and lemon Groves that

Connect them create a stunning Mosaic of human Ingenuity and natural beauty the architecture of the Amalfi Coast is a testament to the adaptability and creativity of its inhabitants the Terrace Gardens and Vineyards the Villas clinging to the cliffs and the intricate network of steps and Pathways reveal a landscape crafted over

Centuries this area is not just a Scenic destination but also a Living Museum of Mediterranean culture offering insights into the maritime Republic’s history and the enduring Allure of Italy’s Coast number six Cliffs of bandiagara Mali The Cliffs of bandiagara in Mali are a striking geological formation that

Stretches over 150 km but it’s the ancient Cliff Dwellings of the Doon people that imbue this landscape with profound cultural and historical significance these dwellings carved into the cliffs have been home to the Doon people for centuries serving as a for Fortress of Solitude and preservation for their ancient traditions and beliefs

This site recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site is not only a Marvel of ancient architecture but also a Living testament to the doans enduring spiritual and cultural practices the Dogan people are known for their intricate cosmology elaborate ceremonial masks and ritual dances that connect

Them to the natural world and the cosmos the cliff dwellings themselves along with granaries altars and communal spaces are built into the natural landscape chusing an architectural Mastery that is both functional and sacred these structures are more than just homes they are a complex tapestry of the doon’s relationship with their

Environment their ancestors and the spiritual world the bandiagara escarpment is a place of pilgrimage and exploration where the ancient and the Contemporary converge the doon villages with their unique social religious and cultural Traditions offer an unparalleled glimpse into a way of life that has remained largely unchanged for

Centuries the Annual sigi Festival a ceremony that occurs every 60 years is one of the many cultural practices that illustrate the doon’s Deep connection to time history and the universe number seven apricale Italy aaal is a jewel in the loran Hills a medieval village that seems to defy gravity and time its Stone

Houses and winding cobblestone streets tell Tales of centuries past while the Vibrant Community breathes life into history apra’s charm lies not just in its picturesque setting but in its cultural Vitality the village is a hub for artists and performers hosting events that blend the old with the new

The castle at its heart now a cultural center overlooks Terrace Olive Groves and Vineyards embodying the Region’s agricultural Heritage apra’s preservation of its medieval architecture alongside a commitment to contemporary art and culture makes it a unique destination where history is lived and celebrated Daily Number Eight Milana India nestled in the Indian Himalayas

Milana is an ancient Village that stands apart for its unique culture and the production of high high quality cannabis known locally as Milana cream governed by its own set of customs and laws milana’s inhabitants claim descent from Alexander the Great preserving a distinct identity and language The Village’s isolation has safeguarded its

Traditions but it’s the Cannabis trade that has put Milana on the map attracting visitors from around the globe this trade while controversial is a significant part of the local economy and has influenced the social fabric of Milana the villagers maintain strict rules about purity and non-interference making Milana a fascinating study of

Cultural preservation amidst Global influences set against a backdrop of towering Peaks and Lush valleys Milana offers a rare glimpse into a way of life that balances ancient customs with the challenges and opportunities of the modern world number nine Tong kalat Myanmar perched at top of volcanic plug

The monastery of Tong colat in Myanmar is a site of spiritual significance and a testament to human determination Rising 737 m above sea level the journey to the monastery is a physical and spiritual Ascent involving a climb of over 700 steps this journey is undertaken by thousands of pilgrims

Each year seeking blessings and the Serene beauty that the Sun offers the monastery is surrounded by panoramic views of the surrounding landscape including the vast plains below and the Towering Mount Popa nearby tangat is not just a place of worship it’s a meeting point of Earth and Sky

Where the natural and the Divine intersect the monastery serves as a reminder of the lengths to which faith can take us literally elevating those who seek its Heights to closer proximity with the spiritual number 10 hanging houses of the valley of Shuan way China in the valley of Shuan way China

The hanging houses represent a remarkable Fusion of human Ingenuity and Nature’s Majesty built into the Steep Cliffs these homes defy gravity and blend seamlessly with their natural surroundings the construction of these houses showcases traditional Chinese architectural techniques adapted to extreme conditions ensuring stability and safety despite the precarious positioning this gravity defying

