Critter Fixers: Emergency Puppy C-Section – Watch the Full Episode! – Documentary

Critter Fixers: Emergency Puppy C-Section – Watch the Full Episode! – Documentary

Emergency Puppy C-Section (Full Episode) | Critter Fixers

Emergency Puppy C-Section (Full Episode) | Critter Fixers takes viewers through a roller coaster of emotions as the dedicated veterinarians at Critter Fixers handle various animal emergencies. From performing an emergency C-section on a French Bulldog to removing socks from a puppy’s stomach, the team at Critter Fixers goes above and beyond to save the lives of their furry patients.

The episode starts with a heartwarming story of a French Bulldog named Midnight who goes into labor and gives birth to a litter of healthy puppies. The team also treats a Chow Chow with entropion, a condition where the eyelids roll inwards, causing eye irritation. The veterinarians successfully perform surgery to correct the issue and ensure the Chows can see clearly again.

However, the episode takes a heartbreaking turn as the team faces the loss of a beloved dog, Snoopy, who suffered complications after surgery. Despite their best efforts, Snoopy does not make it, highlighting the emotional challenges that come with being a veterinarian.

The episode also showcases the team’s dedication and expertise in handling unique cases, like a puppy who ingested socks, requiring a delicate procedure to remove them safely.

Overall, Emergency Puppy C-Section (Full Episode) | Critter Fixers is a heartwarming and emotional journey that highlights the highs and lows of working in veterinary medicine. Through it all, the team at Critter Fixers remains committed to providing the best care for their animal patients and their owners.

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Video Transcript

Here we go all right here the fun part right here you imagine doing that without our staff oh no we need the staff to survive cuz they can read us yeah oh no doubt they can kind of just read our line and could imagine being the heat battle surgery I’m my right

Hand man Paul how we doing there Paulie we good can you give me a little bit more he ain’t saying a word you know you know right yeah you’re right trying to do it without Jordan her fany pack say hey do hey hey 20 years we’ve had an under I mean

Yeah it’s okay I know I know we could never repa him remember it was just me and you that was it your receptionist was I good you was great but you just I couldn’t afford to pay a reception that salary so you know you was overqualified so I had to let you

Go fair enough yes my two Chow Chows are at Critter Fixer to help their eyes get back on the prize hi hello how you doing I’m fine could be friends what we got going today I already know they have entropian oh man we need to get them up here so we can

Evaluate them come here baby I’m here today with Bentley and Ty they are both Chows Bentley is very good at showing he likes other people and he does well in the ring Tai is a little more skittish in the ring so it’s been a little more

Of a challenge to get his championship I was actually raised with CHS and once you’ve had a child you don’t want any other kind of dog so he’s the grand champion he is the grand champion Bentley Bentley look at him look a nice little man just like a

Lion okay definitely a top when it’s rolling in no question about that we don’t see a lot of chows now and they’re men because they’re suspecting of having in tropy on and it’s pretty common in dogs that have a lot of extra skin on their face basically your top and bottom

Eyelid rather than it closing and they roll under and when they roll under they irritate their eye a lot and then cause them to have some scarring on there looking at their right eye we’re going to have to remove some tissue but possibly left ey as well I know more

Wants the hair is shaped okay we’ll switch up there some beautiful babies thank you you are beautiful T been shown much he has been shown much but he hates it oh he doesn’t like he he doesn’t like it that’s too much for you I don’t blame you

Man both stay right IR aren’t they not as bad it’s not as severe Bentley more or less in that one eye probably can take maybe a little bit off the top and the bottom there open up some we’ll talk about getting them in and getting surgery done for okay I can definitely

Tell we’re going to have to remove some extra skin from those top Lids it’s almost like if you know you’re walking around all day and your eyes are kind of half open that’s kind of where they are now so we’re going to feel better after surgery because they’ll be able to see

Better then we can eliminate ever having any issues as far as corneal abrasions or anything to the eyes I’m not an artist so this probably not going to look anything like a Eye Dr first an artistic ability I hope you got a good imagination so eyes there we actually

Have to remove some tissue from here and if we have to do top and bottom we do we remove that tissue and then we pull them together and we put stitches in here it’s normally a one day procedure okay and we can get you scheduled and get it

Taken care of for you sounds good okay mommy going to take you home okay but you going to have to come back they like they really don’t care do they like we’re done we’re done you’re done see a minute my buddy Bentley I haven’t done an entropian surgery but I know it’s

