The Ultimate Bologna Travel Guide: Top Activities in Bologna, Italy – Video

The Ultimate Bologna Travel Guide: Top Activities in Bologna, Italy – Video

Visiting Bologna, Italy is a dream for many travelers, and for good reason. This city, nestled in the heart of Italy, is a perfect blend of medieval charm and modern architecture. In this ultimate Bologna travel guide, we showcase the top things you need to do when you visit this beautiful city.

The first spot to visit is Piazza Maggiore, a centrally located square packed with over 800 years of history. Here, you’ll find Neptune’s Fountain, an iconic symbol commissioned by the pope, with four bronze Dolphins that represent key rivers across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Nearby, don’t miss the Whispering Walls, an architectural marvel that allows sound to transmit perfectly over the arches.

A visit to the Basilica of San Petronio is a must, as it is the largest brick Gothic church in the world. And of course, while in Piazza Maggiore, you’ll need to visit the Basilica of San Petronio, the largest brick gothic church in the world. While free to enter, be sure to dress appropriately, as shoulders must be covered and women must also cover their knees.

One of the most defining structures of Bologna’s skyline is the Two Towers, which are a must-visit. The Asinelli and Garisenda Towers offer some of the best views in the city, and climbing to the top of the taller tower can be quite the adventure. It’s a grueling walk up to the top on some tricky wooden stairs, but the views from the top are breathtaking.

No trip to Bologna is complete without a visit to the Sanctuary of Madonna di San Luca. Nested on top of a large hill overlooking the city, this 258-year-old church offers stunning architecture and incredible views of the countryside and the city below. To get to the Basilica, you’ll walk up the world’s longest Portico, with 666 arches, and reach the Basilica at the top.

This travel guide also showcases various other attractions and experiences to enjoy in Bologna, including a food tour, the Archiginnasio, Little Venice, and the “7 Churches.”

Bologna is a city rich in history, culture, and beauty, and this video provides a comprehensive guide to some of the top things to do when visiting. Whether you’re a history buff, architecture enthusiast, or a food lover, Bologna has something for everyone. So, grab your passport and get ready to explore this captivating city.

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Bolognia is an incredible City in the heart of Italy where medieval architecture meets modern charm so in this travel guide we’re walking through the top things you need to do when you visit bolognia Italy so grab your passport and let’s Dive Right In the first spot you need to visit is Piaza

Majori being centrally located in over 800 years old this place is packed with history it’s actually the first Public Square built in Italy after the fall of the Empire and with the addition of its medieval architecture and adjacent buildings there is a ton to see here for starters Neptune’s fountain in the

Square is the most iconic fountain in all of bolognia being commissioned by the pope himself the fountain is packed with symbolism its four bronze Dolphins symbolize key Rivers across the continents of Europe Asia Africa and the Americas this design was submitted into a competition to build a similar

Fountain in Florence but lucky for bolognia it lost and the city decided to build the design here instead while near Neptune’s Fountain you’ll need to launder into the neighboring alley beneath the Square’s famous Palazo Del podesta this alley houses one of Bon’s Best Kept Secrets the Whispering Wall

One of the things you have to do in bolognia is check out the whispering walls so believe it or not if you actually face these arches and you whisper up your sound transmits perfectly over the Arches to the other side of the room and while this is an architectural Marvel we’ve heard it’s

Been used for some pretty interesting things over the years we actually heard during the plague they use these to communicate with safe social distancing we actually heard that lovers were able to use this to talk to each other without anyone knowing across the archway so kind of cool to hear the

Little bit of L behind this interesting spot Courtney do you read over over loud and clear over Roger be sure to like And subscribe so if you want to find the whispering walls it’s basically at the intersection of Neptune’s Fountain and Basilica San ponio and of course while in Piaza

Majori you’ll need to visit the Basilica of San Pino which is the largest brick gothic church in the world while free to enter you’ll need to have your shoulders covered and if you’re a woman your knees as well this is strictly enforced but they do sell paper Shaws at the entrance

If you don’t meet the dress code to enter while inside be sure to take notice of the lines in the floor that make this church the largest Sund dial in the entire world next on our list is to visit another key icon and probably the most defining structures of bolognia

Skyline The Two Towers while bolognia Skyline used to have almost 200 Towers now only 20 or so remain standing the two most famous are the asinelli and garisenda Towers one of which has been leaning for over 600 years and the other being a massive 900-year-old Tower to

Climb the tall tower you’ll need to visit the website below to secure tickets once inside it’s a grueling walk up to the top on some tricky wooden stairs for those scared of heights consider sitting this one out however if you do make it to the top you’ll be

Greeted by one of the best views in all of bolognia we enjoyed the views from the top and felt it helped us get our bearings in this neat city so we are inside the taller of the two towers right now you can reserve a time slot

Online to climb it and it is quite the hike to get to the top we climbed the belt Tower in Florence and we thought that was exhausting and this was way more exhausting and the stairs are way more rickety but the views you get at the top of bolognia are absolutely worth

It you get amazing views of the main Square you can see all the cathedrals all the Red Roof buildings it’s an amazing view and if you look closely you can even see the smaller Tower to your right believe it or not that smaller Tower used to be a lot taller actually

About 650 years ago they cut the tower down to size to make it lean a little bit less and when you see it from above it is definitely leaning still if you’re scared of heights maybe consider es skipping this because it is one of the more frightful and exhausting Towers

