The Most Insane Thing I Will Ever Do! – Video

The Most Insane Thing I Will Ever Do! – Video

The Craziest Thing I’ll Ever Do!

In the video titled “The Craziest Thing I’ll Ever Do,” hosted by Kyote Peterson, viewers are taken on a journey through some of the most excruciatingly painful experiences he has faced in his career as a wildlife adventurer. From enduring multiple painful stings to being nettle by the infamous gimpy gimpy plant, Kyote discusses the intense pain he has experienced and the aftermath of these encounters. With a passion for wildlife and a willingness to push his limits, Kyote shares his experiences with the audience, giving them a glimpse into the dangers he faces in his line of work. Despite the pain and challenges, Kyote’s resilience and dedication to his craft shine through, leaving viewers both shocked and intrigued by the extreme lengths he is willing to go for the sake of education and exploration.

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Video Transcript

I’m kyote Peterson and I’m not okay over the past years I’ve done a lot of things that most people would look at as being ridiculous insane and honestly maybe just downright stupid and what’s crazy is that as Brave Wilderness heads into to its 10th year

I think your minds are all going to be blown when you see how far I’m truly willing to Go now before we introduce you or I should say reveal to you my current living nightmare uh I want to talk about the most frequent questions that I get asked I’m sure you can imagine what they are coyote what’s the most painful sting what’s the most painful bite I mean

Every day I could be at the gas station I could be at the grocery store uh if people get 30 seconds of my time that’s the first thing that they go to and I love answering that question don’t get me wrong but the way that I’ve looked at

It over the past few years has been what’s the most painful experience and there are three of them at this point three of my most painful experiences are without question something that nobody should ever have to go through um and make no mistake the pain from something

Like an execution wasp is really really bad giant hornet exceptionally bad Pull It in still really bad but I’ve gone through way worse since then stuck on my arm look at that and the most painful experience in the sting world that I’ve gone through at this point is the Yellow Jacket

Box this seemed like it was a good idea and it was my idea let’s put those bugs in a box and I didn’t think that I was going to get stung that many times honestly I thought I might get stung once or twice and and what’s funny is

That my hand was in that box for a total of 3 seconds when I was like whoa that’s far enough I give up this is really painful okay my hands got to come out hands got to come out you guys are going to have to run because these things are

Going to be let’s put the door back in okay the door the door the door help help got it here unfortunately my hand got stuck in the Box due to a small design flaw and my hand ended up being in there for 10 seconds so I took about

100 stings in this amount of time and a massive yield of Venom cuz I wasn’t just getting stung like yellow jackets were landing on my hands at arm they were latching on inserting their stingers and just pumping Venom so that’s not like boom you got stung and I flew away it

Was just pump after pump and it was freaking bad I mean like the worst so as I ran away from the box cuz the Hornets were all around us it was probably the most panicked I’ve ever been probably most panicked since I had the be beard situation that went wrong because I was

Like man like there’s a lot of Venom if anaphylactic shock is going to take over this is going to be that moment and I know you’d love to see me get you know injected with an epinephrine pen but I was seriously worried at this point uh fortunately about 15 minutes after the

Fact when I was just in excruciating pain I was like all right good no allergic reaction but holy B jeser my arm is getting big I mean like comically big it looked like the hot dog that you put in the boiling water and then on the grill and you’re like this thing’s going

To explode and like my tendons and bones are going to spill out all over the place and I was like all right well cool like you know an hour in the Pain’s bad uh but it’s getting worse and it got worse and worse and worse and it is the

Worst most painful experience I’ve ever been through 36 hours of excruciating pain I couldn’t sleep I couldn’t sit still I couldn’t even shower in fact if water touched my skin the nerves were so sensitive that any temperature water would send me to an immediate searing pain so when I look back on that

Situation people say coyote what’s the most painful sting the most painful sting pain experience was without question the Yellow Jacket box and what’s worse than the Yellow Jacket box just wait you’re going to see it’s coming stay tuned before we get to my second most painful experience first I just want to

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Off your first month of better help so you can connect with the therapist and see if it helps you again that’s coyote I love happy accidents especially when they come in the form of plants I guess so my second most painful experience which is a newer

One for me to talk about because it’s it’s not technically a bite and it’s not technically a sting it’s actually a nettling we were in Australia this past year and I discovered something called the gimpy gimpy and lo and behold the gimpy gimpy which is the most painful venomous

Plant nettling in the world was also in the cape York Peninsula so we traveled up there and then I proceeded to find and place this leaf on my skin now I knew what I was getting myself into I could read articles on how painful the Venom from this plant was and how other

People had been nettled by before and had ended up in the hospital and for all fairness these are people that fell into one of these plants and had it on their face and their necks and their whole body I was like all right cool just a

Little bit on the arm should be fine it was not fine it was not fine at all in fact the Nettles once those Tricom tips broke off immediately began searing my skin from the Venom went beneath the surface and I don’t remember a whole lot after because the pain was so intense I

Remember trying to get the Nettles out with those wax strips and it really didn’t do much good Jee I mean I was up that entire night like sweating and my arm was swelling and I was like oh my gosh some people say that this pain lasts for

