Episode of Critter Fixers: Greyhounds, Foxes, and Kittens in Need – Documentary

Episode of Critter Fixers: Greyhounds, Foxes, and Kittens in Need – Documentary

Greyhounds, Foxes, and Kittens in Need (Full Episode) | Critter Fixers

The full episode of Critter Fixers titled “Greyhounds, Foxes, and Kittens in Need” follows Dr. Hodges and his team as they treat a variety of animals with various health concerns. The episode starts off with three adorable puppies, Luna, Nova, and Cilla, who have sores on their paws and are suffering from respiratory issues and intestinal parasites. Dr. Hodges quickly gets to work, cleaning their wounds, administering vaccinations, and deworming them to ensure their health and safety.

Next up is Carella, a sick puppy with lacerations on all four paws and a severe upper respiratory infection. Dr. Hodges diagnoses her with bronchitis and gets her started on antibiotics to prevent the infection from worsening. The team also treats Lola, a lethargic leopard gecko who hasn’t been eating for a month. After ruling out metabolic bone disease, they determine she has an upper respiratory infection and prescribe antibiotics to help her recover.

Throughout the episode, Dr. Hodges demonstrates his expertise and compassion for animals as he works tirelessly to provide the best care possible for his furry patients. The heartwarming and educational episode showcases the importance of proper veterinary care and the dedication of those who work to keep animals healthy and happy.

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Video Transcript

Can I look at that there had to pack their ears they had a little ear infection yeah it’s kind of fascinating that the same things that doctors or Physicians do we do as veterinarians like you know treat ear infections treat bronchitis but imagine a human having animal problems anal gland issues M and

Walking up in our Clinic wanting to be treated I rather treat a thousand dog or cat Mage then to treat one human ain’t no GL expression Yeah is hey killa you okay come here Dr haj’s first appointment of the day is with three sweet puppies with not so neat Paws hey y’all hey what’s going on I purchased them online did not know any of them were sick until we got them home

And bathed them I notice sores on them she has a sore on her front paw Luna has a really big sore on her hind paw if I can get her out here Luna Nova and Cilla they’re great dang puppies and they all have sores on their feet and carella has

A really bad hack and a cough were they living on a grate or were they just running around she left them in a cage for their whole lives oh man it’s a nice wound poor little girl we clean that up and put a little bandage on it I see

What appears to be urine scouting and urine scouting occurs when animals are left with urine touching the skin for quite a while it has uric acid and ammonia those things actually will burn the skin we got those Bandits clean so now let’s check out NOA she’s got some

Sores on her paws but I haven’t noticed any abnormal behavior with her or anything she’s not as bad as the other no but they’re not vaccinated let’s get them vaccinated then check your parasites be right back all right it’s really a standard practice to vaccinate all puppies and test them for intestinal

Parasites because this is what helps keep your puppy happy healthy and safe on feal exam we got hookworms oh Lord and round worms with the round worms when we get his medicine you may see a bunch of stuff that looks like spaghetti when she poops yeah we know it’s not

Yeah it’s not spetti for sure but we will get them dewormed okay all right let’s check out our next baby who is the next one this is carella carella on her front PA she lost a part of it on one of them oh goodness she has a awful hack as

Well good boy this she lost part of that too huh yeah just Toons of swollen swollen lip noes any nasal discharge just the hack we got a bad restoration I want to see your chest cuz I’m more worried about the I’m worried about the respiratory too yeah this is a sick P

I’m go shoot a picture of this chest and see right back all right all right this particular pup has lacerations on all four Pils also have a pretty bad upper respiratory infection that I’m hoping isn’t pneumonia all this air shows up black it’s kind of good news fortunately

We don’t really have a pum but we got a bronchitis along with our tonsils being really swollen and flam so I’m glad you bought this in cuz this could have gotten worse so I’m going get you antibi there all right brontis can be quite serious in a puppy if left untreated it

Can possibly develop into pneumonia and this can often times become fatal so we definitely want to get some treat some BO try to protect that get her boxing gloves going first you been real good good girl make them too big poliy special B those Fe so they can heal up

We clean these puppies Paws with Chlor hexaderm scrub R them in cute little booties in a couple weeks they should be good as new where you going I know I know they did lots of stuff to you oh I know we started in about biotics we also vaccinated and gave deworming so

