“Complete Guide to Traveling by Boat from Buenos Aires to Uruguay” – Video

“Complete Guide to Traveling by Boat from Buenos Aires to Uruguay” – Video

Are you looking to travel from Buenos Aires to Uruguay on a boat? Look no further! In this video, I share my personal experience of taking a 1-hour boat ride from Buenos Aires to Uruguay, followed by a 2.30-hour bus ride. I talk about how easy it was to gather all the information needed for the trip and how satisfying the adventure was. If you need more details on how to make this trip, I offer consultations where I can provide you with all the information you need and even prepare a package for you with everything you need including hotel accommodations, places to visit, popular restaurants, transportation, and more. I also provide my contact information and ways to support the growth of my channel. Join me on this exciting journey from Buenos Aires to Uruguay and make the most out of your trip! #passportbros #uruguay #solotravel

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All right guys another day of Adventures here put up I can’t even expect today but it’s been a crazy day it’s been a crazy week actually but it’s another day of Adventures in Bueno today we’re going to go get some information about I to I’m Uruguay we’re going to Uruguay

Tomorrow so I want to go ahead of time and find out information in person I don’t want to do it online I want to do it I want to do it in person so I’m out here in my place this is the entrance of my building where I’m

Staying I showed you my apartment later super cool super fancy and and like really modern um so we went for the Uber mess the apart man it’s been raining for the last 3 days out here man that’s why I’m out I’m going to little for a couple of days and then I come

Back on the weekend and see if it’s better if it’s not better I don’t know I might go somewhere else or something but um let’s see what’s going to happen today and let’s go have some adventures in the rain I actually wore this hat specifically because of that cuz at

Least the water would not you know get it get the Hat all wet and messed up so let’s see what happens I also need to go to Barber raining day again this is like another it’s been actually raining a lot lately man my luck my luck is messed up e here’s the

Uber oh I actually got a nice one they always bring come with the little cars this one is actually better but hello one all right cool guys talk to you guys in a little bit Hey guys just got of the Uber we are here now at the station B Bo so we’re going to try to purchase a ticket now for our trip tomorrow morning to Ura all right so we just got here this is what this is looking like I don’t know where the ticke in

AR arrival transmit the mic checking PL information T something something something I guess we got to go this way I think so let’s go this way terminal Li Theo so I don’t know we’re just going to go in here I think this is where you buy the ticket this is what it’s looking

Like so let’s go and ask some questions let got some questions here I don’t know what it was what so we here with the right spot so we’re going to purchase the ticket so basically guys you could take an Uber or you could take like public transportation bus train from whatever

Part of the city you staying and then you get here and you purchase the ticket there another company for Colonial too this one is discloser and they tell me this is more I mean on time got on time and it’s more respons but I don’t know find out hello you open ni for

Fore spee spee oh wow what up inside what up inside foreign spee foree what’s up watch spe spee all right all right guys so basically got all the info I guess because i’m call I’m buying it super late the prices are to the roof cuz when

I was looking online not online when I was at like doing research it was like um the the it was like a 49 it was more like like $30 $50 but now it’s like 100 and change just one way I mean that’s the same thing that it cost to get on

The pH B basically and then that’s one thing and then if I want to do it like the like another part of um Whatchamacallit another part of um Ur it will be 80 but then I will have to take a bus from there which I don’t

Know how much would it be I don’t think it’s going to be much cuz it’s only 2 hours and that would be actually the best bet to just go cuz then the then the the the travel time will be only 1 hour versus 2 hours to

So now I just want to think about it really quick to make a decision and what’s best I mean I do want to go to mon but this is extremely price it’s extremely pricey to go now but I mean that’s once in a lifetime thing I guess cuz I I mean you come

Back it’s going to be more because I’m thinking if I go it’s still going to have to pay like over 100 damn I wish I would have planned this better this is what this good to plan cuz I could have done this uh better I should have if I knew it was

Going to be suspensive I would have just book a flight like you know H all right guys so let me think about this real quick and get back to you guys some all right go so I bought the ticket basically we’re going to I about the ticket we’re going to do the

8:30 in the morning to Colonia Uruguay and then from there I’m going to take a box that was the most economical one cuz I didn’t plan properly that’s what happens when you don’t plan properly and then coming back I don’t know I didn’t buy the way back ticket so I made

Decisions based on based on how I feel if I want to stay longer than I stay long or what not make sense all right so that’s done now I know it’s raining but I cannot I’m not here forever so I just got to make the best out of my time so I’m chilling

In the rain again and we are in Puerto Maro now Puerto marero and as you can see Baboo it’s right across from Puerto Madero it’s part of Puerto Madero you can say and we’re just going to go around and see what Puerto moo has to offer I know that there the

