Even Greater Variety of Food in Jakarta, Indonesia – Video

Even Greater Variety of Food in Jakarta, Indonesia – Video

In this exciting video, we join Alicia and Nate on yet another delectable food tour through Jakarta, Indonesia. The video showcases their culinary adventures as they explore Jakarta’s international food scene, uncovering hidden gems and popular spots along the way.

From savory dishes to sweet treats, Alicia and Nate take us on a mouthwatering journey, indulging in Malaysian delights, artistic burgers, and even sushi served by robots. With their infectious enthusiasm and genuine love for food, the couple’s food tour is not just about trying new dishes, but also about immersing themselves in the rich flavors and unique culinary experiences that Jakarta has to offer.

As they navigate through Jakarta’s bustling streets and quirky eateries, we witness Alicia’s sweet tooth getting the best of them and Nate’s enthusiastic approach to trying new foods. From indulging in be fried carrot cake for breakfast to sampling PappaRich’s Malaysian pulled tea and delightful roti, the couple’s culinary exploration is a delightful feast for the senses.

With each bite and sip, Alicia and Nate’s passion for food and travel shines through, making this video a delightful and entertaining watch for food lovers and travel enthusiasts alike. Join them on their food-filled adventure and get a taste of Jakarta’s diverse and delicious culinary scene. Cheers to good food and great company!

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Video Transcript

Oh, my God. We’ve been eating in Jakarta for the last week and the food is good. Oh, my God. Ohhhh… This is really good. Since we had an extra day, we decided to keep eating and sneak a peek into Jakarta’s international food scene, and we discovered some great spots.

A community centered artsy burger joint. Ohhh, yummy, yummy, yummy. A popular Jakarta fast food chain. And somehow robots and sushi. I’m just gonna cancel the rest of the food tour We’ll be here the rest of the day. And while the unique eats and savory dishes were incredible.

I love this dish. Alicia’s sweet tooth definitely got the best of us. Come on. No, I need coffee. Let’s get coffee. I’m calling a Grab. Hello? Yeah, I’m gonna… Yeah. I’ll change on here. Okay. Taking us to the wrong location because there’s two PapaRich. Malaysian Delights Lippo Malls.

So there’s two different locations for that exact same title, and I chose the wrong one. So it’s a little bit further, but I think it’s on the highway more. So it’s the same amount of time. And since we’ve been in traffic like, so long,

I just checked the public transportation, but it’s like double the time All that traffic was for the… gas station. Seriously? There was a line into the street. Oh, my God. It was like, Costco on a Saturday afternoon Which it is now, a Saturday afternoon, so… Okay.

Yeah, right here is fine. Terima kasih (thank you). Very sorry, the traffic was crazy Terima kasih (thank you). that was. Can you ear muff it for me? Wow. Hello. Look a tthe little dog bar. Okay! We finally got to breakfast at 12:30 PM.

But we’re having Malayasian food. Just because there’s so many Malaysians in Indonesia, it’s really close, especially where we are right now. This is just popular Asian food, I think, in general. So my mouth is like just watering because we sat in the car

For like an hour and a half before food tour and I am starving I haven’t eaten breakfast. One of my favorite dishes from our Singapore Food tour was the be fried carrot cake, which is not the dessert, but this delicious, like charred, savory meal that you can eat for breakfast.

So I think there’s noodles in it. Definitely bean sprouts and green onions, definitely prawn, eggs that we mixed in, but also egg that they cook with it. And then the key is the radishes. That’s the fried carrot cake part. But this looks and smells so good. wow. my gosh.

Kind of a little, like, kick to it, too. It’s so good though. It’s just the char. They like the way they took it all gets charred a little bit. And that is just my favorite part. I love this dish. This isn’t even my breakfast.

No it is not. Seems like it should have been. Oh, man, I already made a mess. Okay, I got the Kopi Tarik which is apparently like the sister of the Malaysian, pulled tea. That’s very popular. They had it iced and hot, but the ice one looked very big.

And I think it’s really sweet. So I didn’t necessarily need that right away in my day, although it is 1:00 in the afternoon. So that’s not right away at all. That’s so good. In the picture it showed condensed milk. So I thought I was literally going

To be like this part condensed milk and like this part coffee. But you really get some good coffee flavors in there. It’s just like it’s just like a different way to sweeten your coffee. It’s excellent. that’d be good. Ice, too, though. I got a cappuccino and there’s a cute monkey on it.

It’s like Babu. Yeah, from Aladdin. I’m going to try this, too. So hot. I like the plate. It comes on. my gosh. That is delicious. Yeah. Wow. Yeah, I love it. I do, too. Honestly, the mug is hotter than the coffee. Yeah, it is. It’s so hot.