Pretty common in Chows and I know that it fixes the problem my only concern is anesthesia but Dr Ferguson came highly recommended yeah ready go huh She chilling mhm Milo it’s okay buddy Milo the golden doodle lands at the vet after one too many jumps for Joy what’s up Dr hes what’s happening my man how you been pretty good how you been look like you don’t grew inch you doing all

Right yes sir what’s going on this dog I had just came home and he jumped and landed on jaylen’s arm and he hurt his front left leg boy I heard him Milo lying probably three or four times this morning and he was constantly limping so

I knew right away I needed to bring him in he’s more of my dog but he’s a family dog also we’ll play I sit with him while he eats we just have a strong bond together so his arm pulled to the side with all of Milo’s weight all right

We’re going to walk him down the hall let’s see what we got come on Milo often times we have to watch our clients walk because they don’t walk in and say hey Doc I’m hurting right here and right here so by seeing how he’s walking I’m able to see exactly where he’s

Distributing his weight and Survey exactly where the paint is let’s go see how just come on yeah it definitely hurt he’s keeping his weight off that left side when you put the pressure down the head comes up uhuh you want to keep weight off because it

Keeps the paint off and then on a good leg then he can just walk normal make sense right yes sir let’s see if we can palp this leg and see where this injury might be you always start the bottom and work yourself up it seems to be in the shoulder I’m

Sorry my you always want to make sure you checking there’s no bone fractur so I’m going to shoot the X-ray and then we’ll look at it together yes sir often times these big fractures dogs that love to run around and they can jump and break a bone pretty easily and I’m

Hoping there’s not a fracture cuz these dogs don’t stay still it’s very hard to them it takes a long time for the bones to heal this is the shoulder and this is the actual bone in the shoulder that it comes up to the clavicle right the good

News is there’s no breaks there’s no problem there right this dog I’m pretty sure just got a hurt tending man I’m glad you found it quick cuz I was worried I need you to say this word Milo has biceps biceps tenosinovitis tenosinovitis you know it took me like

Four years of his school before I say that biceps ten cittis and if you pay Scrabble that definitely give you about 50 points it’s really just the bicep T that goes right over the shoulder into the groove it’s got really inflamed and it really is painful but it’s better

Than having a broken bone by a mouth that’s the tendon you see how you move see you just diagnosed you a need me so typically I put a cortisone shot in and then we going to do six laser treatments be good as new yes sir now that’s the

Easy part the hard part is what you got to do for me what keep me from running got it yes sir so he’s going have to be on a leash cuz them squirrel No J and squirrels you want a two we squirrel Hiatus laser therapy is amazing it

Reduces the inflammation and also brings up the oxygenated blood cells so that it can heals a lot faster don’t you look handsome so I feel like if the owners can keep Milo from running around and jumping on things we going to have a very good outcome yeah that feels good

Huh man that’s pretty cool Dr Hodes said he’ll have a full recovery we just got to keep him from running though so he can’t chase any squirrels or anything so you know that’ll be tough I’m going to be there for my buddy good to see you boss thank

You hey little buddy what’s up you ready here oh yeah this came in for you today we got both syes how many in there we got 50 of them what am I going to do with 50 B ring when things like this happen happen we may have a small

Shipment that turned into a larger shipment than we anticipated some reason the veterinary police comes through and trying to figure out what happened why it happened what this come from Andria told me that Dr Ferguson uses them in every surgery oh how many times have I

Used the B syring maybe like twice these are as huge as turkey B we can’t asate a puppet with these I ask for one and there’s a box that appeared with 50 feel like ask for I didn’t ask for so why you got 50 because it was all they had in

Stock and I wanted you to have them if you needed I was perfectly fine in my nonb world and you would have been fine too if you had just act like you didn’t see them but no I can’t you man they don’t the quantity on the

Side I’m out I’m out I give up I tell you what I take half you take half no I’ll take two and you take 48 how are you oh what no that’s too close all right I know next up is an unexpected visit from an expectant French Bulldog

What’s up y’all hello doctor how y’all good so we had a St scheduled for Friday huh we were scheduled for Friday let’s see what we got today we brought in midnight because we were trying to see if she was ready for her C-section she’s scheduled for Friday but we just noticed

She was really uncomfortable very restless so I wanted to bring her in just to get her checked to see if everything was okay cuz I didn’t want to have an emergency situation so what kind of stuff we’ been doing panting digging and her temp was

