The Top Ten Intelligence Agencies Globally – Video

The Top Ten Intelligence Agencies Globally – Video

In a world filled with secrets and covert operations, there are intelligence agencies that work behind the scenes to gather crucial information and protect national interests. Welcome to WatchMojo, where today we’re counting down the top 10 most effective, iconic, or infamous secret intelligence agencies around the globe. These secretive agencies may not be well known to the general public, but they play a crucial role in shaping global events.

Our countdown includes intelligence agencies such as the National Intelligence Service (NIS) from South Korea, the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) from Germany, and the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) from the United Kingdom. These agencies specialize in surveillance, espionage, counterintelligence, and more, to protect their respective nations.

Some of these agencies have been embroiled in controversy, such as the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS), which was accused of covertly aiding in the overthrow of a democratically elected government in Chile in 1973. Others, like the Federal Security Service (FSB) from Russia, have been criticized for their involvement in cyber espionage and undermining democracy.

Despite their secretive nature, these intelligence agencies are constantly working to gather crucial information, conduct covert operations, and protect national security. Each agency has its own unique history and impact on global events, whether positive or negative.

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Many of my former comrades are either dead or in prison welcome to watch Mojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the most effective iconic or inFAMOUS secret intelligence agencies around the globe will examine their histories and evaluate their impact on National or international events whether positively or very very negatively

Authorities use artificial intelligence that can alert them if someone in a video is walking too fast or parked in the wrong spot number 10 National Intelligence service NIS South Korea some legal experts say that the spy agency should not be in charge of both the procedure and management formed in 1961 as the

Korean Central Intelligence Agency the intelligence agency has found itself being reformed several times due to abuse of power in 1979 after a load of kidnappings the group’s director Kim jagu assassinated President Park chungi in 1999 the group was officially renamed the National Intelligence service the NIS has three directorates two of them

Are standard with national and international Affairs the last is specifically for North Korea with with collecting information and preventing possible attacks while the NIS has had its power rained in this didn’t stop the organization from manipulating the election results in 2012 to secure the term for Park G further reforms in 2020

Prevented this scenario from happening again last month Park issued a public apology number nine Federal intelligence service BND D Germany but the BN is full of praise for its transparent new headquarters in the heart of Berlin also known as the bundas Narin the B&D was formed in the ashes of the gilin

Organization in 1956 in West Germany in association with the CIA the B&D was used extensively during the Cold War to help the US with information gathering around the Eastern block similarly to the US’s Operation Paperclip the group also hired former Nazis in the early days today the B andd protects German

Interests from foreign threats by specializing in surveillance and wiretapping for military and civilian targets Germany’s federal intell elligence agency which is building a new headquarters in Berlin is reported to have helped an American Secret Agency gather data in recent years the B&D seemed to be an easy target for Russian

Espionage who conducted missions in Germany and stole information from the organization however the group has been cracking down on this by arresting various moles for treason number eight directorate general for external security dgse France the French intelligence realized that something was going on and this man was very important

He was the head of the intelligent French intelligence Bureau in Beijing under the direction of the French Ministry of armed forces the directorate general for external security is the foreign intelligence branch of the security services while the general directorate for internal security deals with domestic issues formed in 1982 the

Dgs took over for the sdce which was heavily criticized for its role in The Disappearance of Moroccan politician medy benara in 1965 on top of surveillance the dgse has also conducted missions abroad in the 1990s an operative known as alar n Siri infiltrated extremist training camps in Afghanistan to collect information in

2020 it was found that the dgs had been targeted by China as the country made deals with retired agents who were later arrested of course it is uh problematic or it’s it’s not an U an easy case for the French intelligence Community number seven Australian secret intelligence service Asus Australia there are many

Many countries that don’t respect the type of checks and balances that we have in our system and so there is a competition under why in 1952 the Australian secret intelligence service was formed to collect intelligence from sources abroad while the Australian security intelligence organization focuses on domestic issues amazingly

Asus’s existence was a secret until 1972 when an expose by a newspaper alerted the public in recent years the group has been heavily praised by the intelligence World in 2001 that legislation came into effect Asus became a statutory Body overseen by the minister and a parliamentary committee one area of

Success is the anti- smuggling operations it has arranged in several countries however not everything has been good Asus was found to have been covertly aiding the US and overthrowing the democratically elected Chile socialist government in 1973 allowing Augusto Pinos to become a dictator Asis now leases with over 170 different in

Foreign intelligence services in almost 70 countries number six Federal Security Service FSB Russia highly likely us after the Soviet Union’s Infamous KGB came Russia’s short-lived FSK until it was reorganized into the ominous Federal Security Service in 1995 the FSB focuses on Counter Intelligence security and surveillance in 1998 Vladimir Putin was

Director of the FSB when he became president he began reforming the group giving himself more power over them the FSB conducts assassinations and cyber Espionage programs working to undermine democracy around the world one former officer and critic Alexander litvinenko was eventually fatally poisoned an exile in England which most assume was