We don’t usually like sugar in our coffee, but this is really good. It’s not too sweet, it’s not at all. This is so delicious. So spicy. Oh, look at that. We could use ice cream with this. that would be so good. my God. I love baked goods.

Do you want to get it? See if they have some? With ice cream… okay. Okay. It’s so hot. Yeah. I’ve been obsessed with bread recently. I don’t know what is going on, but I have just been eating so much bread. French toast for breakfast? Yes, please.

Soft rolls with my soup? all day. I’ll have like seven if I could. And Roti is like one of the best breads in the world. Personal opinion. Debate it if you want. But this is Roti bomb. I don’t think I’ve ever tried it.

This particular form took a little spiral of delicious roti flakiness. man. It’s good, I guess. I think that’s supposed to be a good thing. it’s like it almost feels underdone where it’s kind of like gooey, but the outside is, like, nice and crispy.

It has like a nice brown char and it just kind of flakes apart. It’s almost sweet, so buttery. Yeah. That was a really big bite. That’s so good. Why do you always take such big bites? because I’m a very enthusiastic eater of good, wonderful and new foods.

This is probably what I should eat, but I don’t. if I could eat this whole thing, but Alicia would be very mad at me. Yeah. I want to say one more thing. It’s not coming to me. Let me… Do you wanna do like the wishbone? Alright, ready? Make a wish.

I got a bigger piece. Yeah. I wish I could eat all of it. roti always reminds me… it always tastes like there’s bananas in it, at first. You get that initial sweetness that tastes like a banana and then it doesn’t, like, finish with the aftertaste? Does that make sense? No.

No? It does to me. I think it’s just because you’re having flashbacks of banana pancakes. You broke the Wishbone Rule. I thought my piece was bigger. It wasn’t. my God, it’s so good. That is so buttery and delicious. Wow. Real time? That was like, 30 seconds.

Okay, in real time. We just did the street food tour yesterday, and so I’m used to the bills, like between ten and 50,000. So the bill came, but it was 163,000. I was like, my God. And then I did the calculation, That’s $10, Isn’t that funny? right? Yeah. Thank you.

The fastest we’ve ever gone anywhere. Hello. For two. So I just have a question first. Do you have any, like, top recommendations? Yes. Okay, she said: Burning Man, the Cheese Master, Street Truff and Piggie Smalls. I love the names. Thank you so much.

We’re at Three Buns which is this really cool burger joint, which seems weird in Jakarta, but it has a cool history. They work with local artists, culinary experts, fashion designers. It’s like a little cultural hub here. They have awesome music. The names of their drinks and of their burgers are super cool.

It’s like a really unique burger joint. Cool, thank you. I know. I don’t know what I got. Hurry! Okay. They’re known for their cocktails, too, so I got the Barong Zombie which this is a cinnamon stick. It doesn’t look like a cinnamon stick because they burnt the end.

But I promise, it is! the zombie drink at Disneyland is like my favorite cocktail that they have there. This one has. I bet I watched them put in like ten different ingredients, including absinthe, spiced rum, Curacao, pineapple, lime, all that stuff. A million things. my gosh, that’s so good. It tastes very tropical.

Like the spiced rum cuts through it nicely, so it’s not too sweet. A very good cocktail. But I bet if you had about two of these, it’s night-night time. It’s pouring and you can’t hear anything. Awesome. Thank you so much. Street Truff. Prime beef patty, ketchup, cheese,

Truffled onion jam and then miso mayo and a brioche bun. Oh, yummy, yummy, yummy. Wow, that is miso-pasty. It’s good. And I’m going to take a bite. Yeah, yeah, Go for it. Woah. the miso paste, just like hits you in face, is so good, though.

It’s really salty, but just super fresh and the bun? Perfectly toasted. That’s like my favorite part with the caramel onions. Add a nice little sweetness. Yeah, You made her day. my God. That looks so good. Thank you. Look at that. Oh dang….. Okay, we got dessert.

Because I can never resist a cookie, let alone a brookie, which is half brownie, half cookie with salted vanilla ice cream on top and white chocolate crumble. Come on. Complimentary for you. Alicia. Thank you so much. Thank you for this. Aw, look at it. It’s the little dog. That’s so cute.

Okay, this looks like raspberry or strawberry ice cream, which is, like, one of my favorites. Cheesecake. my God. Yeah, I love Cheesecake. Ice cream. Thank you. I am overwhelmed by deliciousness. Yum. my God. Oh, my God. The cookie and brownie is so warm with the salted ice cream.

