Top 10 Movie Groin Shots – Video

Top 10 Movie Groin Shots – Video

Get ready to cringe and laugh at the same time as WatchMojo takes you through the top 10 movie crotch shots of all time. From classic comedies like “Dumb and Dumber” to action-packed blockbusters like “X-Men,” this list has it all. Whether it’s a deliberate kick or an accidental hit, these scenes will have you crossing your legs in sympathy for the unfortunate victims.

With moments from films like “Bad Santa, “Hot Shots! Part Deux,” and “Miss Congeniality,” you’ll witness the most painful, hilarious, and iconic nut-strikes in cinematic history. And let’s not forget about the epic nut-punch delivered by none other than Jean-Claude Van Damme in “Blood Sport.”

So, grab a cushion and get ready to cringe as WatchMojo counts down the top movie crotch shots that will have you feeling the pain just by watching. Have your say in the comments below and let us know which scene made you wince the most! And don’t forget to subscribe to WatchMojo for more top 10 lists, reviews, tips, and tricks in the world of entertainment.

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Pass hit you mki with the ball right in the in the nether region welcome to watch Mojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the most painful hilarious or overall iconic nut strikes in movies sorry RoboCop fans we’re only considering mono eono blows so things like guns won’t

Qualify you don’t hit people in the balls number 10 just about everyone the jackass franchise Edes Romeo and Juliet Superman and Lois Lane Johnny Knoxville and below the belt hits the two are practically Inseparable at this point and for good reason starting in 2002 Knoxville and his crew of daredevils started bringing their hij Jinks to theaters too now you don’t just

Get to watch them suffer you can can do it on the big screen well for different shots is different if you got to throw at a great distance you want the women’s basketball you can throw farther yeah it got time to with science choosing just one blow would be a disservice to how

Many times these guys have put their money where their manhood is although if you’re looking for a classic you can’t go wrong with their update to the legendary cup test spoiler it doesn’t go well this time either did you hear something break yeah I had this like

Crack I thought it was a c number nine a talent in self-defense Miss Congeniality and I believe that no woman should be without at least a basic knowledge of of self-defense so uh in order to show you this um I’m going to need a little help during the talent

Portion of this beauty pageant most of the girls sing dance or play an instrument Grace on the other hand decides to demonstrate some self-defense techniques and of course what’s a lesson without a visual aid something tells us this poor po guy didn’t know what he was

Signing up for wiow ack looks a little scared maybe he needs a little bit of a qua yeah let’s just say grace is an expert on sing an acronym standing for solar plexus InStep nose and most importantly groin we let you connect the rest of the dots hey it’s funny it’s

Practical and it got her to the next round you can’t ask for any anything more than that whoa welcome to the Garden State number eight grow those back X-Men the Last Stand you man come at the doors everybody get together and haul this line as a general piece of advice it’s

Best to avoid Wolverine whenever he has his claws out unless of course you want to end up like this guy he’s going for the boys not if I get there first kidding on paper regenerating limb seems like a foolproof counter to Wolverine’s attacks it works well enough

To give the thug a heaping dose of unwarranted confidence that’s for sure but he fails to realize that Wolverine doesn’t actually need his claws to Dole out pain all he needs is a good aim a Target and one hell of a kick never one to pass up an opportunity Wolverine

Leaves the guy with a killer oneliner just to really rub it in grow those back number seven James has an itch Casino Royale in this scene tall dark and handsome becomes scared bloodied and squirm-inducing after being captured by The Mastermind Leif bond is stripped and left with his nads exposed

To the elements without getting into the specifics what follows is a ruthless interrogation that doubles as a fate worthy game of whack-a-mole the password please I’ve got a little itch would you mind for what it’s worth Bond admirably maintains his composure to the very end he even throws in a few

Jokes about an itch that needs to be scratched down under you are a funny man Mr BN it’s nice to know 007 doesn’t break so easily but that doesn’t make his torment any easier to stomach at the moment number six kick to the boxer Hot Shots part Two t t apparently all’s fair in love war and kickboxing as a loving parody of over the top martial arts films this starting duel is just the right amount of insane but you’ll have to take our word for it when we say you are not ready for How It

