Chimpanzees ‘self-medicate’ with healing plants

Chimpanzees ‘self-medicate’ with healing plants

In a groundbreaking discovery, scientists have observed wild chimpanzees in Uganda using plants with pain-relieving and anti-bacterial properties to heal themselves. This behavior, known as self-medication, has been studied by researchers over the past four years and their findings have been published in the journal PLOS One.

The chimpanzees were seen selecting specific plants and parts of plants to consume when they were sick or injured. This natural behavior not only helps the animals heal themselves, but it also suggests that they have a deeper understanding of the medicinal properties of the plants in their environment.

The researchers believe that studying the self-medicating behavior of chimpanzees could provide valuable insights for the development of new medicines for humans. This research highlights the importance of conservation efforts to protect not only the chimpanzees themselves, but also the valuable knowledge they hold about the healing properties of their natural environment.

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