“Caribbean’s Extreme Flight: Landing on the World’s Shortest Runway” – Video

“Caribbean’s Extreme Flight: Landing on the World’s Shortest Runway” – Video

Are you a thrill-seeker looking for a unique and exhilarating experience? Look no further than the Caribbean’s extreme flight and the world’s shortest runway landing. This heart-pounding and nail-biting video takes you on a journey to two of the world’s most dangerous airports in the Caribbean: Saba and St Barth.

The adventure begins with some riveting plane spotting action at St Maarten Princess Juliana Int’l Airport. You’ll witness the adrenaline-inducing sight of planes flying just a few meters above beach vacationers’ heads before landing and resisting the jet blast on takeoff.

Next, the video takes you on a flight with SXM Airways pilot Jean-Marc Oliver on the Britten Norman Islander (BN-2A-26) from St Maarten to Saba. Prepare to be amazed as the plane navigates the world’s shortest commercial runway at just 400m. The entire island is mountainous and reminiscent of scenes from Jurassic Park.

Then, the adventure continues to the extreme landing at St Barth, known for its beautiful runway that is only 640 meters long, located between the mountains and the sea. This part of the video showcases strong crosswinds and turbulence before the plane “dives” into the airport. The landing is so intense that the filmmaker confesses to stopping filming just to watch out for the landing.

For those who are intrigued by the world of aviation and extreme experiences, this video provides an unparalleled glimpse into the challenges and thrills of flying in these extreme conditions. Get ready for some hair-raising moments and an experience that will leave you on the edge of your seat!

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Video Transcript

Look at this I’m back at pling spotter’s Paradise and let’s do some planing spotting [Applause] first [Applause] back at the airport this morning we’re going to take a flight to some of the world’s shortest runway in and most dangerous Airfield in the Caribbean this handsome young man is flying me John Mark yeah hi um my name is John Mark and today I’m going to be taking you guys over to Saba it’ll be about 14 minutes and we’ll be going at about 2,500 ft 111 Pap rway 1 clear takeoff 03 0 1 0

The wind clear takeoff rway 1 111 we’re ready y ready let’s Go 111 Pap time 27 report level climbing to time climbing up to 2500 111 Papa 111 Papa report 1 D and save information good morning St Martin 111 Papa Mar 111 Papa good morning man out of Julian and the papa Juliet SI x-ray Mike currently maintaining 2,500 ft approximately uh 13

1 12 miles out should be landing roughly the next 6 minutes so Sam uh Saba is actually the shortest commercial runway in the world and it’s definitely one of the most challenging runways um that exist for Pilots to go into in fact it takes a good amount of experience and

Training before you’re even eligible to be able to land here and um for today what you can expect to is uh we’re getting easterly winds so of course on Final we’re going to be crabbing in to the left a little bit and typically with easterly winds

You get a sudden drop as soon as you get over the runway so you’ll feel like we’re going to go right onto the runway and probably put it down pretty firly it looks challenging it looks definitely challenging here yeah it looks like uh you ever seen Jurassic Park exactly

Right I couldn’t see the wrun way at all it’s right here to the left below us see it you see there on the flat piece Y at a very bottom of left so we’re going to start slowing down and descending now this is exciting do you see this Little

Rock here in between us and the runway this Little Rock here in the middle yeah correct that’s your uh that’s kind of a point that I’m going to use when I get over there I’m going to try and be between 700 to 500 ft as goty kind of

Like a guide a reference it’s so rocked there’s just doesn’t look like there’s any flat piece of land no it’s pract I think we picked the only flat piece of land for the airport turn to final running one too St Martin in 111 Papa Rog at 111 Papa wind

At 06 0° one two knots Runway Clear it was okay not doing too bad oh we’re so close to the mountain on Landing my God There’s a sudden drob yeah uh Thanks For Preparing Me no problem oh so short it’s the wrong way look at it we’re almost hit the end I’ll take you right to the edge so you can see it oh okay 111 Papa on time oh my God you going to J1 Papa

Cliff on this and a cliff on the other wow it’s so exciting it’s bring it’s so fast all happened in like 30 seconds just all happened really fast before I react we already Landed It All Happened in Split seconds the thrill was unspeakable it was whoops and drop and