98.7 all right so what I’m doing is just kind of checking Serv is starting to open get some mucus plug we Ain going to take no chances just shoot a picture let me make sure everybody lined up the way they supposed to be all right how many

Puppets do you think mcnight has either five or six six good Gra we’ll see I’ll be back y’all and it feels like Midnight’s mucus plug has come out but I’m not 100% sure that these puppies are ready to come out so I’m going to shoot an x-ray because I just want to make

Sure that these pups of the adequate size and they’re ready to be delivered you can actually see the bodies there I’m going let them reassess that count come on on in I see five see one two three four five six his head goes that way and then that one goes that way but

Then there’s a skeleton that goes right there to that one oh we got four puppies four that’s why you’re the doctor not me this one is starting to come to the pelvis the plug is definitely open I think we might be in a little distressed so oh they are I think

They definitely need to come out that doesn’t settle well in your stomach yeah I think you probably got in some trouble tonight was a good thing the owner brought midnight in because I see one puppy stuck in the pelvis so these puppies are probably distressed and if

We don’t get these puppies out quick it’s a good possibility these puppies could die when you wake up you going to have some babies we go ahead and get everything ready IC let’s get a stetoscope and stuff on here okay top to me ready to M

All right how y’all looking here we got towels in that towel warmer incubator warm let’s go timing is everything when you trying to do this we got to get in and get out before these puppies become compromised yes sir let’s go to work how we doing PA good so we’re going to

Expose the uterus here all right so it’s a uterus full of babies this the one that’s got a problem what you see doc he got moonium all on him uh-oh he definitely was in distress come on P when the pregnancy is stall the puffy can get stressed and release meconium

And the puffy can get trapped in the sack of his own poop and get suffocated all right this one of the problem okay I got him hey talk to me come on B come on how that one doing J ni not breathing yet doc s grab teeth since this first

Puppet is having trouble breathing it’s probably that the rest of these puppet are going to have a problem breathing so I need all hands on there talk to me hey CeCe get ready to grab a puppy the first one good hey talk to me yes sir some Troublemaker how we

Doing that one looks pretty good okay Jordan we got another one all right buddy how we doing our job to get these pups going we want to take a towel and stimulate them we have syringes that we used to try to pull the fluid from their lung so they can start breathing on

Their own you want me to take one of these y take this right here your baby makeing noise yet no can we like to hear crying the clock is definitely ticking they don’t breathe and they can’t vocalize so once they vocalize then I know they’re doing good then see this

Third one going to be distressed he got moonium on and everything come on come on this sh the last one yes this one is pretty strong that third one was the worst talk to me a little bit you got something no crying Yet yeah there we go there we go she’s looking great yeah three girls one boy everybody’s talking now look like y’all doing something right out there everybody percolate if we had not made that call with the C-section it’s a good chance that Mom and those puppies surely

Would have di but today is a good day anytime you deliver some cute cuddly puppies is a good day good job appreciate the boss team work make Dream Work yes sir hi pretty girl having the faith and the respect in Dr hajes and Dr Ferguson it it really

Makes you more at ease knowing that they’re in good hands always I don’t think I’ve ever seen a person put puppies in there that good good job as soon as we get them home first thing that happens is we put Midnight in her comfortable spot the puppies go in the

Incubator I set the temperature before we left the house just in case I’m very ready for them to come home see you later all right doc all right doct you ready to go back to Mommy what we got today boss snoop snoop is one of my favorite dos yeah like Snoop been coming

Here forever shoot I’ve known him the whole time I’ve been here let’s go check on snoop snoop hey Snoopy what’s up man my man good to see you you see what’s going on so what’s been going on with Snoop he had a bit of a cough and as you

Can see he’s got his grow back again that’s pretty big there Snoop we brought Snoopy into today and we’ve been bringing him here to Critter Fixer ever since he was born he’s a real Gentle Spirit and he’s very loving he’s just been a real blessing in our life he’s

Had a growth on his chest two times and Dr Hodes has removed it so we wanted to see if he would be able to do that for him again 14 years old you’re still like wagon tail and everything how fast would you say it’s grown it seems like it

Takes about a year to grow to that size I want to go look in his chest and we’ll see what we got I’ll be right back guys okay thank you no problem right you big fella Snoopy he’s really having a hard time breathing worried about his heart

And uh I just don’t know if it’s cancerous or Ben it’s okay Snoopy Dog definitely not a great sign when a tumor comes back in the same spot so I want to check the tumors in the chest and if I can I’ll get it off willing to do