Hopefully at their next puppy visit they’ll running around and healthy and we don’t have to put bandages on you’re okay I’m very happy with the way it went he was very caring and what he was doing hope they’ll be a lot better when they come back yall got some great homes now

Thanks no problem stay uh-uh no you gotten into enough trouble today put this sack on for now Lola was originally my son’s leper gecko he has recently gone into the military so I inherited her she’s usually very sweet but she has not been eating hi hey morning good morning what

We got today well we got Miss Lola here okay I brought her here because she’s not been eating for at least a month okay and in the process of trying to transport her here she crawled up through one of these holes and got stuck

She was able to wle her way back out out so I hope she hasn’t injured herself does she normally have these little spots on her back this one looks like it’s new I’m kind of worried about that I’m afraid she may have yeah like kind of bruise there geckos normally don’t go

A month without eating these guys eat every day or every couple days on something so it’s very strange that this baby’s not eating she did shed and eat her skin sweater as we call it over the weekend but other than that she’s just eating next to nothing have you noticed

Or go through brumation before what is that is that like h hibernation yeah and a lot of time it happen in the females okay brumation is a stage of hibernation where everything kind of slows down they don’t eat they don’t do anything they don’t they’re not moving a whole lot I

Want an x-ray just look at the bones could be brumation but we have to rule other things out all right I’ll take an x-ray to see if Lola has Metabolic Bone Disease which is basically where the bones become thin or very brittle usually the first symptom that we see is

They’re lethargic they’re not eating and they’re not doing well if we see that she has Metabolic Bone Disease it explains why she she’s not eating bone structure looks good beautiful let’s get the lights cuz I can’t see nothing I just want to look like respiratory wise we ruled out Metabolic Bone Disease and

Kind of left with either we’re dealing with the upper respiratory issue or we’re dealing with broti what are they called loops loops yeah your old man goggles your old man glasses yeah I want to look at her nose area my eyes not good as Hy just you know so I had to I

Had to go with the extra help we do have a little discharge huh what’s going on with it we definitely have an upper respiratory infection she also got injured in these holes on the way here so she got a little bruise on her back we’re going to deal with that too good

Idea I’m going to put this baby on some antibiotics as well as an anti-inflammatory the lungs look good so we’re not dealing with like a lower respiratory issue after a couple days we should go back to eating and I expect us to be doing a whole lot better all right

All right we do have just a little discharge from the nasal area which being that dealing with the upper respiratory issue we’re going on antibiotics for that okay what causes upper respiratory infection it can be temperature it can be bacterial something sometime they can be viral anytime they shedding that’s something

Stressful for them uhhuh it it lowers their ability to fight disease and they can happen makes sense yes ma’am this is the ointment that I want you to just put on the back dip it in there and then just want to wipe those little bruised

Are okay we’re going to be fine we just got to get through this respiratory infection okay thank you nice to meeting you nice to meet you as well feel much better knowing that it’s not anything serious I’m hoping she’ll be back to her normal self and eating and a happy healthy leopard gecko Oh I know good boy Patrick is here to find out why his Greyhound Rowan has suddenly become run down hey Doc what’s going on with the baby here he had a severe seizure last night has he had one before no then he had another one this morning the seizure started about 3:30

This morning on the first one spazzing out on the floor snapping thrashing about it’s scary to see it happen I want to hopefully Nick that in the bud before it gets too severe how’s that appetite it’s good he ate this morning anything seem to set it off was he running

Anything no no he was asleep in this crate we aren’t able to figure out the Caesars and get them stopped this is bad news so we going to grab a little blood and we going to figure it out I’ll be right back thanks buddy some of the rule

Outs we think about when it comes to Caesar is kidney failure liver failure or toxicosis any of these conditions are very serious so while we waiting on the results of our blood work we also do ultrasounds because I want to see if there’s any kind of tumors or any

Abnormalities in the liver or kidneys or throughout the body he’s a good boy what are you looking for now I’m just checking the bladder and then I’m checking the other kidney that looks good nothing abnormal nothing abnormal the abdominal organs all look fine x-ray I didn’t find any tumors so we’re just

Waiting on the blood work and we’ll see if we can determine exactly what’s going on with this dog all right doc that’s what I was afraid of not epilepsy it is kidneys okay what’s happening is we’re starting to get early renal disease the kidneys are not