Months now for me I didn’t take as many Nettles as somebody that would into a plant and the pain did last for a solid 24 hours but what I didn’t anticipate was the nerve damage this arm was messed up for 6 months after the fact I would

Just have these flareups of burning and my arm would turned red and it would be like whoa that came out of nowhere and then it would itch and then it would hurt and then it would itch and I think eventually either my body absorbed the Nettles and the Venom that were still in

There or eventually my skin pushed them out out but I kid you not for six straight months I dealt with unbelievable discomfort that I call nerve damage in my left arm from the gimpy kimpy and when you think about a plant as being something that’s that toxic that’s capable of putting a human

Through that much pain and the number of people after the fact they came up to me and said coyote like dude what’s up with like you going to start experimenting with plants I’m like well we already kind of Hit the peak of the mountain with the gimpy gimpy but we are going to

Go find the other ones that are out there and maybe create a plant metal pain index I mean it is a possible thing I guess uh but when people say coyote what is your second most painful experience the gimpy gimpy takes the prize on that one but I can promise you

This much the gimpy gimpy is going to be nothing as compared to what it is that we’re about to reveal Cleveland in January it is cold all right we’ve made it to scales and tails I’m going to head inside and we’re going to meet the mystery animal that lives here that is

Going to be our first candidate it for the extreme bites experiment I’m a little nervous painful stings painful plants what’s left painful bites this next one was also my idea and this was me facing fear because the giant desert centipede is truly something that has given me the ebgb

Since I was a little kid I remember the first time I ever saw a giant desert centipede in Arizona and I knew immediately this was not something to tangle with so when we conceptualized getting bitten by one of these intentionally I was given a number of warnings from people that live out in

The southwest that said this is bad you don’t want to do this like it’s makes grown men cry and I’m like K pan doesn’t cry some people think I cried that video I didn’t my eyes were just watering because I was in like so much pain

Just cut the cut the cameras cut the cameras we got to get the Venom extracted we got to get something Venom on my arm and you know something that we also learned in the process of making that video we thought well Venom extractors are a neat thing this could be an

Opportunity to show how a Venom extractor works and in all fairness kind of got roasted by a number of different medical experts and the audience after releasing that episode because has a turns out Venom extractors are a terrible idea so I didn’t know that at the time we learned that through the

Audience thank you guys um and I actually wonder if that didn’t make the situation worse for me but in the 24 hours after the giant desert centipede bike I went through a level of pain that could only be explained as somebody get me a saw because it would be better to

Cut my arm off than it would be to go through whatever this is and and the Venom of the centipedes was actually attacking my blood cells and exploding them from the inside out so just try to imagine that like inside your arm this reaction is happening and the arm is

Swelling and swelling and swelling and similar to The Angry Yellow Jacket box I was like man like is a human arm like capable of popping open um this is actually the only time that I received medical attention for a bite now we didn’t film any of that um but I did go

To the doctor and I had to get an anti- swelling and an anti-pain thing that night because the pain was was was so excruciating I was actually really nervous for where it was headed um fortunately I did recover from the situation um turned into this huge welt

Uh it was itchy for weeks and I lived to be bitten another day now that episode certainly garnered a lot of attention and excitement from you guys and I said after that stiped bite that I would never never coyote Peterson will never get bitten by a centipede again giant

Desert centipede or any type of centipede in fact I avoid centipedes every chance that I Get until now this is our Idea that is a really big centipede and you’re probably saying to yourself there is no way this guy’s going to get bitten by that animal yeah yes I definitely am and here’s what’s different you guys are used to seeing me take bites and stings in a produced edited

Setting we’re trying something new we’re going to do this bite as a live stream on YouTube so for the first time ever you guys will see coyote Peterson raw uncut behind the scenes exactly how these things go down I have no idea what’s going to happen what sort of pain

I’m going to be going through but we are going to give you a front row seat for this experience so why in the world would I be doing something like this is it for the views is it for money is it for fame and notoriety none of that this

Is for conservation over the past 10 years we have worked to build Brave Wilderness up to be a microphone for the world of animals and to us conservation is first and foremost extremely important a couple years ago we launched an initiative called save the horns and

I’m excited to announce that we just had 22 critically endangered Black Rhinos delivered to two reserves that we are supporting in South Africa it’s a huge win right but it doesn’t stop with just the delivery of the Rhinos we need continued support so these live streams

Are going to act as fundraisers to not only support save the horns but other conservation isses down the road and other conservation initiatives means there’s going to be more than one extreme experiment live stream so get ready I promise the entertainment coming in 2024 is going to be unlike anything

We have ever done on Brave Wilderness but it starts in April that’s going to be the first one so stay tuned to our social media feeds we’ll give you all the details that you need to know and you’re going to get to see coyote Peterson go arm to mandibles with the

Largest centipede species on the face of the planet it’s going to be extreme it’s going to be painful it’s going to be educational and it’s going to do great things for the world of conservation and I promise that 2024 is going to be one of the wildest years in Brave Wilderness

History I’m Kye Peterson be brave stay wild we’ll see on the live Streams

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