Billboard News: Usher Teases Super Bowl Halftime Show, Ariana Grande, Lil Nas X Release New Music and More – Video

Billboard News: Usher Teases Super Bowl Halftime Show, Ariana Grande, Lil Nas X Release New Music and More – Video

Usher Super Bowl Halftime Show Teaser, Ariana Grande, Lil Nas X's New Music & More | Billboard News

In this episode of Billboard News, we have an exciting lineup of music news to cover. The show kicks off with the return of Ariana Grande, who has dropped a new self-empowering track that is definitely not safe for work. We also take a look at the rising star Ivon Coro, who is redefining regional Mexican music with his genre-bending sound. Usher’s Super Bowl halftime show teaser is also causing a buzz, with the potential for a collaboration with Jung Cook and appearances from Jay Balvin and LeBron James. 21 Savage is back with new solo music, while 21 Savage and Doja Cat have also released a collaboration on his latest album. And speaking of new music, Ciara’s fourth studio album is out, and she stopped by the studio to talk about the excitement of becoming a mom and the inspiration behind her new music. Kid Cudi and YY are also making headlines in the music world with their new releases. And lastly, Jhene Aiko shares a beautiful tribute to her son in her new music. Don’t forget to check out the website for interviews with Don Omar and Julia Michaels, and come back next week for more music news.

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Will Jun cook join Usher on stage at his Super Bowl halftime show Ariana Grande Lil Naas X and More release music Kelly uchis talks pregnancy and her hot new album we look at the rise of YY and Ivon Coro is the future of regional Mexican music welcome to another edition of

Billboard news I’m Tetris Kelly it’s Friday January 12th and we got a brand new cover star but first let’s get into our Friday music guy We’ve entered a new era Ariana Grande is back and she’s saying yes and and this self-empowering bop is definitely not safe for Words we’ll have morning new music throughout the show but now it’s time to get to our last future of genre cover star Ivon Coro is the future of regional Mexican music around the time that ELO was dropping music Rafa I remember like I heard

That and it like stood out to me so much I think that I was just like I actually like this at the time I wouldn’t really listen to Regional music it was more of like my dad’s mariachi music and like the old school stuff couple years later

NATO dro you know coros Talos he’s definitely like a Pioneer for this new genre that you call S Sero and like coros tumbos so many people got inspiration from Nat that he really took a big step and just changed the whole coros I feel like a lot of people just

Adapted to that quickly I do get some surprised sometimes when like for example in my shows I do meet and greets and after the shows like sometimes times even the moms are like crying and telling me how happy they are to have brought their daughter and it’s a great

Feeling when you just see the mom and the daughter crying it’s heartwarming just hearing everybody’s stories and it made me realize how much power you have towards you know your supporters and just that motivates me more to to keep doing what I’m do they’re like all my

Mini judges and I just I want to make sure I make them proud every time I drop an album there’s something that feels bigger than the one before and I think this album’s definitely going to feel bigger and just you know I feel like a musician after a year you know there’s

Improvements and like little things even musically and lyrically and the sound is just going to be a lot better it’s definitely exciting that the charts are literally full of you know Mexican artists yeah I’m excited for the next year to drop the album and be a part of

Those charts for the full cover profile head to Lil nasx is no stranger to pushing boundaries and his latest track J Christ is no Different he brings all the religious and pop culture references in the music video take y back up you know we always bring you the latest in music news and here’s our top story peace out peace peace Usher John Cook Jay Balin and LeBron a teaser for Usher’s halftime

Show has dropped and he has all the biggest talent by his side we are so ready for Usher to take the stage at this year’s Apple music Super Bowl halftime show and the teaser he dropped this morning is mind blowing Army lost it to see Jung

Cook let’s not forget JK has sang about LeBron James sing the Le of course I had to play that LeBron and Jay Balvin are also in the ad the spot takes you through Usher’s iconic career all before this year’s game on February 11th as he gets ready

To release his upcoming n studio album coming home on February 9th the big game will Air live on CBS 21 Savage is back this time with some solo music and he’s living the American Dream but the new album also has some impressive features like nhie with DOA cat I would never try I would never at you I C speaking of new music Ci’s fourth album is here and she’s stopped by our studio to tell us all about it congratulations thank you so excited for

You how have you been keeping this a secret what’s been the hardest part of that I had to do some shows and I was on a times list so I had to do a red carpet that was really hard and then when the time does come what are you most excited

For about being a mom I don’t know it’s so much to be excited for honestly so it’s hard to say just one thing you know until it happen yeah exactly the flower for me it always symbolized timelessness femininity luxury it has a Eerie mystical quality about it as well

And it’s also the national flower of Colombia so for me it all tied in and then I didn’t find out that I was pregnant till later in my roll out but actually it’s also the flower of fertility so it actually all came together perfectly being that I’m Latina

And I’m a music you kind of get um categorized as a Latin artist even when you know not all of the music that I do is technically Latin music yeah exactly so realizing that it’s in a way people view it as its own genre when really like how I was saying earlier

There’s so many different genres that have to do with Latin music in the first place there’s so much different types of music you can make or in my case where I don’t only make music in Spanish I also make a lot of music in English and a lot

Of different genres in English as well so I think that in a way it can be a bit limiting because of that so for me definitely part of what I want to do and accomplish with my work is expand the way that people view all of the things

That we’re capable of doing for the full interview head over to kid cuty took a little break from battling online trolls to release some new beats here’s [Applause] insano he recruited some of the biggest rappers on this this album like Travis Scott and ASAP Rocky time to talk about YY they just dropped their new album Born to Be and if you don’t know much about them well don’t worry we got you cover YY is no

Stranger to the Billboard charts the K-pop girl group first charted back in 2019 and since then have racked up multiple entries across different charts and with the release of their new album Born to Be it’s just the beginning This is billboard explains the rise of iy since itsy made their mark on the music scene the girl group has appeared on a bunch of different Billboard charts including the billboard 200 thanks to albums like crazy and love the first album which peaked at number 11 and featured the track Loco and Checkmate mini album which peaked at number eight that same EP also debuted at number one on the world albums chart taking the top spot for a week in July 2022 other notable chart highlights include four songs on the global 200 including in the morning which peaked at number

34 10 songs on the world digital song sales chart including dolla Dolla and five songs on the global 200 excluding us char including not shy which reached number 70 in September 2020 it’s clear that YY knows how to make a Billboard Chart hit and we can’t wait to see where Born to Be takes them next that’s it for the news come back next week for our interviews with Don Omar and Julia Michaels but before you go there’s one more entry in our Friday

Music Guide J Aiko became a mom over a year ago and she’s sharing a Beau beautiful tribute to her baby with sun Son

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