Pulling out all the ammonia in the body and it’s going to the brain so that’s why you saw that seure good but not good good but not good all the uric acid all the ammonia and everything that normally is peed out is not being removed from

The body it goes to the brain and it causes seizure like activity we will be hanging out in hotel hes for the next 24 30 hours I’m going hook a IV up I’m flush everything out we’re going to pee pee pee literally like a race horse okay all right right appreciate all right

Come on puppy dog goe Rock once there’s some kidney damage typically is not reversible but you can get enough kidney function to maintain so I’m going to start some IV fluid and try to flush all this bad stuff out it’s almost like at dialysis go to room five for

Me all right ran you are set up Rowan doc we need you what’s going on we have a seizure over here oh boy uhoh hey hey come on buddy hang in there boy boy give been a wet tow kind to cool him off hey can we turny the light

That’s the seizures you want to try to eliminate the stimulus so we turn the lights off yeah we get rid of those lights huh body’s lit when you’re seizuring it’s almost like running a marathon cuz your body’s just going and going and going and run temperature is

Going up you can feel how hot he getting what’s that temp 1027 right now climbing if a dog a person or anyone’s temperature gets too hot it can literally fry the brain we got to get this temperature down really really quickly and really really safely a little water know it’s hot yeah we’re

Just letting him cool off now just came out of his seizure all right no seizuring but still very very concerned my game plan is to continue the fluids and try to flush everything out I’m also adding a drug called capet which also lowers the seizure threshold so we’ll

See how Rowan does unfortunately he’s not out of the woods yet it’s okay Rowan I’m sorry peek peek peek peek peek peek Hamlet the pig is in to get his own little piggies taken care of how y’all doing all right all right what’s up buddy we just

Chilling on the table there it’s so cute we’ve had Hamlet for about 8 months or so this is his first time getting a hoof trim he’s usually pretty laidback but he’s starting to walk a little more gingerly just a little more sensitive uncomfortable I’m going do it with you come

On I’m talking the language right now you can pick ltin so we need to trim these hoodes a little bit huh oh yeah okay they ever had them trim before no this is his first all right let’s see how we going to handle this uhoh all right it’s okay

It’s okay with pigs hook care very important if a pig’s hooks are neglected it can cause them to have infection they can lead to abs proces and even Hof Rock Let’s see what we working with here put on back hold on Scar the poop hey usually the best thing to do is

Have him just right on his back okay feed up you they relax when we do [Applause] that my first time where theplug I don’t mind doing hoof trims as long as I have have the equipment I need earplugs and something to trim the hood uhoh got you I knew it was going to happen my goggles do did it again I’m aiming for you please don’t keep my

Eyeballs sometime these hoves they kind of come all like strap metal so if you’re in the line of fire you just have to catch one all right it’s all over we got them trimmed up for you we need to get on a regular base of doing that right 2 or 3

Months from now okay let’s do it all over again all right right sounds like a plan after trim these Hood everything looks great and I think this Baby’s ready to go home all right y’all have a good day you too thank you I’m very happy with her ‘s

Hoof trim today but we’re going to take him home and spoil him a little bit get him a big bowl of corn that’s his favorite thing in the world take him out to his little pasture and let him run around and experience his new hooves You stop petting her and she stops weaking and you pet her and she weaks Milo the guinea pig is hungry for attention but not much else hey hey what’s up what you got there we got Milo we’ve had Milo for about a year and a half now she’s our first guinea pig

She’s actually our daughters she just loves to cuddle yeah so she’ll just climb right there like a little baby if she eats a strawberry She Goes Wild I don’t know what it is about strawberries but the sugar rush it must be the sugar rush we call them the

Zoomies he just goes crazy over it what been going on with myo lately like in the past couple weeks she stopped drinking from her bottle okay she’ll still eat cucumbers so we think she’s getting her water from there okay let’s see what your heart sound like there Milo that’s perfect let’s see any

Drainage from the nose she’s been sneezing yeah she sneezes I’m check that out but e my little am I seeing the world like that or you Milo that is a problem look like you got a head til bring here walk I’m coming right back y’all they get something called bordella sometimes it affects