Whatever it take to make sure we keep snooping around that don’t look great bad huh yeah some much stuff going on over here that tumor is that’s causing some Havoc there we got some fluid in our chest like we’re starting to get some heart disease

Oh can you grab some blood just a pre yes sir Snoop definitely is not the the best surgical candidate in the World Imagine doing surgery on a 95 year old person risky because he has to process the anesthesia but if the liver and kidney are okay we’re going to do some

Surgery I’m willing to do whatever it take to prolong his life as long as he’s not suffering as you can see when I walked in room Snoop still was whacking that tail hey Snoop I actually got his blood hey hey his blood were a little bit mine

It looks good in that chest though he is starting to get a little bit of fluid from the heart we can do some medicine there but as far as livering kidney and anesthesia we all right definitely risk of doing 14 and2 but looking at the x-rays and the way it’s growing there I

Don’t know how much of a choice we have of not doing it we definitely want to do it we’ll give it a shot see if we can get that out of there if he wasn’t still enjoying life we’ probably have to let him go but if it’s pain that can be

Relieved we do the best we can for him I trust Dr Hodes so I’m praying for the best I just said just stay Clos okay stay close all right 14 and 1/2 years old right okay you big fell hopefully we can make Snoopy feel a little bit better

I mean it’s definitely an anesthetic risk my head starting to get heavy huh going down but we’re going to try to be quick and pay really really close attention to Snoopy get Snoopy in surgery and out as fast as we can boy nervous I am not going to be the reason

Snoopy ain’t on this Earth getting do okay heart we fine ready to start yes sir get straight to it I’m going to be fast she definitely don’t want to keep them down long when you remove a tu sometimes it can be long like a marathon

But I really need this to be like a 100 yard dash you got a 14 and 1/2 year old dog we worried about breathing Snoopy also has a heart problem so I really need Snoop to get on this table and off as fast as I can not only with

Anesthesia does their heart rate drop you also have risk with dropping down their temperature how we doing boss doing good didn’t try to undermine this tumor that’s pretty big tumor oh my come on Snoop ain’t in there buddy all right we got this tomb right there what is it

Appears to be a lot pom usually LA pomas are just really fat or at aost hisory so you can kind of see a white white pale looking fat but luckily lapomas can be benign when they don’t have a large blood supply get my buddy off the table

Here how we doing P his body temperature is starting to drop it’s not good last thing we want Snoop temps to drop all right hanging there Snoop trying to close this wake them up on it dog all right old friend get Snoopy sold up but

It’s only half about it I mean I’m still concerned cuz he has to wake up from anesthesia hey Sno hey so general anesthesia is not just a relaxed sleep there’s a lot going on if your respiratory rate is depressed your heart is not pumping as well so you get a

Lower blood pressure and we dealing with a 14 and 1/2 your heart it has to work harder to pump blood around the body so this is really touch and go he Snoopy let’s go and get him some warm towels and he’s still not quite regulating the

Heat prob going to take him a little minute to come up so his heartbeat is good but his oxygen saturation is l and we just aren’t there you got a old dog that you’ve been friends with and you love his family and you’ve been watching for a long time and he’s not

Waking up I mean it’s tough hey look up old friend I’m just thinking about all the years with this dog you know I mean this is part of the family and know you know you can’t help but get emotional cuz you know if you care and I

Care I ain’t been doing this as long as I have you know you get attached to him wake up buddy there you go yeah he coming up definitely a good sign we finally can Excel scaring me the last thing I want to do is be the one that caused

Them not to be here spend 14 and 1/2 years with a dog and see him grow up and I just want ready to let let him go and I’m sure his own is not ready to let him go you take wins when you can and

Fortune is a win I’m glad I was able to to make him better just a good dog all right buddy you go back to being your same old snooping Mr Costello how you hold my breath well you can stop holding it all right we did good man it just took a

While to wake up we just Wen getting a lot of saturated oxygen but uh the surgery went fantastic thank you so much and just grateful for every day so he going to hang out with me for the weekend but you’re welcome to come visit that sounds perfect hey thanks a lot and

I really appreciate it yes sir all right byee I know it I love these little things ready went to your hotel for a minute shows Ty and Bentley are ready for some shy during their entropion repair I don’t did my Sur for the day