It adds just like a little bit of different flavor away from the sweetness and the raspberry. It’s really, really good. And we got cheesecake ice cream because they were so nice, so sweet. Little brain freeze? That was really cold. That was delicious. Have a good day.

I’m full. Oh, it’s really pretty outside. Hello? Can we get out of here? Alright, I’m going to go try these on. I don’t the sizing though, so I’ll probably be back. Okay So is is here low, lower and lower ground. 204A. Oh, okay. how do we get downstairs?

I’ve never been so lost in a mall before. It’s not even, like, the biggest mall we’ve been to. Oh, here’s an elevator. Oh, it says No touch. Oopsie, I touched it. Excuse me. How have we still not found it? Are we there yet? I literally cannot find it.

There are some restaurants over here. So can I ask you a question, we are trying to find Okinawa sushi. Okinawa? This way? Okay. Thank you. I appreciate it. All right. It’s this way. I guess. Look how far this goes. I just can’t believe how big this place is. Krispy Kreme.

Let me have a Krispy Kreme with some cold stone ice cream on top. I. I really can’t find it. Excuse me. I’m sorry. I’m looking for Okinawa Sushi Okinawa Sushi? Yeah. it’s up here. okay. Okay. Thank you so much. I think we have to go on a bridge. my gosh.

I found it. Hello. Hi, we wanted to get a table for two please? Thank you. Wow. Thank you. Hello. Wow. Look at this thing. This is legitimately like a coffee table book. This is way more beautiful than I was expecting. Oh! They have unagi! I love unagi!

This is like real sushi. Look at this. Happy Birthday? Oh, my God. Happy Birthday to you. Oh, look. It’s a little bunny. Thank you. Wow, This presentation is insane. We got the house of Dreams, which in my world, this is my house of dreams. Wow. Thank you very much.

There is such a big international food scene here in Jakarta since it is the capital city of Indonesia. And there’s a ton of countries just really close proximity to this island in particular. So we came to Okinawa to get Japanese food and this place has already exceeded our expectations.

It’s gorgeous. It’s in a mall. I think like mall restaurants in the US are kind of just convenience here. It’s like a destination. There’s robots and now we have sushi bombs. I don’t even know what that is. I think their presentation here is just amazing.

We got six pieces of sushi bomb on this pretty little like Birdhouse almost. But I think this is one of the volcano bombs because there’s volcano sauce on it. I’m not sure what kind of meat or fish this is. They do have beef on here, so.

I don’t even know if I can eat all of it, it’s just so big. Just eat it. you need all the flavors Okay, what do you think? I love it. my God, it’s so good. I love Japanese food. That was amazing. It’s kind of spicy.

It’s like spicy sriracha mayo. The rice is on the inside. So you just really get all the flavor of the fish on the outside. And I don’t know what is on the top, but it’s so good. My God, I’m not even exaggerating right now. My favorite part about sushi is

Alicia always gives me a very hard time about eating Really big bites. Why do you always take such big bites? Not just on these videos, but just in like real life. And this is like the perfect excuse to just have a giant bite of deliciousness. So I wanted something really crunchy.

Yes, we got the crunchy salmon unagi roll and it’s literally loaded. It’s covered like a mountain of this crunchy – like tempura – tempura. And I love it. my God. yeah. Very, very good. Salmon tastes so fresh. Vegetables are really crunchy and they use mayonnaise.

I don’t know if they always use mayonnaise, but I noticed right away, like, I literally love the Tempura. I could just get a spoon if they give me one and just, like, eat this all day long. Do you want one? Yeah. It’s okay. It’s rapid fire. It smells very spicy.

I’m trying to understand the flavors. You know what I mean? Yeah. A little spicy and definitely some smokiness to that. I love it. That’s a little bigger than the other bite, huh? Oh, my God. Do you like it? Are you nervous? A little…

Do you want me to try it? Yeah, it’s just kind of big. We have our first beef sushi. we think. And Alicia was going to try it, but there’s, like, a little egg she thinks on top. So when she doesn’t want something, that just means I eat it. Very interesting.

It’s good. There’s just a couple of things that are just uniquely interesting to me. I’ve never had beef sushi in any capacity, so beef being cold is just so different to like my brain. It’s also a more mild flavor. the beef, when it’s cold, like when it’s on a grill, a very distinct

And like pungent flavor? is that okay? pungent flavor. It’s very mild when it’s cold. And the egg? I’m indifferent on that. It didn’t really add anything. Was it spicy? No, it’s not spicy at all. I know it’s weird, but I think like that would have been good soy sauce.

