Emily Blunt on Cillian Murphy: “He’s the least favorite celebrity in the world” – Video

Emily Blunt on Cillian Murphy: “He’s the least favorite celebrity in the world” – Video

In a revealing interview on “60 Minutes,” Emily Blunt opens up about her admiration for fellow actor Cillian Murphy, referring to him as “the best actor in the world.” Blunt describes Murphy as a dedicated artist who is always pushing himself creatively and continuously searching for new challenges. Despite his immense talent, Blunt believes that Murphy is quite humble and may not fully realize how exceptional he truly is.

The actress fondly recalls their time working together, highlighting Murphy’s ability to fully immerse himself in character while on set, yet also bring moments of lightness and laughter to their interactions. Blunt marvels at Murphy’s skill in effortlessly transitioning in and out of character, showcasing his versatility and professionalism.

While Blunt praises Murphy as an unparalleled talent, she humorously notes that he is “the worst celebrity in the world,” emphasizing his focus on the craft rather than the celebrity lifestyle. Overall, Emily Blunt’s reflections on Cillian Murphy offer a fresh insight into the enigmatic actor’s dedication to his art and the profound impact he has on those he works with.

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Video Transcript

You describe him as shy not able to handle a compliment does he know how good he is no I don’t think so I don’t know if any of the great actors know that they or say that about themselves I feel he’s always in search I feel like

He’s looking ahead he’s in the he’s looking off to the Horizon he’s looking at what else can I do how far can I push it what will satiate this creative fire in him I think I think it would be so painful for him to acknowledge how good

He is I don’t see that ever happening I think he loves what he does so much but I just can’t ever picture him going I was good in that it would never happen ever he is about the craft and not the celebrity oh God yeah he’s the worst celebrity in the

World he’s the best actor in the world and he’s the worst celebrity in the world wait a minute best actor in the world he’s my favorite actor I’ve ever worked with and why because he’s unparalleled in what he can do and how he pulls you in and it’s it’s it’s the

Kidnap it’s the kid it’s the it’s the whole room crackles with a sort of Life Force when you work with him it’s wonderful it’s wonderful to work with him does he come in first thing in the morning to the set and he’s Oppenheimer and you end up having lunch with

Oppenheimer and and he’s in character all day long or does he just turn it on and off no he turns it on and off he turns it on and off and he’s that’s how good he is and he comes in I have pictures of us in our old old prosthetic

Makeup and we’re literally crying with laughter and he’s got like Aviator shades on and we did we like came up with this whole like Alter Ego for old Oppenheimer I mean it just it’s Heaven it’s easy it’s easy he’s easy

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