Then land it firmly I’m glad you enjoyed it so now I’m getting out of the air Feud and go up to the hill to watch John Mark doing one more circuits over the island to see externally what it looks Like how long you going to be on the island how long half an hour too short Too Short yeah this is first time but hopefully not the last time here he always welcome to come back St bar is over there right Mar down there oh and

Over here we have Stasia St kits Nas and moner how many people live on Saba 2,000 [Applause] So we’re up this little Hill look over the whole 400 met Runway here the plane just took off and John Mark’s going to do a close traffic and come back to land so we can appreciate how difficult and how short the runway is hell hello good morning good morning

Very very busy airport here how many Landings here every day um and average we have about six to seven six to seven Landings and what most exciting thing you’ve seen during your work year um like he mentioned before the dip below the runway when the winds are come

And and then you don’t see the aircraft and you see just pull them back up you know are you serious the plane went below the runway then they came back up and this kid here what’s your name Mario Mario he’s actually the airport Marshal he worked here yeah I work here yeah he

Came to me he knows my YouTube video channels yeah we’re going to make one here and you’re going to see yourself on the video all right nice to meet you man hello hello hello hello we’re back on I’m back on okay our engine started yep and our Nick stop tell us we’re going

Over to St Barts now one of the other most challenging airports that there are in the world that’s a crazy one that’s to say down like this it is I’m excited to show you yeah we barely survived the first one win check please I’m going to go

Real close to the edge so this will be a cool shot too 0 60 1 0 got some 111 oh look at this oh my God this is how close you go full takeoff all Good wa my Gosh right up to the edge and how high we flying this we’re going to do 2,500 as well do you see yourself ever going for into Aviation you know like as a commercial pilot I can feel like this is pretty easy for me yeah this is you could do this you could do

This I can feel like I you know VFR without St Barts right there ahead airport’s in the valley in the middle right yep so St Barts is um a lot easier to land in because the runway over there is 2,100 ft so I have a lot more time to

You know get the PL down smoothly and stop 111 Pap cway 1 09 you can already see the Gusty the winds hitting the water you see it yep if you look on the water I’ll tell you from now we can expect a lot of turbulence especially when we get closer

To the saddle once we go over we probably we’re going to make the Steep descent chop the power touchdown and uh if we’re not feeling comfortable obviously you know we execute a go around and then we’ll try to wait okay yeah oh that’s the win that’s the winds my

God I’m not even filming anymore watch right here this is the saddle this is where it’ll get onally wow and we’re in St BS amazing amazing speechless cool guys welcome to St Barts as you saw just now the landing it was a little bumpy but nothing too crazy and

That’s pretty much because right here in this where we call the saddle which is right between these two Hills here gets extremely turbulent and you can tell by those two wind there what’s going to happen just by looking at them if they’re flipping or whatever sometimes

You might even see that one wind stock is facing a completely different direction than the other it just gets crazy in there it’s a crazy Runway the hill and the incline or I should say the deine decline here and then deine all the way to the beach on the other Side so I got a very nice person ramper here he’s going to take us up the hill to see The Landings and John Mark he uh saw how he saw how excited nervous I was and now he’s going to perform a solo flight at one more circuit so I can film him coming In we’re on top of the hill it’s crazy windy here that’s why when our plane flipped a little bit when we are Approaching so my friend John Mark just took off the wind’s going crazy right now there’s a tiny do in the sky I think that’s Joe Mark [Applause] Com And here’s the another one wow so unreal it’s like a roller coaster every bling dive down and what a beautiful setting of the air for I just love it I can stand here for hours but I’m going to catch my fleet back to St Martin Now and same it’s hello again more than 111 Papa taxi back over to Juliana with tree Souls on board in 2 hours two 0 minutes of endurance M 111 Papa again one Z news 0 40 21 q120 advise ready for departure you going to make plenty of views on

YouTube I hope so hope so we hope so I think the tower guy must recognize us yeah definitely recognize you all right here we go Wow so beautiful Y You visited two of the most challenging airports in the world both in the same day I know right I still have the adrenaline going through your body it was sick in my stomach when the firsts when you first landed Juliana to good morning Sam Mar 111 Papa Mar 111

Papa proceed direct to the threshold running one0 wi 020 one TR the wind 02 my God this is super exciting super nice nice and low over the Beach Hey I’m back in one piece still have the adrenaline if you want to fly Sab us s bars having all this this guy is the best guy to fly you John Mark at sxm Airways appreciate It

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