Everything I mean it gives them pneumonia it affects their ears it affects their eyes and they can get really sick and unfortunately sometimes a lot you know it can be fatal look at that head definitely tilted huh for sure you can literally see it tilted to the

Left it’s kind of like when I get on a roller coaster that’s why I don’t get on Co you ain’t going to catch me on one either often times it’s neurological but I definitely see a lot of stuff in that ear I do want to good to Cy and check

That out yes Sir Richard is going to grab some of the ear serum and stuff that’s down in there and we’ll see exactly what’s in this ear all right let’s see what’s in your ear get down in so we’re just going to get down in there yeah yeah little guinea pig goo let’s

See what we got there boss yes sir this black Gunk that we get out it’s typically from fungus and yeast so what we’re going to do is swab it on the slide and figure out exactly what it is I can already see big clusters of coxide really mhm coxide bacteria that’s why

We’re off all right this guinea pig unfortunately is suffering from a really bad ear infection you guys are going to be my veterinarians at home yep all right we’re going to do some ear medicine antibiotics we’re going to do both ears we just going to hold pull and

Put it down in the ear and then you going to massage for me y’all got it got it all right this is your oral medicine got groovy grape in it don’t try to fight and open up and everything just simply go right on the side here right

That’s all to I had two kids oh so you got keep hydrating the way you are okay let’s look at it in the week it sounds good it definitely could got worse I’m glad we brought her in I know our daughter’s anxious to get her home hopefully everything will be fine after

This thank you we appreciate it all right here you just go back let me in there back in the safe Zone I got You what’s up everybody what’s going on with Ruth she’s been vomiting vomiting she’s got something in there HOH got into something she wasn’t supposed to be in I’m not liking it how was R now 7 months hey r a big seven months dog oh yeah today we brought in

Our great day Ruth the other day she had gotten into our bag of dog treats and decided to eat the plastic wrapper we also have concerns that R had eaten something out of the yard I found plastic strings in her mouth the other day when I came home did you see

Anything in the vomit no just her food any ideas or thoughts what we could have eaten I did pull out in her mouth look like maybe piece of old doll food bag or piece of tarp it was like plastic strings uhoh let’s hope you ain’t got no

Tarp s give me a few minutes y’all a veterinarian’s worth nightmare is an animal that has eaten strings because the intestine starts to pull and Pull and then it just bunps up and that string starts to cut the intestines and all the contents of the intestines start to leak out into the

Adomen what you see doc you got gas got food in there I am worried about something being possible in the intestines here and something possible in the stomach so don’t see anything hard but you know it’s a big dog so he can hold a whole lot of things whole lot

Of groceries a whole lot of strings a whole lot a lot of stuff so we’ll go in there and we’ll take a peek and see exactly what we got all right we ready to rock and roll I’m going to pull out the endoscope which has a little camera

At the end and the light and also I can use a little claw if that’s something that I need to remove all right sir ready let’s do it light on let’s see what we got going on nice and slow keep going keep going all right we’re about to go inside the Stomach yeah hold on hold on oh boy got a lot of fro I see a lot of frothy foam as well as bow that tells me that we have a lot of GI upset and this animal is feeling really really bad keep going little bit more let me turn

The corner in that stomach what you think doc boy that ain’t good bro boy that’s angry I see some blood there that’s a actually Ula is that why we vomiting cuz all that stuff in there yeah we got ulcerations I see one area that is really really inflamed and it definitely

Is what we call a GI ulcer or gastric ulcer ulcer can be caused by anything that scrapes the stomach and cause a perforation these things are very painful and when Foods hit them it makes animals vomit pretty violent that has to hurt Le keep going a little bit more

More let’s look at the very back of the stomach the back of the intestine you got froth there’s nothing in there now a nothing but fro mess up in there the good news is I didn’t find a forign object so R is not going to have to

Undergo any kind of surgery today I feels like whatever it was has started to travel down the intestinal Dr hopefully we’ll pass it manually the bad news is there areas that are actually bleeding here you go doc uh we got an abnormal here that tells me that whatever rout at is also caused

Pancreatitis the pancreas is this little organ right by the intestine and they put out pancreatic enzymes to digest fat but when it’s really really really swollen those enzymes actually will leak into the abdomen and start digesting the pile I’m glad R came in cuz this is pretty serious all right besides a very

