Best Destinations to Travel to in 2024 – Video

Best Destinations to Travel to in 2024 – Video

but the Atlas Mountains are a sight to behold with snow-capped peaks and beautiful valleys. The city of Marrakech is also a must-visit with its bustling souks and vibrant culture.

Next, we’ll head over to the island of Sri Lanka, known for its lush greenery and beautiful beaches. One of the must-visit places in Sri Lanka is Sigiriya, an ancient rock fortress with stunning views from the top. The tea plantations in Nuwara Eliya are also a sight to behold, with rolling hills of green as far as the eye can see.

Moving on to Corsica, an island in the Mediterranean, famous for its rugged coastline and beautiful beaches. The Calanques de Piana, with its stunning red cliffs and clear blue waters, is a must-see. The city of Bonifacio, perched on the cliffs with incredible views, is also a highlight of Corsica.

Of course, we can’t talk about beautiful places without mentioning French Polynesia, specifically Mo’orea and Bora Bora. These tropical paradise islands are known for their crystal-clear waters and overwater bungalows. Snorkeling in the lagoons and hiking the lush mountains of Mo’orea are experiences not to be missed.

And finally, we’ll end our journey in Tanzania, famous for its wildlife and stunning landscapes. The Serengeti National Park is a must-visit for those looking to see the iconic African wildlife, including lions, elephants, and giraffes. The island of Zanzibar, with its white sand beaches and clear waters, is the perfect place to unwind after a safari adventure.

2024 is shaping up to be an incredible year for travel, and with so many amazing places to visit, the hardest part will be choosing where to go first. So pack your bags and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime. Where do you want to travel most in 2024? Let us know in the comments below!

Watch the video by Ryan Shirley

What’s up guys my name is Ryan and with almost all countries open for tourism I think we’re all excited to travel to some new destinations this year so here is my top 10 places to visit in 2024 with tourism almost completely back to normal 2024 is going to be a year full of travel whether you explore the dramatic Landscapes of the pharoh islands or go on an African safari in Tanzania I hope you can all safely visit some new places this year let’s start

This video off in Croatia I was able to go to Croatia last summer and it quickly became one of my favorite countries from the incredible scenery of the dalmatian Coast to Medieval Seaside towns Croatia is one of Europe’s hidden jams one of the most iconic places in Croatia is

Dubrovnik located in the southernmost part of Croatia Dubrovnik is this incredible medieval City built right on the Adriatic Sea one of my favorite things that I did during my time in Dubrovnik was walking on top of the city walls you’re able to Loop the entire city and experience du brnik from A New

Perspective another impressive place in Croatia is plv Lakes National Park I remember seeing pictures of this place years ago and I’ve been wanting to see them in person ever since the area is renowned for its Crystal Clear Terrace lakes that are connected by beautiful waterfalls if you want to experience one

Of Croatia’s unique Islands I really enjoy du Oto it’s one of Croatia’s longest islands and it’s home to the tallest lighthouse in the Adriatic Sea one of my favorite features of the island was the teles Nature Park their area had a bay full of islands and then

There are these impressive Sea Cliffs I mean just such a unique place after we’re going to head over to the country of Iceland known as the land of Fire and Ice Iceland is easily one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and the world with volcanic Landscapes endless waterfalls and gigantic glaciers Iceland

Is home to some of the most incredible places on Earth probably the most well-known region in the country is Southern Iceland it takes about 2 to 3 hours to get here from ruic and there’s just so many attractions and beautiful places one of the most well-known spots

Is skokos it’s probably the most iconic waterfall in the country its drop is 60 M High and the power of the falls is insane now one of my favorite destinations in the area is rainis farar black sand beach it’s this incredible Coastline that stretches a few

Kilometers to the West the sand is so black and unique my favorite feature of the beach is the rist Stringer rock formations they are these Jagged sea stacks that jut out of the sea with constant waves pounding on them one of my personal favorite play places in

Iceland is its Highland it’s located in the interior of the country and it’s a extremely unique region home to other realy Landscapes one of the most impressive places is L manal Luger it’s home to rainbow colored mountains and there’s a good amount of volcanic activity in the area with tons of Fes

Shooting out steam I mean Iceland just has so many incredible places to explore while we’re still in the nordics we’re going to visit the pheral islands I visited these incredible Islands last year and became one of my favorite places I’ve ever been the phoh Islands are located between Iceland and North

