Do Not Challenge a Machinery Operator – Video

Do Not Challenge a Machinery Operator – Video

“Never Mess With A Machinery Operator” is a video that highlights the consequences of angering individuals who operate heavy machinery. The video showcases various instances where car owners and individuals have found themselves on the receiving end of some sweet karma after provoking and irritating these machinery operators.

From flattened cars to smashed homes, the video takes viewers on a wild ride of discovery, showing just how destructive heavy machinery can be when pushed to its limits. Each clip captures the moment when these individuals get their comeuppance, leaving viewers in awe of the power and force of these machinery operators.

The video serves as a reminder to treat these professionals with respect and to think twice before engaging in any confrontations with them. The consequences of messing with a machinery operator can be severe, as demonstrated in the video.

So, the next time you encounter a machinery operator at work, remember to show them the respect they deserve and avoid any unnecessary conflicts that may lead to a costly and destructive outcome. Stay tuned for more exciting videos like this one on Topdiscovery and subscribe to never miss out on the fascinating and mind-blowing discoveries we have in store!

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Video Transcript

Where am my God there is no doubt that Machinery operators are amongst the most important Professionals in our country truckers and crane operators are part of the lifeblood of our society and they should be treated with respect sadly some people don’t appear to have gotten that memo and these people often make the

Mistake of pissing off machine operators while on the job well in this video we’ll have a look at a few of these people and the sweet Karma that was immediately dealt to them flattening the bends for this first clip we’ll be looking at a situation where someone apparently tried to annoy

A tractor operator but ended up losing their property now I’m not sure if it’s just me but there are times when people tend to think that they can get away with whatever Behavior they like just because they have money in this scenario it appears that someone had seen a

Tractor operator working and still chose to park his white Mercedes right on the road thereby blocking it after looking at the car’s owner to no avail let’s just say the operator decided to take matters into his own hands and considering he had a size Advantage this was pretty easy to do

In one single move the operator flattened the Mercedes like it was a piece of bread fortunately the owner of the Merc Mercedes wasn’t in the car when it happened but still you can only imagine the look of shock on their face when they came back to find that their car

Had now become a pancake Frosty the Snowman you know that feeling when you’re so angry at someone but you suddenly feel the urge to relax after you’ve gotten your revenge well I think I found the perfect example of that for this next clip we see a moment

When a guy apparently decided to test the patience of a tractor operator he parked his vehicle in front of the tractor and began making a nuisance of himself disturbing the operator well at one point the operator had had enough and instead of taking his anger out on

The menacing guy he just went for his car [Applause] instead and perhaps what’s most funny is as soon as the operator began whacking the guy’s car all of that energy he had used to get in the operator’s face had suddenly died down he became as calm as

A graveyard after seeing his car being smashed to Smither I’m you he did try to get his revenge but come on man there’s absolutely no way you can do anything here he just keeps plopping around in the snow but can’t get anything done the poor guy

Daddy issues back in the day if we got mad at our parents we probably just threw a tantrum and ran upstairs crying in the hopes that they’d eventually notice it would appear that times have changed instead of just crying kids are doing this when they get mad at their parents What the [ __ ] you doing to my goddamn St [ __ ] do get the [ __ ] off that tractor I know it was inverted I thought it I thought [ __ ] ass out of here now I’m not sure what this father might have done to make the child angry but I kind

Of feel like he went a little overboard here also if you’re a parent you’ve got a tractor in your home it may just be your queue to check in on your kids to make sure they’re not planning any Joy rides on your Machinery anytime soon angry tractor encounter I’m not sure if

It’s just me but I personally make it a habit to not get into fights or arguments with anyone who’s operating a tractor I understand these guys can sometimes cause inconveniences with the way they work but you also have to remember they’re doing a public service and if it’ll be a minor inconvenience

For a bit then that’s just the price they have to pay am I the only one who thinks like this well apparently a lot of people don’t think so just take a look at this guy he was apparently trying to drive away but found his path

Was being blocked by a tractor and so he got Irate tired of the guy’s bickering and probably already angry before the whole incident the tractor operator decides to give him a quick lesson that he won’t soon Forget now you wanted to drive home well you have to walk get to it bro parking dispute for this next clip we’re heading back to people who lose their vehicles after pissing off crane operators here we see what appears to be The Driver of an ice cream truck getting angry at a

Crane operator for seemingly parking too close to him and I completely understand there are times when you may feel like someone’s doing you wrong but at the same time there’s a way to go about telling them that they’re not doing the right thing apparently these guys did

Not get the memo they came out of their truck and literally began yelling at the [Applause] Operator well it would appear that the operator himself was not going to just take their screams lying down and instead of coming down to yell back at them he simply decided to do the This the crazy thing is that I’m pretty sure these guys were not the ones who owned that truck do you know how weird it would be for them to get back to work and tell their boss the company truck had just been shellacked because they were being obnoxious brickit Ralph I’m

Not necessarily someone who loves destruction but I do have to say I admire the consistency and the method through which certain people take whenever they want to mess things up for this next clip we see a guy who for some reason had a beef with someone else if

You’re going to have a beef with someone that’s fine but instead of just going to your opponent manto man and slugging things out the guy decides to take a tractor to his house and literally destroy everything he could find first off the guy took his opponent’s nonfunctional boat and literally used it