Very painful ulcer we also have pancreatitis is it really that bad when animals eat something foreign or eat some people Foods especially things that have a lot of fat often times I see those lead to pancreatitis so she ate something that would it cut it cut yeah

It’s cut right now so it’s in int no no it’s but it pass okay but this is the actual stomach and this is the ulceration right here you can imagine not a whole all the way through with a small hole in your stomach this is why we vomitting yeah it’s okay though it’s

All right we’re going to fix it it’s not going to require surgery we going to do some medicine and some anti nausea it’s very important I get rule on some IV fluids start treating for the pain start treating with antibiotics and start treating this pancreas because right now

It’s really angry and inflamed and I just need to make that pancr happy whatever it is is starting to pass into the small int probably still day just so I can make sure I sto the nausea and make sure everything is passing on through okay all right be praying and

Waiting to see if she’s better by morning hopefully you’ll be feeling better soon Huh come here Corella kruella and Luna the puppies pitter patter are in for their follow-up exam hey hey hey hi yeah you’re growing I’m back today with carella and Luna to have their pads checked to make sure the sores are healing well and to have carella’s bronchitis checked watch this

One walk for me her front paws they’re shaking when she stands still he walking good another little problem let me feel right quick come here and this this Luna yeah this one’s Luna hey Miss Luna oh goodness gracious he oh yeah I’m just pressing right all the long bones we’re developing something called

Pan oitis you know how your grandma used to say you getting Growing Pains yeah this is really growing pains what happens is we grow so fast and the bones just keep getting micr fractures that’s why we are bwing that’s why when I touch the long bones it hurts that’s why we kind of

Walking like that but we can fix that with food all right we got to slow the proteins down so I want you to go to a pupper food for large breeds I’m going go see what these things look like be right back typically we can correct

Osteitis with time using a food that has less protein so we slow the growth down switching over to a large breed puppy food I think we’ll eventually gide this and be fine hey big girl still raw but it’s starting to heal up okay definitely looking better it’s going to take a little time

For it to close all the way in but that looks not as painful we’ll Reb banish that barber keeps these booties on I would say maybe in roughly 2 weeks this dog should be good as them and I’m hoping that Cruella’s bronchitis clears up just as well is this the one with the

Cough yes that look way better that’s healing up nice can I listen to you you sound so much better it’s okay her bronchitis is gone she’s breathing good she sounds good super happy all right all booted up good to go they look great we healing up corilla sounds so much better they’re

Doing fantastic today is a very good visit Luna and kill’s pads have been healing very well and kill’s bronchitis is veteran it’s really good news back that food down for me I less protein thank you all right did you ever have gr P I sure did

I was talking to all my friends I remember my knees used to hurt to the point that they were sore to the touch so how did you stop it I mean did your mama change it to a city boy diet Stu you some qua I don’t even know what word

You’re talking about that means you the city boy quinoa instead of Gritz the team flies out of the clinic to visit some big birds in need of a little care growing up I wouldn’t dare eat it now sace meat y’all ever eat that I don’t know that is you ain’t never heard a SAU movie sounds nasty SP spell

It s o u s e sace man a bunch of of junk pickled meat trimmings made from Pig done it’s like all the extra nasty stuff they couldn’t make nothing out cow what say every country neighborhood used to have a lady in the neighborhood Who Sold South she was trying to kill

Y’all man y’all don’t know what y’all missed out on missed out on some chicken feet yep Sam yo what’s up how are you guys hey how you doing I’m trying to behave what about you my husband Adam and I live on a about a 6 Acre Farm we’re up

To 24 animals right now including goats and chickens a few peacocks some ducks and turkey last year I got the peacocks you know remember I got two right and I tried to free them they got lost I got a new four and I got them smaller younger

So they’re about a year and a half old they need a wellness check I want to get them microchips okay microchipping Birds is unusual but I’ve lost a few peacocks if I lose one I want to be able to find it and say say yes that’s our bird if

They’re tagged in microchipped I’m more likely they come off all right silly let’s see what you got microchipping it’s something we do all the time you know we do dogs cats and other animals in the clinic but I think this is the first peacock microchip you know give me

An idea what’s that you know sometimes when I’m looking for you actually microchip I got wave around that okay they don’t like to be touched we’ll kind of ease in there nicely and slowly we’ll make sure they don’t jump on Dr Ferguson’s head peacock’s a really flighter you know they fly straight up