Ends after topper lowers his opponent’s guard with some tickling he winds up a finishing strike for below the Border it has the whole crowd turning away in horror and quite frankly we can’t blame them you Win number five no rules Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid you always said that any one of us could challenge you butch well cuz I figured no one would do it figured wrong Butch no matter the film no matter the genre there’s just something satisfying about a nice

Well-deserved kick to the nether region this classic Western might just have the best one of all when Outlaws Cassy and Logan can’t come to an agreement they decide to solve things the easy way with the knife fight of course but as Logan says himself rules and a night fight no

Rules taking that to hard Cassy walks right up to him and immediately attacks between the legs next thing you know Logan’s on the ground having lost the fight is his pride and his manhood all at once Cassidy didn’t even have to use a knife either Harvey thought of that yes sir he

Did well I’ll tell you something fellas that’s exactly what we’re going to do number four unintentional interception The Longest Yard your balls you better hang on to them because they’re about the only thing you’re going to have when you get out of here it’s a tale as old as time you’re

Playing football your head’s in the game and for some reason the ball doesn’t go where you want it instead it dips slow and ends up hitting someone in their southernmost region a somewhat literal ball buster if you will they are taking off the field in an

Ambulance a ball of the privates may be a classic Sports Trope today but that’s all because of how well 1974 is the longest yard pulled it off there’s no way to watch the scene without bursting out laughing it’s so good they brought the gag back with a cheeky update in the

2005 remake watching a guy Buckle to a pig skin never gets old that one hurt my marble sack number three restaurant rager Dumb and Dumber so you get fired again huh oh yeah they always freak out when you leave the scene of an accident you know after this it’s abundantly clear

That Lloyd doesn’t know the meaning of the word excessive and not just because he’s dumb in the middle of a fight drummed up by his subconscious Lloyd can do whatever he wants where he really really wants to destroy a poor guy’s privates you know Lloyd just when I

Think you couldn’t possibly be any Dumber you go and do something like this even worse Lloyd isn’t content with one kick or two or even three he continues to kick until he’s had his fun and then Lloyd leans down and starts punching too to really bring it home Lloyd bites down

On the guy’s crotch too by the time the schmuck gets thrown out the window it probably came as a mercy I feel like a school boy again number two Nutcracker Bad Santa okay now put your dukes up let me see what you got turns out if you make the naughty

List as an adult you don’t get coold you get a direct punch to your stockings to be both Willie and his assistant Marcus were just trying to teach the downtrodden Thurman how to fight however they didn’t expect him to aim so low be loud be mean piss him off come

On Marcus doesn’t take it well and gives Thurman an eye for an eye or in this case a punch for a punch when Willie tries to diffuse the situation he gets a check-in from Marcus’s fist too three guesses what Willie does back everyone leaves the ring in need of an ice pack

It’s almost poetic kid maybe you shouldn’t spend so much time around me before we unveil our top pick here are a few honorable mentions don’t touch that dial Ted when this TV fell over it ended up breaking a lot more than its screen why are you crying Star-Lord sees

Star starts Avengers end game Star-Lord learns the hard way that this is not the Gamora he once knew touch you missed the first time then you got him both the second time bar brawl train spotting good thing he’s already in a bar because this guy’s going to need a stiff drink yes

Before we continue be sure to subscribe to our Channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos you have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them if you’re on your phone make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications number one sack splitter

Blood Sport time to separate the men from the boys just be careful chly doesn’t separate your head from your body in one inappropriate move jeanclaude Van Dam’s Frank Dukes didn’t just win a match he earned himself a place in film history to set the scene Frank is in the ring against someone

Roughly twice his size when the giant charges it seems over that is until Frank drops into the splits and delivers an uppercut to end all Uppercuts Blood Sport shows it all and slow slow motion too making sure you don’t miss a single frame of ball busting Glory Frank’s finisher is so legendary it inspired a whole slew of copycats including Johnny Cage from the Mortal Kombat series if that’s not the coolest Legacy imaginable we don’t know what

Is damn that hurt which of these below the belt blows had you wincing in sympathy sound off in the comments below what do you think did I go for the left nut this time did you enjoy this video check out these other clips from watch Mojo and be sure to subscribe and ring

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