Norway and they’re home to some of the most dramatic and epic landscapes in the world one of the main reasons I wanted to go here was to see the drun near sea stack you can either get there by taking a guided six-hour hike or you can also

Go on a boat ride I decided to take the quick boat ride and I had a cble Time exploring the area and Marling at the one-of aind sea stack nearby is the muur waterfall it’s one of the most scenic waterfalls I’ve ever seen as it Cascades down into the sea another incredible

Place is caloy it’s this narrow Island and I had to take a fery to get onto it at the end of soy there’s this lighthouse perched on these massive Sea Cliffs it was easily one of the most epic places I’ve ever been nothing quite matches the Landscapes of the pharoh

Islands after we’re going to get a change of scenery and head over to the country of Oman located on the easternmost region of the rabian peninsula Oman is easily one of the most beautiful countries in the Middle East it’s home to endless sandunes historical Forts and idealic beaches the capital

City is MCAT and it’s a great starting point to explore Oman if you like the mountains you can visit Jeb sham it’s the highest peak in the country with an elevation of 3,9 M one of my favorite regions in Oman is the southern part of the country near salala now in the area

There’s the darbat waterfall and it’s also home to some of oman’s best beaches one of my favorites is fot Beach it’s a pristine area with rolling waves white sand impressive Rocky Cliff as a backdrop I mean what more could you ask for Oman truly is a amazing country

After we’re going to visit the nearby island of sakota located in the Arabian Sea cotra is one of the most mystical and beautiful islands in the world now to travel to cotra it’s best to go for tour company they will help guide you around the island and get you the proper

Visas and also schedule your flights out of the UAE to get there now one of my favorite features of cotra is its Dragon Tree it’s one of the most unique looking trees I’ve seen and it has a red sap that looks like blood now the coastline of cotra is also amazing as crystal

Clear water and white sand beaches I particularly like arir beach with its sandunes that are sandwiched between the Cliffs and the coast so culture scenery is truly on another level now after we’re going to head to Africa to visit Morocco located in Northern Africa Morocco was one of the most diverse and

Historical countries it’s home to snowcat mountains a mesmerizing Coastline and also the Sahara Desert one of my favorite places is a benh hadu it’s a historic clay brick Village that dates back to the 11th century it’s been a popular filming site for movies and TV shows such as Game of Thrones another

Impressive place in Morocco is the Atlas Mountains I mean you wouldn’t expect to find much snow in Morocco but the Atlas Mountains are an exception the highest peak is Tupa with an elevation of 4,167 M now when it comes to Morocco cities Casablanca is the largest my

Favorite feature of the city is the Hassan second mosque it was built in 1993 and its minet stands 210 M tall now as for Morocco’s beaches one of the most unique ones is legera Beach it’s located in southern Morocco on the Atlantic Ocean it has Red Rock in this very

Peculiar Arch and there’s just so much to see in this incredible country after we’re going to visit Sri Lanka located right below India Sri Lanka is an incredibly Lush island country and it’s one of the places I want to visit most this year it has an incredible Coastline

And offers some of the best places to go on a safari in Asia one of the most recognizable places on Sri Lanka is Saria or lion Rock it’s this massive monolith that sticks out of the landscape and on top of it there’s an ancient Fortress that was built here in

The 5ifth century ad another iconic attraction in Sri Lanka is its trains the nine arches bridge is one of the most famous spots it reminds me of the Glen finan vidu in Scotland Sri Lanka is such a underrated country after we’re going to head back to Europe to visit

The island of Corsica located in the Mediterranean Corsica is easily one of Europe’s most beautiful and diverse Islands it’s home to idic beaches Jagged Mountains and historical cities one of my favorite places I visit on the island is bonasio it’s this medieval Town that’s built up these Sea Cliffs I mean

And it seriously looks like it’s going to fall into the ocean I really enjoyed exploring the town and there’s also a pites harbor that was really nice to walk through as for the beaches I really love St Anthony Beach it’s located just a few minutes drive from Bona fasio and

It took about 30 minutes to hik in to reach the beach there was a massive rock formation that made for the most epic batd drop while I was there I noticed this cave in the Rock so I swam over to it and to my surprise it was a tunnel