So you want to not startle them or spook them you know we don’t want them to hurt themselves or land on this guy’s roof so we want to make sure we easy in there really cool the males will react probably first I’m a little worried about the doctors you’re at your own

Risk when you walk into a cage with something that is huge nice and slow all right you got him do don’t turn your back this might be the easiest one maybe straight up in the air all right I’m crouching I’m thinking okay Miss right we got some good samples

Here for sure I want to grab peel from the peacocks cuz I want to make sure they don’t have any parasites watch to your right when they get stressful they give us a lot of samples so let me know when you want me to grab one got one right there I

Think I guess it’s going to be you you gra this one good Ki got a wing to the face of I got you it’s okay I got Jordan’s like the peacock Wrangler right you know I’ve never seen anything like that she just went in she’s like peacock

Huh she grabs this bird up under her arm and okay tag it I was impressed got scan ready the glue and got scan yep replacing the microchip right at the side of the breastplate the size of the microchip is about the size of a piece of rice spice and then Dr Ferguson is

Gluing it in place typically we put the microchip on the back right between the shoulder blades cuz universally that’s where everybody’s SC and dogs there you go big guy peacocks and birds just a little bit different we actually going right at the breast plate after that we scan and make sure our

Chip is in and you can see number in Roger that all right couple days syia can let them out if they end up in the neighbor’s yard we got a trick scanner scanner there was a lot of excitement you got her there we go but I’m pretty

Happy that they came through it each one of them really well my face red no fine good job guys yes we took care of the peacocks we got a microchips in everybody’s happy I’m leaving with all my limbs yeah we have those samples once we get back to the office we’ll on the

Microscope and if there in the parasite that we find we’ll get medication appropriately and come back out and get them taken care of wonderful yep I’m so grateful that they showed up today and I think they had a good time too thank you you guys did great I’m Amazed R you going home boss man he to go come on we ain’t had a Caesar in about 48 Hours he is doing so much better so we’re going to send them on your Mom and Daddy’s here yeah come on Rowan hasn’t been with us and there been

A space missing there the cat mopes around looking for Rowan we have another dog that has stopped eating all together so we are absolutely elated to pick up Rowan today there’s my poopy I haven’t seen my boy oh my goodness babe how are you it’s doing much much much much much

Much much better we just got some medicine I’m going to need to keep him on in a special diet okay it’s going to be on these medicines forever because kidney failure is usually not reversible but hopefully we keep enough kidney functions for him to live a long happy

Life see y later thanks man appreciate it no problem being reunited with Rowan is a joy all right Ro you ready to go home buddy this is why I became a CRI fix and a Vetinarian cuz it it really is a good good feeling to see a dog that a

Few days ago was searing and almost on death door be Reed with his family is okay who you got here today this is Miss Mavis M Mavis okay Mavis is the rescue I found her in the road in front of my work I go out into the road and I’m

Trying to stop traffic so that they don’t hit me or this little kitten I mean it’s a baby a baby anything when you see it you know babies are cute baby humans baby dogs baby everything and so I just had that motherly instinct to make sure she was okay what’s going on

With Mavis here I found her in the street in front of where I work okay and she’s been having really bad eye affections let’s take a look here gy a little bitty thing she’s very sweet hey oh yeah I think you’re right upon examination I definitely see some major

Eye issues and it wasn’t actually what I expected this baby doesn’t have any eyes H that one you know what I’m saying Ain there either oh look at that you know I’m thinking you go in you know you got iron infection love medication everything’s going to be great but in

This case maybe it does not have two eyes we just have a socket there so it changed my plan it doesn’t seem like it’s any trauma or anything that caused it so more than likely she was born like that unfortunately we had to have a little surgery close those Lids so the

Orbit won’t be exposed to the environment but the fortunate thing is we’re doing well otherwise as a vam you know I’m always thinking about quality life or how this animal’s life going to be make sure it’s not s suffering the fact that it was born with no eyes I

Know it’ll be able to function it’ll be able to navigate and it’ll be able to have a good quality life so it’s definitely something that we need to help out I think the best option in this case is we really need to close those Lids up and that way cosmetically it

