Cash Cobain Brings the ‘Bronx Whine’ Back in ‘Rump Punch’ Lyric Video: Watch

Cash Cobain Brings the ‘Bronx Whine’ Back in ‘Rump Punch’ Lyric Video: Watch

Fresh off his Billboard Hot 100 debut, Cash Cobain continues his hot streak with new song “Rump Punch” on Friday (June 7). Like most of his unreleased music, the snippet for this song has been driving up the hype on social media.

Now, the New York City rapper and producer finally gave his fans what they wanted and dropped the whole song and it’s accompanied by a funny lyric video. Not only do we get Cash’s signature raunchy bars and vibey production, it looks like he’s trying to bring the “Bronx Whine” back with this one.

For those that aren’t aware, the “Bronx Whine” was a popular dance back in the early 2010s. The dance had a song and even made the news. Recently, Chris Vivo — who helped make the dance go viral online back then — brought the dance back on TikTok much to the delight of his audience.


Somebody Said Bronx Whine Back ? 😭 For The One Time , The King Had To Come Outta Retirement 🔥 VIVO HIGH 12 Year Later ✔️ #chrisvivo #bronxwhine #vivodance #fyp #vivobronxwhine

♬ original sound – ChuneStation

People are going to lose it once they see the “Bronx Whine” clips in this video — after clicking play, get ready to dust those hips off, grab your favorite person, and Bronx Whine the summer away to “Rump Punch” and the rest of Cash’s discography.

The rapper is having a crazy year, so far. We mentioned his first Hot 100 entry earlier, but he also has the “Fisherrr” remix with fellow New Yorker Ice Spice, recently dropped “Grippy” with J. Cole, and was our Rookie of the Month for April.

Watch Cash Cobain’s new lyric video for “Rump Punch” above.

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