Architecture not only provides shelter but also minimizes the impact on the natural landscape preserving the beauty of the valley the hanging houses are a testament to the adaptability and resourcefulness of the local people who have turned a challenging environment into a harmonious living space their existence speaks to a deep understanding

Of and respect for nature serving as a striking example of sustainable living practices long before the term became a global aspiration number 11 L rinonada Peru L rinonada Peru stands as the highest elevation town in the world perched over 5,000 m above sea level in the Andes Mountains life here is a study

In extremes with its inhabitants facing harsh conditions including thin air freezing temperatures and the absence of basic infrastructure the town’s primary draw is the gold mining industry which attracts workers from across Peru with the promise of wealth despite the perilous nature of the work and the environmental degradation it

Causes Linko Nat’s Community is a reflection of human resilience with families adapting to a life that balances the Stark beauty of the Andes with the daily realities of economic hardship the town’s existence challenges the limits of habitability showcasing the extraordinary lengths to which people will go in pursuit of opportunity

Despite its remote and inhospitable setting L rinonada thrives as a symbol of endurance and the enduring hope for a better future amidst the clouds number 12 omay Akon Russia in the heart of Siberia lies oay aan Russia known as the coldest inhabited place on Earth where temperatures can plummet to

Nearly 50° C the daily life of its residents is a testament to human adaptability revolving around survival in extreme cold here cars are left running to avoid freezing and outdoor work requires specialized gear and practices the ground is permanently Frozen challenging traditional Agriculture and requiring innovative solutions for

Food social life thrives indoors with a strong sense of community bonding over shared experiences of enduring the cold despite the harsh conditions the people of yakon maintain a rich cultural life celebrating their Heritage and the stunning icy beauty of their Homeland life in oimyakon is not for the faint-hearted but it illustrates the

Incredible resilience of humans living at the edge of habitability number 13 kuber py Australia kuber pedy Australia offers a unique solution to the scorching heat of the Outback underground living known as the opal mining capital of the world this town has adapted to its environment by Building Homes shops churches and hotels

Beneath the earth’s surface this Subterranean lifestyle provides natural insulation against the extreme temperatures creating a comfortable living space year round the town’s landscape is dotted with mounds of Earth from mining operations and the community revolves around the opal industry which drives the local economy and culture visitors are drawn to kuber ped’s Unique

Architecture and the opportunity to experience life underground making it a fascinating example of human Ingenuity in adapting to harsh environments the town’s blend of cultural diversity history and Innovation underlines the adaptability and creativity of its residents number 14 Itor toit Greenland Itor toit one of Greenland’s most isolated settlements sits at the

Edge of the Arctic Wilderness surrounded by vast icebergs and accessible only by helicopter or boat during brief summer months its residents live in harmony with some of the most extreme conditions on the planet the community relies on hunting and fishing respecting traditional Inuit ways while navigating the ch challenges of Modern Life the

Isolation has fostered a tight-knit society where everyone knows each other and communal activities are at the heart of social life the stunning beauty of the surrounding Arctic landscape offers unparalleled opportunities for wildlife observation and Outdoor Adventures making okor torit a unique blend of natural wonder and cultural resilience despite its remoteness the settlement

Attracts adventurous tourists drawn by the purity of its environment and the warmth of its people illustrating the enduring appeal of life on the frontier number 15 Chang Tang Tibet Chang tang in Western Tibet is a high altitude Plateau that offers a stark yet stunning landscape home to a nomadic

People who have adapted to its harsh and remote conditions living at elevations of 4,300 meters and above these nomads move with the seasons hurting Yaks and sheep across vast expanses of land that seem Untouched by time their lives are a delicate balance between tradition and the changing World relying on ancient

Knowledge of the land and Sky to sustain their way of life the changpa as the nomads are known live in tents made of yak wool which can be moved as they follow the grazing patterns of their herds despite the challenge ing environment the Chong Tong region is Rich in biodiversity supporting a unique