Looks better but too medically we don’t have to run the risk of continue to get infections in the eyes CU sweet she looks She’s trusting too yeah she is so you want to keep this baby afterwards or we’re really trying to find her a home she’s more of a foster okay mainly

Because we already have enough animals at the house I got you I don’t think it’ll be a problem yeah I absolutely 100% hope the best for Mavis I hope that she finds a home where someone will love her and care for her we’re going to get

Set up here and we’re going to do it today all right okay well thank you so much all right you ready look d m’s mom did a fantastic job of getting this baby to us but at this point this is as far as she can go so she’s given us the

Responsibility and it’s a great responsibility that we take that we’re going to be able to help find a happy forever ever home for m he Kitty Jordan out of our social media Guru she’s going to post this baby and try to find a home for her this is

Harder than it looks Paul yeah cuz she can’t see she can’t see where I want to look huh you want to hold it let me take it smile doc oh you got me too yeah I got you in here too there we go soon as I get the surgery table cleared up we’re

On don’t worry Kitty we’re going to take good care of you oh look yeah a little mohawk she left one side High we can call it Hodes preparing surgery for Mavis the kid that was born with no eyes and getting ready to close these eyelid ups

But I know if I suit to them like they are they’ll never heal oo I’m a miss Che that would have been good don’t do that we basically have to remove just the margin of the edges of the eyelids and then we just Su them back together just

Like we would with any wound or any laceration going in here now see you got your ey glasses on yeah need these eyass glasses do this complicated small eye surgery you know right yes sir so far so good here I got one side cut now I’m cutting the other side all right the

Sockets look pretty good on the inside there let’s see if we can close this baby up you got both of them done already they’re both trimmed but I’m suturing them up now I think this baby going to look good with these purple lashes I used a purple suture and I left

Them kind of along and it look like the baby still has eyelashes you know people pay a lot of money for purple eyelashes I don’t think we need a name change though need the name change the kitty yeah to what I don’t know but I feeling the

Name Mavis sound like an old lady I think we can do better since we going to be finding a forever ever home we need to give it a forever every name what about e ien that was a good one I like that name go ahead and wake ien up turn out good

10 days is thing going be healed up and Mavis slen is going to be all right surgeon went great today we got those eyelids closed up and they’ll heal up and that way they won’t open we don’t have to be concerned about any infection anymore we just got to find a happy

Happy forever home for and make sure we have a good life Here I wonder how much your food bill be H how much is your mama food bill I know you sleepy after a bout of pancreatitis at Critter fix her bed and breakfast Rue awaits her morning meal R like you feeling better this morning she is feeling a lot better he

What’s going on no voming or diarrhea this morning good medicine must be helping you R definitely appears B which is a term we use in vinary medicine quite a lot bright alert and response we did find just a little bit of string in rou poop but look like everything has

Passed through Ru is pooping normally Ru is walking around very alert you ready to try to eat something with pancreatitis we fasted this whole time so hopefully we will take a meal all right R can get out of here today that sound like a plan R perfect looking at how we’re eating I

Feel really good about R’s long-term prognosis we just got to keep R away from anything that we normally don’t eat hey hey R is shine down on food we’re doing so so much better the panc Titus is going to take a little bit longer no treats for now I want to avoid

The fact we good to go my friend excellent no doubt as always I’m very happy that considering how severe it could have been and just very thankful we got her here on time I’ve already told my kids no more treats from the table B oh you can’t go back with him

Our work is done B our work is done I feel confident leaving Robin with Dr Hodes today okay I work with a rehabilitation center we take in sick and injured wildlife and rehabilitate them right come I’m dropping off robin our red fox Robin is one of our rescues

He is an educational animal and is just a wonderful part of our facility and very loved got a fox mhm got something going on hey Mr Fox you go how are you I was going out to do some training with him and um I noticed there was a looked

Like a sore on his tail I actually thought it was an abscess or maybe a spider bite but I realized it was a little squishy so immediately called Dr Hodges Robin what’s going on with your tail oh boy that does not look good looking at this tail initially it

Definitely looks cancerous one of the things that let me know is how vascular and it’s starting to get necrotic on the end which tell me it’s grown really fast this thing is enormous let’s go take a look I want to just take some X-rays I want to see if there’s any bony involvement

