What Could Happen if Google’s AI Was Integrated into Apple’s iPhone? – Video

What Could Happen if Google’s AI Was Integrated into Apple’s iPhone? – Video

Apple Stuffing Google’s AI into iPhone? Here’s What Might Happen

Are you ready for a potential collaboration between Apple and Google that could see Google’s artificial intelligence model, Gemini, inside future iPhones? Bloomberg first reported on the negotiations, stating that Apple is looking to incorporate generative AI into its next operating system, iOS 18. With rumors of hardware advancements being minimal on the next iPhone, the focus will be on software like never before.

Apple’s secretive nature regarding AI software has left some critics questioning the company’s position in the AI race. While Apple has made advancements in AI with the acquisition of Canadian startup Darwin AI and the development of its own generative AI model, MM1, partnering with Google’s Gemini could potentially revolutionize the iPhone experience. However, Google’s recent struggles with inaccuracies and offensive results generated by Gemini raise concerns about privacy and reliability.

With over 2 billion Apple devices in use, incorporating Gemini into iPhones could make it the most used AI in the world. But, with a potential deal between Apple and Google still up in the air, we’ll have to wait until the iPhone announcement in September to see if this partnership will come to fruition and how it will impact the future of iPhones.

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Has the iPhone become so boring that Apple needs help from Google to make it interesting again if you’re having a hard time wrapping your head around that one buckle up because Apple and Google are negotiating a deal that could put Google’s artificial intelligence model into future iPhones Bloomberg was first

To report this and since then the New York Times and Wall Street Journal also reported the same with their Anonymous sources phone makers are quickly jumping into generative AI but the hot race is a hot mess Google just had to publicly apologize for embarrassing results on

Its generative Ai and Google even had to pause a problematic feature we are at a point in time where the software on a phone is more interesting than the hardware so Google’s generative AI model known as Gemini is one more thing Apple May tout to get folks wanting to buy the

Next iPhone but why would Apple even want Google’s Gemini on the iPhone when it can be problematic let’s go over how Google’s Gemini might be used on the iPhone I’m Bridget Carey and this is one more thing when iOS 18 arrives later this year it could be a bigger deal than the

IPhone itself apple is expected to incorporate generative AI into the next iPhone operating system and according to Bloomberg’s reporting the iPhone 16 Hardware will not have any major advances so the software could be more critical than usual the software is what’s going to sell the next iPhone we

Will know more about iOS 18 and maybe some of Apple’s AI plans in June at WWDC that’s Apple’s annual developers conference and Apple CEO Tim Cook said this year we will hear more about Apple’s AI work and during a shareholder meeting he said Apple would quote break

New ground in AI we know Apple has advanced processors that can utilize generative AI but apple is not as talkative about its AI software to be specific Apple has not come out with its own version of a generative AI chat box where users could type in a prompt to

Generate text or an image or have the AI offer a solution to a request that leaves Tech pundants saying that apple is behind in the AI race but as we learned in a CNBC interview Apple execs don’t see it that way critics have been surprised that Apple appears to be

Falling behind when it comes to AI how do you respond I I don’t believe we are not too worried not to worried this week Apple acquired the Canadian startup Darwin Ai and Darwin’s expertise is AI that runs on the device itself rather than depending on servers in the cloud which

Is better for privacy and just a few days before that without much fanfare Apple published a research paper detailing the development of a new generative AI model it calls mm1 it can create text and images wired reported the researcher show it answering questions about photos and displaying the kind of general knowledge skills

Show don’t buy chat Bots like chat GPT so apple is cooking up something that’s in this realm but if it needs more time to bake then to speed things along for this year’s iPhone Apple could partner with another company Apple reportedly has been talking to more than just Google with

Gemini but also companies like open AI which makes chat GPT certainly every Apple competitor has been stuffing itself with generative AI tools Microsoft is working with open Ai and windows 11 laptops and PCs will have a dedicated key to launch its AI tool called co-pilot Samsung has its own

Generative AI model and right now Google Gemini is inside the Galaxy s24 it is being used across multiple applications on the s24 you can use the voice recorder to record your teacher’s lecture and then ask the AI to summarize the most important points of the lesson

Edit a photo inside the photo gallery it can bring up the option for generative editing where you can move people around or remove an object and it just fills in the gaps so here we see that it’s not exactly like there’s some big Google Gemini app in the phone rather elements

Of AI assistance are kind of woven into certain existing products this could be one way we see Gemini implemented on the iPhone and by that I mean it’s not even something you know is being done by Google rather it could be happening in a limited way hidden in the background of

An existing app however if apple is working with AI Partners this kind of tech needs to be so very protected for user privacy I would be uncomfortable if Apple just let Gemini run wild on my iPhone Apple Prides itself on having user information stay private protected on the device I wouldn’t want some

Google server in a cloud peering into my chats as it translates text or whatever editing I’m doing so if apple is working with Google’s Gemini it’s got to be done in a way that it’s limited in what it is sharing and apple should put limits on

Just how much it can generate I would not expect some sort of tool or you could just ask the iPhone to make up images of cats or write entire documents because there’s a big risk of what it can spit out as being wrong there has been a lot of criticism on Gemini

Recently as it gives inaccurate results the company had to apologize and put a pause on image generation of people because it was mixing up the races of historical figures and sometimes just refusing to generate images of white people of course Google said it would try to fix this but Google also said in

A statement that it can’t promise Gemini won’t occasionally generate embarrassing inaccurate or offensive results and that’s the issue now with generative AI because you cannot think of it like a Google search engine it is an answer box that gives one answer a Google search result has pages of links you can poke

Through it with your human brain to assess what is quality but a system like Gemini will hand you one solution solution and it could be wrong Apple won’t want to be caught in that kind of controversy there is another way Apple could handle this apple could treat

Gemini like a standalone app much like when the iPhone launched with Google Maps then you can’t get upset if Gemini is wrong it’s not the iPhone it’s that one app that got it wrong it could be just like how Google search is the default search engine on Safari and

Don’t forget Apple and Google partnered for that deal Google reportedly pays Apple more than $18 billion dollar a year to have Google search as the default option on iPhones Google certainly would love Gemini to be on the iPhone there are two billion Apple devices currently in use when you add up

All the hardware putting Gemini on Apple devices could make Gemini the most used Ai and help it win the AI race that is until Apple’s ready to unleash whatever tool it is working on but who wants to wait until the fall to try new iPhone tricks it’s time for a new segment I

Call one more one more thing if you updated your iPhone to iOS 17.4 have you even tried all the new features there are over 100 new Emoji but I have not seen anyone send me a lime or a fiery Phoenix but actually I have also

Not used a new Emoji myself how am I supposed to use the shaking heads if you use apple podcast you will find that there are now transcripts of the episodes that you can read through that is Handy for just skimming the topics or you can even search inside the

Transcript so if there’s that thing you remember someone mentioned on a podcast episode what was it called again you can search for what you do remember and Skip ahead to that part to find it another handy thing to test out are virtual credit card numbers that you can use

With your Apple cash so let’s say you have some apple cash in your wallet but you’re at a place that doesn’t take Apple pay the system makes a card number an expiration date and a three-digit security code just like a physical card and when you check out somewhere you can

Just plug in the card number yourself how are you feeling about Google Gemini possibly being inside a future iPhone that is if a deal is actually made I have a feeling Apple will surprise us on this one and we may have to wait until the iPhone is announced in September to

Finally know for sure thanks for watching I’ll catch you next time with one more thing to discuss in the world of Apple

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