Perpetrated by the FSB I brought photos audio and video recordings which confirms that the majority of the Russian army is against some of the policies of the current leaders number five Ministry of State security MSS China in China there are few protections limiting how much information the government can collect about its 1.4

Billion citizens China’s Ministry of State security was formed in 1983 and focuses on intelligence secret police and security domestic as well as foreign intelligence gathering the MSS often uses other governmental agencies to conduct operations in shinjang China’s experiment with surveillance isn’t just about fighting terrorism it’s also about

XI jinping’s Ambitions one of their biggest initiatives is cyber Espionage and sabotage the MSS heavily monitors their own citizens and they’ve also been linked to operations in other countries in recent years the ultra secretive MSS began to make its public Persona more prominent by creating social media accounts promotional videos and even a

Comic book the US China relationship in many ways is significantly more complex than the US Soviet or us Russian relationship number four research and Analysis Wing raw India in 1962 the Sino Indian War took place and the Indian military slammed the foreign intelligence provided by their intelligence Bureau in 1968 this led to

The creation of the research and Analysis Wing however due to Raw only answering to the Prime Minister there were fears the group could overstep and become like the KGB one of raw’s main foreign targets has been Pakistan the group has undertaken many covert missions in this regard after the 2008

Mumbai attacks raw reportedly began stepping up its role in international Espionage in 2023 Hardeep Singh ner a Canadian seek separatist leader was assassinated in Canada and there are serious and credible allegations from Canada and the US that raw was responsible over a period of time there has been a greater public

Support for use of force against terrorists or what India calls number three secret intelligence service MI6 United kingdom7 you are ready for this yes ma made famous by the character of James Bond the secret intelligence service has existed since 1909 during World War II the name Military Intelligence section 6 was used birthing

The MI6 moniker it’s known today my career energized me so I find it sobering to see the threats that are array against us but I find it absolutely inspirational to see the work that goes on to deal with them the UK group specializes in foreign covert operations and intelligence gathering

Which was vital during the world wars but the organization has been embarrassed from within several MI6 agents known as the Cambridge 5 were found to be spies for the Soviet Union the security service also known as MI5 is the branch that tackles intelligence within the UK borders the MI5 team

Called In a Special Forces Unit Two Range Rovers slammed into the suspect’s car number two Institute for intelligence and Special Operations Massad Israel if you’re at war with another people and you’ve got complete surveillance that sounds like quite a an advantage formed in 1949 Israel’s Institute for intelligence and Special

Operations better known as msad focuses on intelligence gathering and covert operations with the director only answering to the Prime Minister mad has high status and prominence in Israel they noted his every move giving us a glimpse into the life of a mosad operative famously mad was involved in

Finding and capturing Adolf ikan in Argentina in 1960 a leading figure in Germany’s atrocities in World War II The Mad also organized assassinations around the world as revenge for the terrorist attacks of the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich as dramatized in Steven Spielberg’s Munich when he gets into bed

I give a signal by switching off the light and if the bomb’s too powerful and you’re in the Next Room well that one happen the situation in the Middle East in 2024 means the mad is never far from the headlines before we unveil our top pick here are a few honorable mentions

Canadian Security intelligence service CIS Canada formed in 1984 the cesis gathers International Information and conducts covert operations an investigation can be complex information may not be readily apparent National Security Agency NSA USA created in 1952 the NSA specializes in global and domestic monitoring of information hostile foreign Nations try

To gather information about official US plans policies and capabilities by exploiting our Communications information systems and networks Around the Clock general intelligence presidency Gip Saudi Arabia established in 1955 the Gip operates both domestically and internationally there was this growth of of extremist opinion in Saudi Arabia so uh yes we definitely

And and we Rude the day afterwards when we were became even more of the targets of these people inside the kingdom before we continue be sure to subscribe to our Channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos you have the option to be notified for

Occasional videos or all of them if you’re on your phone make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications number one Central Intelligence Agency CIA USA for now just uh keep an eye on everyone see what they do yes sir and we’ll interface with the

FBI on this uh dead body no no God no we don’t want those idiots bumbling around in this after the office of strategic Services was dissolved after World War II the US wanted a group that specialized in foreign intelligence gathering and covert operations as tensions with the USSR grew so in 1947

The CIA was formed with the FBI domestically focused the CIA quickly began conducting missions abroad the group has been linked to coups in many countries including Iran and Chile we collect an anal ize foreign intelligence conduct covert action and develop Innovative technology the CIA famously tried to involve themselves with Cuba

With the failed Bay of Pigs invasion and numerous attempts to assassinate Fidel Castro the CIA was also behind the controversial and illegal project MK Ultra a human experimentation program designed to research interrogation tactics not being able to share often some of your successes with the people you most love and respect that’s a

Sacrifice which intelligence agency do you think is the most powerful let us know in the comments check out these other clips from watch Mojo and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos

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