Cairo’s Ultimate Street Food Experience – Video

Cairo’s Ultimate Street Food Experience – Video

Embark on a culinary adventure through the bustling streets of Cairo in this exciting street food tour video! Get ready to sample some of the most delicious and unique Egyptian food that you’ve never tried before. From traditional sweet potatoes to grilled corn, this video will take you on a journey to experience the sights, sounds, and flavors of Cairo’s street food scene. Join us as we discover the hidden gems and local favorites while immersing yourself in the vibrant culture of Egypt. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to witness the culinary delights of Cairo and get a taste of the local street food. Subscribe to the channel to see more exciting travel and food adventures from around the world. Whether you’re a food lover or a culture enthusiast, this is the perfect video for you! Don’t miss out on this mouth-watering experience and get ready to embark on a street food journey through Cairo, Egypt.

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Do you sell all of the chicken in one day yes  wow what’s flavor this is arus arus okay how   much I Bo okay can I get one please very famous in  Egypt wow oh okay wood and then the wood Cooks the  

Potatoes inside man that’s awesome thank you  how much the corn how much $1 $1 how much is $1 what’s the name of the cream uh  yeah Arabic and cheese and cheese K number one what’s up everybody welcome back  to another beautiful day here in Cairo now today  

We’re actually going to run around the city and  get our hands on some Egyptian street food here   in Cairo street food can be found absolutely  everywhere and I I haven’t had too much because  

Well to be honest with you guys I haven’t had much  of an appetite since I got to the country um the   long travel days the two like long 15-hour days  and the time differences they threw me off and  

Usually that’s the case when I land in a country  it takes me a while to you know get used to the   time get used to the atmosphere but today we’re  going hard we’re about to get our hands on some  

Street food here in Cairo now right now it’s  actually like Rush Hour well every hour’s rush   hour here in Cairo I feel like every time we  I feel like every time I hit the road there’s  

Always just so much traffic now I’m actually  right in front of Bob Al futu I futu or futa   I hope I pronounced that right one of those two  has to be right or maybe it’s not right now this  

Is the area that I’m exploring and oh I can’t  walk that way wait I’ll just head this way and   I figured why not we’ll kick off the food tour  here in this part of the city now I’m actually  

Going to be moving around different parts of  the city in the this video and hopefully we   can manage to make it all happen in one day if  not then we’ll have to come back for sure to um  

Make it over the course of several days but  yeah this here is like one of the main gates   how beautiful is this it’s incredible isn’t  it oh I see this man carrying something in a   pot that looks interesting that looks like  some street food but let’s actually come  

Over in this direction and see what this kid is  selling I think he selling some corn yeah let’s   actually kick the TN off with some corn hello  how much the corn how much one $1 how much is

$1 I think he’s going to go to his other stand  oh is this your stand too 30 okay good good so   these are the sweet potatoes as well that can  be found all over Cairo we’ll try some some of  

These later on in this video but for now why not  let’s get some corn um one one one yeah please   thank you oh he has all kinds of corn some  are already cooked some are peeled some are raw um can you can we warm a little  bit one Danny yeah yeah yeah wait  

Wait wait ah ah good good good good  that’s good all right um let me see sh all right we’re going to try our first corn um   you have change yeah all right  we’ll try our first corn why not

Hello street food kicking off of corn you can  go wrong they eat corn like this everywhere   in the world and it never misses let me know in  the comments if you guys like a grill corn very good bom thank you I like it all right let’s get change and we’ll keep going

Change change yeah I gave you 100 and 20 more is why you get mad why you get mad why you get  mad why you dishonest all right hey you need it   more than I do you keep the 20 this onest people  you see what I’m saying the kid showed me 30 but  

He wanted to keep the other 20 all right we’re  moving on to the next stand most people actually   that’s the first time I’ve ran into anybody  I didn’t want to give you my change here in  

Egypt it hasn’t happened at all but you know  what we’ll let him keep it and on to the next [Music] spot can’t go wrong with [Music] corn now I just spotted another street food  that is extremely popular here in Cairo and  

It’s actually found right here in front of  this mosque and where the hanging church   is now there’s actually a little stand  right here here in the middle of this   Alleyway that is selling sweet potatoes  now sweet potatoes are extremely popular  

Here in Egypt and they can be found  in alleys like this where there’s a   cart and like a oven on top hello how are  you Salam how much how much uh two th how

Much uh can you show me maybe 10 10 10 oh okay one  please yeah uh one one piece two okay um let me see can you hold this for me  thank you thank you let me see