I felt like it needed a little salt. And maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be. I don’t know. Yeah. So maybe that was my fault that it didn’t have, like, that saltiness to it. Did you lose it? no. no. It’s supposed to be rapid fire, not rapid destruction.

Look at it… Oh, man. This is not even the sushi that it was meant to be my gosh. So good.. I love the volcano stuff. Yeah. I don’t know what it is. It’s, like, nice and spicy, The volcano sauce. Plus that, like

The stuff they put on top. It’s so good. I could order, like, ten more. Alright, mochi ice cream. Mochi. Mochi. Mochi. We’ll try this. Thank you. Wow, that’s a big mochi. Yeah, We’ve got the red bean mochi.

I love red bean dessert, so, like, not super sweet, which I like, but mochi is like a gummy paste outside of ice cream. Frozen. I think. Just made that up. No idea. It’s good. Is it? It’s really cold. Brain freeze. Holy smokes. It honestly tastes like red beans.

Like, it’s not sweet at all. She did a double take when you asked if she was like, red beans. You sure? I like red bean. It’s good. Oh, that’s cold. It’s so cold. That’s really cold. Why did I do that?

It’s really good though. Do you like it? Yeah, I like it. It’s really tasty. Admittedly, we came to this restaurant for two reasons. One, the food’s supposed to be excellent. Whoa, That’s so good. And it was number two, they used to serve the sushi,

I think, on that robot or robots like that. But they have since stopped. I think it’s just too busy and too small of a restaurant to do it, but that would’ve been really cool. But I guess it was still fun just to see them come in and out. That’s what it does. It

Just cycles in and out of the restaurant to grab your attention and it works. that’s true. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Well, I have no idea why that place is so busy, but they sell gold and jewelry, and there’s like 30 or 40 people working inside the jewelry store,

And people surround it at all times and wait in line Thank you so much. Have a good day. Can we just get a medium gado gado. Gado gado medio? Yeah. Is it cemara or cemara? Cemara. Cemara? Okay. Yeah. One, please. Gado gado cemara.

Thank you. That was so fast. with rice. With rice or no? No, no, This is okay. So taste food tour. So for today’s food tour I kind of wanted to do a mix of all the different kind of restaurants.

So right now, we’re kind of fast food places, like in a mall. It’s a chain restaurant, popular, and there’s, like, quite a few in Jakarta called Gado Gado Cemara and we ordered gado gado cemara. which like yesterday’s food tour, the name of the restaurant is oftentimes the name of their specialty dish.

This is a salad. It’s a lot of vegetables with their like specialty peanut sauce. And then this has a ton of fried shallots on top and prawn chips. It smells really peanuty. It looks really peanuty. And it’s really liquidy. But it’s what they’re known for. And it’s a popular dish in Indonesia.

There’s potatoes, veggies, tofu, egg. I think it smells like like peanut brittle, almost like super sweet, peanuts flavored. It’s cold. It’s cold? that’s so confusing. It’s like chicken satay peanut sauce. Also like peanuty with soy sauce and it really salty.

And then all the veggies are just, like, cold and fresh. It’s really, really peanuty But I actually like it, and I’m not. I don’t know. I like peanut butter. I’ve started liking it more since I’ve been with Nate, but I like this dish. But honestly, it

Tastes like melted peanut butter and, like, just doused it in vegetables. Doused vegetables with melted peanut butter. Yeah. Crunchy peanut butter and vegetables Try a prawn chip. I didn’t like it. The pink one. Or maybe it was the white one. I can’t remember now. ooh, I like it.

It’s like, really good, really salty. Maybe it’s the other one. This one? Yeah, It’s like a weird aftertaste. It’s definitely that one. Yeah, that one tastes like a chip. I feel like prawn chips tastes like flavored styrofoam. And I mean that in the best possible way because I love them.

That’s what they taste like. I really don’ like the white chip. I just tried it again. That white chip has a flavor. I don’t like it. It like sneaks up on you. Like the only thing I didn’t like today was just that one piece of one meal.

Pretty impressive. Not bad. Not something I would probably crave or seek out, but I’m glad we tried it. It was good. And if presented it again, I probably would eat it again. Yeah, it’s good way of looking at it. If you like peanuts. This is like the dish for you.

Celebrity fitness, that’s not where we’re going. We’re doing the opposite of that. We came to Okinawa. There’s such a – hold on. Do you have my popper socker? so much cursing in rap songs. I honestly like rap music, but I don’t like the cursing Sorry about that.

What happened? I thought it was more like stuck in there, I was gonna roll it on the table. And it just fell out.

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