I’m up next you up next tag him in you s he trying to go somewhere trying what time Lun traditionally starts about 12 I mean I’m a minute late I got two dogs you can take one I’ll take one no it don’t sound like a

Plan what time is it 12:02 I’m 2 minutes away to lunch it’s like a bear we’re preparing here to do surgery on two child Childs Bentley and Tai and they have entropion which basically eyelids are kind of rolling in cuz they have so much extra skin around those eyes I’ve done a lot

Of entropion surgery on dogs but a little bit added pressure this time because they’re show dogs so I have to make sure that they look great when they get back in that show ring we have tie up first let’s see what we got to take away here just the right eye right doc

Yep we’re just doing the bottom how do you determine how much it take off you just so what I do initially is get a reference how much it want to take so better to be conservative huh cuz we don’t want to turn an inop on to ex

Tropon one thing we don’t want to do is take too much tissue we can create another problem EG trop on where the eyelids don’t even close enough what you want to do is remove a little bit tissue out a time till you feel good about how much you have removed yep that looks

Pretty good there beautiful this the only one you’re doing that’s the only one I’m doing we’re going to wake this baby up and proceed to Bentley I think Bentley is a little more severe I think we have to do some work on both eyes I

Have no idear what I’m going to have to do bam did anybody else hear that they probably laying on the floor somewhere oh my gosh what you see both sides I’m going do both right and left yes so now the has removed it gives me a

Better visual I can pinch a little bit to see how much I need to take off I can tell that we’re going to have to do both eyes on Bentley just triming skin trying to see how much I want to remove cutting and just eyeballing it eyeballing it you

Have a joke book laying around yeah can you return it crack myself up we starting on side number two going to be a little bit of everything right dentist anesthesiologist oh that’s true plastic surgeon today yeah I guess so so I think we got enough tissue removed

Now suit you this back up all right big Bentley good job doc everything went well Bentley tropon was a little bit worse I actually did both sides you can see those eyelids they don’t roll under the rest of our life we wanted to worry about eye irritation from eyelids or

Anything like that once that swelling and inflamation subside next few days they going to look beautiful right here mom’s in here there you go go oh poor babies I know you can’t get to me that kind of hurts oh yeah they take your shins out with those they

Can do a lot of damage with those so be careful everything went well they look real good all right thank you so much all right I’m very excited to be taking them home I’m looking forward to how much better it’s going to be for them when they’re able to see clearly next

Show is not until December so I’m hoping that the hair will have grown back by then hopefully in 2 weeks this will be just a blur I want to go side let’s Go Slow Down slow down all right what’s going on with him man he was running and came in contact with the car that ain’t good kind of got shot of breathing it’s a little rough oh boy shoot me an x-ray right quick yes sir a chance left the yard and

The truck was coming one way he was coming the other it’s rough to see him there trying to breathe as he family we took him to a hospital they decided that his injuries were more than what they could handle and they suggested that we’d see Dr Hodes today shooting give me two

Seconds that’s crazy toe long is collaps the whole diaphragm is ruptured somewhere around here it’s bad huh it’s is bad man come on in the stomach is actually in the chest so what do you do you pull back the stomach you can pull it back Sutra but the problem is means the diaphragm

Is ruptured so once I open the atomen there’s no more negative pressure the lungs no longer get inflate so we breathe for the dog during that time and that’s the tricky part and I can sit here and I just took a breath I didn’t have to breathe cuz my diaphragm moves

Up and down this dog has no diaphragm so once I put him on the anesthesia what we call negative pressure where it’s G it’s gone and hopefully I’m able to suture up this diaphragm fast enough before it dies of a fixation I mean this is a high

RIS High reward surgery the outcome is either this dog is going to get remarkably better quick or it’s going to die I’ll give you 25% chance part of the family right here so we’re going to do whatever we have to do to keep him here as long as we can we trust

You chance was a rescue dog he rescued us when we needed it he’s always around even when I’m feeling down so now it’s our turn to return the favor for him we going to be on it thank you okay let’s go and get him right to go we got this

Dog this is that that one million case where you got to have a little bit of look for it to go well I mean in this dog’s whole longest collaps the diaphragm is missing this is probably about as tough as it gets this dog could definitely die during this procedure all

Right buddy let’s do it he going to be all right this ventilator is what’s going to breathing for the dog while I repair this thing when I make this incision ain’t going to be no more negative pressure all right here we go making my cut a lot of bruising oh goodness