10 oh 21 oh 10 20 oh okay okay thank  you so it was actually 20 20 awesome   thank you I like your grill so this  here is like the oven setup these are   the sweet potatoes hello wow that’s  cool and in inside you put the potato

Inside wow thank you so much thank  you and inside more potato oh okay   wood and then the wood Cooks the potatoes  inside man that’s awesome thank you sh on   can I um can you hold for me for one  second let me just try this thing real quick

Oh I see wow very nice thank you I see why this is so popular here in Egypt  I mean the sweet potato is amazing oo but it   is hot too bad it didn’t come on a huh it came  in like a little piece of a of a magazine paper  

All right on to the next bit of street food  but yeah the mosque is going off right now   beautiful atmosphere here in Cairo oh this is so  hot but it is so delicious I’m going to destroy  

This whole thing I have a feeling that if I eat  anymore my backpack open it’s broken broken thank   you that’s what I’m saying to people here in  Egypt are amazing my backpack’s been broken and   everybody comes up to me and tell me hey bro  please close your backpack it’s not safe and  

I’m like my backpack’s broken I love Egypt this  country is so welcoming the people are so nice   let’s see what other street food we can findo all  right I’m going to finish up this sweet potato and  

I’ll catch up with you guys once we see another  bit of street food out here um on the streets of Kyra that sweet potato hit the spot but all it  did was crank up the appetite so I’ve come over  

To another area now somewhat near ataba square and  I’m here because there’s a place called Karam El   sham and I walked by here yesterday they actually  had huge like shamas outside or the chicken that  

They use for the shama outside and it called my  attention I was luckily able to find it back on   the map thanks to the picture I took yesterday  and here it is so now we’re back here and we’re  

Going to try some of the most famous sharwama  in Cairo I mean look at this I actually asked   one of the gentlemen yesterday they told me they  put 30 kilos of meat on there how incredible is  

That right all right let’s let’s see if we got  to make a weight line or how it works hello sir   um can I just order and take away or do I have  to sit down take away oh okay take away can I  

Get a chicken shama WP wrap large Mi ooh uh no  regular regular regular large yeah so I actually   had to choose between a large or an extra large I  just wanted like a small one but yeah I think it  

Was around 100 I’m not sure I haven’t counted my  change yet but look at these how amazing is this   now they actually sell like uh Burgers as well  chicken boxes all kinds of different wraps I took  

Mine in a in a wrap wow look it even looks like  it takes some quite a bit of effort to actually   spin that whole um I’m not sure what you call  them around it’s super cool to see though and  

Yesterday when I was here there was actually  a huge line and according to the reviews this   place gets incredibly busy I and the line I  from what I read online there’s some people   that can actually wait 45 minutes just to be  served a chicken shwam so I think we came here  

At a great time what is it right now actually  I think it’s right around noon 1:00 so maybe we   just beat the rush I’m not too sure or maybe  we made it here early but yeah this place um  

Is beautiful and yeah I guess it started off as  a as a small street food stand here in the city   and now it’s well a big restaurant with a lot of  employees and look at the amount of chicken they  

Throw on there can imagine they sell that every  single day I want to actually ask if um if they   finish that every day but I can imagine they  can’t keep that up there longer than one day do  

You sell all of the chicken in one day yes wow  what time you close man thank you thank you uh USA this is amazing how many kilos 120 kilos 300 wow so yeah it wasn’t 30  kilos then I don’t know I Mis I misunderstood  

Them yesterday yeah that looks like a lot  more than 30 kilos 120 kilos is that all   that chicken and they got two of those  bad boys plus I think a lamb an option   for lamb all right well I’ll catch up with  you guys once the sharwama makes it on out  

I’m hungry this smells so good all right so  it’s taking a minute for my food to come out   but there’s actually a gentleman right  here who’s selling some sort of drinks   let’s actually pick one up because I’m a bit  thirsty right now hello sir what what’s flavor  

This is arus arus okay how much okay can I get  one please very famous in Egypt wow that was   cool [Music] okay wow thank you so much there  you go tip for you thank you what’s the name again oh man that is nice I

Choked oh that is delicious though isn’t that  a cool process like the man walks around with   a a big gallon of juice and they’re actually super  common now when you’re actually in the old town in  

The old town of EG of Cairo they actually serve  them all in one cup and he kind of just rinses   out a water and everybody drinks out the same  glass cup but this guy had disposable plastic   cups which is cool all right there’s actually  a couple tourist that just pulled up so yeah  

