“The Art of Living Fully: Embracing Your Mortality | Aditi Sethi, MD | TEDxAsheville” – Video

“The Art of Living Fully: Embracing Your Mortality | Aditi Sethi, MD | TEDxAsheville” – Video

In the TEDx talk titled “The Art of Dying Before You Die,” Dr. Aditi Sethi delves into the often taboo topic of death and dying, challenging the modern approach to this inevitable part of life. Drawing from her experiences as a hospice doctor and end-of-life Doula, Dr. Sethi shares profound insights into how we can prepare for our own deaths and support others through the dying process.

She recounts the story of Paula, a beloved friend and mentor, whose journey through dying taught her the importance of letting go and embracing the essence of life. Dr. Sethi highlights the need for a shift in our cultural perspectives on death, emphasizing the value of communal support and open conversations about mortality.

Through embracing death as an integral part of life’s journey, Dr. Sethi encourages individuals to confront their fears, practice acceptance, and cultivate a deeper connection to their essence. By engaging with death, dying, and grief in community, she believes we can not only transcend the fear of death but also enhance our relationships, personal growth, and overall well-being.

“The Art of Dying Before You Die” is a thought-provoking talk that invites us to approach death with curiosity, awe, and reverence, ultimately leading to a more meaningful and fulfilling existence.

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Cultivating a relationship with death and moving towards acceptance of it as a natural part of life is a profound and personal …

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