Discover the Best Attractions in Trieste, Italy | Your Ultimate Trieste Travel Guide – Video

Discover the Best Attractions in Trieste, Italy | Your Ultimate Trieste Travel Guide – Video

When visiting the coastal city of Trieste in Italy, there are a multitude of things to see and do, and this video is here to guide you through the top attractions. From the breathtaking Miramare Castle, offering stunning views of the Adriatic Sea, to the vibrant Unity of Italy Square and the charming Grand Canal, there is something for everyone in this bustling Italian city. The video also highlights the importance of taking care of your mental health, with a message from the sponsor BetterHelp, a platform that connects you with licensed therapists to support your mental well-being. So, whether you’re planning a trip to Trieste or simply looking for some travel inspiration, this video is a must-watch! Plus, don’t forget to grab a coffee at the renowned Cafe San Marco, and enjoy the unique coffee culture that Trieste has to offer. With detailed descriptions and stunning visuals, this video is the perfect guide to help you make the most of your visit to Trieste, Italy.

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Video Transcript

Trieste is a coastal city rich in history culture and breathtaking natural landscapes in being on the Adriatic Sea this bustling Italian city has so much to offer in this video we’re walking through the top things you need to do and see when you visit Trieste Italy the

First thing to see in Trieste is miramare Castle this place is absolutely blowing us away and you can clearly see why being just 15 minutes from outside Trieste City Center meore Castle is one of tri’s most defining landmarks this New gothical Castle is perched on a rocky Cliff overlooking the Adriatic Sea

This Mansion hous European royalty and served as a military headquarters after World War II while you’ll have to pay to tour the Castle’s Grand interior anyone can explore the Castle’s magnificent grounds for free here you can walk along the Castle’s outer wall which offers stunning views of the sea or stroll out

Onto its private Harbor to get an amazing view of the Castle’s striking architecture you can also explore the massive Royal Gardens for free which are packed with rare trees tranquil paths and plenty of Rocky overlooks from The Cliffs we loved wandering The Gardens and felt it really added to the magic of

This Castle to reach the castle you can either catch a number six bus towards mamore or take a quick train from Trieste Central Station the castle is a quick walk from either station and you’ll have amazing views as you approach the castle you can purchase bus tickets from any of the self-service bus

Kiosks or tobacco shops in Trieste which you can easily identifyed by the large te on their signs when we visited we found it was a better deal to get a daily pass instead of just paying for roundt trip tickets so maybe just ask the tobacco shop worker if you need help

Making this decision once on board be sure to validate your ticket to avoid paying any nasty finds next on our list is to visit Test’s Unity of Italy Square being centrally located this is a great spot to get your bearings in Trieste surrounded by beautiful buildings this square is Lively with bustling cafes

Shops and occasional festivals while here you’ll find locals walking their dogs as well as tourists admiring the grand views and while you’re nearby be sure to wander along the seaside boardwalk to get some stunning views of the sea the Piaza and the Beautiful Harbor and it’s also beautifully lit up

At night we’re at the unity of Italy Square in Trieste this is what I think is considered the main area of Trieste and it is absolutely gorgeous a couple of the buildings in the Square are the oper house in the city hall and this is actually considered the largest seafront

Square in all of Europe and boy when you’re here on a sunny day it is beautiful one of the newest additions to The Trieste Skyline or sea line is this massive yacht out here this is one of the Yachts that was seized from the Russian oligarchs we don’t know how long

It’s going to be here but it’s been here for a while and as you can tell it’s a pretty impressive looking boat you can see it right from the main Piaza in Trieste provides for a really interesting view being just a 5minute walk from the unity of Italy square is

Our next attraction and that’s Test’s Grand Canal this Italian icon is one of Test’s defining sites with charming cafes and restaurants lining this cozy Waterway besides the grand architecture you can also expect to find small stalls selling produce kids playing in the square and an overall Lively atmosphere

There are several small Bridges you can cross which makes this a great Street to go for a stroll or a walk so so here we are at the Grand Canal this is pretty much in the heart of Trieste right between the railway station and the

Unity of Italy Plaza as you can see it’s pretty picturesque here and this canal was built in the 1750s as we understand it these Bridges actually used to move to allow boats to move through to create a really productive City Center but now we just have pedestrian walkways which make