Typically us didn’t know where everything is but in this case the stomach and the liver has completely gone in laying beside the lungs this is a mess how we doing we’re good we’re good so the stomach is now coming out of the diaphragm now making them Headway

Yeah nearly Out of the Woods though I’m trying to get the liver out of the chest every time I get close the liver keeps getting sucked up oh wow every time I move the liver and try to get it out of the thorax as the long expand it suck it

Back in so it is tough come on now it’s so hard because it’s such a small space all right the liver and stomach are back where they belong now let’s get this diaphragm shut you just did to h a lot of gurgling come on dog hang now get him

Out table I’m trying bro here’s the hole let’s Sushi this thing up we need a miracle hang in there got it I got a seal I can feel that diaphragm moving now it’s pulling I think we got him it’s the miracle we needed let’s wake them up once I get

Those Tes in I’m able to keep the stomach and a liver lobe out of the thorax and we get a diaphragm sewn up you know we’re still not out of the woods but it definitely feels was a whole lot better boy it’s a long day

Boss yes sir so how we looking man we off the table we got that diaphragm wall back okay I mean we still not out of the woods but we going put it prognosis 950/50 so we got a shot thank you Lord so D chance will definitely be staying

Here tonight at hotel Hodes and we’ll cross our figures that’s all we can ask for thankful thankful thankful hey Tak in my special oxygen it’s a bright morning for midnight the French Bulldog who’s back with her bundles of Joy what’s up girl hi you all right yes sir these puppies look amazing let’s

Take a PE than his always smiles when there are puppies in the house that’s Brock what’s up Brock and these were puppies that I had to save via cering section so it’s always good to get a follow up and see how those puppies are doing that’s Sasha oh Sasha you can’t

Get away we’ll check to make sure their belly buttons are what they supposed to be your belly button is good you looking for Audi or basically the they don’t have umbilical hernas or any kind of eag no Hern you always want to check for H murmur also you want to you looking at

The eyes the ears you know you just want to make sure they happy healthy puppy there some sharp te Little Fangs they look fantastic thank you Dr haches knowing that everybody is amazing I am feeling super blessed to watch midnight and the puppies mature and grow and come into their personality and

Learn how to play with other dogs and how to play with each other it’s very heartwarming come on midnight come on they putting a cape on my back I feel like the Jan Brown yeah the baby it’s Mommy’s little baby hello hello how are you look at you hanging out down there you doing okay today they not really that’s why you here huh this is Melissa an Missy is the princess she is quite bossy she is telling me when she

Wants to go outside when she wants to eat when she wants to sit in my lap but right now she’s so lethargic so I just wanted to come and make sure there’s nothing wrong with her she’s been up on her front paws lifting her behind ups when her tummy hurts any vomiting any

Diarrhea no diarrhea but she throws up okay so we didn’t sleep last night and we didn’t sleep Sunday your both tired huh I am Miss is not sleeping which means the owner is not sleeping so I definitely feel for her all these symptoms are very serious and I have to

Put this detective hat on so they can all get some rest it’s okay she not going to leave you I would never AR sounded good how old is she now Missy is eight okay are you hurting somewhere sometime they can have pancreatitis and they’ll get in a prayer position because they’re getting the

Pressure off the pancr and it feels better oh cuz she’s been doing that a lot so I want to run a couple tests here okay they have pancre titis they have to be hospitalized hopefully they’re negative I hope so too I can’t sleep without a now we might have get you a

Bed up here huh yes I’m serious I got you all right we’re going to do we can pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas and it can be something that’s very severe so there are a couple tests that I want to run to either rule things

In or rule things out good girl Missy because we’re 8 years old we’re going to check the liver function kidney function to make sure they’re good as well worst case scenario we are dealing with panre titis or some kind of cancer the GI TR let’s go back to your mama I get you

Poor baby poor thing it’s going to be okay hey sweet girl it’s going to be okay so we ran a few tests here okay you don’t have to be scared come on over here okay yeah okay so we start here with our test which is our CBC and right

Now it’s normal our next group liver function kidney function whether we have diabetes that’s normal okay and the next is our CPL test or the test we test for pancreatitis it’s a color indicator test the test here has to be darker than the control or the same okay and you see

It’s lighter so that’s a negative chest yay missy we basically left with gastritis going on that’s probably why we vomiting some but it’s probably hurting painful as well yeah gastritis is inflammation of the stomach and it causes a lot of gas which also caused them have a lot of discomfort we’re