Array of wildlife including the Tibetan Antelope and wild Yak the changpa lifestyle is a testament to human resilience and the ability to thrive in one of the planet’s most extreme environments number 16 tristand dunha South Atlantic Ocean Tristan dunha situated over 2,000 km from the nearest inhabited land is the epitome of

Isolation this South Atlantic archipelago is home to a small resilient community that has flourished despite its remoteness the Islanders descended from a mix of shipwreck survivors and settlers have developed a unique way of life with a strong sense of community and self-sufficiency life here revolves around the rhythms of the Sea and the

Land with fishing and agriculture being the main stay of their economy the community shares in the islands challenges and Rewards with a Cooperative system for managing resources and supporting each other Tristan dauna’s isolation has preserved its pristine environment and a simple way of life that is rare in the modern

World the Islanders connection to their home and to each other offers a compelling example of communal living in one of the most remote places on Earth number 17 kaiber Nairobi Kenya kaiber located in Nairobi Kenya stands as one of the largest slums in Africa where life is a

Daily challenge against the backdrop of extreme poverty the settlement is a densely packed Maze of makeshift homes with an estimated population facing issues such as inadequate saniton lack of clean water and limited access to heal carare despite these hardships Kira is a place of vibrant culture and Community Spirit its residents display

Remarkable resilience creating opportunities where few exist small businesses Thrive within the narrow alleys and Community organizations work tirelessly to improve living conditions education initiatives and artistic projects offer glimmers of Hope and paths to empowerment kibera’s Dynamic social fabric is a testament to the strength and perseverance of its residents who navigate the complexities

Of Slum life with Ingenuity and solidar it through adversity the community of cabara showcases the human capacity to adapt innovate and support one another in the face of significant challenges number 18 favelas of Rio De Janeiro Brazil the favelas of Rio De Janeiro set against the backdrop of Brazil’s iconic cityscape embody a

Complex tapestry a vibrant culture and significant Social Challenges these densely populated communities built on the Steep Hill seeds are alive with the rhythms of Samba and the collors of street art that tell stories of resilience and struggle despite the hardships faced by residents including poverty violence and inadequate access

To public services the favas are hubs of creativity and Entrepreneurship Community initiatives often Drive improvements in education and Health Care showcasing the collective Spirit of the flla residents festivals and music not only serve as expressions of cultural identity but also as forms of resistance and social cohesion the favelas while emblematic of

The inequalities in urban Brazil are also places where the strength and warmth of human connections shine through the adversity making them unique and vital parts of Rio’s social fabric number 19 motuo County Tibet Moto County nestled in the southeast eastern part of Tibet is renowned for its breathtaking natural landscapes and

Profound isolation it was the last County in China to be connected by Road a feat accomplished only recently due to the formidable terrain that includes dense forests deep gorges and towering mountains this isolation has preserved Moto’s pristine environment and unique biodiversity making it a paradise for nature lovers and adventurers alike the

County is a Haven of rare plant species wildlife and Scenic Beauty with Lush valleys and cascading waterfalls the local population comprising mainly of the mpa and Loba people maintains a close relationship with the land adhering to traditional ways of life that have been passed down through generations the arrival of the road has

Brought new opportunities for development but motuo remains a symbol of tibet’s untouched Beauty and the enduring Spirit of its communities who live in harmony with one of the world’s most challenging and enchanting Landscapes number 20 McMurdo Station Antarctica McMurdo Station situated on the southern tip of Ross Island in

Antarctica represents human endeavor at the edge of the world it is the largest research station on the continent serving as a hub for scientists dedicated to studying the extreme environment of Antarctica from its vast ice sheets to the unique marine life life at McMurdo is a blend of cuttingedge research and everyday

Challenges as residents cope with extreme cold months of darkness or continuous daylight and the isolation inherent to one of the most remote places on Earth the community at McMurdo consisting of scientists support staff and contractors forms a tight-knit group finding innovative ways to support their work and maintain morale in the harsh

Conditions social activities from film nights to hobby clubs play a crucial role in keeping Spirits High McMurdo Station is not just a research Outpost it is a testament to human curiosity and resilience a place where individuals live and work at the frontiers of scientific exploration contributing vital knowledge about our

Planet’s least understood continent

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