Experience the Magic: A Genuine Guide to Yi Peng & Loy Krathong in Chiang Mai – Video

Experience the Magic: A Genuine Guide to Yi Peng & Loy Krathong in Chiang Mai – Video

The Yi Peng and Loy Krathong festivals in Chiang Mai, Thailand, are a truly magical and authentic experience. Taking place under the bright full moon in November, the festivals are a stunning display of lights and colors as thousands of people make wishes and release lanterns into the sky and send candle-lit rafts of flowers down rivers.

In this video, Morgan takes you on a journey through the ancient city of Chiang Mai, showing you the beauty and authenticity of these two incredible festivals. She emphasizes the importance of seeking out the real experience rather than falling for expensive, tourist-driven iterations of the festival. Morgan’s goal is to show that travel is for everyone, regardless of budget or whether you are traveling alone.

The video is not only a guide to the festivals but also a personal experience as Morgan navigates through the bustling streets, Buddhist temples, and the release of lanterns. It captures the energy and excitement of the festivals as well as the spiritual significance in letting go of the burdens of the previous year and making wishes for the new one.

As Morgan experiences the awe-inspiring sight of lanterns rising into the sky, she reflects on the symbolic act of releasing anxieties and wishing for good fortune. The video encapsulates the beauty of the festivals, the palpable energy, and the sense of community as thousands of lanterns light up the night sky.

This video is the ultimate guide for those seeking an authentic experience of the Yi Peng and Loy Krathong festivals. It not only showcases the beauty of the festivals but also captures the spiritual and emotional significance of releasing the past and making wishes for the future. Whether you are a solo traveler or traveling on a budget, Morgan’s video is a testament to the enchantment and magic of travel.

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What do you need to let go of what are you wishing for every year in the ancient city of changai among the mountains of Northern Thailand millions of people release their fears regrets and pain of the last year and make wishes for the new one under the brightful moon in November two

Beautiful festivals coincide y Pang and ly Kong hello from beautiful Chang May we’re here for a once in a year celebration two amazing festivals you might have seen photos of this gorgeous Festival all over the Internet or if you ever seen the movie Tangles where they’re lifting up the lanterns this

Festival is what that’s based off of there’s actually two going on one is where you release beautiful banana leaves and flowers into the water and one where you release lanterns into the air so once I went to Thailand I realized my time here coincided with this festival and I got so excited

Because I’ve seen images and Vlogs of this festival for so many years I’ve been so excited to come check it out myself it is a little bit different this year though the lanterns in the center of changai have been banned ever since 2022 because of safety which makes a lot

Of sense but I think there are some places where you can let them off in the city so I’m still hoping that I can let off my Lantern and actually figuring out the details of this Festival is proving really difficult nothing is super easy to kind of figure out but I think I’ve

Sort of got it down there are some paid festivals you can go to outside of the city um it’s about $150 and up so it’s not super cheap and it’s not from what I understand super authentic either this is mostly like a tourist price and tourist thing it looks amazing though

That’s where you’ll have the big Mass release of lanterns which used to be able to do in the city but not anymore so you could opt for that or you could get the more local authentic feel by coming to downtown changai and seeing what all the locals are actually doing

By the way hi I’m Morgan I’m traveling the world solo and taking you along with me showing you that travel is for everybody don’t forget to subscribe and let’s go to the Festival Already Walking around it became clear just how much was going on during this Festival there are shows big parades and of course there are things going on inside of the Buddhist temples which are all around shangai at this Temple you could write down your wishes for the new year

Which would be attached to lanterns lit by monks which you could then add to the Sea of other Wishes Keep in mind this Festival is busy got here early the traffic is insane and flit traffic it’s really hard to move around the Festival of ly Kong involves paying respects to the goddess of Water by releasing Lotus shaped rafts into rivers canals other bodies of water which are lit with flickering candles

Incense and decorated with flowers you can make your own Kong or you can buy some from the many Street vendors which sell lots of iterations of these beautiful floating rafts walking around changai you could see people creating the katong even within their own homes using leaves and bark and different

Types of flowers you can release your Kong pretty much anywhere that you can find water there are some places that are busier than others it seemed like a lot of the action was taking place at narat Bridge and I’m sure I’m saying that the very American way but that’s

Where most of the action at least in this video is taking Place and that’s also where people were releasing sky lanterns once I saw the first Sky Lantern go into the air I was immediately all struck just by one I I couldn’t believe this was actually happening because I told you I’d read that it wasn’t going to happen so I I

Was never sure this whole night if I’d even see anything so I started to get kind of panicky because I wanted to get my hand on one of those lanterns and release it and I didn’t know how long this is going to go on for I kept having

This feeling the whole night that I was about to miss Things before I sent off my sky lantern I was thinking about all of the things that I wanted to symbolically release with it all of the things that I’ve been through recently loss grief heartache I was focusing on all the pain I’ve been feeling and when I let go of my Lantern

I really felt for a moment that I did release It my Lantern floated up with thousands of others dotting the sky like stars and I got to thinking about all of the things that everyone else around me was releasing and all of the wishes that they were making simultaneously a lot of people actually write wishes onto their

Sky lanterns and when they’re letting it go they’re you know casting that wish for the next year well you don’t need festivals to Mark a transition in your life to make wishes to let go of things there is something extremely cathartic about being among thousands of other people releasing anxieties into the air

And wishing for Good Fortune and there was such a palpable fantastic happy energy it was just beautiful that is the best word I can think to describe this I just released my own Lantern everyone’s letting them off here on the bridge right outside of old changai maybe it’s not technically legal but everyone’s

Doing it anyway and it is breathtaking this is out of a movie it’s actually way more beautiful than I even expected it to be and the whole point of this Festival is it’s the new year so you’re letting go of all of the past things you

Want to let go of from the previous year and I definitely did that as I let go it’s a beautiful experience and I’m so happy that there’s still the lantern let off here in old changai because everyone’s here there’s fireworks all sorts of festivals happening this is an insane Experience So I’m really glad that I didn’t go and take the more expensive route okay I’m really glad I didn’t take the expensive okay never mind as I was trying to say there are different events around changai during this night where you can pay for tickets to go and have a mass

Release of lanterns personally I’m not that interested in flying halfway across the world to enjoy one of the most significant cultural events in a different country just to go to an exorbitantly priced ticketed event outside of the actual City where it has historically taken place it’s go to an influencer Fiel iteration that’s

Marketed towards and meant for tourists but no hate that’s just my Opinion walking away from the thick of the festival it’s still so beautiful from like every area of the city I’m walking through like these random roads and there’s beautiful temples and even just the industrial side of a city with those beautiful floating lanterns up above it’s so magical and also this is a

Full Moon Festival and the Moon is super bright tonight and you see all the lanterns flying by the moon it’s so so magical and I’m kind of convinced that I am actually Sailor Moon and this is my magical don’t laugh as I was walking away from the thi of it

I started to see a lot of the cretons piled up on this bridge and started to really dawn on me how big of environmental effect this Festival must have if you do participate I would recommend you to use biodegradable lanterns and naturally made cretons rather than the styrofoam ones thank you

So much for watching this video please like And subscribe I’ve got a lot more coming shout out to all the more travel please subscribers who are coming back after this very long Hiatus and hello to everybody new if anyone’s watching this um thank you and bye are you sure it’s going to be

Okay [Applause] so the eang festival is the perfect time to let go of old baggage including any negativity from the last year any money problems any toxic ex-boyfriends I don’t know I’m just smiling and walking [Applause] around

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