Going to go on antibiotics especially formulated for the GI tract some anti-inflammatories to help for pain and this baby should be feeling good here in a few days all right so we happy so you don’t have to stay so you don’t have to be nervous no we don’t have to stay oh I

Should be talking to you then so we don’t have to stay so we don’t have all right then thank you thank you missy does not have to stay all night she does not have pancreatitis so I can’t wait to her to become her bossy little self again I’m going to give her

That first dose of medication and we’re going to lay down and take a nap cuz we have not slept we ready you go home aren we Sugers did Dr H just respond he called me and I told him just few seconds ago yeah okay after a weekend of recovery for Snoopy the dog Dr hajes rushes to the clinic as an emergency arises when he start signing Weezy this morning Snoopy he kind of crashed on he went

Into labor breathing it got very shallow so we put him on oxygen his temperature dropped I hope for his sake and Dr hes that he making cuz Dr H is very attached to this dog he going to be devastating hey h Snoopy’s family just got

Here he ain’t going but he just I think he just this his heart so I let you see him hey s somebody here to see you hey buddy he saturated off and everything it’s 68% I could tell he’s breathing a little harder we need to make decisions

Not yet no let give him some time I’m looking at Snoopy’s saturation of oxygen which basically means the heart beats and it puts blood around and the body gets profused with oxygen to make the brain go you have enough oxygen to make the lungs go but with his age and heart

Disease to everything he’s going through their body just sometimes just isn’t able to recover so more so than the tumor heart disease 14 [Applause] I don’t know Snoop his heartbeat is getting weaker hey go ahead and put a blanket in there I mean the way it’s going I want y’all to be with

Him it’s really tough to see Snoopy in this state you know you know as a veterinarian you got problems that you wish you could fix and unfortunately looking at Snoopy I kind of realized that this is probably it y’all come on over here cuz I think he’s starting to take his last few

Sorry we have to let him go suff give him something I don’t want him to suffer thank you I’m used to Dos coming out of my favor but his body just kind of gave out him you know I guess it’s a part of life

I know you guys did a lot for him so thank you it’s all good he’s special this dog is like a lifelong friend you know I know it’s not fair but I got people in that room who almost like family and my job is to be strong for

Them you love them too I love them I did I love them too it’s hard sometimes some of these pisss we saw them at Birth they’re like your children you saw them literally grow go through their issues and then you right there with them when they take

Their last breath you know it gets tough you also have to treat the owner as well you know they have the emotional attachment it’s definitely not an easy thing but it is a blessing that we had an opportunity to be a part of their life all right who we got Next oh man a petite puppy is in for having an unusual appetite hey hey how you how you doing who you got here yeah island girl what’s going on with island girl man I had little out of a cage and then she swallowed a sock I seen one so then

I turned around again I seen her grabb one little bitty sock think she got two socks oh my she came from the Virgin Island so I was like okay I’m going call Island Girl basically this my daughter dog so I let her just play with her the

Day she was grabbing the stuff off the sofa and stuff like that that and then I kind of seen like he did she just eat a sock I just kind of figured she couldn’t pass no socks so you know I had to get her here quick as I can you know make

Sure she all right did you see any vomit diarhea or anything no she was still running around playing yeah after she ate the two socks yeah she was looking for another one oh my give me one second boss all right anytime a dog possibly ate a foreign object that is really

Really bad these objects can make intestines rap on theel and they can just get physically stuck and it can be fatal he said I don’t want to lay down typically one of the first things we’ll do is uh x-ray because radioraps tells us where’s this thing lost and exactly what is in

There uhoh no one on there’s a whole bunch of stuff in there how you eat all them sauce B all of this sock it’s soof yeah my game plan I’m going go down with an endoscope and I’m going to see if I can grab them almost like that claw game and just try

To pull them out one by one appreciate it man I’m going use my end the scope and hopefully be able to go down and retrieve it if I can’t we’re going to possibly have to go to surgery you know what you did she said it shouldn’t have

Been in the floor but when you cut the stomach that opens up a whole other list of problems you got possible leakage and you worried about possible sepia so I’m really hoping to avoid going in with my surgery blade he only ate socks right he ain’t ate no toys we F to find

Out yeah you getting sleev yeah endoscopic has been around for quite a bit in human medicine and not so long in veter medicine takes a learning curve I’m operating in a space about this small inside the stomach so I got to go up down look and be able to retrieve it