That connected to the other side it was such a fun place to explore if you want more of a chill Beach experience you can visit there area around palasia it’s home to Crystal Clear calm Waters Perfect for relaxing on the Mediterranean another one of my favorite

Places in Corsica is the Torah D turu it’s this medieval Watchtower that’s perched upon these Cliffs it was a somewhat demanding hike and took us an hour to reach the tower but we were rewarded with some insane 360 views of corsica’s Coast it would be a perfect

Place to spot incoming Pirates back in the day after we’re going to head to the South Pacific to visit the islands of French poesia located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean French pesia is the definition of Tropical Paradise it’s owned to pristine beaches Lush Mountains and the clearest water you’ve ever seen

If you come to French poesia you’re first flying into Tahiti it’s the biggest island in the country and it’s home to one of the most famous waves in the world that is located just off the coast of the small village of topu now one of my favorite Islands in French

Polynesia is Maria it’s located right next to Tahiti and you can get there by either flying or taking a ferry it’s known as the pearl of the sea and it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been I particularly like Mora’s Mountains they’re so Jagged and unique

Looking if you’re more to beaches there’s some amazing ones such as tah hiam Manu it’s this really relaxing beach with sailboats and amazing scenery it’s also a spectacular place to watch the sunset while we’re still in French poesia we’re going to head to borabora of all the islands in French poesia

Borabora is probably the most famous and after visiting it I totally understand why the geography of Bora Bora is pure perfection there’s the main it island with its towering dorant volcano and then it’s surrounded by this Reef that protects the island from the waves of the Pacific Ocean inside the reef

There’s a lagoon which is home to some of the world’s clearest water and it’s full of wildlife such as sharks and Rays one of my favorite places in Bora Bora is its Southwest Lagoon there’s this Sandbar there that creates for one of the most epic scenes with Mount Ultimo

In the back there was also some great snorkel in the area we went out on a little boat and we were able to swim with some sharks if you want to experience Tropical Paradise this year you got to to give French Polynesia a visit for our final destination we’re

Going to head back to Africa to experience Tanzania I went to Tanzania about 10 months ago and it was one of the most marable chips of my life from witnessing herds of millions of wilderbeast roaming the Savannah to Africa’s highest mountain Tanzania is one of the world’s greatest wonders one

Of the most iconic places in Tanzania is the serengetti it’s one of the best places on Earth to see Africa’s Wildlife from leopards chilling in trees to cheetah roaming the Savannah the sarti is The Lion King in real life while we were there we went on game drives every

Day we were able to witness so many incredible moments whether it was watching two lionesses enjoying the sunset or witnessing the endless herds of Wilder beasts the most memorable moment was when we escaped a massive thunderstorm and we were able to watch these zebras grazing accompanied by Massive Thunderbolts and the craziest

Sunset I’ve ever seen my life now besides the serengetti my other favorite place in Tanzania is alono lingi it’s located near Lake nron and it’s a active with a height just under 3,000 M and it’s known by the local tribes as the Mountain of God and after scaling it I

Totally understand why it has that name so we decided we wanted to climb the volcano so we started at midnight and I honestly didn’t know what I was getting myself into but it ended up being the hardest hike in my life but right around

6:00 a.m. we made it to the top and the sun started to climb Over the Horizon and I just couldn’t believe my eyes I was standing on the volcano’s rim and the crater was absolutely huge it had this black bub bubbling lava inside and it’s said to be some of the coldest lava

In the world the volcano was just so loud you could hear the Earth groaning and it sounded like a thunderstorm as I walked to the other side I got one of my all-time favorite shots as I was standing on the volcano’s Rim overlooking the scenery below it

Reminded me of the quote in Lion King where Mufasa says to Simba everything the light touches is our kingdom it was one of the most powerful views I’ve ever seen in my life our guide Elijah recommended that we headed back after spending about 2 hours on the top to

Avoid the midday Sun the track was beautiful on the way down when we reached our car it was about noon so it took us 12 hours in total even though it was one of the hardest physical challenge I’ve ever done it was hands down one of my all-time favorite travel

Experiences well that is it for my 2024 top 10 let me know where you want to travel this year in the comments below you can follow me on Instagram and Tik Tok at shirley. films it’s Ryan and we will see you later

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