Definitely a um a famous spot I guess a lot of  people do research Pirates are coming to Egypt   who would have thought I don’t do research I just  stumbled across this place while walking yesterday  

And yeah I’m hungry so hopefully it comes out  soon but this drink man this is Bomb this hit the spot 35 thank you so I don’t really know where  the concept of fast food coming from but that  

Took 25 minutes to get this in my hand but I  guess it’s because it’s extremely popular oh   I almost forgot there’s a little salsa inside  of there oh what is it garlic sauce it even   says it in English that’s pretty cool it’s  weird that the salsa says it in English but  

Everything else on the menu is only an Arabic  all right you know let me put on this backpack   on me the right way the problem is my backpack is  broken and everybody keeps trying to tell me that  

My backpack’s broken and I understand NS but  they’re just looking out for me trying to make   sure that nobody gets into my stuff but uh yeah  I need to get a new one so maybe we’ll do that  

Later on today so this here is what the shwam  wrap looks like it’s quite small I think they   sell different amounts of grams that you can put  inside but let’s go ahead and dive on into this one oh man incredible dude

Wow you know what I’ll be honest with you  guys there’s pickles in there if you guys   have seen my videos I always take those  things out and throw them in the trash   they don’t belong in food but in here  it actually tastes very well now I’m  

Going to go ahead and try some with the garlic  sauce oh man you can’t go wrong with a shama I   should have got two damn it I can’t even order  another one now because that that Line’s too long oh God that is so

Good I see why that place is so busy  all right well you know what I’m going   to smash through this and you know what  it’s actually quite simple I don’t think   there’s anything else inside of the shwam  except the chicken and the pickles I just  

Think that the chicken is marinated  so well that that’s all you need to   give give it flavor so yeah Karam Elam you  guys know what you’re doing this spot is [Music] amazing and eating it on the street  hearing all the horns and the cars that’s a

Vial now the next dish we’re going to be trying  today is a dish called cushi which I’m not exactly   too sure what it consists of but for this dish I  actually came to an area of the city called 6th of  

October and this is actually where I’m staying  right now I’m sitting right in front of this   beautiful mosque and all kinds of like commercial  buildings that s like yeah Electronics I see a   couple like airline companies over there but this  little spot that I found is called sahib sah Sabo  

And I’m not sure how the hell I I stumbled  upon this place I kind of just left my hotel   and started veering off into a random Direction  walking but this place looks amazing oh Shan   thank you my first cetti and yeah unfortunate  I couldn’t film inside because uh they weren’t  

Really too fond of the camera but it’s okay here  we are um so this here is like some sort of salsa   this here is yeah another form of salsa a spoon  oh my God and this here is the CET wow and what  

Is this more sauce h okay I wonder how you do this  actually do you got to like mix all this together   I’m not too sure you know what we’re about to  figure it out though cuz well that’s the only  

Thing we can do is figure it out you know what I  mean but yeah according to um Everybody online all   the all you Egyptian people that have that follow  me that have been sending me recommendations this   is something I simply could not leave Cairo or  Egypt without trying cusher the national dish  

Actually I’m not sure if it’s national dish but  um one of my friends told me that it’s pretty much   like the national dish so I’m not sure exactly  how we’re going to go about this but um you know  

What I don’t know if I should dude there’s  like chickpeas in there oh there’s pasta in   there chick peas let me let me try and show you  guys this real quick so yeah there’s like pasta   in there pasta in there all kinds of different  noodles chickpeas some crunchy ingredients and  

Yeah I think um you definitely are supposed  to add the salce to it so you know what I’m   just going to I’m going to be Reckless right now  there’s only one way to do it right so I’m going  

To pour like this tomato sauce all over the uh o  damn that’s hot I’ll just pour a little bit more   there we go oh man that is hot hopefully that’s  how you do it or else I’m about to mess up my  

Very first cush this here is like some salsa see  if it’s spicy nope not spicy I just put a little   bit Thum that one has like a kind of a a strong  taste to it and then this here is garlic lemon  

Sauce maybe based off of what I see on the picture  garlic lemon sauce put some of that on top Yeah I   think that’s exactly what it is looks like lemon  juice all right now I’m going to just go ahead and  

I don’t know I think this is how you do it right  you just go ahead and mix it all up oh man yo this   looks really nice looks like a very hearty meal  something that is like uh very filling you know  

All right hey and I like I like sitting down in  these little atmospheres too when you can hear   all of the horns of the cars coming by it’s very  nice all right well my first bite of guet here in Egypt God damn that is good man it reminds me of like