We’ve climbed so keep that in mind if you decide to do this so behind me we have the Leaning Tower and believe it or not this Tower is actually leaning more than the Leaning Tower pza which is a little know fact you get way less people

Doing one of these guys out front so if it was a little bit more authentic and no trip to bolognia would be complete without seeing bia’s Basilica Des San Luca nestled on the top of a large Hill overlooking the city this beautiful church has great views and stunning architecture with its

Orange hued walls and intricate interior this 258 year old church is a musty spot in bolognia so we’ve made it to the top of the sanctuary Madonna D San Luca and the views you get from the top are absolutely incredible the church itself is pretty pretty there’s actually been a

Church on this hill for over a thousand years and you can clearly see why with views like this at the countryside and the city below it’s absolutely a breathtaking spot to put a basilica and getting to the Basilica is actually all a part of the experience to get here

You’ll walk up the world’s longest Portico and it is long there’s actually 666 arches that make up this Portico and that number we think is intentional people think that the shape of the Portico resembles a snake and so the sanctuary at the top is symbolically Conquering the devil in that way it’s

Definitely a pretty long walk up it took us about an hour from the start of the Portico it’s reach the Basilica so definitely give yourself some time to explore here and definitely bring some water too because it is exhausting you kind of alternate between ramps up and

Stairs up so it’s definitely a workout if you break a sweatball coming up here there is a water bottle station to fill up your bottle at the top so bring one if you’re worried about getting Thirsty and really quick we want to give a big thanks to the partner of today’s video mmobile we’re so excited to be working with m mobile because one of the best ways you can save moneyy for travel is to bring down your reoccurring costs and if you ever really considered how

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Trit in the road also linked in my description to get premium Wireless for as low as $15 a month thanks again to mmobile for partnering with us on this video now let’s jump back to Italy and while we’re talking about San Lucas porticos well in bolognia you need to admire the city’s other famous porticos Believe It or Not Bona has more porticos than any other city on earth and all throughout the city these covered walkways provide both Beauty and protection from the elements these

Porticos are such an important part of Bon’s history that they’re actually a UNESCO world heritage site Bonia porticos date back to the 12th century a strict bonian law dictated that they had to be tall and wide enough for a man on Horseback to travel underneath them we visited bolognia in August with 100°

Plus days and we never felt too uncomfortably hot thanks the Limitless shade these porticos provide so definitely take the time to admire them all here so one of my favorite things about Bonia is the whole city is painted in sunset colors so you have all these oranges pinks yellows and it gives the

Whole city a cohesive Vibe and when you see it with the Sun the whole city looks like it’s at Sunset all the time the city is so magical the next spot you need to check out is quite literally a hole in the wall and that’s Little Venice in the middle ages bolognia used

To have many canals like Venice but today many run underground and are covered by bolognia streets however there’s a fun Viewpoint where you can literally peer through a small square to get a great view of bia’s ancient Canals another thing you need to see when you’re in bolognia is Little Venice and little is quite literally the right word it’s just this little bitty window but it gives you this really cool perspective when you’re looking straight down it it’s almost like a mirror so if

You can’t make an adven on your trip to Italy this is absolutely worth checking out next centeral list is to visit bolognia arcade Jasio the original main building for the University of bolognia which is actually the oldest university in the entire world while you can pop inside and see its beautiful Courtyard

And coat of arms covered walls for free if you want to visit the two main rooms you can pick up tickets on site inside you’ll find bn’s anatomical Theater which is the famous room where animals and humans have been dissected to study biology for almost 400 years the room

Itself is Grand with the carving of Apollo the god of medicine hovering on the ceiling above the operating table while here be sure to admire the intricate wood carvings and try to imagine this room packed with students hundreds of years ago the other room to

See here is a stab at Mater Hall which is a fancy reading room full of old books and painted walls the name comes from the famous jino rosini composition that was first performed right here while here we c a sneak a peek through the iron door at the end of the room to

See the attached library’s Long Hall of bookshelves next on our list is to step into the past at the Santo Stefano Basilica complex this is known as the seven churches because over the years seven different churches built on this site have all been joined together into a sprawling network of interconnected

Buildings this religious Treasure Trove is steeped in history and offers a serene escape from the city’s hustle and bustle we loved wandering here and even popping into the free mini museum inside to see old paintings and even some holy relics from the Virgin Mary we’re in front of the Basilica of Santo Stefano

And this is better known as sieta chze which translates to seven churches this is pretty unassuming in the front but it’s actually really cool to explore it’s free to enter there a bunch of different worship spaces inside a couple Courtyards and actually a museum with some ancient relics in it and another

Thing to note it doesn’t seem like the dress code is as enforced as other churches we’ve seen in bolognia so just keep that in mind if you forgot your Shaw the next thing to do in bolognia is to try the food believe it or not bolognia is considered to be the food

Capital of Italy so all throughout this city you’ll find unbelievable eats we have an entire food tour walking through some of the Top Foods you need to try when visiting bolognia so make sure you check that out if you want to see some of the city’s most famous Delicacies and

Historic spots to if you found this video useful it really helps out our Channel if you hit that like button and the Subscribe button we also have videos coming out covering other exciting locations in Italy Europe and all around the world so make sure you’re subscribed

So you don’t miss them thanks and we’ll see you in the next one Ciao

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