To smash his [Applause] vehicle what the hell man you just messed up big I feel you messed up you would think he’d be done at this point but no despite the fact that his opponent literally caught him doing what he was doing the guy took the same boat

And used it to smash his house better get the hell out of the way [Applause] Oh St you don’t understand just stop dud I got to tell you it’s not my house fortunately a nearby police officer was proactive enough to address the situation he came onto the scene and immediately arrested the Vandal oh man now what I would have given to been at that station when the

Officer told his colleagues he had caught the guy trying to smash an entire house with a boat I mean what could the guy I’ve even done to deserve this in the first place knuckle sandwich for some reason I’ve always been especially fascinated by tractors and their ability to crush things one moment you’re

Feeling as though your car is the strongest automobile in the world and nothing bad can happen and the next a tractor has done some heavy work on it and now it looks like a piece of mush take this clip for example someone apparently had gotten this tractor

Operator in a bad mood and the guy literally went to town on the car from top to bottom After turning the car upside down with a couple of vicious punches the operator decided that he’d also run the entire thing over for good measure and boy what a beauty it Was In less than 2 minutes this entire automobile went from being perfectly fine to becoming nothing more than a shell of itself that’s some destructive power right there sibling rivalry now you may think think that tractor operators only like to bully people in smaller Vehicles since they have the

Size Advantage but let me tell you you would be absolutely wrong apparently the fact that they’re driving tractors can also get into their heads and when this takes place tractor operators can literally go up against anybody even their fellow co-workers take this clip for example it was captured on

Surveillance camera showing the moment when two tractor operators had a case of road rage instead of just relaxing they decided to settle things mono a mono watch watch what happens when an Unstoppable Force collides with an immovable object well there you have it someone had to

Give way and it was sadly the first tractor guy who ended up eating dirt that must have been rough but he was somehow able to come out of it unscathed Drop It Low besides their ability to crush just about anything into dust another thing I just love watching is

When a tractor picks something up and drops it the impact of watching a massive object hit the ground is pretty intriguing and it’s something that many tractor operators try to Showcase every once in a while while here we have an operator showing a guy a lesson after he

Apparently parked in the wrong place instead of Simply smashing his car he did this Instead after the that he went on to deliver the final [Applause] Blow if there ever were a picture of the term vehicular knockout I think this would be it right here Tag Team Action now I’ve already shown you what happens when two tractors square off against each other but what happens when they actually team up in this next video we see an insane

Moment when two tractor Ops decided to teach the driver of a limousine a lesson the first guy began by dragging the limousine out of the way and then he simply passed it off to the second guy for some finishing Touches that’ll teach him not to park where he’s not supposed to everyone gets the Bush now I feel like there’s something about most tractor operators they may seem like nice guys but a lot of them can also get frustrated with their jobs and what do you do when your

Job begins to get to you well you lash out of course the guy in this next video apparently had the perfect dose of frustration and let me tell you he was not happy in the slightest armed with his tractor he decided to give everyone on his street a little taste of how he Felt My fortunately there was nobody inside any of the cars that were affected but still you’ve got to ask what on Earth had this guy so worked up in the first place letting off steam have you ever had a really terrible day one of those days when it really just feels like

Nothing is going going your way and you want to lash out at something or someone for most of us when it happens the solution would probably be to just go into a room and smash something up but for some people who have access to heavy machinery it’s not that simple instead

Of looking for something small to vent and lash out at these guys can pick up pretty large objects instead now honestly I’d like to know what the heck is going on in this guy’s head that made him do all of this who is really annoyed all that much right of way I

Don’t think I could ever understand why someone in a small car would want to test out a tractor driver like this what exactly is the reason most of these guys just go about doing their own thing and all of a sudden they get the annoying task of having to deal with a petulant

Car owner take this next scenario one operator is trying to make his way through a Snowy Road when all of a sudden the guys in the green car blocked him and basically told him to vacate the area so that they could move to make things worse the men literally

Walked up to the Tractor and tried to hijack It with the men momentarily distracted the makes the recording and the operator finally gets his revenge and what a sweet revenge it Was now look they wanted the traffic issues cleared and now it’s been cleared so good job to everyone topping it over it’s regular human nature to get into conflicts with other people from time to time but if you suddenly find yourself mding heads against someone with much

Bigger vehicles than yours I think it’s safe to say that you want to be really careful take these guys for example the scene is so chaotic that even I have no bloody clue what was going on why why why why why why the point here though is that one of

The guys suddenly got into his tractor and decided to really give the other one a piece of his mind moving the trash for some reason a lot of people feel like it’s convenient and acceptable for them to to just piss off somebody I don’t know if it’s some type of trend but the

Stuff is really getting out of hand look at this guy for example he clearly knew that a tractor operator was working on an important project but did he care well no he just moved his car in the guy’s way and boy did he end up paying the price Now I know it may seem like that operator didn’t know what he was doing but I beg to differ with the way he clawed into that car the guy definitely was aware of his action karma really is ruthless Now isn’t it if these videos have shown us anything it’s

That you should never ever look at someone who owns a tractor and choose to make them angry because if you do May the force be with you what did you think about these clips though would you be stepping up to a tractor operator anytime soon let me know in the comments

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