Admiring The View that much easier and while we here at about noon we’ve heard it’s an amazing spot to catch a Sunset and you can see why and while you’re here say hi to my buddy James Joyce while near the Grand Canal be sure to pop into some of the famous churches

Nearby the Serbian Orthodox Church of St speeden is located on the canal and boast some amazing details both outside and in inside the church you’ll find beautiful mosaics and holy artwork and this is a tranquil Escape From the City outside nearby you’ll find the Church of

S Antonio Novo which caps the canal and is a dorm with its iconic columns and nearby bronze statue of Antonio santon who is the head of the dicese of Trieste so be sure to say hi to him while you’re here if all this sightseeing is wearing

You down you’ll love this next thing to do and that’s to grab a coffee Believe It or Not Trieste is the coffee capital of Italy with its unique Coffee Culture stemming from its history of being a port city and therefore was able to distribute coffee across the Austria

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And see if it helps you thanks again to our sponsor better help now let’s jump back to the video another thing you need to do when you come to Trieste is check out their amazing coffee scene Tristy might be the city in Europe with the most iconic Coffee Culture and that goes back

Hundreds upon hundreds of years when this was a booming Port City with zero tariffs on coffee and that coffee culture is still felt today and in this city there are tons and tons of amazing coffee shops we’re in one of the more iconic ones right now this is the cafe

San Marco and it is one of the most pretty coffee shops I’ve been to they actually do table service here so you sit down you order your coffee they bring it to you and we just got a cappuccino here and it looks absolutely amazing one of the reasons I’m so

Excited to be in this coffee shop is it’s been a meeting point for many famous Minds over the years so I know James Joyce frequented this coffee shop and they actually have half the coffee shop is a book shop now so it still pays tributes to its really scholarly roots

And I’ve heard the coffe is pretty great too so I’m going to have a quick sip here it looks beautiful holy moly it is so sweet and creamy without being over powering at all I can definitely tell it’s strong but the flavors are so well Blended that

Actually might be one of the best cups of coffee I’ve ever had so definitely try the coffee and if you have time definitely swing by the cafe San Marco this place is amazing and another cool thing about this Cafe is it’s actually over 100 years old so it was open in

1914 and it was actually partially destroyed during the first world war so there’s a lot of history here and I don’t think I’ve ever been in a coffee shop with this much history and it’s kind of cool too because we’re seeing a lot of locals here too just working on

The computer meeting friends as well as people stopping in to take pictures because it’s absolutely gorgeous so I think it’s absolutely worth a stop just a 10-minute walk from cafe San Marco is the next thing to see that’s Tri est’s Roman Theater well not one of

The most Lively sites to see it’s packed with history and worth checking out we are at the Roman Theater of Trieste and this place is packed with history believe it or not this theater is over 2,000 years old and it was lost for a really long time it was only

Rediscovered in the 19th century and as you can see this place is pretty big it could hold up to 6,000 people in it Heyday and even today they still put on performances here so really cool to see this ancient history still being appreciated today if you want to get

Some great views in Trieste and appreciate some more ancient culture you’ll need to visit the Castello dusto being nestled on a hill overlooking the Adriatic Sea this 15th Century Ford is an impressive structure in Trieste Outside The Fortress you find a small park that offers some Grand views as

Well as interesting sculptures you’ll also be able to wander some Roman ruins which show how long this site has been an important part in the area’s culture while you can wand the moss covered outer walls and enter the drawbridge entrance for free if you want to explore

The main area of the castle you’ll need tickets while we didn’t enter we’ve heard it offers great views of the Adriatic Sea in Trieste Skyline still we enjoyed exploring this area and taking in the free sites and history it had to offer while on sanjo Hill we’ll need to

Stop into the other major landmark here and that’s the cathedral de sanjust Marti this is a beautiful church located right near the Fortress and has its religious Roots dating back to the fifth century over the years This Crew into a massive Cathedral complete with the gothic Rose window in heaps of antique

Art it’s free to enter and once inside you can appreciate its massive Hall which houses many of Trieste Treasures such as the hbert of St serice which is one of the major symbols of Trieste while near the church you’ll need to wander to the Roman ruins just beside it

You can find many ancient Roman artifacts preserved in an outdoor Garden that’s free to explore there’s even a small mini Museum attached that’s free to pop into as well so that’s all for our Trieste travel guide if you enjoyed this video please do us a huge favor and

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