Also I want to take a look at the lungs and see if we got any the metastasis if I check these X-rays and I find metastasis that means that cancer is already spread and this animal’s chance of living more than another few months is almost nil what you thinking do just

Look all right fortunately the cancer has not metastasized all right but it’s involving the whole tail I mean you got the actual bony structures of the tail let’s go ahead and get that one on the surgery table take tail off tail off let me call them

On removing the tail of an animal is definitely a big decision but when you have a huge tumor like Robin doing it is a no-brainer because the cells from this tumor can possibly metastasize go to other organ in the body and become fatal hey Alison hey Dr H unfortunately

It’s turned out to be a large tumor and it’s actually incompass the bones of the tail soow I am going to need to amputate this beautiful tail oh boy I’m just going to cut above the tail so there shouldn’t be any problem with him having a shorter tail but it

Definitely will be a life-saving procedure I man we got to do what we got to do right I’m going to go get this taken care of right now okay thank you all right byebye bye utation of a beautiful fox tails is just a little bit different from a dog’s tail

You know you have a lot more fur and there’s several arteries and veins that run down into the tail and you definitely need to know your basic anatomy so you know what these are also helps to use a tourniquet because that slows the bleeding down just a little

Bit all right I’m going to make the cut just above the tumor so that in case there are some tumor cells we remove all those but I’m going to leave enough tail for Robin to be able to perform the normal body function hey man tall cut this go ahead and get ready to

Move this thing all right everything seems to be going well there’s no bleeding the big tumor that was actually causing all the deformity and growing out of the tailbone is removed so hair will grow back and it shouldn’t affect this Fox’s quality of life and no I’m trying to Sho

To the tail back how we doing doing good great I got a question for you dog m M his tail being so bushy you think it’ll be like a big bushy Bob I think it was a good shot that’s why I’m actually curving it under so hair grows all the

Way on the bottom of his ta oh okay it’ll grow up under too and no leaveing no space swelling think you I wear a cone yes all right this fox should be able to do all the things that foxes can do Robin made it out of surgery everything looks great I’m I’m really

Happy how this tail turned out how you feeling buddy tail looking good all right Robin he ain’t real happy with me especially with that con of shame but he got a softball size tumor off and it’s probably going to save his life so I guess the game plan we’ll keep

Him at hotel h 2 3 days to keep him away from it we’ll be giving him antibiotics and pain medicine and I think he should be fine take care get you some rest we’ll see you later looks just like it the we Match come on girl we got some big news for you today you going home today today is a very special day ien the kitty is getting adopted don’t forget about me now just get my smell real good smell me real good so you’ll know me cuz I don’t

Want you to forget about me ien is getting adopted by someone in the clinic today one of our technicians Britney and she’s going to take her home her and her husband and um get get his baby at forever ever home huh you going to go up here hey hey

There are the new parents here’s your baby hi baby jump don’t jump where you going yeah don’t jump I have a blind cat at home already she only has one eye the other one was missing when they found her and she is our joy so when this one

Came in I was like I’m not going to get attached I can’t get another cat and then I started petting her and I got attached y new parents so y’all have to get the new Parent Quiz right oh boy what’s the baby’s name gonna be Eevee all right that’s but the middle name

Will be I all right then all right then I about to say hold on that’s a strike right there okay so eie okay all right stipulation yall ready yep when we want to visit a kitty you have to bring it back so we can visit I’m okay with that

You okay with that it’s not like I’m not here anyway all right that’s good the best part of someone in the clinic adopting alen is that we we get to see our Le whenever we want to you know all I have to do is say BR can you bring

That baby in today so we can get some love and she’ll be here bye baby stitches another four or five days okay have a good one okay thanks Dr Ferguson how just how that fox you had make out oh man he’s doing fantastic you think that he kind of miss a beat

Without his tail but Robin is doing fantastic man that’s awesome Robin yes my good boy come here yeah my go we are sad to lose that big fluffy fox tail but actually it is definitely looking a lot better than the little shaved nub he had when he came

Home with his tail I think he looks like a little Corgi the day I brought him home from the clinic he’s become more playful kind of like a young man again and very happy and Goofy he likes to play with his toys he runs around he was

Just so much happier I’m just so grateful to Critter fixers and Dr Hodges for taking such good care of him and getting him back to health it means the world to Me

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