Pink building around here there’s like a lot of shops and restaurant which is super cool supposedly also at night it gets really nice so we don’t know I don’t know if we’re going to be able to come at night but we are here during the

Day now so let’s see what’s up and the other side I see already is super cool there supposed to be a bridge oh there goes the bridge all the way over there at the white thing I don’t know you guys are able to see it but you’ll see it when we get

There but this seems like it could be really nice afternoon like Sunday afternoon or things like that and I think these people like the restaurants put tables all along this side here I mean guys I really wanted to show you this at this best but unfortunately

The rain is not helping and I cannot just stay at home forever waiting for the rain to stop it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop e anyways cuz I mean the sky looks really bad I hope Uruguay is not looking like this man I mean but it might cuz it’s so

Close but let’s see what happens man this is really cool though this is really cool and this is there supposed to be like a museum here I’m not going to do the museum thing because I know you guys don’t based on based on the views that I have on my museum

Content you guys don’t like that you guys just want to see more of the exploration and the night life and the I me interacting with people so that’s what I’m going to do all right guys so it’s the morning time we’re about to go to Uruguay like you guys saw

Yesterday we went through the whole process of buying the ticket how much it cost and all that good stuff now this morning we went to the same little entrance we check in handle the passport and the ticket then they give you the actual ticket the original

Ticket that you’re going to use to get on a boat and after that you go up the steps or up the stairs and you go through immigration cool thing about immigration is that you do both so basically it’s two agents one next to each other one for Argentina to

Exit to kick you out and then the other one from Europe gu to welcome you in so that’s super cool and now we’re here in the waiting area I mean it’s pretty big right here pretty pretty big um I really don’t know which one I get I know that’s one entrance

Here and then it seems to be another entrance towards the end back there I hly don’t care which where we go um at the day is only like supposed to be 1 hour and supposed to be 1 hour and I don’t care if I go in out

It’s a boat like on a plane it’s a little annoying cuz you want to put your back on the top but here I don’t care I just I’m I’m just excited I’m going to a new country so whatever I do have to look at my ticket though to

See what is this going to look like but it’s pretty I mean but then you can see oh this part here looks like an entrance is there it’s for gate for and I guess there’s another gate or there I don’t read or know we going to find out though let’s go see over

Here all right guys so we took we get on the boat you can exchange your money here I guess this multi floor we are going to go up one flight cuz it seems like people going up I don’t know why I’m going up I don’t

Know why I’m going up but I’m going up this Duty pre too all right seats out here all right so going up one time they’re going to ready see the Reaver we’re going to go across oh this is cool they do have Dy free it’s really cool so basically you

Can buy your little clone if you forgot your clone seats get gets packed quick look at here look at here look at here okay so we’re going to sit here so that we can really see Right I don’t need to buy anything this is it all right guys so as soon as you get out of the terminal you don’t even get out of the terminal it’s right in the terminal you get on the bus and there’s like many people here that

Tell you like where to go but it’s super easy and there’s only two companies Baboo I don’t know if you’re able to see that and then the other one is colonial so you pick whichever way you go you go cuz you could go to

Puner or you could go to Mont you can go to whatever Direction they tell you where it is you get on your bus me super comfortable easy and the car the bo looks nice I mean Bo is clean it’s clean in here it’s clean all right guys so after such a

Beautiful trip we about to get to Uruguay This Is Us coming in getting in town arriving now so I mean this is the easiest way to go from um from Argentina from buenos to Uruguay actually it’s not the easiest probably taking a flight is easy but think about it you have to go

Through a whole bunch of thing pick up your luggage that’s too much when you go to an airport I think this is very easy it only took an hour and then I took a bus for two hours so if you guys need to get any more information please let’s book a

Consultation and I can go in details with you in everything you need to do and and everything that you need to keep um be proactive before you take the flight uh you know do all your plannings within time don’t do like me cuz I waited too long to book everything just

Make sure that you actually do it within time reach out to me we could definitely book a consultation and we could I could get you ready for that you know show you how to you know check and move in the city where to buy the ticket everything

I will put everything together so that you have a better experience that one I had I mean you’re going to see everything else coming for Uruguay the next video is going to be my first impression so I know you’re going to like that and then we’re going to do you

Know what we do best we’re going to party so night life is coming up too I hope you like this I will I hope you got value out of this video see you guys on the next one coming up in a couple of days it’s your boy R Harper In Okay yes got here to station that’s Cruiser PR Crosser so we goty here I’m going find out about the ticket that I have to buy to go back you’re going to get Anu and be out I’m tired I’m Hungry

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