El Nido Tour A: Big Lagoon and Secret Lagoon – You Won’t Believe It! – Video

El Nido Tour A: Big Lagoon and Secret Lagoon – You Won’t Believe It! – Video

Get ready to be amazed by the breathtaking beauty of the Philippines in this Unbelievable EL NIDO TOUR A video. Join Alicia and Nate as they take you on an island hopping adventure through El Nido to see the Big Lagoon, the Secret Lagoon, and 7 Commandos Beach. From enjoying the entire Big Lagoon to themselves, diving underneath the water to experience a genuinely secret slice of the Philippines, feasting on fresh fruit and mouthwatering boat-grilled seafood, snorkeling, and kicking back on a beach that can only be accessed by boat, this video captures all the highlights of their incredible tour.

Alicia and Nate opted for a private tour to ensure a more personalized and exclusive experience, and it truly paid off. With an earlier start than the group tours, they were able to enjoy the famous spots with fewer people and take their time to truly soak in the beauty of each location. From kayaking and exploring the Big Lagoon to discovering tiny, hidden lagoons and snorkeling in crystal clear waters, every moment of the tour was filled with wonder and excitement.

In addition to the stunning scenery and activities, Alicia and Nate also share valuable tips and insights for booking tours, navigating the various fees and payment methods, and making the most of the experience. Their genuine excitement and appreciation for the beauty of El Nido and the surrounding islands shine through in every moment of the video.

Whether you’re planning your own trip to El Nido or simply looking for a breathtaking travel experience to enjoy from the comfort of your home, this video is sure to inspire and amaze. From the stunning landscapes to the incredible underwater views, this Unbelievable EL NIDO TOUR A video is a must-watch for anyone seeking travel inspiration and adventure.

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Video Transcript

We saved the best for last. Let’s go! El Nido a.k.a Paradise. That was amazing. We’ve opted for a private tour of Tour A. and we were rewarded with the entire Big Lagoon to ourselves. Okay, we’re about to crash.

We dove underneath the water to see a genuinely secret slice of the Philippines. This is like the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. We feasted on fresh fruit and mouthwatering boat grilled seafood. It smells so good. Snorkeled and kicked back on a beach that can only be accessed by boat.

It was a good day. We booked our tour on Klook this time. It made it a little bit easier so we could pay with card. Since all the tour companies around here use cash. We decided on a private tour

Since the boats aren’t that big and they kind of jam a lot of people on. Private tour or group tour? Private it was $170 US Dollars for us to book a private boat, which is a little expensive, especially for Southeast Asia. But for comparison, in Hawaii earlier this year,

There was a stand up paddleboards for one hour for $60. I think it’s a pretty good deal. This is like an eight hour tour. We picked up some citronella spray because we got hammered last night by either sand flies or just mosquitoes but we have very itchy ankles this morning.

Well, just like that, we’re ready to go. He’s pulling the boat right up to us so we can just wait in the shade three points of contact. that’s wet. That’s very wet I’m nesting. So my name is Jayam, so I am the local tour guide of Nathan and Alicia for today.

And this is our crew here in the boat our chef cook and our boat captain. Hello. Nice to meet you guys. Thank you. Thank you so much. I think one of the benefits we’re seeing from the private tour so far is that we’re getting an earlier start than the group tours.

We’re going to the big lagoon first because that’s the thing that gets the busiest, the quickest so far. There’s already people here for sure, but it’s not too busy or crazy. It’s pretty quiet. But we got our traditional yellow kayak. It’s like the staple of coming to El Nido

And this is like the biggest, most popular spot to come to. This is the reason Tour A is so popular and why we chose it. So I’m very excited to hopefully see it with less people. Let’s go. And also last tour we were on in Thailand, they row for you.

But this time we actually get to do the work, which is kind of nice because we can take our time a little bit, except for probably really tired at least Alicia will, because she’s definitely going to do the brunt of the work here. This is so pretty. Here we go.

Starting to go in circles. Hey, hey, be nice. you’re not wrong. You’re not totally right. The water is just like glass. I’m not a very good kayaker. Here we go. Starting to go in circles. But there’s no current. It’s totally still. And it’s making me look like an absolute pro.

Okay, we’re about to crash into these people again. Hi. Hi. How are you? I’m fine. Okay. This giant rock right back here was used for Cliff jumping the Red Bull competition one year in 2015. I think. 2019, 2019. Look at that. That is very high. Like, really high.

I would jump from that right there. That’s fine. There? No. There? No. Here? Yes. Go, baby, go. Go, baby, go. Oh, are we racing? Because I’m going to lose really bad. Yeah. Look at how easy he looks. I know there’s, like, two

Rules for this tour that we got briefed with at the beginning. One, don’t throw trash in the ocean, and two, don’t step on the coral. I think those are just general good life rules. So it pains me that we have to hear it at the beginning of the tour

Because, you know, they tell you because people do it. So I’m just happy to hear that they are taking that precautionary measure. And I found some trash already, but I picked it up. It’s ramen. The good noodle It’s very common, you pay for everything to the specific person.

