“Curiosity: Jaguar Takes on Crocodile in Full Episode” – Video

“Curiosity: Jaguar Takes on Crocodile in Full Episode” – Video

The Mysterious Lives of Jaguars in Brazil’s Pantanal Wetland


Along the tangled edge of a Brazilian river, a hunter stalks the shadows. He is a Jaguar, a male in his prime, known as Scarface for a wound he earned clawing his way to supremacy. His territory is filled with monsters, including Caymans, cousins of the crocodile, waiting to grab anything that comes near the water.

The Pantanal Wetland

The Pantanal, located on Brazil’s western edge, is a little-known slice of heaven that is rich with wildlife, rivaling the Amazon and the plains of Africa. It is a vast wetland brimming with a variety of creatures, including the majestic Jaguars which thrive in this environment.

Exploring Jaguar Behavior

National Geographic photographer Steve Winter and cameraman Bertie Gregory have come to the Pantanal to catch Jaguars in action. Their strategy involves using waterways to penetrate deep into Jaguar territory and track them where they hunt. The dry season, in particular, provides the best opportunity to observe these magnificent creatures.

Spotted! A Jaguar and Her Cub

During their exploration, Bertie lucks out and spots a Jaguar cub along with its mother in a protected reserve. He observes these magnificent creatures and is grateful for the window into their secret lives. The cub learns tricks from its mother, such as climbing into the treetops to keep cool during the sultry days of the dry season.

A Dominant Male, Scarface

Meanwhile, Steve sets out to capture images of Scarface, the dominant male Jaguar in the region. Scarface commands a territory of about 40 square miles and is the top predator in this land of predators. His constant battle for meals is a testament to the challenges he faces as a Jaguar.

A Young Intruder

During their exploration, a young male Jaguar is also spotted intruding into Scarface’s territory. This intrusion poses a threat, as dominant males like Scarface do not tolerate other Jaguars in their territories. The young male is ambitious and aims to claim a hunting ground of his own and better access to females, but he first needs to become a strong hunter.

Mastering the Hunt

The young male faces challenges as he learns to become a skilled hunter, particularly when it comes to catching prey such as the formidable Yakari Caymans. These crocodilian predators can be dangerous to take down, but Jaguars must learn to master the art of hunting them.

Territorial Dominance

The territorial struggle between Scarface and the young male Jaguar plays out as Scarface lays down a reminder of his dominance by marking his territory with his scent. This territorial dispute portrays the harsh reality of being a Jaguar in this untamed region.


The Pantanal provides a unique opportunity to observe the secret lives of Jaguars. These magnificent creatures thrive in this untouched heart of the wetland, and through the efforts of dedicated explorers like Steve Winter and Bertie Gregory, the mysteries of America’s most mysterious big cat are slowly being revealed.

With conservation efforts and a deeper understanding of their behavior, there is hope for the future of Jaguars in this incredible oasis. The Pantanal continues to offer insights into the lives of these majestic predators, shedding light on their struggles and triumphs in the wild.

Video “Jaguar vs. Croc | Full Episode” was uploaded on 09/15/2022 by Nat Geo WILD Youtube channel.