Curiosity: Discovering the World’s Deadliest 8-Legged Killers (Full Episode) – Video

Curiosity: Discovering the World’s Deadliest 8-Legged Killers (Full Episode) – Video

The Nightmarish World of Spiders: The Killers in the Arachnid Family

Frightening Creatures

Some you see and some you don’t but they all have eight legs and a bundle of bulging eyeballs, this is the real nightmare on Elm Street of the arachnid kind, where the freaky turn deadly tricks and gorge themselves on grotesque liquid diets. So best to look in that shoe because whoever said good things come in small packages wasn’t talking about these guys.

Terrifying Spiders

For many people, spiders are downright terrifying. In our heads, they’re monstrous killers and always larger than life. But spiders don’t have to be big to be deadly. This little guy’s got moves like a superhero.

Deadly Tricks and Treats

Bad news for a honeybee, he’s oblivious to the googly eyes sizing him up. This is a jumping spider and it can broad jump up to 40 times its length. That’s like a human jumping a 250-foot wide chasm the length of five tractor trailers.

Creepy Blood Guzzler: The Tick

The tick, a seriously creepy blood guzzler, is just another eight-legged freak or a killer when ticks dig in for a meal. But ticks don’t seem to know when to stop. Females can swell to 100 times their pre-feeding weight when they sense warm blood, they jab serrated mouth parts into our flesh.

Deadly Scorpions

There’s one more killer in the arachnid family album, the scorpion, and it’s best to avoid this eight-legged critter too. Our first is Africa’s death stalker, a well-deserved name. Its sting contains neurotoxic venom three times more powerful than a cobra’s.

Tarantula Showdown

She’s a tarantula, well-matched against her eight-legged cousin but a beast of a different brand slithers into the mix. Next to the tarantula, the diamondback is a heavyweight and has a venomous bite to match. So this fight depends on speed. Fangs down, the tarantula wins, even the snake’s surprised.

Spider of Nightmares

Spiders have evolved with some amazing ways to hunt. The bolus spider is a bit of a cowboy, hunters like this European wolf spider need big eyes, all the better to see you with, like their namesakes. Wolf spiders may be quick but they’re about to meet their match.

Spider Ambush

This meadow may look idyllic but it’s crawling with killers, spiders decked out in camouflage and lying in wait. They look pretty innocent just hanging around minding their own business until lunch presents itself. The crab spider’s true colors come rushing out in a stab of venom and with typical arachnid flair, it spews digestive juice into its victim’s shell and then drinks its innards.

Gravity-Defying Spiders

Not only do some spiders defy gravity, others, like the European raft spider, can walk on water. Hairs on its legs allow the spider to stay afloat and the water surface transmits messages.

Video “8 Legged Killers (Full Episode) | World's Deadliest” was uploaded on 08/07/2022 by Nat Geo WILD Youtube channel.