A of like a spaghetti bolones but with all  kinds of different um noodles and of course   there’s even like chickpeas in there I’m not  sure what these are I think it’s quinoa and   you the combination of that lemon juice  with garlic and the tomato sauce is unreal m

I could see myself eating this every day I like stuff like this I like foods that got  a bunch of different textures and many different consistencies I think there’s beef  in mine I’m not sure maybe there’s   not no but it’s good definitely need  a little bit more of this tomato sauce  

You know I’m about to go on a nio cruise  this week and I hope they have this on   board because I’ll go crazy I think I  can eat this like every single day no problem it don’t get much  better than this all right

Well I’m going to enjoy my cushi  and we’ll see where we end up next now that we have done some good eating I am  back on one of the most famous streets in   Cairo one of the oldest streets in Cairo  Al Moz and right now I’m actually on the  

Hunt for something sweet I like something  sweet to uh bring all that yumminess down   with because that’s how you do it right  you got to look for something sweet now   around here I noticed a bunch of canaf and  things like that a few days ago so that’s  

Exactly what we’re going to be trying  in this video if we can come across it   no perfumes right now thank you thank you  hello bro this is uh kaaf how much is one piece how much is it here my friend this is 50  

Egyptian bound this is this is  35 let me get 50 okay thank you broes um there’s two different kinds  yeah cheese and cream oh yeah which   one’s the best one uh the cream cream  cream let’s do cream one what’s the   name of the cream yeah Arabic and  cheese and cheese GNA GNA thank

Youna oh that looks nice it’s nice and warm too it’s warm huh  you need honey honey yeah a little bit you you usually put honey  on top not the natural honey   a little bit oh oh sugar honey little bit little bit okay yeah good good sh  thank you bro oh yeah wo thank

You Al pachio uh maybe maybe later maybe  later okay all let me eat this one first   okay thank you all right let me turn  back around let’s actually Chow Down   on this I wish I had a little area  to uh prop myself up yeah man yeah  

Yeah yeah give me your channel I’ll  give you my channel bro travel with Chris what’s up bro what’s up V  how are you man how are you man   you guys are funny travel with Chris Trel uh TR

R uh here hold this hold this hold  this I got you I got you I got you   for all you Egyptian people you  better subscribe man yeah yeah   there you go there you go how you say  it how you say it say it again say it

Again what’s your name travel with Chris it’s CH number numberone that’s AppleOne that’s me  right there bro I’m the phone the video   this video come soon all right appreciate  you bro and turn on the Bell turn on the

Bell thank you bro speak maybe maybe we’ll come  back for the perfume all right I’ll look for   you all right I don’t know what went on right  now but they love that hopefully um hopefully   they said subscribe and it wasn’t some something  else because you know I don’t know if you guys  

Remember but about 6 months ago I was in Sri  Lanka and I I told someone to say subscribe   and he told and he said something along the  lines of go f your mother and I was like what  

But it made for a very funny conversation all  right I’m going to put the camera down and um   I’ll talk to you guys once I find a spot  to eat this all right so I found myself a  

Little Alleyway to um eat this canaf actually  I’ll show you guys the alleyway look and this   is where I’m propping up the camera right here on  this thing so you got to do what you got to do do  

This here is the canaf let’s see if I got that  angle right hopefully and I actually got mine   with cream I didn’t know you can get actually  choose two different variations I thought they   were all made with cheese but yeah this is a very  popular middle eastern dessert it’s incredibly

Good God that is so good so I don’t  know exactly what canafe consists   of but this is Heaven on a plate guys  ser seriously if you can find a middle   eastern restaurant somewhere near you and  go get a bite of this now this is my first  

Time ever having one with cream usually  I have one with cheese this is the next level actually I think I prefer  this more than the cheese to be fair y man that is crazy good it doesn’t make   sense and you know it’s not  overly sweet neither it’s

[Music] nice that is a perfect way  to end a food video here in Cairo oh yeah well guys I hope you enjoyed this video  please let me know down in the comments section   what is the best Egyptian food that I missed  out on what do I need to try when I get back  

And what was your favorite dish that you saw in  this video now I’m missing so much more maybe in   Alexandria we can squeeze in another Egyptian  food tour plus I heard that the Egyptian food   is actually completely different in Alexandria  so cheers guys with the last the last bite for  

Now I’m going to put this it’s too good but I got  to eat this when I get home maybe with a little [Music] coffee I’ll see you guys again soon or   another one you always smart  I was the one to take a love

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