Like we just paid for the kayaks at the kayak spot and it was 300 for a big one for two people. Like we had to pay the environmental fee separately. Everything is separate. You need cash. Even if you pay with card on Klook, you still need cash. That’s our lunch for later today.

And it smells so good. It just smells like wonderful, amazing grilled food. Are you lost? You’re so loud. starting to see why we had to wear the shoes. There’s a lot of rocks on the bottom here. Yeah, we’re at the Secret Lagoon, but I always laugh at those names

Because this is clearly no secret to anybody. look at how many people are here. Okay, we’re going into this tiny little crevice. Another lagoon inside. It’s like a speakeasy. It’s like a secret entrance into the lagoon. I like that. That makes it kind of unique. Here’s the secret. Wow.

Look at that And the rock formation you can see here Looks like the head of an eagle. Oh, yeah. It’s a boy. We must be doing good on time because they’re making a little bonus stop. We’re finding Another even tinier secret lagoon that we have to swim into. Oh, my God.

This is amazing. just like your own private little aquarium pool. I don’t think I’ve ever been anywhere like this. This is the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen That was amazing. that was legitimately a secret lagoon. We had it all to ourselves. There’s boats here, but they’re not in there.

It was just us and it was beautiful. It was not one of the stops on the tour, but he says he always stops here because It’s his favorite spot and I definitely understand why he’s said he’s working every day on vacation, so he’s got a good little gig here.

And now we’re going snorkeling and they’re only appears to be about five people here. We seem to be bouncing between a couple of the islands here, which is making this all go really fast. But it’s awesome. It’s been like such a great experience so far. All right, get in there. Be free.

This is just crystal freakin clear. It’s unbelievable. And we got it all to ourselves again somehow. So lucky. This is amazing. the grill smells so good I think we’re going to snag lunch now. That was such good snokeling. That was great, the water is so clear.

Yeah, You work hard. I’ll pay you 100 for a beer. How many beer? Two, please. Anybody want one? You guys want any beers? Thank you. Thank you so much. And thanks for being out here and it’s adobo chicken adobo. chicken adobo. Yeah. And the mussels. Oh, my word.

I don’t even know how to eat all of this. so on the reservation, it said that we would have a lunch buffet. So my assumption was that that lunch buffet would be at some restaurants in one of these areas, which is very common.

I did not expect a full blown buffet with one grill on this. I mean, it’s a big boat, but pretty tiny boat considering all the food we have in front of us. So much more than I could have expected Fourteen plates of food in front of us.

For two people! Just the two of us. it looks and smells so good and they made it all here on the boat for us We have a full kitchen at home and we can’t make this. This is good. It’s so good. The pork’s definitely my favorite so far.

That’s all you’ve had. That’s all I’ve had though. It’s so good. It’s like so perfectly cooked on the grill. It’s just ridiculous. I just learned how to eat mussels. They come like this. I think when you grill them, they kind of pop open a little bit.

Then break it open. take out the little meaty part, very important. Take out the hair sounds gross. I don’t think it’s actually hair, but it looks like it. Dip this in the sauce and eat it. Is it good? Yeah. A little chewy. A little salty. But it’s good.

I mean, they hang out in the ocean. Yeah, I would say that’s why. Oh, my gosh. It’s so good. We’re heading to our last stop. It’s about 25 minutes away and it’s 1:30 pm, so we’re still making good time. It feels like the sand feels so good.

I love beaches where you have to take a vote to get to them. They’re my favorite. One, two, three. Yeah! we are at this beautiful private beach called Seven Commandos Beach. It was named after a Japanese warship that was here during World War II. So even though we had to come to

The island by boat just over the cliff, here is a city in Palawan, but there’s basically like four things to do here. You can grab a drink, even play volleyball, No surprise, Alicia has opted for water, there was just bugs over there that were driving me crazy.

I figured they can’t get me underwater or you can just hang out on the beach. We wanted to say that if you’re interested in doing a tour just like this, private or group tours, you can book it on Klook. We have a link in the description for you.

If you book through our link, it helps us continue to travel and it’s no extra cost for you guys and you might get an awesome, awesome guide like Jayem was for us. Island Hop in El Nido. The next day… Oh, my gosh. It’s pouring. What a difference a day makes.

That was yesterday. Pretty tired. Yeah. I have a Dramamine, full belly, rocking boat and the weather. I’m ready to cuddle up and go to bed. Nothing says tourist like goggles at breakfast. Does it look better? Yeah. It’s supposed to stay on when you do this.

Oh really? So you know it fits.

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