But I’m thinking all those years playing video games definitely help all right let’s see what we got going on in here we have food everywhere food so she had food to go with them socks so as we start going into the stomach I noticed that this is a very hungry pup it ate

One so then it ate another so then it even ate a meal afterwards this stomach is fill but just like this puppy I have to dig in just a little bit more I don’t think that’s food that’s a s one all right Paul let’s send in the clock yes

Sir Ferguson missing all the claw game today come back a little bit let’s bring P it I don’t see nothing I got it feel I still got it one done one to go boss how you eat a whole sock have no clue we see a lot of things inside our

Animal’s stomach and usually they chewed it up some but this sock is coming out fully intact I mean she just ate the whole thing whole so what are the odds she inhal the other one all right we’re back in the stomach let’s see going a little bit more a some chunks she

Swallowing food ho she just you know everything what’s that I don’t know is that piece over there a purple sock ain’t it oh that’s what that is purple sock oh wow okay it’s a big sock oh yeah you want it ready there we go woohoo that’s two you

Think the third one no no no it was two of them do you want these no okay good to go man dog wake up tomorrow it’ll be like nothing happen I appreciate that man I knew where to come I’ve gotten a second sock Out and because I use the

Endoscope I don’t have to worry about any kind of leakage from my Suite she’ll be back to her old self tonight and be ready to play around on but stay away from socks hey you cannot eat this no you not learn your lesson can I get a

Comb for this dog and you trying to eat his CA oh my goodness now you want to eat my M no hey what is wrong with you you got a problem you got to get the cor of Shame you need to be a good girl so you have

Literally gone down in history never in all my years have I had to put the cone of shame on the animal I did no surgery on con of Shame Hall of Fame I feel good man I knew they was going to do a good job man so I I wasn’t even really

Worried Dr he is like he’s the best I think me and probably get something to eat cuz I Ain had time to eat yet either so we probably get some I get her some like some snacks or something I know she might be hungry a little bit so took the socks out of

Her they s real good don’t it hey how you feeling chance Dr Hodes evaluates chances chances is following the dog’s risky surgery all right come on paie what you got going what you got can we take an x-ray on chance M it’s been about 3 days since Chan’s surgery and

I’m definitely happy to see his bright and alert but I really want to take an x-ray to see if the diaphragm is holding and see if the lung has inflated shooting what you think doc the collapse long on the left side is doing very well and that diaphragm is definitely they

Holding chance pulled through so Chance is going home it’s a lucky dog he is indeed it’s very satisfying as a veterinarian when you can take a case that has some really really impossible odds stacked against us and you know and you win so the pet wins the only win so

It’s just a win win win all the way what you think Chance yeah chance with the prce the prognosis for a chance is really really good he’s breathing better he’s eating he’s going to the bathroom so I’m super happy to be to send chance home with his family cuz they really

Miss him look who it’s going hey hello boy see the bruising is better yes it was red all the there I mean we breathing much better we wagging our tail talk about a miracle yes siring back waging his tail he made it through he made it through this is why I do it

Though I mean sometime long nights this makes it all worth it you thank you we came here to give chance a chance to make it and look at there we’re we’re on our way home now so I’m I’m exatic just want to personally thank Dr hajes before

Really giving chance a chance and then giving us the one that we love back to us so glad to be going home not empty-handed yes ma’am I wasn’t going to give up so happy you ready to go let’s go it’s a miracle the docs take a well- earned

Break from Critter Fixer to throw a mixer for their Staff look at that I don’t want to do that this week is vet tech appreciation week and this is the time we use just let them know that we really appreciate everything they’ve done you got long arms I thought it was going to be easy we brought them here he want them to

Have fun away from the clinic anytime we have an opportunity that we can give back to our employees we’re going to jump at that chance it’s just good to have them out and just having a good time you got it nope let’s go let’s go let’s go you know

Without our Tex wouldn’t be a CRI their job is definitely not easy every day is just a host and Bast everybody running around administering the medication pulling the blood running the test it’s all done by technician they really need accolades 52 weeks a year you know those oxgen cages we have

A CRI I need One we had dreams of being successful veterinarians but there were not be possible if it was not for you guys we really do appreciate you can we got everybody a special gift come on Andre fix special we had to find something to do with them Thanksgiving is coming soon

Nobody that crifix will have dry turkey for this Thanksgiving you’re seeing everybody having fun and not in the clinic and not thinking so much or stressed on a case that’s what it’s all about it’s always funny Happy B happy T Day to you all [Applause] Right

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